Week 24: Aloha


There's more to a word than meets the eye 

"Aloha" to you and to everyone who has joined us at Tring parkrun on Saturday mornings (real or virtual) ever the last six years.

We know of the word "aloha" as a Hawaiian welcoming greeting and also a way of saying a fond farewell. But, this week, I found that there's much more to this apparently simple word than meets the eye.

The word is common to the majority of (very) different Polynesian languages, but has special significance in Hawaii. Its meaning is so deep that there is no simple translation, no English language equivalent.

The literal definition of aloha is "the presence of breath" or "the breath of life". This seems appropriate for parkrun. The "spirit of aloha" is a way of living and treating each other with respect.

(More about the word Aloha)


Let's start with (not)parkrun. Why might you ask? Well, let's just say that there is a result this week that we're never likely to see again!!!

Taking age-grade into account the top table is as you see below. I know it's not a race and I know that just getting out and jogging/walking/running is the thing.....but I have to confess to being quite delighted! :-)

The age-grade table for this week's Tring (not) parkrun.

Setting age aside the overall quickest females were (in order) Louisa Hopper, Louise Brooks and Kay Ison. For the men it was Harry Bryant (who seems to have claimed this spot as his own), somebody called Ken Douglas and Blazej Ziembaczewski.

Keith Stonestreet (57), Blazej Ziembaczewski (35) and Andrew Booth (34) head the table of the most (not)parkruns recorded.

And welcome to Carlone Duncombe, our only "first timer" this week.

You can record your own time, any day, from any 5k route, on your parkrun profile page. You can find a link to that from your weekly parkrun email or from the link at the foot of the results page.

This week's virtual theme 

This weekend should have been our "annual" Hawaiian Shirt parkrun. Our first was last year and it was such great fun we decided to do it again.....and we'll do so next year too.

Aloha v2
Brilliant Hawaiian shirts and Hawaiin themed ideas this week

Lee Robinson, after his front cover appearance last week, maintained a high standard this week and reminded us all of that TV Classic "Hawaii Five-O".

Pencil was back in top form surfing and slurping doggy-cocktails from a pineapple inspired container. Woof!

Dave Carey and his family, and Juliet Mitchell scored bonus points for actually surfing (on the south coast).

Keeping the weekly tradition of at least one entry being beer/wine related - Claire Hallessey had a really quite impressive bottle of Kona, Hawaiin beer! Brandon looks bemused!!

And we had all the colours of the rainbow - and more - in a pretty impressive array of loud and flowery shirts. Great job everyone.

A shout-out to the Hollands and to the Pages, who got out there and completed their virtual parkruns too.

Conspicuous by his absence was our very own Andy Evans. He set the theme and then failed miserably to actually enter anything. In time-honoured parkrun tradition he has been awarded a finishing time of 59:59!!

And in previous years.... 

If you have time on your hands, or any of the points below trigger a memory, you can click on the links below to read the run reports from the previous five years.

#263 - 2019 - Back from the Holidays
Who remembers this week, last year, when Barry Watson entertained our parkrunners with his violin/fiddle from the deck of the Greek Temple inspired Summer House?

#209 - 2018 - the A to Z of Tring Parkrun
Andy Evans wrote a great report in the form of an A to Z list of points relating to the days parkrun.

Millie gets a PB - watched over by a proud mum.

#154 - 2017 - Bank Holiday Magic
The one where Matty Sinfied, Heather Painter and Moira Douglas saved the day by moving the cows away from the "Run Round Me" corner where they'd ran to after the start of the parkrun - blocking the way. They succeeded with just minutes before the fastest runners reached that point.

#100 - 2016 - Our Centennial / 100th parkrun
Our 100th parkrun was a huge event. Andy Collings (as we learned last week) completed his 100km challenge and raised £2000 for our defibrillator, we ran the course in reverse (just for fun), and generally we all enjoyed a great party atmosphere. We also smashed our attendance record by a huge margin.

312 attendees
Maura Paterson was Tail Runner (as they were called back then) and holds token 312 - the first time we'd ever seen such a high number by a margin of 99!!

#46 - 2015 - For Tring they Ring
The one where EJ Thribb makes a guest appearance and we introduce the now famous "PB Bell"

Thats all folks for this week

Mahalo parkrun ohana

Ken and the Tring parkrun volunteer team