Year 6 awards

Well, what a year - 2019/20, our 6th Tring parkrun year  - saw only 40% of the events take place, 22 rather than the normal 54. Despite it covering the winter months, it was great to see a number of you braving the conditions and running regularly.

Normally you would arrive early on our birthday Saturday with a howling wind and usually raining and to try hear who has won what. This year, make yourself a cup of tea and settle down in your favourite chair to have a read of this year's award winners

Certificates will be sent to all those named below. Also thanks to Ken Douglas who has been busy with his 3D printer and has produced these great medals for those of you in podium places

So here we have the 2019/20 awards…..

Attendance awards – based on how often we saw you. (This year, being a shorter period, there were a number of ties, so we have separated any ties in the 1st 3 based on the number of PBs achieved.)

Male juniors
- In Joint 4th we have a junior who has been running with us since 2015 and is usually just outside our top 5 attendance. He has seen his best time improve from just under 30 mins to just over 22 mins – well done Oscar Atkins!

- Also, in Joint 4th – Running with us to achieve his DofE exercise Bronze Award, his brother was an award winner last year, well done Peter Lea!

- Moving on to 3rd – this junior combines his parkrunning with tennis playing. Last year he was 4th and he has gone one better this year – Well done Aidan Roberts!

- He has been running junior parkruns, mainly at Ashlyns and in early March PB’s at 26:32, which helped him get 2nd - well done to Edward Harrison!

- In 1st place with 22 runs, the only male to not miss any week this year. He has been in the top 3 every year since we began, and last year was 1st for the first time, a feat that he has repeated this year, so a round of applause for both the 100% attendance and being this year’s Junior Male Winner, well done Noah Roger!

New folder1
We’ve borrowed the same pic from last year’s awards - Claire may not have recognised Noah from last time she presented him an award!

Female juniors
For the last few years this has become very competitive and this year was no exception

- Starting with 5th - Over a period of 2.5 years, this girl has improved her running times from around 40 mins to just under a stunning 25 mins and was our fastest female in early Feb – well done Enid Fleetwood!

- In 4th place and with 20 appearances this year, this girl has run at Tring more than any other junior, now with 225 Tring parkruns and has been in our top 5 female juniors every year since we started - well done to Isobel Bladen!

Now I did say we were separating out our podium places this year, but I’m not brave enough to separate these next 2, and don’t want to create a sibling feud

- In joint 2nd with 21 runs, this girl is the youngest person to earn their 50 shirt here at Tring and at the time of lockdown was only 9 runs away from taking the “youngest to reach 100 at Tring” title from her sister! She has really improved her time as well with a sub-28mins PB. Well done to Amelie Bunn!

- Also, joint 2nd with 21 runs, this girl is still the youngest person to have run 100 times at Tring, (her sister will have to wait for the end of lockdown to take this title!) and also had a Christmas day PB It's well done to Holly Bunn

- So 1st, also with 21 runs – but with 3 PBs down to a time of 27:29 that mean she gets the Junior Female Winner title this year it’s well done and a big round of applause to Isobel Roberts!

Our 3 podium Junior Females, recently taking part in our Autumn leaves themed week. Well done to Amelie, Holly and Isobel

Most seen Newcomer Awards
We always like to see new runners at Tring, and these 4 awards are for those who have started their running in this Tring parkrun year (ie since the 1st week of November)

- The junior male award winner is Matthew Pither who started running with us in Jan 2020 and with 8 appearances would have reached his 10 shirt in March had lockdown not arrived, Pleased to see that Matthew has continued his Tring Park Saturday running during the year.

- The junior female award winner is Lana Dales who also started running with us in Jan 2020. Well done Lana.

- Our male adult award goes to Charles Leach who started in November 2019 and as well as running at Tring has touristed in South Africa.

- Our female adult award goes to Natalia Gromnicka who started in December 2019. Well done Natalia!

Another picture of those medals - well we think they're great!

Back to the attendance awards, this time for the adults:

Adult females
- In joint 4th place - with 19 runs - She is one of our RDs and has run at Tring more than any other female and is only 9 away from her 250 shirt. Well done to Louise Bladen!

- In joint 4th place on 19 runs - She only started running with us in Summer 2018, but has been a regular ever since, Well done Luciana Walker!

- In 3rd place, this female started running with us in January 2019 and hasn’t missed many weeks. This year she has run 20 times and brought her PB down to sub-33 minutes. Well done to Deborah Lea!

- In 2nd place, this lady is on the podium for the 3rd year in row. She won last year, but missed a week this year – so with 21 runs, it’s well done to Helen Page!

- In 1st place, the only female to achieve a 100% record with 22 weeks out of 22. She just missed out on a top-5 position last year but she gets this year’s Adult Female Winner title – so well done and a round of applause for Lucy Brittain!

Well done Lucy! (pictured here as a Roman "10" in one of our themed weeks)

Adult Males
There was only one run separating the following 7 men and so we used PBs for the deciders for the podium places.

- Joint 4th - he has been on the podium every year, has run more at Tring than anyone else, being the 1st person to run 250 times at Tring, and with 19 runs this year it’s well done to Paul Myatt!

- Joint 4th – A run director at Tring and during this year has become Joint Event Director at Tring. He only needs 9 more to get his 250 shirt and has the 2nd highest total at Tring. Well done to Steve Bladen!

- Joint 4th – Also 19 runs this year and with the 4th highest number of runs at Tring – it’s well done to Peter Leigh!

