Event 289 – Slip Sliding Away

Tring parkrun event 289 was all set to be a blustery one, with Storm Dennis predicted to cause havoc. Dozens of parkrun events were cancelled around the country due to the predicted weather or being waterlogged.

At Tring parkrun though, we are really lucky. Not only do we have a location that copes well with most weather and a hardy bunch of runners who don't mind getting a bit (well a lot) muddy, we also have an intrepid and dedicated team of Run Directors, who ventured out in the week to inspect the course to see if Storm Ciara had left us any hazards as well as doing an early pre-run inspection (including the removal of branches and debris that could cause trips and falls).

There was much forecast watching and deliberating on Friday and early Saturday morning in case the predicted strong winds decided to arrive early - but we decided to go ahead.

I am so glad we did. I’m sure the runners from Dunstable Downs, Rushmere and Wendover Woods are pleased too!  The weather was much nicer than expected, everyone was in good spirits and it was really fun watching from the finish funnel as we saw runners slipping and sliding their way to finish line.

A runner falls victim to the slippy home straight

The poor forecast could have been a good reason for our volunteers to stay at home but the team were were cheerful and performed their roles fantastically - so all ran really smoothly. It was my first time as Run Director and they all made it really easy and a great experience!


We even had a few runners do their first ever park run with us on Saturday - well done George Huxford and Alan Hunt - I am sure that you'll get personal bests next week if the weather is kinder!

The conditions weren't great for PB's given how slippy it was underfoot but both Kristle Barker and Simon Hunt managed PBs - well done both!


Gareth Roberts completes his 100th parkrun

Well done too to my hubby Gareth Roberts, on running his 100th parkrun. He stepped in to run with our youngest when I couldn't run for a while and hasn't stopped since!


Elaine earns her purple t-shirt - briefing the first timers

A special shout out to Elaine Bunn, she, among other things, helped set up, did the First Timers briefing and was Funnel Manager on Saturday - which was her 25th occasion of volunteering. So she will be donning that purple t shirt very soon.

Elaine and her daughter Holly, along with Isobel Roberts have also been very busy creating a beautiful Token Sorter. After every event the tokens have to be put back in order for handing out the next week. The Token Sorter has numbered pockets, so that the tokens can first be sorted into batches of 10 (1-10, 11-20 etc) and then placed back in order. It makes the job fun and very doable by even our youngest volunteers.


The token sorter

Talking of tokens, we had a few taken as souvenirs this week - just a gentle reminder to hand these back in at the end of the event so we can use them the following week!

We are a little light on volunteers for next Saturday - so please have a look at the roster and let us know if you can help!

Finally, I just wanted to say a personal thank you to everyone. I’ve had lots of lovely encouragement and support from the RD team, volunteers, friends and family before and on the day. So many of those running on Saturday came and had spoke to me and were really supportive and encouraging. It meant a lot - thanks! I really enjoyed it and I'm really looking forward to doing it again next Saturday - I'll see you there!



It’s good to run talk.

I always forget to do something when I’m Run Director.

The week that Paul Sinton-Hewitt came to Tring I left all the high vis vests in my utility room where they’d been drying out. #embarrassing. And on Saturday I forgot to ask people to remember to keep their dogs on leads (thankfully, I’m fairly certain everyone did anyway because you’re a considerate and thoughtful bunch).

But I also forgot to ask you all to do one other thing that’s not on the RD’s checklist: to say hello to the person next to you. Last Thursday was Time To Talk day – a day to encourage people to look after their own and others mental health by remembering the restorative power of talking to each other – and parkrun day is the perfect day to put that into action.

The power of parkrun to facilitate these conversations struck me in four separate moments over the last week.

Happy James
A very happy James

First of these was with last week’s first finisher, James Davis. Rarely have I seen someone so delighted with a first finish. But James, someone who’s always in the top few finishers in his blue “Vale of Aylesbury” vest, has had a long road since his last first finish in July 2015. Injury. Work. Life. All had conspired to mean that he’d not quite made it. But a fascinating chat about finding the right balance and some real joy in his conversation was inspiring.

Then, heading out for a family dinner in Berkhamsted, one night last week, I bumped into a fellow Tringian on the way in. Nice to nod hello across the pub at a familiar face. But even better when our waiter said: “Do you do parkrun in Tring?”. Yes. “So do I! I thought I recognised you. It’s great isn’t it?!”. It was great to have a chat with someone who I’d not spoken to in the park but could do so on a different day, in a different town in a different setting. All because we had that common bond.

A while back a friend who is a “serious runner” (my description of him, though I’m sure he’d demure) said how parkrun was really difficult because he wanted to be running longer distances at the weekend, but he couldn’t resist the temptation of heading to the park to catch up with all the friends he’d made by coming to parkrun.

