#263 – Back from Holidays

This week, 251 of you ran, jogged and walked around our 5km route in Tring Park. This was the highest turnout since the beginning of July. After that heat wave last bank-holiday weekend, with plenty of Hawaiian shirts, the weather was back to normal this Saturday with a touch of autumn in the air.
Arriving at the start line

This week, there were 11 first-timers at Tring; well done to Matthew CHAPMAN, Conall O'BRIEN, Paul KENT, Noah ABSLOM, Andrew CAUSER, Hannah MACKENZIE, Aine O'BRIEN, Padraig O'BRIEN, Christina CHAPMAN, Becky SMITH, Steve PINNOCK. We hoped you enjoyed your first parkrun!
Noah, one of our younger first-timers

We also welcomed 27 first time visitors to Tring, a significant number. We hope you enjoyed our hilly course.

Our first lady this week was Emma Smith, of Tring Running Club, finishing with a Personal Best of 22:50. Our first man this week was Samual Bojarski who recorded a sub 20:00 for the first time, and also representing Tring Running Club. Well done Emma and Samual. Also of note this week, there were an outstanding 36 Personal Bests.
Daniel Newman celebrates a PB of 20:40

Congratulations to Chris Simmonds and Steve Bevan on completing their 50th park runs. Chris is a regular Tring runner, while Steve has completed a more varied selection.

A number of runners commented to us that they enjoyed Barry Watson’s violin recital in the ‘faux’ Greek temple this week. Thank you Barry, we have had some lovely feed-back from this.

Many thanks to this week’s volunteers who enabled this week’s event to take place:
Tail Walkers

Statistics round-up this week:

Kevin Stone ran his 497th parkrun (the highest figure that we have seen for a male and the 2nd highest ever seen at Tring).

2 PBs in 2 weeks for Paul Crudge, Mark Franklin, Nigel Russell, Toby Stubbs and Malcolm Nobbs.

In addition, 4 PBs in last 4 appearances for Edward Harrison and 3 in 3 for Amy Read.

Samantha Lindars becomes the 82nd person to run 82 times at Tring.

50th time we have seen the surnames Baddon and Ambrose.

Paul was the most seen name with 10 whilst Emma was the most seen female name with 4.

Minute 25 was the busiest with 22 runners.

The holiday season has killed off most long sequences, but Sarah Wade has the longest current sequence with 8 in a row.

Our fastest 4 men and our fastest female all achieved PBs today including fastest runner, Sam Bojarski dipping under 20 minutes for the 1st time. This was Sam’s 22nd PB at Tring, more than any other junior. Interestingly Chris Nicholls who with 35 Tring PBs has the most of everyone also recorded yet another PB this week.

Of those who have run at least 5 times at Tring, the biggest improvements were Monty McDonagh (2:05), William Scott (1:30), Matthew Odams (1:07), Thomas Gray (0:57) and Iain Houston (0:48).

If you would like to volunteer please email tringhelpers@parkrun.com with a preferred role or any offer of assistance and we will add you to future rosters.

Well done to all those who ran this week. For a full list of all this weeks’ results please go to
Latest results

For news, photos, videos and updates don’t forget to visit our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/tringparkrun

And you can now follow us on Twitter at

See you next Saturday.

Stuart Page
Run Director


#252 Back to school – Time to learn your alphabet

We love someone other than the RD to write our run reports and from time to time this happens, However very excitingly, with a number of volunteers coming forward, we are now starting an unprecedented series of 6 guest run reports in a row - with 5 of the volunteers being juniors including 4 u-11s. This week it's a big thanks to Tring parkrun regulars Holly Bunn together with mum Elaine, as they take us back to school for a little revision of our A B Cs! .......................

A is for Annabel Lloyd-Evans who completed her tenth parkrun today. 

Congratulations to you Annabel!

B is for Bethany Hanson who earned herself her brand new shiny red 50th t-shirt today. 

Great work Bethany!

C is for the name 'Chris' that popped up in the results for the 800th time, this week.  I wonder if it's the same fella?!

D is for the name 'Dylan' that made its 50th appearance this week.

E is for the name 'Eleanor' that also appeared for the 50th time.

F is for the surname 'Fortune' that has been seen no less than 50 times now!

