The Merry Merry Month

With a Hey and Ho and a Nonny Nonny No 
Apparently it is May. My calendar tells me this. Andy Evans told us this - hence this week's theme. So why then does my entire being think "January"?

This month's theme was "May Festivities" - more on that below.

PLUS...Can you recall what happened (or didn't happen) this weekend a year ago? Find out below and when you are done here take a look at the brilliant (even if I say so) run report from back then too.

PLUS...Can you remember who was interviewed as part of our "Getting to Know You" series??

Find out below

Keep the parkrun flag flying!

May Festivities 
For this week's theme Andy chose "May Festivities" noting that May Day is a festival with it’s origin in celtic times, celebrating nature and fertility.

Symbolised over time by various customs there were plenty of virtual run themes to choose from. Ideas included dressing as a Morris Dancer, or dancing with someone called Morris, or finding a May Pole to dance around, or going back to those pagan times worshipping an oak tree, lighting a special bonfire (I wish I'd done this one), wearing a floral garland, washing your face in the morning dew, dressing as a Green Man / May Queen / May King. And never a mention of hordes of Red Guards goose-stepping up and down in front of St Basils!

With characteristic disregard for our esteemed Event Director's suggestions the first finishers this week chose to do something entirely different!

A huge well done to Ella ("is it a bird is it a plane") Highton, who picked out the letters M A and Y in the air. Brilliant effort.

Brilliant airborne letters M A Y by Ella - this week's first finisher

And thank you to Judy Ewart and her niece Claire who submitted a photo that made Spring really look like Spring and not a scene more remeniscent of Ice Station Zebra. We like.

Judy and Claire
Well done to Judy and nice Claire for brining us a touch of Spring

And a round of applause to everyone else - to Gio and Pencil for their floral headpieces, to Blaz for a concept a little like a human mobius strip (how exactly can you dance around yourself??), Lee Robinson was doing a spot of virtual parkrun tourism to the Holy Land (Scotland!!), Paulo Dyett was keeping a surprisingly anaemic looking red flag flying, Ruth Monks was doing virtual tombstone jump from a canal bridge....and much more.

Thank you for ALL keeping the spirit of Tring parkrun alive.

The 300th that never happened 

This weekend a year ago we SHOULD have celebrated our 300th Tring Park parkrun. Of course, by then we'd been in lockdown for seven weeks already and so the best we could do was have the number 300 as a theme and also look back at previous major milestones.
Each of these had their own amazing stories to tell.

It's well worth reading the whole run report.

Here are just a few quick snippets

Andy finishes
Who can recall Andy Collings EPIC 100km run to raise funds for our defibrillator?

On our 200th Tring parkrun Harry Bryant completed his own 250th run

Katie Haines with the round-robin 200th anniversary sign. I wonder where it is now?

The whole run report is a great trip down memory lane. You can find it here:

An audience with Jim Maple 
And there's more! A year ago tomorrow we also published an interview with regular parkrun volunteer and runner, the one and only, Jim Maple.

This was part of a "getting to know you" Q&A with Tring park runners, and brings back many great memories.

Our own, our very own, Jiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiim Maple!

Thera are several absolutely brilliant and iconic Tring parkrun photos in this interview. Well worth reading:

See you next week 
Thanks again to everyone.
Look forward to seeing your entries for next weekends virtual Tring parkrun

The Tring parkrun team