And finally, I was chatting to one of our brilliant volunteers on Saturday morning. They normally run, but this week had decided to volunteer instead. They said that parkrun wasn’t really about the running it was about the people you meet and talk to on the day. So even though they couldn’t run this week, there was no way they would have missed the chance to come down to the park. (“Even in the middle of winter?!”, I replied with a certain degree of shock and admiration).

All of them, in their own way, represent the great community that everyone of us has built at Tring parkrun and the joy that every single person brings to the people around them – even on a windy, cold February morning.

So next week look to your left and look to your right and say hello to someone you don’t know. Because that way you’ll bring a small piece of Tring parkrun happiness and friendship to the world!

Happiness is....

Now then, some facts. This is double header run report, covering Tring parkrun #287 and #288. In those weeks we’ve celebrated a few milestones:

  • Dan Storr ran his 200th parkrun.
  • Jonathan Smith ran his 150th parkrun
  • Sarah Wade, Jon Pither Kevin Lawley and Stewart Watson all ran their 100th parkrun (and I celebrated my 100th stint as a volunteer at Tring parkrun)
  • Sue Merrett. Sara Darling and Nicola May were all cheered across the line as they ran their 50th parkrun.

Congratulations to you all: a brilliant achievement.

And we have had 35 fabulous volunteers. Notably, we saw a new RD make their debut when 6 year old Lucy Bunn joined me as co-Run Director. Thank you to every single one of them. Each week we need about 20 volunteers to make the run happen. And each week, often after a little bit of a last-minute scramble, we get enough people. All the roles that need filling are straightforward and you’ll always be supported and trained. Find out what roles need doing at www.parkrun.org.uk/tring/futureroster and volunteer by dropping us an email at tringhelpers@parkrun.com

Alison HARRISON, Amelie BUNN, Andrew BOOTH, Andrew PENNELL, Andrew POWELL, Angelo LUCATELLO, Benjamin BUNN, Charlie WATSON, Chris LEA, Chris NICHOLLS, Ciara POWELL, Ciaran MCMENAMIN, Elaine BUNN, Eleanor MCCORMICK, Elizabeth DANIEL, Ella VAN DE LINDE, Giles MONKS, Holly BUNN, Jonathan HARRISON, Katie VAN DE LINDE, Len VAN DE LINDE, Lucy BRITTAIN, Lucy BUNN, Michael BRODIE, Mick MCCORMICK, Nick BOOTH, Oliver BLUNDELL, Oscar KILNER, Shelley DEVERALL-ROBERTS, Stephen BROOKMAN, Thomas PAGE, Timothy FRYER, Vicky LEA, Wes BALL, Louise BROOKES, Tom BROOKES, Mike BURBIDGE, Lucy CLUTTON, Neil COBURN, Shelley DEVERALL-ROBERTS, Andy EVANS, Benjamin FILER, Damien FORTUNE, Graham HOLLANDS, Louisa HOPPER, Darcey HUDGHTON, John MANNING, James MAPLE, Greg MITCHELL, Juliet MITCHELL, Judy MOLLOY, Clare MURPHY, Helen PAGE, Kath PITHER, Matthew PITHER, Noah ROGER, Phil ROGER, Chris SIMMONDS, Matty SINFIELD, Emma SMITH, Keith STONESTREET, Dan STORR, and last - but not least - Philippa STORR

little helper
Volunteers come in all shapes and sizes

Talking of volunteers, over the next few weeks we will have two new Run Directors taking the reins: Shelley for the next two weeks and Elaine for the subsequent two weeks. Be kind to them, listen, do the things they ask you to do, give them a cheer when they ask for one and a high five at the finish line!

Elaine and Shelley have both come on board as we have lost a couple of our long-standing RDs. Anna and Ross, who’ve been RD-ing for about three years have decided that after the birth of the beautiful Jessica they are going to take a step back for a while. It’s been wonderful to have them on the team. But it won’t be case of saying goodbye because young Jessica is already being pushed up the hill week in, week out and we all look forward to seeing a lot of more her as she grows up. Thanks Anna and Ross.

There we go. That’s it for Tring parkrun #287 and #288.

See you on Saturday – and remember to try to talk to someone you don’t know!

Run Director


International Women’s Day parkrun

Tring parkrun is participating in a global female-focused parkrun celebration on Saturday 7th March 2020, the day before International Women’s Day. In England this will support the This Girl Can campaign created by Sport England.

We would love as many women and girls as possible to join us in Tring park on the 7th - as runners or as volunteers. Research tells us that women are much less likely to participate in parkrun, so what a great opportunity to change that!

