#251 – Where has the Summer gone?

A big thanks to Fran Brookman for this week’s run report…..

Today I am visiting Tring parkrun for the 3rd time on their 251st event (Tring was my first ever tourism back in 2017! and have since completed 20 different tourisms).

There were 169 runners, joggers and walkers today, 9 of them doing their first ever parkrun. Amongst the crowd were my fellow Brookmans; Mum, Dad and Brother. I was joining the family in what has become Brookman tradition that on birthdays we participate in each other’s home event, and today was mum’s birthday.

Melanie Brookman – Birthday mum with her birthday balloon

Although this was my 3rd time at Tring, I have not yet run the same course twice. It seems we were back on winter course today and to match this we were greeted with some rather wintery weather - but that didn’t stop 32 of you recording a new PB (myself included!).

The ‘out and back’ course was very nice, albeit a slow climb to start and the trees provided some shelter from the weather. I was relieved to see the turn-around cone, knowing the return journey was mostly downhill. My favourite part about an out and back course is the opportunity to offer words of encouragement and high-fives to fellow parkrunners, and of course being able to thank the Marshals not once, but twice! Good to see Trevor Lark on gate 1, and thankfully no cows!

It seems that the 1st finisher had forgotten their barcodes (#DFYB), so the first recorded finisher was Darren CORNISH with a time of 19:48. First lady was Suzy ROBINSON with a PB of 23:21, knocking 4 minutes of her previous time – very impressive.

There were 3 milestones today; Rowan CAVE celebrating his 10th run – who also got a PB of 35:20. Keith STONESTREET celebrating his 150th and Sophie POWELL celebrating her 50th – well done all of you!

Well done Rowan!

Thanks for the great cakes Rowan

Well done Sophie!

After cheering the final finishers across the line, we joined the team for a post parkrun coffee at The Akeman which went down a treat – we will be adding this to our parkrun birthday tradition.

Family birthday breakfast

And of course, a huge thank you to the 22 volunteers for making this event happen safely and smoothly;

Dominic EVANS • Amanda RUSSELL • Richard MURPHY • Ken DOUGLAS • Stuart PAGE • Trevor LARK • Allison WILLIMENT • Philippa STORR • Chris NICHOLLS • Oliver WEST • Grahame PEPPER • Emma SHAW • Andrew CLARK • Ross PEPPER • Alyssa CLARK • Keith HENDERSON • Fran BROOKMAN • Shelley DEVERALL-ROBERTS • Frances LEFF • Yogi POWELL • Chris LEA • Aimee SHAW

Thanks to all our volunteers, especially with the wet weather

See you again soon Tring on the next Brookman birthday!

Thanks Fran - We love it when someone offers to do a run report for us and I'm sure your family birthday tradition might give an idea to other families

Thanks Fran - on her way to a PB

..... and now we have a few of this week’s stats ....

With many visiting Tring for #250 and with a poor weather forecast for this week we went from our record attendance ever to our lowest in 2019. With the poor weather, of the 597 UK parkrun events that took place, 510 saw a fall this week

Sam asks - "Where’s the Summer gone?"

2 PBs in 2 weeks for Rowan Cave, Ben Cave, Steve Yates, Fiona Harding and Victoria Just

Isobel Roberts becomes the 80th person to have run 80 times at Tring - Something to tell her friends at school

The surname Lea was the most numerous with 6 and we saw the surname Murphy for the 200th time

We saw the names James for the 800th time and Keith for the 200th

Chris was the most seen male name (5) and Lucy the most seen female (4)

Despite the rain, many of the hardcore were still running and Darcy Hudghton has now the current live longest unbroken attendance of 17 weeks, closely followed by Dan Storr on 15

17 weeks in a row for Darcy

Of those who have run at least 5 times at Tring, the biggest improvements were Lucy Bunn (4:42), Fiona Harding (2:20), Poppy Cave (1:56), Dawn Davidson (1:54), Chris Simmonds (0:57), Victoria Parslew (0:56) and Sophie Neill (0:56)

Alistair demonstrates when you're running a PB and you feel like you're flying!

And finally, a Random Fact – Did you know of the runners that have run at Tring, an amazing 204 have ALL the letters T, R, I, N and G hidden in their names but it was in April 2018 that Florence Stringer became the 1st runner at Tring to have the full word Tring hidden in her name!

Finally, a bit of admin. Next Saturday the Hastoe Lane carpark will be closed for a private event. To avoid problems on the lane, please park in the town instead. Please consider lift sharing, cycling or walking

See you all again next Saturday