G is for great work to Shelley and Isobel Roberts and Holly Bunn for their brilliant efforts before the run in encouraging people to sign up for volunteering in future weeks.  The girls did a great job of raising awareness of the number of different jobs that need doing each week and how you can get your run point as well as a volunteer point in the same week!

H is for Happy dogs on short leads and even happier under elevens running with their (not always so) responsible adults!

I is for Isobel Bladen and her hugely impressive 200th parkrun this week!! Wow, you're amazing and an inspiration to all of our Tring junior runners (and some of the older ones too!)

J is for John Maycock who was our fastest finisher this week and he recorded the 5th fastest EVER time for the VM45-49 age category (at Tring behind Repper, Chamberlain, Adcock and Fowler).  Andy reckons John should add this stat to his Wikipedia post next to him being the 5th fastest ever U.K. athlete at 1,500m (behind Coe, Cram, Ovett and Farah!)

John may have one of the fastest times in the UK for 1,500m but that still leaves 3,500m for the rest of us to catch him up

K is for Keep on Running which is one of the many tunes that we have Jim to thank for each week that inspire us all to do just that!

L is for Lucy Bunn who this week, at the age of four years and eleven months old, is the youngest person to earn their '10' t-shirt. 

Awesome effort Lucy (not that I'm biased!)

M is for minute 27 which was the busiest minute of all this week and saw 26 runners over the finish line.

N is for number 0034 token that was left on the cake table after someone inadvertently took it home with them last week (you know who you are!!!). Please remember to hand your tokens in after the run as it just confuses us token sorters if you take them home!

O is for Oh what a glorious sunny day it has been today and Oh what a lovely way to start the weekend with a trip to Tring parkrun!?

P is for Paige Walker who is another inspiring young runner that clocked up her tenth run today. 
Well done Paige!

Q is for Quick and many congratulations to all those fabulous people that got PBs today!  60 people came away with a new PB today.  I hope you all had a good ring of the PB bell!

R is for the name Rosie that made its 100th appearance this week.

100th appearance by the name Rosie with 51 of them run by this Rosie

S is for Sylvia Pemberton who is our fourth junior this week to sprint past the finish line and straight into the Junior Ten Club.  Great work Sylvia, top running!

Well done Sylvia!

T is for the name 'Taylah' which has made its first ever appearance in the results page of Tring parkrun.  We hope to see you again!

U is for Unexpected Cows!  Our bovine friends weren't supposed to be in the park this week but like so many of us, just couldn't keep away!

Our cows came to watch the start

U is also for ultra runners - Barbara and Johanna were practicing for their ultra when they came across our parkrun

If you are practicing for an ultra - why not add another 5k!

V is for our Volunteers and the huge thanks that they deserve.  Every week, in addition to the actual Run Director, there are 28 positions that need to be filled in order for the run to be properly staffed.  14 of those jobs can be done as well as taking part in the run, as well as 2 positions that count as a run and a volunteer point so double whammy! So there really is no reason NOT to volunteer.  With the average number of runners each week, if everyone ran 9 times and volunteered on their tenth, there would always be plenty of bodies to cover all the jobs!  Just saying!

Thanks to our volunteers

W is for a Warm Welcome to the ten people who ran their very first parkrun as well as to the 13 people who were visiting Tring for the first time.  Thank you for choosing our beautiful Tring Park!

X (stick with me) is for 'X'cellent running to Rowan and Ben Cave for achieving 3 PBs in 3 weeks, Hannah Asquith, Chris and Felix Armond, Jamie Aitchison and Victoria Parslew for all bagging 2 PBs in 2 weeks.  While we are crunching PB stats and handing out kudos, well done to Aimee Shaw for an incredible 5 PBS in her last 5 appearances, and a big fist bump for Martin Lambert, Jack Whitton and Martin O'Neill for 3 PBs in their last 3 appearances.

Y is for Your parkrun Needs YOU!  (There's definitely a theme here!) Look out for the big poster next week where you can check out all the available volunteer slots for the coming weeks and fill your name in against your dream job!  Alternatively, you could just email the RDs at Tring@Parkrun.com to see what needs doing.

The girls have been busy - Please see Holly and Isobel on Saturday and help them fill the blanks on their fantastic poster!

And finally, but just as brilliantly, Z is for Zoe Chamberlain who proudly ran her 50th parkrun this week and earned herself her smart new t-shirt.  Great effort Zoe!