- Joint 4th – He was 4th last year and has repeated the feat this year. He passed the 200 Tring parkruns milestone this year – well done to Dan Storr!

- Joint 4th – He is one of our regular pacers and is approaching 200 runs at Tring – well done Phil Roger!

- 3rd place – He just missed out on the top 5 last year, but 19 appearances plus 2 PBs in January sees Chris Simmonds take 3rd – well done Chris!

- 2rd place – 20 appearances and has won this trophy in the past 2 years. Well done Andrew Booth!

- 1st place – Also with 20 appearances but with 2 very fast sub-20min PBs meaning he takes the award – it’s well done and a round of applause to Tom Moreton , this year’s Adult Male Winner!

Tom Moreton
Well done Tom - this year's Adult Male winner

The next group of awards are for those who managed The most PBs:

Most of us only see these occasionally so congratulations and a round of applause to this group who were the best PB collectors.

- First for the junior females. 5 PBs bringing her time down from 36 mins to just over 30 mins - it’s well done to Fran O’Neill

- For the junior males - Improving his PB from 34mins he squeezed in an excellent 26:29 just before lockdown, earning his 10 shirt on the same day. Well done George Foster!

- Next the adult females and we have a joint award here.
- She started with us in October 2019 and with 5 PBs improved her time from over 34 mins to 29:46. Well done Heulwen Williams!

- She already has earned one award this year and with 5 PBs has improved her time from 31:49 to 29:14. Well done Natalia Gromnicka!

- Finally, with the most PBs of all of us. Only started running with us in November 2019 but managed to squash in 6 PBs in our part-year, improving his time from 32 mins to 26:46. Well done Mark Costin!

Most (not) parkruns
A couple of new awards this year. To take part, run a 5k on any day, anywhere and add the time to your parkrun profile page and the results appear on our Tring results page.

Most (not) parkruns – Male. One of the lowest barcodes that we regularly see at Tring, this runner was one of the first 10,000 parkrunners when he ran at Bushy Park in 2007. He has recorded 111 (not) parkruns and also during this time ran his 1st ultra with a 32 mile run around the Tring area. Well done Keith Stonestreet!

Most (not) parkruns – Female. With 43(not) parkruns, this female’s running has been really improving. Recently getting a sub-30 minute time and running her 1st half-marathon – bravely choosing a muddy towpath on a very wet day for that! Well done to Lucy Clutton!

Virtual parkrun stars
We finish off with 2 more new awards. Each week we have had a Tring virtual parkrun on our Facebook page. Each week it’s great to see Tring parkrunners posting their pictures around that week’s theme.

And our winners are…
Virtual parkrun stars – Always putting in a great effort each week, our winners are Martin and Cathy Bishop. Well done both!

2020 Awards
Well done Cathy and Martin!

Virtual parkrun star (Pet category) – We have also introduced a Pet category for these themed runs and our clear winner this year is Pencil! – Well done Pencil!

2020 Awards1
Well done Pencil!

So, well done to all this year's winners. We will be E-Mailing you all your certificates and will be contacting those in podium places so that we can hand over your medals.

Andy Evans


Week 1 of our parkrun isolation


Our last Tring parkrun for a while...

Frances and Greg Leff, our Tail Walkers on March 14th 2020, were the last to cross the line in an uninterrupted series of 293 Tring parkruns. 

During that time an amazing 8,481 different people have participated and covered a total distance of 274,174km - which is even longer than one of Andy Collings' warmup jogs.

last tail walkers before suspension
Frances and Greg Leff

I won’t repeat anything here that Andy Evans (our Tring Event Director), or Paul Swinton-Hewit (parkrun’s founder) have already said, other than to acknowledge that these are strange and worrying times. I hope that you, friends and family are OK and, like me, are already looking forward the time time when we can parkrun at Tring again. I don’t know when that will be - but it will be huge when it happens!

Much Kudos to new Run Director Elaine Bunn. She's had a tough gig, with something testing thrown at her in each of her first weeks, but did a superb job dealing with course changes and uncertainties of all sorts. Thank you Elaine - you did a great job and it's brilliant to have you as part of the core team.


As for me, I’m going to remember the "good ol' days" and take the opportunity to get out there and run round Tring parkrun's course - so long as it is safe and OK to do so. There are  a few versions of the course to choose from now (!) and any time round any of these can be recorded as a "freedom parkrun" on your profile page on the parkrun website. I’m also going to tag any pictures I take/post with #tringparkrun and #loveparkrun. There's a Tring parkrun group on Strava too, if you'd like to see what everyone else is up to during the week ( Be warned, though, there are a lot of keen runners on there, the leader board is a different world! :-)


Week one in the no-parkrun house!

This is the first weekly run report from our suspended period. What is there to report on? Well, any notable news relating to parkrun will go here, pictures you send in or post etc. Also we’ll look back to “on this week” during the previous 5+ years of our wonderful little weekly event.

At this time of the year Tring Park goes through an amazing transformation from dismal winter landscape to a lush new, green, growth of trees, grass and flowers. Even if you don’t make it up there you can watch that transformation virtually in these reports.

Lets’ get down to it.....

First of all, many thanks to those who posted images from our first no-parkrun Saturday and used the #tringparkrun hashtag.

Screenshot 2020-03-22 at 18.23.55
A quick collage of just some of the pictures posted from our first missed parkrun Saturday.

There were one or two creative interpretations of Andy's original request, all excellent. I especially liked Dave Cary's message "Run alone now = run together again soon". Love that. Keep them coming!

