#266 Another beautiful morning


Tring parkrun #266

It was a lovely Saturday morning with great weather and a very enthusiastic 203 runners. Tring park was looking even more spectacular with Autumn starting to kick in and the trees starting to turn different colours and shades. I’m not sure how long this weather will last as the forecast for next week is not great!

Of the 203 runner just 2 were running their first ever parkrun, congratulations to Nicola Petty and Amy Robinson we hope you enjoyed your first parkrun and look forward to seeing you again for a PB! As well as Nicola and Amy running their first parkrun we had a further 17 visitors, we hope you enjoyed the hills!

Celebrating milestones this week were Samuel Bojarski running his 100th and Aidan Roberts completing his 50th. Congratulations to both of and we look forward to seeing you in your new T-Shirts soon. Also, a big Tring parkrun thank you to Amanda Russell who volunteered for the 25th time achieving the coveted Purple volunteer T-Shirt, well done Amanda.

It may still have felt like summer - but there's a hint of autumn in those trees!

The fine weather and great conditions helped 30 of you to achieve a new PB and ring the PB bell. Congratulations to Seb BRUMMELL, Ewan MAXWELL, Roger CLARKE, Claire SHELLEY, James DOYLE-TANNER, Robert EWART, Eddie SARTIN, Andrew PENNELL, Rich PARSONS, Andrew PLAYLE, Joseph FRYER, Emma BISGROVE, Chris ARMOND, Jamie EDWARDS, Victoria PARSLEW, Sammy HADDOCK, Lewie GUNTER-JONES, Jack APPLEBEE, Jason ARBITER, Natasha ARMSTRONG, Ollie CAMPBELL, Edward HARRISON, Stewart HARRISON, Jim POULTON, Emily POULTON, Sue MERRETT, Richard LEA, Anja JOSEFSBERG, Zee BAILEY and Jane BARTINGTON.

Well done to Aidan - here with his support team - on his milestone run

A huge thank you to this weeks’ volunteers, especially those who stepped in at the last minute Violet ATKINS, Emma BISGROVE, Andrew BOOTH, Nick BOOTH, William BROOKMAN, Clare BRYANT, George BRYANT, Harry T BRYANT, Andy COLLINGS, Charles CRAVEN, Shelley DEVERALL-ROBERTS, Chelsea FRECKLETON, Graham HOLLANDS, Peter LEA, Chris LEA, Frances LEFF, Tom MORETON, Richard MURPHY, Chris NICHOLLS, Phillip RANCE, Justin READ, Amy READ, Amanda RUSSELL, Ben SHAW, Sophie TURNER, Julie WAKE, Peter YOUNG

If you would like to help out one week and volunteer, please go the volunteer roster , select your preferred role and email in to tringhelpers@parkrun.com. Full support and training will be given.

First across the line this week for the ladies was Claire Shelley with a new PB time of 21:10 followed by Emma Smith in 23:06, with Liz O’Keefe next in 23:36. For the men Seb Brummell was fastest with a time of 19:26 followed by Ewan Maxwell in a PB time of 19.39 and Roger Clark 19.51, all of the top 3 achieved PB’s. Well done chaps!

IMG_0949 IMG_0942 IMG_0946
Just a few of this week's brilliant volunteers - many thanks you every single one

And now for your regular round up of Tring parkrun stats!

  • Amanda Russell volunteered for the 25th time
  • Sam Bojarski ran his 100th this week and hi-5’d most of the other runners, Aidan Roberts ran his 50th. Last week Peter Leigh ran his 200th and daughter Scarlett Wager-Leigh ran her 50th, as did Simon Stevenson and visitor Adam Gibson
  • Last week Isobel Bladen became the 4th person to have run 200 times at Tring (3 of the 4 have the surname Bladen)
  • 4 PBs in 4 weeks for Andrew Playle, 2 in 2 for Seb Brummell, Jane Bartington, and Sue Merrett.
  • In addition, Edward Harrison has seen 5 PBs in his last 5 appearances, Robert Ewart 4 in 4, Chris Armond, Ewan Maxwell and Stewart Harrison 3 in 3
  • With a time of 21:10 Claire Sheeley set the 3rd fastest ever VW40-44 time and with a time of 19:39 Ewan Maxwell set the 2nd fastest ever for the JM11-14 age category
  • Bunn, Evans and Ireson were the most seen surnames with 4 each
  • 1st week with no one running called Ben since June 2018
  • Of those who have run at least 5 times at Tring, the biggest improvements were Jamie Edwards (1:54), Anja Josefsberg (1:50), Lewie Gunter-Jones (1:50), Emma Bisgrove (1:22) and Jane Bartington (1:21)


Like we've said many time - 'parkrun is about more than a run in the park!"

Well done to all those that ran this week, for a full list of all this week's results please go to www.parkrun.org.uk/tring/results/latestresults/

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Thank you and see you on Saturday.
Richard Murphy
Run Director