Well done Zoe on being fastest lady and on running your 50th parkrun!

Massive thanks as ever to Andy Evans for being a wonderful Run Director this week, and for burning the midnight oil calculating the ever important stats (he loves it!). Thanks to everyone who made it back to the Akeman for some well earned breakfast and, more importantly, token sorting!

Until next Saturday, and it looks like it'll be a nice sunny one.....
Happy Running
Holly and Mummy Bunn


#251 – Where has the Summer gone?

A big thanks to Fran Brookman for this week’s run report…..

Today I am visiting Tring parkrun for the 3rd time on their 251st event (Tring was my first ever tourism back in 2017! and have since completed 20 different tourisms).

There were 169 runners, joggers and walkers today, 9 of them doing their first ever parkrun. Amongst the crowd were my fellow Brookmans; Mum, Dad and Brother. I was joining the family in what has become Brookman tradition that on birthdays we participate in each other’s home event, and today was mum’s birthday.

Melanie Brookman – Birthday mum with her birthday balloon

Although this was my 3rd time at Tring, I have not yet run the same course twice. It seems we were back on winter course today and to match this we were greeted with some rather wintery weather - but that didn’t stop 32 of you recording a new PB (myself included!).

The ‘out and back’ course was very nice, albeit a slow climb to start and the trees provided some shelter from the weather. I was relieved to see the turn-around cone, knowing the return journey was mostly downhill. My favourite part about an out and back course is the opportunity to offer words of encouragement and high-fives to fellow parkrunners, and of course being able to thank the Marshals not once, but twice! Good to see Trevor Lark on gate 1, and thankfully no cows!

It seems that the 1st finisher had forgotten their barcodes (#DFYB), so the first recorded finisher was Darren CORNISH with a time of 19:48. First lady was Suzy ROBINSON with a PB of 23:21, knocking 4 minutes of her previous time – very impressive.

There were 3 milestones today; Rowan CAVE celebrating his 10th run – who also got a PB of 35:20. Keith STONESTREET celebrating his 150th and Sophie POWELL celebrating her 50th – well done all of you!

Well done Rowan!

Thanks for the great cakes Rowan

Well done Sophie!

After cheering the final finishers across the line, we joined the team for a post parkrun coffee at The Akeman which went down a treat – we will be adding this to our parkrun birthday tradition.

Family birthday breakfast

And of course, a huge thank you to the 22 volunteers for making this event happen safely and smoothly;

Dominic EVANS • Amanda RUSSELL • Richard MURPHY • Ken DOUGLAS • Stuart PAGE • Trevor LARK • Allison WILLIMENT • Philippa STORR • Chris NICHOLLS • Oliver WEST • Grahame PEPPER • Emma SHAW • Andrew CLARK • Ross PEPPER • Alyssa CLARK • Keith HENDERSON • Fran BROOKMAN • Shelley DEVERALL-ROBERTS • Frances LEFF • Yogi POWELL • Chris LEA • Aimee SHAW

Thanks to all our volunteers, especially with the wet weather

See you again soon Tring on the next Brookman birthday!

Thanks Fran - We love it when someone offers to do a run report for us and I'm sure your family birthday tradition might give an idea to other families

Thanks Fran - on her way to a PB

..... and now we have a few of this week’s stats ....

With many visiting Tring for #250 and with a poor weather forecast for this week we went from our record attendance ever to our lowest in 2019. With the poor weather, of the 597 UK parkrun events that took place, 510 saw a fall this week

Sam asks - "Where’s the Summer gone?"

2 PBs in 2 weeks for Rowan Cave, Ben Cave, Steve Yates, Fiona Harding and Victoria Just

Isobel Roberts becomes the 80th person to have run 80 times at Tring - Something to tell her friends at school

The surname Lea was the most numerous with 6 and we saw the surname Murphy for the 200th time

We saw the names James for the 800th time and Keith for the 200th

Chris was the most seen male name (5) and Lucy the most seen female (4)

Despite the rain, many of the hardcore were still running and Darcy Hudghton has now the current live longest unbroken attendance of 17 weeks, closely followed by Dan Storr on 15

17 weeks in a row for Darcy

Of those who have run at least 5 times at Tring, the biggest improvements were Lucy Bunn (4:42), Fiona Harding (2:20), Poppy Cave (1:56), Dawn Davidson (1:54), Chris Simmonds (0:57), Victoria Parslew (0:56) and Sophie Neill (0:56)

Alistair demonstrates when you're running a PB and you feel like you're flying!