Many tackled the online parkrun quiz at 9am. I woke up too early and did the Australian one too, oddly my score was 8/15 for both, which perhaps illustrates just how much inspired guess work was going on!! I'm looking forward to doing better next week.


On this week

We all know that there was no parkrun on March 21st 2020, but five years ago, on the exact date, we completed our 23rd event. The day is recorded in Run Director Andy Collings report "Young guns having some fun" (he was giving away his age with that title!). 130 people participated that day and more than half of those with barcodes achieved a PB! I can only assume that conditions must have suddenly got drier, just like this year. Jordon Clay finished with a ludicrously fast time of 17:50 and even I managed 25:30 (my second fastest time at Tring ever, and never likely to be repeated!!). The title refers to spectacular performances by juniors including Steven Burgess, Dom Evans, and Adeline Lawley's dog.

The following year March 18th saw our 77th event. "Mean median or mode but never average" - a Wes Ball sort of run report title if I'm not mistaken! Notable things that week, four years ago, include Issy Bladen receiving a certificate for completing the longest continuous sequence of runs in our 2nd parkrunning year.

Issy Bladen (2)
2016: Issy receives a certificate to mark her achievement and also, for some strange reason, a box of Weetabix as a prize.

Also notable that week was the first (of many) visits by a parkrun pioneer, in this case John Kipps. John was one of only 13 people who took part in the very first parkrun 11 years previously. It was great to have him visit us and chat afterwards in the Akeman.

John Kipps - parkrun pioneer
2016: John Kipps with his honorary gold barcode in Tring Park; whilst on the right he is second from right, all in black, at the first ever parkrun in Bushy Park in 2004.

Skipping forward to 2018 the weather was not so great (as usual reflected in the number of PBS - just 9 out 188). You can find the full report here: "And now the rain"

The thing that caught my attention from this week was a picture of "the corner of false hope"!! Do you remember that??

186-2 slippery corner of false hope
2018: A very slippery "corner of false hope"

Which brings us up to last year and our 240th event on March 23rd. The big news of the day was our very own Andy Evans completing his 250th parkrun. An impressive achievement. Richard Murphy's run report for the day "A PB and cake day" is well worth a read. Apart from Andy we had two other milestone runners - Emma Jeffrey (100th) and Clare Bonnick (50th). Both had travelled from Watford to celebrate with 8 other members of the Watford Joggers club. Among the 50 PBs that week was Clare Murphy, wife of RD Richard. It was also great to welcome blind runner Jacqui Fenton-Collins and her guide runner Katerina Fellas.

2019: Andy with daughter Sophie and wife Ann-Marie

What is obvious in all of the photos (apart from maybe 2018) was how the weather was on the turn. On this week in most previous years the park was drying fast and the leaves were breaking out.

Let's hold on to that hope for this year, too.

And so ends our first quick canter through our Tring parkrun history.

The whole Tring parkrun core team wish you all the best - stay safe and healthy in these challenging times.



#292 – This Girl Can (and Did!)

Saturday 7th March 2020 will be remembered as an historically important date;
1. International Womens Day;
2. My second RD stint (and possibly my last after messing up the emails!);
3. The first weather forecast since January without rain (but it managed to sneak in anyway!);
4. ...and most importantly....4th (official) new course for Tring parkrun; Original course (1), the 'we're avoiding the avenue of trees' course (2); the more recent 'winter course' (3), and our brand new course (4) (although its actually 8 if you count the reverse courses each 100, last week's 'avoiding the secret lake' course, and the 'remember the time we had to re-route to avoid the cows course?'.


The picturesque new start/finish straight!

So what do you think of the course? We felt it was important to maintain Tring's reputation for being a tough course whilst staying on firm ground. It is still slippery in places, stunningly beautiful, muddy and all the other essential elements required for a Saturday morning jaunt in the park. There's a fast downhill finish, tight corners and not one, but two, turnarounds.


Runners taking the fast downhill corner and on down to Gate 2 for the first turnaround.

International Women's Day is held each year and specifically is supported by parkrun in recognition of the fact that women are statistically less likely to get involved in sport than their male counterparts. We at Tring are pretty amazing at encouraging all our girls, young ladies and grown up females to come along, get involved, get running and get volunteering. In celebration of IWD ladies were asked to show their support by wearing something purple and bringing along a female friend or relative. Out of 189 runners in total, 74 were female and of the 25 volunteers this week, 10 of them were female, 4 of those junior!  Come on Tring!  Let's see if we can't improve on those stats next week.


All our Photogenic Purple Patrons! Thanks to photographer Jonathan Harrison.

One of our smashing RD's Wes Ball is running the Bath Half Marathon on Sunday 15th March and raising money for Prostate Cancer UK in the process. Wes has set himself the challenge of beating his previous half marathon PB (set when he was about 12 or something) and going sub-1:40:00. If you would like to sponsor Wes in his efforts, you can log on to his JustGiving page ( or email us in the office.  Good Luck Wes!!!


Clearly Wes is enjoying training on the new course. A LOT!  Look at that smile.

Saturday saw a few milestones to christen the new course; Freddy Crafts ran his Junior 10th run, Jamie Russell Flint and Brian McGinnity both ran their 50th runs. Huge Congratulations to all three of you and I hope it felt extra-special to be running those milestones on the new course.

Saturday was a special day for me personally (and because I'm writing about it I'm allowed to boast) because both my husband, Ben, and my eldest daughter, Holly (11), were volunteering for their 25th occasion and have both now qualified for their beautiful (and rather apt) purple t-shirts.


