Year 6 awards

Well, what a year - 2019/20, our 6th Tring parkrun year  - saw only 40% of the events take place, 22 rather than the normal 54. Despite it covering the winter months, it was great to see a number of you braving the conditions and running regularly.

Normally you would arrive early on our birthday Saturday with a howling wind and usually raining and to try hear who has won what. This year, make yourself a cup of tea and settle down in your favourite chair to have a read of this year's award winners

Certificates will be sent to all those named below. Also thanks to Ken Douglas who has been busy with his 3D printer and has produced these great medals for those of you in podium places

So here we have the 2019/20 awards…..

Attendance awards – based on how often we saw you. (This year, being a shorter period, there were a number of ties, so we have separated any ties in the 1st 3 based on the number of PBs achieved.)

Male juniors
- In Joint 4th we have a junior who has been running with us since 2015 and is usually just outside our top 5 attendance. He has seen his best time improve from just under 30 mins to just over 22 mins – well done Oscar Atkins!

- Also, in Joint 4th – Running with us to achieve his DofE exercise Bronze Award, his brother was an award winner last year, well done Peter Lea!

- Moving on to 3rd – this junior combines his parkrunning with tennis playing. Last year he was 4th and he has gone one better this year – Well done Aidan Roberts!

- He has been running junior parkruns, mainly at Ashlyns and in early March PB’s at 26:32, which helped him get 2nd - well done to Edward Harrison!

- In 1st place with 22 runs, the only male to not miss any week this year. He has been in the top 3 every year since we began, and last year was 1st for the first time, a feat that he has repeated this year, so a round of applause for both the 100% attendance and being this year’s Junior Male Winner, well done Noah Roger!

New folder1
We’ve borrowed the same pic from last year’s awards - Claire may not have recognised Noah from last time she presented him an award!

Female juniors
For the last few years this has become very competitive and this year was no exception

- Starting with 5th - Over a period of 2.5 years, this girl has improved her running times from around 40 mins to just under a stunning 25 mins and was our fastest female in early Feb – well done Enid Fleetwood!

- In 4th place and with 20 appearances this year, this girl has run at Tring more than any other junior, now with 225 Tring parkruns and has been in our top 5 female juniors every year since we started - well done to Isobel Bladen!

Now I did say we were separating out our podium places this year, but I’m not brave enough to separate these next 2, and don’t want to create a sibling feud

- In joint 2nd with 21 runs, this girl is the youngest person to earn their 50 shirt here at Tring and at the time of lockdown was only 9 runs away from taking the “youngest to reach 100 at Tring” title from her sister! She has really improved her time as well with a sub-28mins PB. Well done to Amelie Bunn!

- Also, joint 2nd with 21 runs, this girl is still the youngest person to have run 100 times at Tring, (her sister will have to wait for the end of lockdown to take this title!) and also had a Christmas day PB It's well done to Holly Bunn

- So 1st, also with 21 runs – but with 3 PBs down to a time of 27:29 that mean she gets the Junior Female Winner title this year it’s well done and a big round of applause to Isobel Roberts!

Our 3 podium Junior Females, recently taking part in our Autumn leaves themed week. Well done to Amelie, Holly and Isobel

Most seen Newcomer Awards
We always like to see new runners at Tring, and these 4 awards are for those who have started their running in this Tring parkrun year (ie since the 1st week of November)

- The junior male award winner is Matthew Pither who started running with us in Jan 2020 and with 8 appearances would have reached his 10 shirt in March had lockdown not arrived, Pleased to see that Matthew has continued his Tring Park Saturday running during the year.

- The junior female award winner is Lana Dales who also started running with us in Jan 2020. Well done Lana.

- Our male adult award goes to Charles Leach who started in November 2019 and as well as running at Tring has touristed in South Africa.

- Our female adult award goes to Natalia Gromnicka who started in December 2019. Well done Natalia!

Another picture of those medals - well we think they're great!

Back to the attendance awards, this time for the adults:

Adult females
- In joint 4th place - with 19 runs - She is one of our RDs and has run at Tring more than any other female and is only 9 away from her 250 shirt. Well done to Louise Bladen!

- In joint 4th place on 19 runs - She only started running with us in Summer 2018, but has been a regular ever since, Well done Luciana Walker!