And finally, a Random Fact – Did you know of the runners that have run at Tring, an amazing 204 have ALL the letters T, R, I, N and G hidden in their names but it was in April 2018 that Florence Stringer became the 1st runner at Tring to have the full word Tring hidden in her name!

Finally, a bit of admin. Next Saturday the Hastoe Lane carpark will be closed for a private event. To avoid problems on the lane, please park in the town instead. Please consider lift sharing, cycling or walking

See you all again next Saturday


#250 – A parkrun party for Tring’s 250th



We're really happy to have another guest run report writer this week. Cathy Turner celebrated our 250th, reverse-course event by recording a pretty impressive Personal Best time of 23:45 and was third female finisher too. Cathy has completed 87 parkruns and runs Dunstable Downs, Gadebridge and Tring on a rota!

Many thanks Cathy - it's great to see parkrun through different sets of eyes.

A record breaking attendance at Tring


A parkrun party for Tring’s 250th!

Tring parkrun certainly celebrated this weekend with a (rather balmy) birthday bash to be remembered! A record number of 421 runners attended the party in their greenest gear and ran the route backwards to mark the impressive milestone! Our trusty barcode scanners did a brilliant job as this is the first time over 400 tokens have been counted! This was definitely due to some local club tourism as we welcomed 17 Garden City Runners and 23 Redway Runners – whose lime-green kit perfectly suited our milestone theme!

heartbreak hill valley
Happiness is running *down* Heartbreak Hill and the valley

It was clearly a brilliant day for beating records as Ian Kimpton, at 16:49, was the fastest runner by over two and a half minutes and became the fastest man to run Tring in his age category! Ian wasn’t alone as the fantastic pacers helped 60 runners achieve new Personal Bests – including me! John Manning deserves particular kudos for hitting his time of 25:00 to the second, whilst Colin Baker and Paul Thomas got aesthetically pleasing “mirror times” of 24:24 and 30:30.

Most impressive jump of the day goes to Janet from the lovely Redway Runners

Luke was a close second!

The cows were eager to share in the excitement and roamed onto the route, delaying the start, but Allison Williment, George Fletcher and James Elphinstone were bravely on hand to mooove them in the right direction! I got to hear Jim playing Green Onions this week from his themed playlist which he arranged for the special occasion – he probably saw some very relieved faces as a nice change when we got to charge down Heartbreak Hill (rather than the uphill slog!)

Just in case the photographer wasn't paying attention!

The backwards route also offered a great photo opportunity and many of us couldn’t resist striking a pose along the final stretch – there’s some great shots, so make sure you have a look via Facebook!

Thank you to all the runners who made the parkrun party so special and particular thanks to the lovely volunteers and pacers... Richard ALCOCK, Robert ALCOCK, Wes BALL, Jos BARTLETT, Steve BLADEN, William BROOKMAN, Harry T BRYANT, George BRYANT, Clare BRYANT, Mike BURBIDGE, Chris DALTON, Ken DOUGLAS, James ELPHINSTONE, Andy EVANS, George FLETCHER, Tom FOLEY, Katie HAINES, Claire HALLISSEY, Andrew HOLT, Louisa HOPPER, Chris LEA, Frances LEFF, Greg LEFF, Chris LUDLAM, John MANNING, James MAPLE, Chris NICHOLLS, Jo O'NEILL, Helen PAGE, Stuart PAGE, Maura PATTERSON, Dennis RAFFETY, Jonathan SARTIN, Aimee SHAW, Ben SHAW, Christina STEVENS, Keith STONESTREET, Philippa STORR, Ella VAN DE LINDE, Thomas WACKETT, Oliver WEST and Allison WILLIMENT

Happy Birthday Tring!

By Catherine Turner


A final word from the stat-o-matic

After a short break the trusty stat-o-matic is back in action to impress and inspire you. Here are some of the highlights from this week's special anniversary run.

We start with some "250" stats:

To be in the top 250 of “most runs at Tring” you now need to have run 36 Tring parkruns

To be in the fastest 250 at Tring you need to have run 20:18 or faster

An “unknown” runner will be regretting forgetting barcode with a missed opportunity to get their name in the run report as they were 250th on our 250th

Another mention for John Manning who not only met his pacing target exactly but on our 250th it was the appropriate time of 25:00 – which will also work in 2250 parkruns time!