So tell your female friends, family or work colleagues to join us, especially if they have never run parkrun before. To mark the occasion we are encouraging everyone to dress in purple - parkrun’s chosen colour for the day. There will also be lots of opportunities for photos. And, of course, we will still welcome men on the day too!

Looking forward to seeing you all there.

Louise Bladen


Buy One Get One Free

After a busy couple of weeks in the normal world away from parkrun land, I finally get to post the missing run reports from that last two weeks.

We have been fortunate with the weather over the last couple of weeks in January and this attracted around 250 runners both weeks.

In parkrun #285 we have a fantastic 29 were first timers and 34 recorded new Personal Bests which was topped in parkrun #286 with 34 were first timers and 42 recorded new Personal Bests.

Clearly the New Years resolutions are still on plan for a number of runners.

We celebrated a Milestones, with Chris Lea completing his 25th Volunteer in his favourite position on the gate at Cow Pat Alley.


Mostly of all I would like to thank all the volunteers who helped out over the two weeks, especially those who stepped in last minute to make our wonderful parkrun happen.

The kids ruled the photographs in #285


Will and Josie walking back after a twist ankle




Then Eliane decided to join in on the fun

In #286 the Adults took charge of the photographs






Looking forward to seeing you continue your New Years Resolution into February

See you all tomorrow

Tring RD team


#284 A test of new year resolutions

On this day Jan 11th....

182 years ago and almost exactly 1111 parkruns westwards of Tring something happened to change the world forever. Samuel Morse gave the first public demonstration of telegraph messages sent using dots and dashes at Speedwell Ironworks in Morristown, New Jersey. Soon people could communicate almost instantly over vast distances. Other than sharing the same date in January this has nothing to do with this run report, however there is a valuable prize for whoever can decode the following:

.... .- .--. .--. -.-- ....... .--. .- .-. -.- .-. ..- -. -. .. -. --. ....... .- - ....... - .-. .. -. --.

Prodigious precipitation preceded pleasurable parkrunning

The alarm went off on Saturday morning and could barley be heard above rain pounding hard on the roof. Rain means mud. I cannot recall (in 30 years) seeing Tring Park, or anywhere else local, so muddy. At the curly bridge people leaped, like Canadian lumberjacks, from log to log to cross puddles barring the gate. And there was that wind, biting it was.

Andy Collings was RD and wasted no time in getting everyone going, quite to the surprise of several who turned up at 9am assuming the usual tardiness. LOL

And yet - just look at the photo montage below - Tring parkrun was all smiles and no misery. It's uplifting.

Screenshot 2020-01-12 at 16.10.35
Great photos from Richard Gommo caught so many happy faces. As always it's brilliant to see parents enjoying the morning together with young sons and daughters.

In total an impressive 216 took part of whom only 12 were barcodeless "unknowns". (The spelling checker tells me that barcodeless isn't a word, but it should be). Among these we spanned ages 5 to 74, although not quite all age-groups were represented, more on that later!

We welcomed Nigel Watson, Patrick Bolster, Michael Goodman, Jaydon Goodman and Megan Jones visiting Tring parkrun for the first time. We also had nine first time perkrunners: Ricky Levenston, Mike Soane, Ben Soane, Patrick Lynch, Mark Head, Harvey King, Matthew Pither, Hannah Cass and Rachel Gellar. From conversations I found that several first timers were living up to new year resolutions - and we wish you the best with seeing them through 2020.

Two parkrunners celebrated significant anniversaries: Paul Mccormack reached 200 and Helen Page 150 parkruns. Congratulations.

Jamie Lea reached the important milestone of 100, only he didn't know it at the time! He's blaming the new year double for throwing his count out! (Although whether he meant a double parkrun or a double of something else was not clear).

Despite the apparently celebratory leap, Jamie had no idea he'd actually just completed his 100th parkrun.

PB counter measures - a miserable failure

It's been 5 long, lonely years since I got a PB at Tring and another looks more distant with each passing week. Each and every PB achieved by others reminds me of this miserable fact. Now it might just be possible to change the route we currently use but this would thwart my secret plan to limit the number of PBs others get. Mud slows people down you see. Clearly, however, not by enough!! A stupendous 23 had "PB" next to their names. OK, I admit it, I'm impressed and have to say "well done". Just don't do it again.

Notable among PBers were Maura Patterson who took more than a minute off her previous best set only last month. Reya Farlam did even better with an improvement of almost 4 minutes off of hers (also set last month).

Mark Costin scored a hat-trick with his third in a row and an impressive 6 out of the 10 completing their (important) 2nd parkruns booked PBs too.

Mud - it should slow people down....but doesn't seem to be working!