- In 3rd place, this female started running with us in January 2019 and hasn’t missed many weeks. This year she has run 20 times and brought her PB down to sub-33 minutes. Well done to Deborah Lea!

- In 2nd place, this lady is on the podium for the 3rd year in row. She won last year, but missed a week this year – so with 21 runs, it’s well done to Helen Page!

- In 1st place, the only female to achieve a 100% record with 22 weeks out of 22. She just missed out on a top-5 position last year but she gets this year’s Adult Female Winner title – so well done and a round of applause for Lucy Brittain!

Well done Lucy! (pictured here as a Roman "10" in one of our themed weeks)

Adult Males
There was only one run separating the following 7 men and so we used PBs for the deciders for the podium places.

- Joint 4th - he has been on the podium every year, has run more at Tring than anyone else, being the 1st person to run 250 times at Tring, and with 19 runs this year it’s well done to Paul Myatt!

- Joint 4th – A run director at Tring and during this year has become Joint Event Director at Tring. He only needs 9 more to get his 250 shirt and has the 2nd highest total at Tring. Well done to Steve Bladen!

- Joint 4th – Also 19 runs this year and with the 4th highest number of runs at Tring – it’s well done to Peter Leigh!

- Joint 4th – He was 4th last year and has repeated the feat this year. He passed the 200 Tring parkruns milestone this year – well done to Dan Storr!

- Joint 4th – He is one of our regular pacers and is approaching 200 runs at Tring – well done Phil Roger!

- 3rd place – He just missed out on the top 5 last year, but 19 appearances plus 2 PBs in January sees Chris Simmonds take 3rd – well done Chris!

- 2rd place – 20 appearances and has won this trophy in the past 2 years. Well done Andrew Booth!

- 1st place – Also with 20 appearances but with 2 very fast sub-20min PBs meaning he takes the award – it’s well done and a round of applause to Tom Moreton , this year’s Adult Male Winner!

Tom Moreton
Well done Tom - this year's Adult Male winner

The next group of awards are for those who managed The most PBs:

Most of us only see these occasionally so congratulations and a round of applause to this group who were the best PB collectors.

- First for the junior females. 5 PBs bringing her time down from 36 mins to just over 30 mins - it’s well done to Fran O’Neill

- For the junior males - Improving his PB from 34mins he squeezed in an excellent 26:29 just before lockdown, earning his 10 shirt on the same day. Well done George Foster!

- Next the adult females and we have a joint award here.
- She started with us in October 2019 and with 5 PBs improved her time from over 34 mins to 29:46. Well done Heulwen Williams!

- She already has earned one award this year and with 5 PBs has improved her time from 31:49 to 29:14. Well done Natalia Gromnicka!

- Finally, with the most PBs of all of us. Only started running with us in November 2019 but managed to squash in 6 PBs in our part-year, improving his time from 32 mins to 26:46. Well done Mark Costin!

Most (not) parkruns
A couple of new awards this year. To take part, run a 5k on any day, anywhere and add the time to your parkrun profile page and the results appear on our Tring results page.

Most (not) parkruns – Male. One of the lowest barcodes that we regularly see at Tring, this runner was one of the first 10,000 parkrunners when he ran at Bushy Park in 2007. He has recorded 111 (not) parkruns and also during this time ran his 1st ultra with a 32 mile run around the Tring area. Well done Keith Stonestreet!

Most (not) parkruns – Female. With 43(not) parkruns, this female’s running has been really improving. Recently getting a sub-30 minute time and running her 1st half-marathon – bravely choosing a muddy towpath on a very wet day for that! Well done to Lucy Clutton!

Virtual parkrun stars
We finish off with 2 more new awards. Each week we have had a Tring virtual parkrun on our Facebook page. Each week it’s great to see Tring parkrunners posting their pictures around that week’s theme.

And our winners are…
Virtual parkrun stars – Always putting in a great effort each week, our winners are Martin and Cathy Bishop. Well done both!

2020 Awards
Well done Cathy and Martin!

Virtual parkrun star (Pet category) – We have also introduced a Pet category for these themed runs and our clear winner this year is Pencil! – Well done Pencil!

2020 Awards1
Well done Pencil!

So, well done to all this year's winners. We will be E-Mailing you all your certificates and will be contacting those in podium places so that we can hand over your medals.

Andy Evans