On our 250th - surnames Lindars and Holland both made their 250th appearance

We also saw the name Jonathan for the 250th time

9 runners had run 250+ parkruns – the 2nd highest number we have seen

Token 250 has been used 32 times but only Beth Weller has seen it more than once


And now just  a random set of other numbers...

Milestones – Jen Bates celebrated her 300th, Graham Parry and Patrick Grindley their 50ths and young George Bryant his 10th

Our table of “biggest gap between 2 Tring parkruns” had a brand new top3. It was good to see again William Shippin (with a gap of 249 runs), Star Phillips (247 gap ) and Ian Kimpton (234 gap)

Minutes 27, 29, 30, 35 and 40 all broke their respective attendance records though none of them reached Minute 28’s record of 34

5 PBs in 5 weeks for Mike Holdroyd, 3 in 3 for Andrew Booth and 2 in 2 for Irene Mackenzie

Smith was our most seen surname this week with 5

Michael (7), William (6) Clare (5), Albert (2), Carolyn (2), and Sylvia (2) all set attendance records for their names

We welcomed the following names for the 1st time at Tring - Ronald, July, Jady, Mervyn, Loraine and Sarah-Louise

Running his 1st parkrun, Ronald Simmons set the 2nd fastest ever time for a VM75-79 with 30:28

Redway Runners, Dunstable RRC and Garden City Runners all set new attendance records for their respective clubs whilst we saw the 6,000th run by a Tring RC runner and we also welcomed Athena St Albans for the 1st time

Of those who have run at least 5 times at Tring, the biggest improvements were Rowan Cave (3:03), Ian Pennicott (2:51), Cathy Turner (1:38), Ella Highton(1:08) and Robert Harrison (1:04)

With the start of a new month we have 8 runners who have run in 11 months of the year but never in June – so if you are one of the following hopefully we will see you soon- Tom Taylor, Julie Brett, Simon Stevenson, Paul Dyett, Emma Killin, Richard Baddon, Chris Gee and Christopher Cavanagh

First time that we have had 2 consecutive weeks with at least 42.5% female participation for over a year


You can find out more about Tring parkrun and see all of our photographs and videos on our Facebook page here.

You can see our current volunteer roster here.

We encourage all parkrunners to volunteer a few times a year. If you can help on any future date, or would like to find out more about our volunteer and helper roles, please email us at tringhelpers@parkrun.com.

You might also be interested in two excellent parkrun podcasts available each week. "Free Weekly Timed" is the official parkrun podcast with Vassos Alexander and Louise Ayling. We also have "With Me Now" with Danny Norman and Nicola Forwood which is an independent parkrun-based podcast.


TRING parkrun #246 – They’re Back

This week, 210 of you ran, jogged and walked around our 5km route in Tring Park. But no “Nordic” walkers were in evidence this time. This week the cows were back in the park, running around as they witnessed their first parkrun event!   As usual they were curious and often seem to gather at key parts of the route. But thanks to our hastily assembled team of cow marshals, no disorderly bovine behaviour occurred.

Ben with some of the residents of Tring ParkIMG_1659
Are they tempted?


This week, there were 17 First Timers at Tring, 11 of whom were visitors, and 6 of whom were First Time park runners.   So well done to Lewie GUNTER-JONES, Chloe MESSENGER, Madeline HUGHES, Amy FORDHAM, Ben CAVE and Fiona HARDING. We hoped you enjoyed your first parkrun.

Our first lady this week was Emma Smith, of Tring Running Club, finishing with a Personal Best of 23:27. Well done Emma! Our first man this week was Daniel Wolff with a time of 19:48 representing Epsom and Ewell Harriers, and running at Tring for the seventh time.   Also of note this week, there were an outstanding 38 Personal Bests.

Unfortunately, for the 2nd week in a row, our lead runner turned left from King Charles Drive and accidentally took the short cut to the obelisk, so we will move a couple of arrows to make this clearer

Congratulations to Thomas Lindars, a regular runner at Tring, who achieved his 50th parkrun at this event! Thank you for the cake, of which many people enjoyed after completing their run.