And while we're on the topic of not being slowed down.... Zoe Chamerblain's steadily increased pace resulted in her being first female finisher. Maura Patterson was second female finisher and Jude Gibson was third. For the gents an impressive run by Tim Shepherd-Smith (just off his Christmas PB) saw him finish first, Dom Evans second and John Mayock was third finisher - although first overall taking age adjustments into account.

Heroes of the roster

Many thanks to those who have stepped forward to volunteer so far this year. Our duty roster this week was full and much appreciated by RD Andy. A fantastic new years resolution would be to volunteer X times a year (where X is an integer not less than Y/8, where Y is the number of parkruns completed). Have a chat with the Run Director or email tringhelpers@parkrun.com.

Screenshot 2020-01-12 at 15.57.03
Just a few of the 31 volunteers this week - others helped setup, pack things away, look after the car park, sort tokens and edit photos (and run reports).

Close but no cigar

Three parkruns into the new decade and no one has yet achieved the immortal honour of completing Tring parkrun with a time of 20:20! Dom Evans came close but, alas, was 11 seconds wide of the mark (last week Errol Maginley missed it by 1 second, as did Roger Seed on the 1st). So, I had a look for other aesthetically pleasing times. Nothing! Jeremy Wood would have had an impressive 23:45 had he been 1 second slower and Nicki Rice would have bagged 34:56 if a second faster. So, no prizes this week.

Also missing this week are the fascinating and endlessly engaging outputs from the stat-o-matic. Alas the operator's family has been afflicted by flu. Wish them a speedy recovery.

See you next week?

Mike Holdroyd ran his first parkrun a year ago and, on the 28th December, completed his 50th run. He showed up on Saturday morning wearing his illustrious red T-shirt and pledged to convert that to a black one by 2021. It was interesting hearing about parkrun related new year resolutions over a post-parkrun coffee in the Akeman. Several are planning their summer vacations around overseas parkruns, others are chasing various unofficial parkrun challenges, or have PBs in mind, and for many it's simply to turn up and enjoy the morning no matter what PB counter-measures are in place.

Whatever your new year resolutions - we wish you all the best with them and look forward to seeing you in Tring Park again soon.

The Tring parkrun core team.



You can find out more about Tring parkrun and see all of our photographs and videos on our Facebook page here.

You can see our current volunteer roster here.

We encourage all parkrunners to volunteer a few times a year. If you can help on any future date, or would like to find out more about our volunteer and helper roles, please email us at tringhelpers@parkrun.com.

If you need a mid-week parkrun fix there are two excellent podcasts available each week. First we have an excellent, an independent parkrun-based podcast "With Me Now" with parkrun Veterans and uber-tourists Danny Norman and Nicola Forwood. We also have Free Weekly Timed",the official parkrun podcast with Vassos Alexander and Helen Williams.


Tring parkrun #283

On Saturday we saw the 2nd parkrun of the decade and 254 runners complete the course at Tring. Well done everyone!


An extra well done to Julie Relph and Paul Crudge on your 100th parkruns. A big achievement.



And a big thank you as always to our wonderful volunteers. Tring parkrun could not happen without you!


Unfortunately our stats machine is down at the moment so we will be having a break from our weekly facts this week.

Hope to see lots of you in the park this weekend.

Anna and Ross



New Year's Day

The diary of a 10 year old park runner

00:00 -

Happy New Year! I think I’ll stay up a bit longer. Lets watch the fireworks. Lets go on the trampoline!! Oh no it’s a giant puddle, lets just watch the fireworks instead!

1:00 -

I think I’ll stay up just a little bit longer. Lets just watch TV and eat food, it can’t do any harm can it?

2:00 -

I think just a little bit longer, we have nothing on tomorrow, oh, I meant today. Hold on… PARKRUN! Lets go to sleep! NOW!

3:00 -


4:00 -

Still asleep.

5:00 -

Still in bed.

6:00 -

Still asleep in bed.

7:30 -

“Lets get up and go to parkrun!”
“But I’m sooo tired. 5 more minutes, pleeeeeease!”
Then I realised I wanted to do parkrun and got up.

8:30 -

“Are you ready?”

Lets go!

We arrived at Tring Park with 384 other runners who were in all states of tiredness and recovery from the night before.

87 of the people that came were new to Tring parkrun and 5 people were running their first ever parkrun- I hope you enjoyed our hill :-).

9:00 -

Lots of people were heading off to Wendover to do the double so Stuart, this weeks fabulous RD, got things off to a speedy start at (so close) 9:01- so that the volunteers could join them too!

The punctual start caught a few out and it was funny seeing them running to get to the start line!

3, 2, 1, go!