Besties Isobel and Holly celebrating their 25th volunteering occasion and Isobel's shiny new PB of 27:29! - Those Girls Can!

Now something that often comes hand in hand with a new course are a few PBs! That's not to say that they are not thoroughly well deserved, just that, you know what they say....a change is as good as a rest and sometimes a change of course can put a bit of bounce back in your step. Far too many to mention but a massive well done to all who embraced the new course and gave it some welly! Congratulations to you all!

A tremendous big thank you to all our intrepid volunteers who pitched up early not really knowing what to expect, and made it work anyway! You are all amazing and make parkrun what it is.


Our Fabulous Fryer Family on 'Curly Bridge' duty - Thanks guys, you saved my bacon! And then special thanks to Anna for being on dog-walker-watch at the start - That Girl Did!


Philippa Storr volunteered to be at the top of the new triangle return directing people safely back down the right path - That Girl Did!

A great big thank you to all the runners for trudging all the way from the car park to the start at the Obelisk and back again.  I hope you all want to do it all again next weekl!  A special thank you to the hugely supportive Tring parkrun team, especially Shelley, Andy, Steve and Louise for all the midnight measuring of the new course, and the smashing company in running the course on Friday, as well as all the setting up early on Saturday. Thanks guys!

Finally, thank you to everyone who has panic bought all the toilet rolls in Hertfordshire as there are none left for those of us who actually need them! I guess I shall just have to use torn up pieces of The Daily Mail instead!


Just in case anyone thinks we are stock piling them in the parkrun kit van!

Over and out!


No. 291 – Tremendous Team Tring!

“We need a new RD”, they said.
“How hard can it be?”, I said. “I like a challenge!”
My friend Shelley (some of you may know her) has rather large boots to fill from the last two weekends of storms and wind and rain. Like Moses, she was. Calming those storms and all went smoothly. BIG shoes.

Shelley and her BIG shoes!

I’d spent my week prepping the kit. “If it all goes wrong, at least people will delight in the clean signs and high vis vests”, I thought. I charged everything. I tested. I charged again. I checked the forecast. I found some lids for the boxes! I checked Facebook. Dunstable cancelled because of localised flooding on the course. Darn it. “We’ll be busy”, I mused. “How bad can it be?” Storm Jorge due to land between 9 and 10am Saturday morning. Double darn it!

Like the Angel Gabriel, Steve Bladen (ED) stepped in to do a pre-event course assessment on Friday lunchtime. More rain due Friday evening. “Are we going to have to cancel?” I worried. “I’ll check again in the morning”, said Steve, “but think we’re OK to go ahead.” Being a Leap Day, this is the first EVER parkrun on 29th February, and there won’t be another until 2048! It would have been a complete tragedy to have to cancel this one, the first ever cancellation at Tring!

Everyone was ecstatic that we didn't have to cancel!

Saturday dawns to more wind and rain. Steve is checking again and as long as there’s no safety issues, the run will go ahead. The chicken within me hopes “Please cancel, please!” The car’s packed and we’re off, collecting Shelley en route (as its always good to have Moses on side). Car park’s open, that’s good! No bolt-cutters required this week!

First to arrive, like three rays of sunshine, Len, Katie and Ella to help unload the car and carry the kit into the field. Steve calling; “We’re going ahead, I’m just posting on FB and I’ll be over…..Its better if I tell you face to face!” Crikey, sounds bad! Steve’s FB post recommended the wearing of ‘trail shoes’ but said nothing of bringing wetsuits, goggle and flippers! The ‘Secret Pond’ doesn’t seem quite so ‘secret’ anymore, in fact, half the valley is under water!

The 'Secret Brook' that mysteriously appeared on Leap Day!

All hail the arrival of Steve and Louise who proceeded to explain how the course would be re-routed to avoid the flooded area. “OK, that makes sense. But how is anyone going to find us over there?” Louise to the rescue, “I’ll direct them”, she says.

Steve and Louise falling from heaven to watch over their 'flock'!

Then Andy arrives with his camera and lots of good ideas. Ben and Shelley helped by moving the tarp and table. Len, Katie and Ella all set off to set up the arrows and cones. Ben and Shelley moved the tarp and table. Jonathan, Oscar and Michael (helpful DofE’ers) arrived to be my wonderful time-keepers and Finish Token hander-outer. Ben and Shelley moved the tarp and the table. Again. More lovely DofE’ers, Eleanor, Thomas and Ciara all turned up to scan barcodes. Angela and Oliver volunteered to manage the funnel together, and what a team they made. Gareth, Isobel, Holly, Claudia and Lucy rocked up to take charge of the car park, and marshalled all those cars where they needed to go! Steve and Melanie Brookman and Alison Harrison took on the job of marshalling ‘that’ hill, and Graham and Matty make a fine pair of tailwalkers. Shelley (who had by now stopped moving the tarp around) stepped in to do a fabulous First Timers Briefing with Ella, and Darcey (who tipped up to help despite being unable to run due to injury, oh and she’s 9) together with Martha (8) helped Michael out with token support. Andy held the speaker aloft, I waffled on a bit, and then Lucy screamed “GO”!

Lucy, Darcey and Martha taking their roles very seriously!

The sun came out to shine on the righteous and the leaps and smiles on faces were enough to make a rainbow over the whole park. Just some of you lovely people that were celebrating today included; Carole Page who ran her 100th parkrun, Louise Brookes was ‘unofficially’ celebrating her 200th parkrun, and Ciara Powell has now earned her 25th volunteer occasion shiny new t-shirt. Sorry for the lack of tap-dancing!