Many thanks to this week’s volunteers who enabled this week’s event to take place:

Claire HALLISSEY • Wes BALL • Louisa HOPPER • James MAPLE • Steve BLADEN • Stuart PAGE • Katie VAN DE LINDE • Chris NICHOLLS • Ella VAN DE LINDE • Marcus BIRCH • Oliver WEST • Alison BILL • Edward CRANE • Ben SHAW • Eloise CLARK • Greg LEFF • Andrew CLARK • Eddy GUINNESS • Stephen BROOKMAN • Shelley DEVERALL-ROBERTS • Carole PAGE • Andrew BOOTH • Frances LEFF • James ELPHINSTONE • Fiona HARDING

Special thanks to the three volunteers who fulfilled our unofficial but essential role of “cow marshals”: Stephen Brookman, Ben Shaw and Carole Page.

Cow marshalling

Another helpful marshal

The finishing tunnel was efficiently manned by our younger volunteers from the D of E award scheme: Edward Crane, Oliver West and Marcus Birch, and managed by Shelley Deverell-Roberts. Thanks for your attention to detail, thus achieving accurate results.

Tring Park

Due to inclement weather the parkrun Super Computer is unable to provide statistics this week.

Well done to all those who ran this week. For a full list of all this weeks’ results please go to http://www.parkrun.org.uk/tring/results/latestresults/

Thanks to Wes Ball this week for a great set of photos, which have been posted to our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/tringparkrun .

For other news, photos, videos and updates don’t forget to visit our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/tringparkrun and you can now follow us on Twitter at www.twitter.com/tringparkrun .

If you would like to volunteer please email tringhelpers@parkrun.com with a preferred role or any offer of assistance and we will add you to future rosters.

See you next Saturday.

Stuart Page

Run Director for Sat 4th May.


Tring parkrun 245 – Greetings from Hannah

This week, 208 of you ran, jogged, walked and Nordic waked around our 5km route in Tring Park, braving the weather brought in by storm “Hannah”. What a change from last Saturday. As it happened, the weather wasn’t quite as wet predicted although unseasonably chilly. All the same, the park is looking more and more beautiful as spring slowly arrives.

Heart-Break Hill looks somewhat easier from this angle

This week, there were 22 First Timers at Tring, 13 of whom were visitors, and 9 of whom were First Time park runners. So well done to Christopher VILE, Christopher VILE, Katie HUDSON, Natalie GERVAISE-JONES, Benjamin KING, Elsa RIVERS, Anya ROCHESTER, Louise ROCHESTER and Richard MULLENS. We hoped you enjoyed your first parkrun.

Some of our first-time parkrunners

And three of our visitors warming-up

Our first lady this week was Claire Hallissey, representing Dacorum and Tring running club, finishing in 21:39. Claire is also the female record holder at Tring with a time of 19:35.

Our first man this week was Tom Hill with a time of 20:33 which was also his Tring PB. Well done Tom!

Other PBs this week were achieved by Richard SLACK, Simon NICHOLSON, Laurence PATEMAN, Jim SAMUEL, John HINCHIN, Rasmi NANDA, Amber PENALIGGON, Alarik KNOX, Gemma WALKER, Simon KING, Phoebe SCOTT, Phoebe SCOTT, Laura BAILEY, Andrew BOOTH, Lucy MELDRUM, Eilidh MACKENZIE, Christine DENNIS, Niamh MACKENZIE, Irene MACKENZIE, Aimee SHAW, Maria LONG and Poppy CAVE. Well done to all!

And congratulations to Yogi Powell, a some-time regular at Tring, who chose this event for his 50th parkrun!

Many thanks to this week’s volunteers, who enabled our event to take place. The finishing tunnel was managed and operated exclusively by our younger volunteers from the D of E award scheme. The smooth processing of the results depends on an accurate reconciliation between the timers and the token positions, and this week’s processing seemed particularly trouble-free.