Now although my dad said lets just take it easy, I ended up getting a new PB (new years resolution - tick), and so did 35 other people!


Congratulations to Vivienne Hoang, Mark Tikaram and Joanna Penn on running their 50th; Magnus Allen and Sophie Vyse for running their 100th and Philippa Storr for an amazing 200 Parkruns! What an amazing start to a new decade!

That was fun! Lets do it again!

10:00 -

I’m so tired now! Lets go to Wendover! (so did 232 other people! Plus 5 went to Cassiobury, 2 went to Houghton Hall and 3 went to St Albans).

10.30 -

3, 2, 1, go! Squelch, squelch, squelch! It was a bit muddy, and very busy! Wendover was good, but Tring was still better!


I am really proud that I was the fastest runner in my age category (U11) at both Tring and Wendover, and the youngest female who did the double. Alex Willington was the youngest male to do the double. He's under 11 too!

The oldest to do the double were John Slack and Richard Long in the 70-74 age category.

Stuart Nunn, Laura Turnbull, Carol Mathews and Nathalia Toretta Moraes managed PBs at both Tring and Wendover! Well done!

Amazing 6 runners managed to finish in exactly the same position at both Tring and Wendover - Andrew Humphrey (2nd), Matt Channer (138th), Trevor Killick (226th), Mike Holdroyd (238th), Nigel Wiggins (256th) and Rhys Willington (306th).

11:30 -

I deserve a hot chocolate after that! Lets go back to the Akeman I do not want to queue in the massive queue for drinks at Wendover.

12:00 -


13:00 -


I feel quite proud of doing the double especially after going to bed late. I think I would do it again next year (and I would do it with my friend Holly again) as it was quite fun.

The 100% club for Trings 6th year is now down to just 7 members due to flu and a very sleepy Bunn.

A special mention to Matt Holmes who has run in 100 different parkrun locations - making him a member of the Cowell club - well done Matt!
And of course a big thanks to the volunteers on New years day! They were :

Colin APPS, Miranda APPS, Isobel BLADEN, Steve BLADEN, Louise BLADEN, Katrina BOND, Clive COHEN, Shelley DEVERALL-ROBERTS, Moira DOUGLAS, Ken DOUGLAS, Andy EVANS, Ann-Marie EVANS, Katie HAINES, Paul HEMBURY, Vicky LEA, Chris LEA, Peter LEA, Angelo LUCATELLO, Rachael MACRAE, Greg MITCHELL, Judy MALLOY, Ruth MONKS, Giles MONKS, Tom NORTH, Thomas PAGE, Stuart PAGE, Isobel ROBERTS, Claudia SELINA, Emma SMITH, Simon STEVENSON.

Last year my mum made a new years resolution to volunteer once a month - she really enjoyed it - maybe you could do something similar this year?

Off for more sleep now.

Happy New year everyone!

There's a 50th and a 200th here

Well done to all those who ran this week. For a full list of all this weeks’ results please go to
Latest results

For news, photos, videos and updates don’t forget to visit our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/tringparkrun

And you can now follow us on Twitter at


Tring parkrun #281 – The Turkey Burner!

Hello all and welcome to this weeks’ Tring parkrun run report, I hope you all enjoyed your Christmas’s and got some shiny new running gear!

After the bumper number of runners (401) and the beautiful weather of Christmas day today was always going to be a bit ‘normal’ especially with the anticipation of the New Years double on the horizon. However 217 of you braved the dreary conditions and turned out.


Of those 217 25 were first timers to Tring and 9 were 1st time parkrunners, we hope you come back for a PB soon.

Huge congratulations go to Chris Booth who completed his 100th parkrun this week, he was also the first runner home and smashed his PB by a whopping 43 seconds recording a time of 17 minutes 13 seconds. With this rate of progress Chris will soon enter the very exclusive band of runners who have completed Tring in under 17 minutes. For all this weeks results please go to our results page at https://www.parkrun.org.uk/tring/results/latestresults/.

A massive thank you goes out to all the volunteers who made this weeks’ run happen and a special thank you to those that stepped in at the last minute. Without you and your enthusiasm Tring parkrun would not happen. Big thanks to Matty SINFIELD, Andy EVANS, Tom NORTH, Mike WILKINSON, Richard MURPHY, Ken DOUGLAS, James MAPLE, Matthew FOSKETT, Edward CASSIDY, Catherine CASSIDY, Graham HOLLANDS, Chris NICHOLLS, Sarah FOSKETT, James FOSKETT, Manon BURBIDGE, Ciara POWELL, Giles MONKS, Mike BURBIDGE, Shelley DEVERALL-ROBERTS, Isobel ROBERTS, Aidan ROBERTS, Gareth ROBERTS, David ADAMS, Mick MCCORMICK, Lucy BUNN, Chris LEA, Judy MOLLOY, Benjamin FILER, Carol KENNEDY FILER, Eleanor MCCORMICK.