Louise Brookes clearly elated at running her 200th parkrun today!

Oh….and there was a frog!  Blazej Ziembaczewski leaping at the chance of another photo opportunity!

Great chocolate cake, Carole, thanks!

The "Leap Here 'cos it's a Leap Year" sign that caused much spontaneous leaping and smiling!

Photo of the week has to go to this enthusiastic dog who, despite the wind, brought along this brilliant helium balloon!

Tracey and Tam were on hand to help pack up all the soggy kit and lug it all back to the car. Andy watched over my first time of processing the results while Richard and Elizabeth had fun sorting the tokens and Ben bought me coffee!

Richard and Elizabeth enjoying the new 'Token Sorter' board game!  Fun for all the family!

Saturday was awesome, and so were all of you! Whether you volunteered, ran, walked, leaped, smiled, high-fived or any combination of the above, the atmosphere and banter among the crowd was fantastic, even in those conditions, so well done and thank you for joining us.

Look at the smiles on these tourists! They're loving Tring parkrun!

In short, the sum of all parts is greater than the whole, and nowhere is this truer or more apparent than at 8am on a wet, windy morning in Tring Park. My first time as RD was brilliant fun and made me so very proud to be part of this amazing and disfunctional family that is Tremendous Team Tring!

Looking forward to doing it all again next Saturday. Now if you'll excuse me, I have some signs to clean!



Tring parkrun #290 – end of storm season – or is it?

This weeks’ run report was written by Ian Smith - a big thanks Ian. We hope to see you back at Tring soon! And lets hope that storm season really is over soon!

This Saturday its our "Leap to it" parkrun and we welcome Elaine Bunn as Run Director.

See you there



This was Tring parkruns' 290th event and my first visit to Tring for over a year. At 7.30 am the weather looked good but then a steady decline towards 9 a.m. as wind and rain picked up and thoughts of the last two weekends approached. But there was a rapid improvement in conditions once we were underway.

This was my 8th visit so I knew I had to expect the long slope through the woods (I was just a bit surprised when a couple walked past me at my best uphill running speed!).

Eventually after the long climb and the return journey along the escapement (with weather improving and great views available on the way back) the finish funnel was in sight.

Runners returning along King Charles Ride

During the rain, before the rain and in the improved conditions after the run I had a good chat to husband and wife Geoff and Kathy Brown from Farnham Runners (core event team at Alice Holt). Geoff has volunteered 616 times and has run 320 parkruns. Kathy has well over 200 volunteer credits and 261 runs. A great credit to the ethos of parkrun.

If you are reading this and not been visited Tring, I can only recommend the whole set up here and the challenging course; friendliness of volunteers; the runners and the fresh air.

Tring parkrun provides a well organised; well marshaled (providing plenty of support); officially timed run /jog at a very reasonable price (it’s free) in a lovely country park.

Ben, one our fantastic and slightly damp marshals

There is some free car parking only a short way from the start. Although on this occasion I did not have time for a coffee and cake afterwards there are very good facilities at The Akeman just down the road.

This week 219 of us jogged and walked the course. Just 4 of the field were completely new to parkrun. Hopefully they will be back very soon. 28 were familiar with the parkrun concept but were visiting Tring for their first time but have a home parkrun event elsewhere (i.e. tourist to Tring). There were 11 without barcodes so it is not known whether they left their barcodes at home or never registered them.

Congratulations to the 16 who managed to achieve their personal best times.

Some significant milestones were reached this week that the RD announced including achieved this week including 50 events recorded by Benjamin Bunn and 100 events reached by Samantha Lindars; Rosie Highton and Ann-Marie Evans.

Ben completes his 50th parkrun

Sam completes her 100th parkrun

Rosie completes her 100th parkrun

Anne-Marie completes her 100th parkrun

First to complete the run was Mark Stileman (a first timer at Tring) in a time of 19 minutes 56 seconds. The first female to complete the course was Claire Hallisey (course record holder and now 54 times a first finisher) in 21:46.

Although not always the case the highest “age graded score” was achieved by the first male and female finisher 75.17% and 69.98%. Great age grades scores considering the course is far from some of the flat tarmac parks on a summer day.

This event was made possible by the 32 volunteers giving up their time.  A big thanks this week to:

Matty SINFIELD • Dominic EVANS • Andy EVANS • Katie HAINES • Richard MURPHY • Ken DOUGLAS • Simon STEVENSON • Steve BLADEN • Dan STORR • Philippa STORR • Graham HOLLANDS • Ciaran MCMENAMIN • Michael BRODIE • Elaine BUNN • Thomas PAGE • Ian SMITH • Alison HARRISON • Ciara POWELL • Ben KNOX • Benjamin BUNN • Holly BUNN • Amelie BUNN • Shelley DEVERALL-ROBERTS • Isobel ROBERTS • Gareth ROBERTS • Jonathan HARRISON • Andrew BOOTH • Oliver BLUNDELL • Mick MCCORMICK • Lucy BUNN • Eleanor MCCORMICK • Oscar KILNER

If you can join them, please do – easy to contact the team at

See you next time.

Ian Smith
A 2051000


You can find out more about Tring parkrun and see all of our photographs and videos on our Facebook page here.

You can see our current volunteer roster here.

We encourage all parkrunners to volunteer a few times a year. If you can help on any future date, or would like to find out more about our volunteer and helper roles, please email us at

If you need a mid-week parkrun fix there are two excellent podcasts available each week. First we have an excellent, an independent parkrun-based podcast "With Me Now" with parkrun Veterans and uber-tourists Danny Norman and Nicola Forwood. We also have Free Weekly Timed",the official parkrun podcast with Vassos Alexander and Helen Williams.