This week’s volunteers:
Andy EVANS • Wes BALL • Joanna PENN • Patrick ASHTON • Stuart EKINS • Ken DOUGLAS • James MAPLE • Steve BLADEN • Stuart PAGE • Isobel BLADEN • Sam EVANS • Marcus BIRCH • Oliver WEST • Edward CRANE • Ben SHAW • Neil COBURN • Louis COBURN • Carole PAGE • Andrew BOOTH • Rosa DRATH • Rebecca BOJARSKI • Aimee SHAW

One of our younger marshals settling-in for the event

Statistics round-up for this week:
Esther Birch earned her junior white “10” shirt (100% earned at Tring)
Yogi Powell earned his red “50” shirt (28% earned at Tring, 30% Aldenham)
3 PBs in 3 weeks for Christine Dennis, 2 in 2 for both Niamh and Elidh Mackenzie
In addition, 3 PBs in last 3 appearances for Alarik Knox, Poppy Cave and Laura Bailey
400th appearance of the surname Page
200th appearance of the name Christopher
Richard and Lucy were the most seen male & female names
We welcomed our 1st Elsa
John Hopper ran the 800th Tring parkrun by a member of the Dacorum & Tring club
Of those who have run 5 times at Tring, only 8 recorded PB improvements - Gemma Walker (1:07), Philip Rance (0:33), Christine Dennis (0:28), Simon Nicholson (0:23), Jim Samuel (0:14), Tom Hill (0:08), Andrew Booth (0:06)
A special mention to Andrew Booth who recorded his 5th PB in minute 31 – nobody else has seen more PBs in this minute. Indeed, he also holds the record for minute 32 with 5 PBs in that minute.
However, the experts at this stat are Philippa Storr with 8 PBs in the 26th minute and Dominic Veal with 9 PBs in minute 22!
As we say goodbye to April – we look ahead to May. Did you know we have 16 runners who have run in every single month but never in May – so if you’re one of the following list (or if you recognise one of these names remind them of this stat), hopefully we will see you in the next 4 weeks Rosie HIGHTON, Amelie BUNN, William BROOKMAN, Andrew WOOD, Timothy FRYER, Scarlett WAGER-LEIGH, Caroline LEGG, Chris SIMMONDS, Martin ARNOLD, Lucy BRITTAIN, Moira DOUGLAS, Jon HULL, Martin O'NEILL, Katrina BECKWITH, Roger SEED and Jacob O'NEILL.

Well done to all those that ran this week; for a full list of all this weeks’ results please go to http://www.parkrun.org.uk/tring/results/latestresults/
For news, photos, videos and updates don’t forget to visit our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/tringparkrun and you can now follow us on Twitter at www.twitter.com/tringparkrun .
If you would like to volunteer please email tringhelpers@parkrun.com with a preferred role or any offer of assistance and we will add you to future rosters.

See you on Saturday.
Stuart Page
Run Director


Tring parkrun 242 – Wot No Cows?!

The 242nd Tring Parkrun saw a return to the summer course, although the Run Director clearly forgot to arrange the summer weather to go with the summer course. But the only strange thing was - no cows? Perhaps they've gone away for the Easter holidays!? Tring Park welcomed a few intrepid tourists too, from as far afield as (get this) Norway!!! While we Brits thought is was a bit on the chilly side, the tourists were sweltering in mid summer temperatures!

into the valley

The crowd heading into the valley at the start line - a very welcome return to the Summer Course.

Thank you to all the lovely volunteers as, without them, none of us could do this amazing event. In particular, thank you to Jim for volunteering at Marshall gate 3 with his great, inspiring tunes, as ever! Also, huge thanks to Wes Ball for being this week's brilliant run director.

volunteersstartline - rosa

Some of the fantastic Tring parkrun family. Vicky Lea, helping out with scanning this week, in the first photo. And the full finish line team on the right, including 5 year old Rosa - you're never too young to be part of the gang.

Well done to Andrew Wood, Andrew Clarke and Adam Johnson, for earning their 50 t-shirts (not to mention the delicious cakes and goodies for afterwards!). Also, earning their junior 10 t-shirts were Woody Dales and Jacob Lea. As well, well done to Eddie Sartin for 3 PBs in 3 weeks, to Anna Hanson, Emma Smith, Mark Thompson and Andrew Clarke for 2 PBs in 2 weeks. Congratulations to Andrew Clarke for squeezing in 2 (oh well, now three) mentions in the same run report! andrew wood 50

Andrew Wood on the startline for his 50th

In addition, 5 PBs in the last 5 weeks for Tom Curtis, 4 in 4 for Pip Thomas, and 3 in 3 for Mike Harold, Clare Murphy, and Bruno Smith. Clare Thomas's amazing 27:33 was the 3000th time a barcoded runner has run a 27 minute run. This minute is our most popular one and the only minute to have 3000+ finishes. pacers

Our fabulous pacers who helped so many people to PBs this week

This is the 400th time we have seen a Steve, 200th time for a Samantha and the 50th time for an Ollie. Well done to all those Steves, Samanthas and Ollies out there! Welcome to Parkrun for Matt Ingram and well done on your first Parkrun in your amazing (and hopefully long) Parkrun journey. Annie

Young Annie completed her first parkrun, alongside her sister and Dad.