As mentioned this Wednesday will be New Years’ day which gives us the opportunity to run not one but two parkruns! Woo Hoo I hear you shout! Tring will start as usual at 09.00am with Wendover planned to start at 10.30am. You will have already seen on our Facebook page that the Hastoe Road car park will be closed so please park in the Tring Town Centre carparks or cycle, walk or jog to the park. You can then either run, jog, cycle to Wendover via the Ridgeway path at the top of Tring park.

I wish you all a very happy, healthy and prosperous new year and I hope you enjoy the celebrations!

For news , photos, videos and updates don’t forget to visit our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/tringparkrun and you can now follow us on Twitter at www.twitter.com/tringparkrun .

If you would like to volunteer please email tringhelpers@parkrun.com with a preferred role or any offer of assistance and we will add you to future rosters.

Thank you and see you in 2020!

Richard Murphy
Run Director


#280 A record breaking Christmas Day


We must have made the Elf happy

From her perch high on the shelf the Elf watched.....and liked what she saw. Tring parkrunners hadn't been naughty. Indeed, throughout the year, they brought cheerfulness and fun to Tring Park each Saturday morning, they'd helped and supported each other to reach personal goals, they ate enormous quantities of milestone cake, celebrated special days, stepped up to help the event happen and even donned fancy dress on occasion.

And so, the rain was stopped, the clouds cleared, the sun shone and the cows were ushered quietly to one side. The scene was set for our highest Christmas day turnout yet: 401 parkrunners (beating last year's 310), our second highest attendance ever (beaten only by event 250 back in early June).

It wasn't white but blue and sunny is the next best weather for Christmas.

An annual event

It wasn't just in Tring, across the country Christmas parkrun has become "a thing". For example, an incredible 2545 took part at Bushy Park, the home of parkrun. For us, this was our sixth Christmas event and our numbers have grown steadily from an initial 99.

Congratulations to the 10 who have taken part in every Tring Christmas parkrun: Emily Leathers-Smith; Alex Douglas; Noah, Phil and Louis Roger; Peter Leigh; Scarlett Wager-Leigh; and Luca, Nick and Kit-Yi Greene.

George Humphreys earns a special mention too, he's only ran 5 parkruns in total and each of those has been at Tring on Christmas Day!

DSC_3516 DSC_3507
Great to see so many festive costumes


It seems especially appropriate that on Christmas Day we were visited by 3 Shepherds (well technically Shepherd, Shepherd-Smith and Sheppard), 1 King, 1 Holly, 1 Carole and (this is the best bit) 150 of our barcoded runners had "No 'L'" in their name. :-D

It's a time of the year to visit friends and family and that was reflected in our numbers. We had 52 first time visitors and 19 first timer parkrunners that we know of (we also had 52 people with no barcode, our highest number of "unknowns" ever).

Of the runners who had run before at Tring, 56 hadn’t run with us for a year or more. Indeed Catherine Cassidy and Erica Carter set 1st and 3rd longest ever gaps between 2 Tring parkruns with gaps of 272 and 251 parkruns respectively - welcome back!

As usual we had many family and friend groups running, walking, volunteering and spectating together

Miraculous performances

The morning saw Leon Bosch, Kirsty Macbeth and Julie Lindars celebrate their 100th parkruns, with Holly Bunn and Alison Bill completing their 150th events.

25 achieved Personal Best times (impressive in the slippy conditions) with Will Sheppard making it 2 in 2 weeks and Benjamin Smith bagging his 3rd in 3 weeks. Eight of these PBs were by people who have run at least 5 times at Tring: Rob Mcvey (4:09), El Bill (1:00), Clum Latham (0:27), Maria Evans (0:24), Tim Shepherd-Smith (0:18), Holly Bunn (0:12), Will Sheppard (0:09) and Simon Leek (0:08).

Top times
Click to see a breakdown of first times by age category - available normally using the "extended info" plugin for the Chrome browser.

We were especially pleased to see several absolutely brilliant first time parkrunning appearances with several shows of real determination to complete the 5k distance for the first time. Congratulations to all of those who took the plunge - with a special shout-out to Nicole Jacobs and Nadine Beattie - we hope to see everyone again in the weeks ahead.

For those with very rapid feet (all the more impressive on the slippy ground), our first lady finishers were Beth Hanson, Jenny Maginley and Laura Turnbull. Beth's time of 21:25 was the fastest in SW20-24 category on the day and the 2nd fastest ever at Tring. For the men Alex McVey was first, followed by Tim Shapherd-Smith and Jonty Wager-Leigh.