Event 289 – Slip Sliding Away

Tring parkrun event 289 was all set to be a blustery one, with Storm Dennis predicted to cause havoc. Dozens of parkrun events were cancelled around the country due to the predicted weather or being waterlogged.

At Tring parkrun though, we are really lucky. Not only do we have a location that copes well with most weather and a hardy bunch of runners who don't mind getting a bit (well a lot) muddy, we also have an intrepid and dedicated team of Run Directors, who ventured out in the week to inspect the course to see if Storm Ciara had left us any hazards as well as doing an early pre-run inspection (including the removal of branches and debris that could cause trips and falls).

There was much forecast watching and deliberating on Friday and early Saturday morning in case the predicted strong winds decided to arrive early - but we decided to go ahead.

I am so glad we did. I’m sure the runners from Dunstable Downs, Rushmere and Wendover Woods are pleased too!  The weather was much nicer than expected, everyone was in good spirits and it was really fun watching from the finish funnel as we saw runners slipping and sliding their way to finish line.

A runner falls victim to the slippy home straight

The poor forecast could have been a good reason for our volunteers to stay at home but the team were were cheerful and performed their roles fantastically - so all ran really smoothly. It was my first time as Run Director and they all made it really easy and a great experience!


We even had a few runners do their first ever park run with us on Saturday - well done George Huxford and Alan Hunt - I am sure that you'll get personal bests next week if the weather is kinder!

The conditions weren't great for PB's given how slippy it was underfoot but both Kristle Barker and Simon Hunt managed PBs - well done both!


Gareth Roberts completes his 100th parkrun

Well done too to my hubby Gareth Roberts, on running his 100th parkrun. He stepped in to run with our youngest when I couldn't run for a while and hasn't stopped since!


Elaine earns her purple t-shirt - briefing the first timers

A special shout out to Elaine Bunn, she, among other things, helped set up, did the First Timers briefing and was Funnel Manager on Saturday - which was her 25th occasion of volunteering. So she will be donning that purple t shirt very soon.

Elaine and her daughter Holly, along with Isobel Roberts have also been very busy creating a beautiful Token Sorter. After every event the tokens have to be put back in order for handing out the next week. The Token Sorter has numbered pockets, so that the tokens can first be sorted into batches of 10 (1-10, 11-20 etc) and then placed back in order. It makes the job fun and very doable by even our youngest volunteers.


The token sorter

Talking of tokens, we had a few taken as souvenirs this week - just a gentle reminder to hand these back in at the end of the event so we can use them the following week!

We are a little light on volunteers for next Saturday - so please have a look at the roster and let us know if you can help!

Finally, I just wanted to say a personal thank you to everyone. I’ve had lots of lovely encouragement and support from the RD team, volunteers, friends and family before and on the day. So many of those running on Saturday came and had spoke to me and were really supportive and encouraging. It meant a lot - thanks! I really enjoyed it and I'm really looking forward to doing it again next Saturday - I'll see you there!



It’s good to run talk.

I always forget to do something when I’m Run Director.

The week that Paul Sinton-Hewitt came to Tring I left all the high vis vests in my utility room where they’d been drying out. #embarrassing. And on Saturday I forgot to ask people to remember to keep their dogs on leads (thankfully, I’m fairly certain everyone did anyway because you’re a considerate and thoughtful bunch).

But I also forgot to ask you all to do one other thing that’s not on the RD’s checklist: to say hello to the person next to you. Last Thursday was Time To Talk day – a day to encourage people to look after their own and others mental health by remembering the restorative power of talking to each other – and parkrun day is the perfect day to put that into action.

The power of parkrun to facilitate these conversations struck me in four separate moments over the last week.

Happy James
A very happy James

First of these was with last week’s first finisher, James Davis. Rarely have I seen someone so delighted with a first finish. But James, someone who’s always in the top few finishers in his blue “Vale of Aylesbury” vest, has had a long road since his last first finish in July 2015. Injury. Work. Life. All had conspired to mean that he’d not quite made it. But a fascinating chat about finding the right balance and some real joy in his conversation was inspiring.

Then, heading out for a family dinner in Berkhamsted, one night last week, I bumped into a fellow Tringian on the way in. Nice to nod hello across the pub at a familiar face. But even better when our waiter said: “Do you do parkrun in Tring?”. Yes. “So do I! I thought I recognised you. It’s great isn’t it?!”. It was great to have a chat with someone who I’d not spoken to in the park but could do so on a different day, in a different town in a different setting. All because we had that common bond.

A while back a friend who is a “serious runner” (my description of him, though I’m sure he’d demure) said how parkrun was really difficult because he wanted to be running longer distances at the weekend, but he couldn’t resist the temptation of heading to the park to catch up with all the friends he’d made by coming to parkrun.

And finally, I was chatting to one of our brilliant volunteers on Saturday morning. They normally run, but this week had decided to volunteer instead. They said that parkrun wasn’t really about the running it was about the people you meet and talk to on the day. So even though they couldn’t run this week, there was no way they would have missed the chance to come down to the park. (“Even in the middle of winter?!”, I replied with a certain degree of shock and admiration).

All of them, in their own way, represent the great community that everyone of us has built at Tring parkrun and the joy that every single person brings to the people around them – even on a windy, cold February morning.

So next week look to your left and look to your right and say hello to someone you don’t know. Because that way you’ll bring a small piece of Tring parkrun happiness and friendship to the world!

