#248 – “Now these are small but….”


Big-Small; Small-Big


First, a word from our sponsors....

Before we get going this week, a couple of reminders for you about the weeks ahead.


  • June 1st will be our 250th Tring parkrun. That is officially "a big deal". To celebrate this significant milestone we'll run the course in reverse - by which we mean the course will be in the opposite direction and not that you have to run facing backwards! It would also be great if you are able to wear something green (parkruns's 250 T-shirts are green!).

  • We encourage everyone to help-out a few times a year. You can see where there are opportunities for this in our roster here. Next week (May 25th) we have a few gaps to fill, and also in the weeks ahead. A small amount of your time makes a big difference.
    To help, or to find out more about the roles please get in touch at tringhelpers@parkrun.com.
    Thank you.


"Now these are small...."

Father Ted once tried to explain to Dougal why a cow in the distance looks small even though it isn't. We love our cows, and often it seems they love us too, but during parkrun we prefer the distant variety. This week's epic Cow Marshals resorted to cunning disguise to ensure everyone's path to Gate 1 was kept free.

cow marshal
Steve's brilliant disguise had our bovine buddies baffled - that's big!


Large numbers, big milestones, huge PBs

We numbered 265 this week, bolstered by a return visit from our local scouts (still no sausages though!) and a mass visit from the lovely Watford Joggers. Of these 12 completed their very first parkrun (well done), 28 were visiting Tring as tourists (including Caroline BEECHEY, our most experienced parkrunner this week on 373) and 39 recorded Personal Bests.

Looking more closely at the PBs we see that Steve MORGAN and Mike HOLDROYD got their 3rd PB in 3 consecutive weeks (for Mike that was also his 8th in a row at Tring and 14th in 16 runs here!). Matthew ODAMS achieved his 2nd in 2 straight weeks. 

Of those who have run at least 5 times at Tring, the biggest improvements were Lucy BUNN (6:38), Daniel ROPUSE (3:12), Dawn DAVIDSON (1:36), Jason FOXWELL-MOSS (1:16) and Edward FOXWELL-MOSS (1:06). It was also the 200th time we saw the FOXWELL-MOSS family name.

Lucy ringing the PB Bell for her amazing PB improvement.
What a big tongue for a small girl!


On to milestones, and congratulations to Martin BISHOP on completing his 100th parkrun (76th of which have been at Tring) and special thanks to his wife Cathy for the most amazing celebratory cake.

Gavin MORDEN celebrated his 50th parkrun on the same day as we saw the MORDEN surname for the 50th time (I know what you're thinking, but no - Gavin only accounts for 40 of those!).

And a special mention to Linda McQUAID, visiting with Watford Joggers, who completed her 150th parkrun and with a PB time too!

Book a place on the Great British Bake Off. What an awesome cake!

Martin and Cathy "Icing Queen" Bishop.


Other big stuff

We have a hard core of parkrunners who show extraordinary dedication, turning up week after week regardless of weather. This week Holly BUNN moved into 4th place on that table after an amazing 35 straight weeks. She is close to a podium place although Dennis RAFFETY's title will be hard to grab - having said that Holly is the only "live" contender on the table at present.

Interesting too that 4 out of the 5 top placed people are female. What does that say?
Answers please to tring@parkrun.com.

Screenshot 2019-05-22 at 07.40.50
The league table for the most unbroken, consecutive Tring parkruns

Looking at speedy runners, our first female finishers were: Emma SMITH (who also recorded her 4th PB in 5 runs at Tring), Rebecca WATSON (running at Tring for the first time - her 9th parkrun and 9th different venue) and Zoe CHAMBERLAIN (who is just 1 week away from her 50th run).

For the men Arun DAVIDSON was first finisher (8 runs at Tring, 6 PBs - last two in 2018 and 2017 he was second finisher!), James COOPER (who also booked a PB) and John MAYOCK (who missed out on PB by just 8 seconds - but was first age-adjusted finisher this week on 74.44%).

On the topic of age adjusted times, there is a new plug-in for the Chrome browser that generates a whole bunch of stats from the results page. The following is a screen shot of the section on age categories. It's called "parkrun Extended Info" if any stats-geeks out there are interested.

Screenshot 2019-05-21 at 21.12.08
A table of the male and female fastest finishers in each category generated by the new Chrome plugin.


Just before we finish this section a special mention goes to James MARTIN (another first timer at Tring) - had he been one second slower he would have bagged this week's "most aesthetically pleasing time" prize with a fabled 23:45.


From Small to Big

Later this year we celebrate our fifth birthday and, already, we've had someone who wasn't even born then complete our course!

I love to see the little ones grow up and join in, take part and have (lots of) fun. So it was especially great to see a glimpse of the future this week, as you can see in the following pictures.

Baby on board.
Sally Nash was sixth female finisher this week in a time faster than I've ever done.


buggy1 buggy2
Buggy pushing round Tring is hard work.
Special respect to all of those who achieved that this week - letting the next generation of parkunners scope the course well in advance.
Congratulations and thank yous to all.


This week's parkrun was made possible by Run Director Andy COLLINGS and his amazing team of wonderful volunteers: Martin John ARNOLD, Rebecca BOJARSKI, Lucy BRITTAIN, Stephen BROOKMAN, Edward CRANE, Shelley DEVERALL-ROBERTS, Ken DOUGLAS, James ELPHINSTONE, Andy EVANS, George FLETCHER, Paul HARRIS, John MANNING, Patrick MCLOUGHLIN, Greg MITCHELL, Chris NICHOLLS, Carole PAGE, Ros PEPPER, Andrew POWELL, Claudia SELINA, Ben SHAW, Aimee SHAW, Ella VAN DE LINDE, Martin WELLER, Beth WELLER and Allison WILLIMENT who all deserve a BIG thank you.

See you next week

The Tring team



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