Adjusting for age gave a very different outcome for the ladies with Lynda Hembury leading the way, then Carolina Magnall and Sheila Turner. Alex McVey held onto the top spot for the men but was followed closely by Alan Scott and Martin Hopcroft. Well done to them all - as always a great inspiration.

IMG_8375 DSC_3091
Great to see our canine friends both dressed for the occasion and volunteering.
Labrador Geoffrey (left) was making a final appearance, after years of marshalling, before a well earned retirement.


It's not about speed, of course, it's about taking part. Our sixth year of parkrunning at Tring started after our birthday in early November. Up to this week 12 people had maintained a 100% record of joining us on Saturday mornings. Christmas took a heavy toll on the remaining 3 adult males, so after 9 weeks we have just 9 members left in the club. Noah Roger is the only surviving male and he is joined by 4 adult females and 4 junior females.

With Andy Booth running in Cheltenham, Isobel Roberts takes over the record of current longest streak at Tring with 18 in a row. Go Isobel!

Showing dedication of a different sort, we had a fantastic volunteer team with several giving it a go for the first time and enjoying it so much they have committed to help out again soon. Thank you: Andy Evans; Charlie Jackson; Chris Nichols; Damien and Kim Fortune; Liz Daniel; Ella Van de Linde; Frances Leff; George Fletcher; Graham Hollands; Isobel, Louise and Steve Bladen; Jose Hetherington; Moira Douglas; Nicola Haley; Paul Hembury; Robin Attfield; Sam Evans; Sue Simmonds; Tom Page; Tom North and Trevor Lark.

Please think about helping us out on our New Years Day event. Several of our regular volunteers would love to run that day and helping fill the roster will make that possible, as well as tick off an important New Year Resolution. If you might be able to help or would like to find out more about what's involved please get in touch via tring@parkrun.com.

A very special mention to black Labrador Geoffrey. Along with mum Frances he's been a volunteer marshal for years but it's all a bit of a challenge now and so he's taking well deserved retirement. Thank you Geoffrey (and Frances) so much for putting a smile on our faces for so long.

Just a few of the brilliant volunteers who supported our Christmas Day parkrun.

The stat-o-matic section...

As usual our stat-o-matic computer has been dimming the lights in Tring and Dacorum to bring you mind boggling facts and figures. Are you ready??

  • Keith Henderson became the 86th person to run 86 times at Tring
  • We saw the surname Roberts for the 300th time and Goss and Garner for the 50th
  • 11 Chris’s equals the record seen by one name at a parkrun since 11 Pauls ran at #250
  • 1st time we have seen 2 Kirstens and 2 Laurences
  • 1st time we have seen the names Ewa, Cassandra, Janusz, Carina, Nadine and Romane
  • Minute 32 broke it’s attendance record with 26 barcoded runners but it was minute 28 with 28 runners that was the busiest for barcoded runners
  • 54 runners from Tring RC is the most we have seen from one club at a run and 15 from On The Run Aylesbury equaled their record
  • We were visited by running clubs that we’d not previously seen including - Morley Running Club, Stock Exchange AC, Marist College Ashgrove, Street Striders, Jesmond Joggers, Leicestershire Orienteering club and Clowne RRC

On the way to a record breaking Christmas Day start

We hope parkrun got your Christmas off to a fantastic start and wish you all the very best for the holiday period.

Remember that we are running again on Saturday the 28th and also have another special run on New Year's Day too. See our Facebook Events page and/or our News page on this site for more information.

Merry Christmas

The Tring parkrun core team


You can find out more about Tring parkrun and see all of our photographs and videos on our Facebook page here.

You can see our current volunteer roster here. We encourage all parkrunners to volunteer a few times a year. If you can help on any future date, or would like to find out more about our volunteer and helper roles, please email us at tring@parkrun.com.

If you need a mid-week parkrun fix there are two excellent podcasts available each week. First we have an excellent, an independent parkrun-based podcast "With Me Now" with parkrun Veterans and uber-tourists Danny Norman and Nicola Forwood. We also have "Free Weekly Timed",the official parkrun podcast with Vassos Alexander and Helen Williams.


#279 – “Mud, Glorious Mud!”

So this Saturday saw the 279th Tring parkrun, and boy, was it muddy! Miraculously, between 9 and 10am it wasn’t actually raining, but for the preceding seven days, it had basically been p-recipitating down like the pre-curser to the building of the Ark! Just getting through the gate at the bottom of the bridge was enough of a challenge, let alone trying to maintain an upright position whilst running!