Happiness is....

Now then, some facts. This is double header run report, covering Tring parkrun #287 and #288. In those weeks we’ve celebrated a few milestones:

  • Dan Storr ran his 200th parkrun.
  • Jonathan Smith ran his 150th parkrun
  • Sarah Wade, Jon Pither Kevin Lawley and Stewart Watson all ran their 100th parkrun (and I celebrated my 100th stint as a volunteer at Tring parkrun)
  • Sue Merrett. Sara Darling and Nicola May were all cheered across the line as they ran their 50th parkrun.

Congratulations to you all: a brilliant achievement.

And we have had 35 fabulous volunteers. Notably, we saw a new RD make their debut when 6 year old Lucy Bunn joined me as co-Run Director. Thank you to every single one of them. Each week we need about 20 volunteers to make the run happen. And each week, often after a little bit of a last-minute scramble, we get enough people. All the roles that need filling are straightforward and you’ll always be supported and trained. Find out what roles need doing at and volunteer by dropping us an email at

Alison HARRISON, Amelie BUNN, Andrew BOOTH, Andrew PENNELL, Andrew POWELL, Angelo LUCATELLO, Benjamin BUNN, Charlie WATSON, Chris LEA, Chris NICHOLLS, Ciara POWELL, Ciaran MCMENAMIN, Elaine BUNN, Eleanor MCCORMICK, Elizabeth DANIEL, Ella VAN DE LINDE, Giles MONKS, Holly BUNN, Jonathan HARRISON, Katie VAN DE LINDE, Len VAN DE LINDE, Lucy BRITTAIN, Lucy BUNN, Michael BRODIE, Mick MCCORMICK, Nick BOOTH, Oliver BLUNDELL, Oscar KILNER, Shelley DEVERALL-ROBERTS, Stephen BROOKMAN, Thomas PAGE, Timothy FRYER, Vicky LEA, Wes BALL, Louise BROOKES, Tom BROOKES, Mike BURBIDGE, Lucy CLUTTON, Neil COBURN, Shelley DEVERALL-ROBERTS, Andy EVANS, Benjamin FILER, Damien FORTUNE, Graham HOLLANDS, Louisa HOPPER, Darcey HUDGHTON, John MANNING, James MAPLE, Greg MITCHELL, Juliet MITCHELL, Judy MOLLOY, Clare MURPHY, Helen PAGE, Kath PITHER, Matthew PITHER, Noah ROGER, Phil ROGER, Chris SIMMONDS, Matty SINFIELD, Emma SMITH, Keith STONESTREET, Dan STORR, and last - but not least - Philippa STORR

little helper
Volunteers come in all shapes and sizes

Talking of volunteers, over the next few weeks we will have two new Run Directors taking the reins: Shelley for the next two weeks and Elaine for the subsequent two weeks. Be kind to them, listen, do the things they ask you to do, give them a cheer when they ask for one and a high five at the finish line!

Elaine and Shelley have both come on board as we have lost a couple of our long-standing RDs. Anna and Ross, who’ve been RD-ing for about three years have decided that after the birth of the beautiful Jessica they are going to take a step back for a while. It’s been wonderful to have them on the team. But it won’t be case of saying goodbye because young Jessica is already being pushed up the hill week in, week out and we all look forward to seeing a lot of more her as she grows up. Thanks Anna and Ross.

There we go. That’s it for Tring parkrun #287 and #288.

See you on Saturday – and remember to try to talk to someone you don’t know!

Run Director


Buy One Get One Free

After a busy couple of weeks in the normal world away from parkrun land, I finally get to post the missing run reports from that last two weeks.

We have been fortunate with the weather over the last couple of weeks in January and this attracted around 250 runners both weeks.

In parkrun #285 we have a fantastic 29 were first timers and 34 recorded new Personal Bests which was topped in parkrun #286 with 34 were first timers and 42 recorded new Personal Bests.

Clearly the New Years resolutions are still on plan for a number of runners.

We celebrated a Milestones, with Chris Lea completing his 25th Volunteer in his favourite position on the gate at Cow Pat Alley.


Mostly of all I would like to thank all the volunteers who helped out over the two weeks, especially those who stepped in last minute to make our wonderful parkrun happen.

The kids ruled the photographs in #285


Will and Josie walking back after a twist ankle




Then Eliane decided to join in on the fun

In #286 the Adults took charge of the photographs






Looking forward to seeing you continue your New Years Resolution into February

See you all tomorrow

Tring RD team


#284 A test of new year resolutions

On this day Jan 11th....

182 years ago and almost exactly 1111 parkruns westwards of Tring something happened to change the world forever. Samuel Morse gave the first public demonstration of telegraph messages sent using dots and dashes at Speedwell Ironworks in Morristown, New Jersey. Soon people could communicate almost instantly over vast distances. Other than sharing the same date in January this has nothing to do with this run report, however there is a valuable prize for whoever can decode the following:

.... .- .--. .--. -.-- ....... .--. .- .-. -.- .-. ..- -. -. .. -. --. ....... .- - ....... - .-. .. -. --.

Prodigious precipitation preceded pleasurable parkrunning

The alarm went off on Saturday morning and could barley be heard above rain pounding hard on the roof. Rain means mud. I cannot recall (in 30 years) seeing Tring Park, or anywhere else local, so muddy. At the curly bridge people leaped, like Canadian lumberjacks, from log to log to cross puddles barring the gate. And there was that wind, biting it was.

Andy Collings was RD and wasted no time in getting everyone going, quite to the surprise of several who turned up at 9am assuming the usual tardiness. LOL

And yet - just look at the photo montage below - Tring parkrun was all smiles and no misery. It's uplifting.

Screenshot 2020-01-12 at 16.10.35
Great photos from Richard Gommo caught so many happy faces. As always it's brilliant to see parents enjoying the morning together with young sons and daughters.

In total an impressive 216 took part of whom only 12 were barcodeless "unknowns". (The spelling checker tells me that barcodeless isn't a word, but it should be). Among these we spanned ages 5 to 74, although not quite all age-groups were represented, more on that later!

We welcomed Nigel Watson, Patrick Bolster, Michael Goodman, Jaydon Goodman and Megan Jones visiting Tring parkrun for the first time. We also had nine first time perkrunners: Ricky Levenston, Mike Soane, Ben Soane, Patrick Lynch, Mark Head, Harvey King, Matthew Pither, Hannah Cass and Rachel Gellar. From conversations I found that several first timers were living up to new year resolutions - and we wish you the best with seeing them through 2020.

Two parkrunners celebrated significant anniversaries: Paul Mccormack reached 200 and Helen Page 150 parkruns. Congratulations.

Jamie Lea reached the important milestone of 100, only he didn't know it at the time! He's blaming the new year double for throwing his count out! (Although whether he meant a double parkrun or a double of something else was not clear).

Despite the apparently celebratory leap, Jamie had no idea he'd actually just completed his 100th parkrun.

PB counter measures - a miserable failure

It's been 5 long, lonely years since I got a PB at Tring and another looks more distant with each passing week. Each and every PB achieved by others reminds me of this miserable fact. Now it might just be possible to change the route we currently use but this would thwart my secret plan to limit the number of PBs others get. Mud slows people down you see. Clearly, however, not by enough!! A stupendous 23 had "PB" next to their names. OK, I admit it, I'm impressed and have to say "well done". Just don't do it again.

Notable among PBers were Maura Patterson who took more than a minute off her previous best set only last month. Reya Farlam did even better with an improvement of almost 4 minutes off of hers (also set last month).

Mark Costin scored a hat-trick with his third in a row and an impressive 6 out of the 10 completing their (important) 2nd parkruns booked PBs too.

Mud - it should slow people down....but doesn't seem to be working!

And while we're on the topic of not being slowed down.... Zoe Chamerblain's steadily increased pace resulted in her being first female finisher. Maura Patterson was second female finisher and Jude Gibson was third. For the gents an impressive run by Tim Shepherd-Smith (just off his Christmas PB) saw him finish first, Dom Evans second and John Mayock was third finisher - although first overall taking age adjustments into account.

Heroes of the roster

Many thanks to those who have stepped forward to volunteer so far this year. Our duty roster this week was full and much appreciated by RD Andy. A fantastic new years resolution would be to volunteer X times a year (where X is an integer not less than Y/8, where Y is the number of parkruns completed). Have a chat with the Run Director or email

Screenshot 2020-01-12 at 15.57.03
Just a few of the 31 volunteers this week - others helped setup, pack things away, look after the car park, sort tokens and edit photos (and run reports).

Close but no cigar

Three parkruns into the new decade and no one has yet achieved the immortal honour of completing Tring parkrun with a time of 20:20! Dom Evans came close but, alas, was 11 seconds wide of the mark (last week Errol Maginley missed it by 1 second, as did Roger Seed on the 1st). So, I had a look for other aesthetically pleasing times. Nothing! Jeremy Wood would have had an impressive 23:45 had he been 1 second slower and Nicki Rice would have bagged 34:56 if a second faster. So, no prizes this week.

Also missing this week are the fascinating and endlessly engaging outputs from the stat-o-matic. Alas the operator's family has been afflicted by flu. Wish them a speedy recovery.

See you next week?

Mike Holdroyd ran his first parkrun a year ago and, on the 28th December, completed his 50th run. He showed up on Saturday morning wearing his illustrious red T-shirt and pledged to convert that to a black one by 2021. It was interesting hearing about parkrun related new year resolutions over a post-parkrun coffee in the Akeman. Several are planning their summer vacations around overseas parkruns, others are chasing various unofficial parkrun challenges, or have PBs in mind, and for many it's simply to turn up and enjoy the morning no matter what PB counter-measures are in place.

Whatever your new year resolutions - we wish you all the best with them and look forward to seeing you in Tring Park again soon.

The Tring parkrun core team.



You can find out more about Tring parkrun and see all of our photographs and videos on our Facebook page here.

You can see our current volunteer roster here.

We encourage all parkrunners to volunteer a few times a year. If you can help on any future date, or would like to find out more about our volunteer and helper roles, please email us at

If you need a mid-week parkrun fix there are two excellent podcasts available each week. First we have an excellent, an independent parkrun-based podcast "With Me Now" with parkrun Veterans and uber-tourists Danny Norman and Nicola Forwood. We also have Free Weekly Timed",the official parkrun podcast with Vassos Alexander and Helen Williams.


Tring parkrun #283

On Saturday we saw the 2nd parkrun of the decade and 254 runners complete the course at Tring. Well done everyone!


An extra well done to Julie Relph and Paul Crudge on your 100th parkruns. A big achievement.



And a big thank you as always to our wonderful volunteers. Tring parkrun could not happen without you!


Unfortunately our stats machine is down at the moment so we will be having a break from our weekly facts this week.

Hope to see lots of you in the park this weekend.

Anna and Ross

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