Cow Pat Corner was monumentally squelchy and this week we should have a separate stat for the number of trainers left in the mud! With a delightful combo of liquid mud and cow poo by the gallon, the urgency to dash through the gate without landing face down was tangible! Thank you to the marshall at that gate, and I would like to have seen him try to rescue someone, quite literally, stuck in the mud!

The famous "Cow Pat Alley" was in spectacular form - thankfully it's drying up fast, in time for Christmas Day!

Whilst on the subject of marshals, huge thanks to all the marshals and volunteers this week for turning out in less than delightful conditions, and making this 279th parkrun possible, safe and fun. Massive thanks and respect too, to Ken for being RD, not only this weekend, but also RD on Christmas Day too! Top job Ken, you da man! If you feel that you would like to be part of the team of volunteers that makes parkrun happen each and every weekend in Tring, then you just have to mention it to one of the RDs, or email tring@parkrun.com. What are you waiting for?

Thank you marshals, finish line team and the set-up and close down crew.

Amazingly, despite the conditions, 9 runners this week got PBs, including Katy Costin (taking 3.15 off her previous PB), Anthony Rutland (3.05), Ben Spencer-Jones (2.11), Jemima Cadge (1.57), Mark Costin (1.18), Niall Harman (0.27), Chris Booth (0.22), Ben Harris (0.18) and Will Sheppard (0.07). Congratulations to each and every one of you muddy runners! Chris Booth deserves a special mention as this week he ran sub 18 minute time at Tring which makes him the 14th fastest ever runner seen at Tring (especially when you consider what state he was in on Tuesday evening when he was out on his work’s Christmas do!!!). Of those PBs, Anthony Rutland achieved a 4 PBs in the last 4 appearances, 3 in 3 for Jemima Cadge and 2 in 2 for Ben Harris. Brilliant work all!

Huge Congratulations to Kath Pither who celebrated her 100th parkrun this week, and Richard Baddon, Nick Wake, Cynthia Reader and Stephanie Harrison who all celebrated their 50th parkruns too! Well done to all but particularly Kath who made some delicious rocky road cake, and shame on the rest of you for leaving us cake loving hoards wanting……!

Well done to Kath on her 100th parkrun and also to our 4 other milestone runners completing their 50ths

First timers at Tring this week were the names Fiaz and Navin, so welcome to you both (and all other tourists and visitors) and it was the 900th time we have seen the name Chris, 300th for Anna, 100th for the name Kath (98 of those have been Kath Pither!), and 50th for Anthony.

"Hi" to all of our first timers and visitors this week - it was great to see you.

An interesting stat (and one that is especially close to my heart is the fast dwindling membership of the 100% club. Since Tring’s Birthday in November there have now been 8 runs and there are only 12 people that have run at Tring for every one of those. Of those 12, 8 are female and 5 are juniors and 3 of them are in my family! You should have heard the reaction to this when I told my girls. You think I’m competitive? I guess I have another whole year of running at Tring every Saturday morning! Congratulations to all fully paid up members of the 100% club, you should all be extremely proud of your efforts, especially at this grotty time of year, and particularly the juniors among you for being such focused and determined lovers of running!

It's quite possible that part of the motivation of those in the "100% club" is the end of run cake!

And lastly, my favourite story of this week, was Richard Murphy’s elation (and subsequent bragging rights) about having beaten Claire Hallissey this week. What Richard failed to mention was that Claire was actually pushing a fully loaded buggy this week, not only with child on board, but also, through knee deep mud (which those parents amongst us will appreciate is darned hard). I was still prepared to give him some small amount of kudos until I checked the results and realised that actually………Claire still beat him! :D

Extra respect for our 4 buggy pushing parents this week

Anyway, I’ve waffled on long enough. A brief reminder about the special extra parkrun that is happening on Christmas Day at 9am (for those keen to get their hands on a shiny trophy next November!), and I look forward to seeing a bumper turn out for this festive run. Christmas jumpers and Santa hats at the ready for what promises to be the best start to a Christmas Day that you could wish for. We will all be there with bells on as it promises to be a very special day for a certain young lady running her 150th…….. (proud parent moment!)

Cheers everyone and Happy Running!

Mummy Bunn



You can find out more about Tring parkrun and see all of our photographs and videos on our Facebook page here.

You can see our current volunteer roster here. We encourage all parkrunners to volunteer a few times a year. If you can help on any future date, or would like to find out more about our volunteer and helper roles, please email us at tring@parkrun.com.

If you need a mid-week parkrun fix there are two excellent podcasts available each week. First we have an excellent, an independent parkrun-based podcast "With Me Now" with parkrun Veterans and uber-tourists Danny Norman and Nicola Forwood. We also have "Free Weekly Timed",the official parkrun podcast with Vassos Alexander and Helen Williams.

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