Of those who have run 5 or more times at Tring, the biggest PB improvements for a "Mr'n'Mrs" double act is for Charles and Claire Ashwell (1:51 and 1:12 respectively). Other large improvements are for Thomas Lindars (1:00), Anna Hanson (0:57), and Joanne Lloyd-Evans (0:48). Congratulations to you all on such great achievements, (and further congratulations to Anna Hanson for getting into the run report for a third time too!)

shires triers

Finally, a mention for the merry band of Shires Triers who chose Tring as their monthly Parkrun visit this time, and particular thanks to Verna for bringing along the shiny new banner. This is to raise their profile and encourage new members so if you fancy joining a local and very friendly group of enthusiastic sportspeople, just contact Verna through their web page for more info. I even managed to shoe-horn myself into the collective photo thanks to the Shire Triers top that Verna gave me

Holly Bunn, Aged 10
Run Report Writer


holly bunn
Holly and her Mum, Elaine, at the turnaround on the winter course last week.


Run Report #233 Winter Wonderland

This week, 245 of you braved a very snowy and frozen course. With the temperature below zero, it must surely have been one of our coldest events. But there was no wind, the sun shone, and Tring Park looked absolutely exquisite.


Unsurprisingly, not many chose this particular Saturday for their first ever parkrun, but we did notice that Jack AMBROSE ran his first ‘non junior’ parkrun here, achieving a very respectable result of 26:27 and coming in first in his JM10 age grade. Well done Jack!

Other new runners we welcomed were Helen ROBERTSON, Ellie DOVER and Angela PECK. We hope you enjoyed your first parkrun.

Our first male was Freddie TRUMAN-WILLIAMS with stunning result of 18:46, and the first lady was Katie Greenwood, making her first visit to Tring and representing Cardiff Triathletes, with an equally impressive time of 22:38.

And well done to the runners who achieved a Tring Personal Best this week, obviously the conditions suited some more than others:

Jacqueline MOORE
Sophie FINN

Congratulations to Gareth Roberts who chose this event for his 50th parkrun !

We welcomed 23 first-time parkrun visitors to Tring, we hope you enjoyed our hilly course and enjoyed the views.

Many thanks to this week’s volunteers, who enabled our event to take place. We appreciate that it wasn’t the best day to be standing around outside for so long. This includes our superb D of E volunteers for their continued support; your “attention to detail” with timing, issuing of tokens and barcode scanning is second-to-none.

Also, thanks to Jim Maple for choosing a play-list suitable for the occasion, as it always is.

This week’s volunteers were:

Andy EVANS • Emma BISGROVE • Hilary NEEDLEMAN • Anna FRYER • Samuel FRYER • Ken DOUGLAS • James MAPLE • Steve BLADEN • Richard ALCOCK • Robert ALCOCK • Stuart PAGE • Annemarie DE BOOM • Isobel BLADEN • Chris NICHOLLS • Marcus BIRCH • Thomas PAGE • Nika JACKSON-MOORE • Isobel MONKS • Edward CRANE • Neil ADCOCK • Howie BECK • Dominic CECERE • Roberto CECERE

Some of this week's volunteers

Also, particular thanks to Ken Douglas and Andy Evans who walked the course at 7am to see whether it was safe for running. It was a close call, as a number of local parkruns had already cancelled. In the end it was decided that while sheet ice wouldn’t be acceptable, crunchy snow should be OK if due care taken.

Andy and Ken

Finally, a number of you mentioned to us that you really enjoyed the event, and especially the level (ish) route through the trees which is officially known as “King Charles’ Ride”.

Our lead runner on King Charles Ride

This week the stat-o-matic machine has informed us that:

  • Jim Geary finished 43rd on his 43rd parkrun
  • Our 20th February Tring parkrun and unsurprisingly given the conditions, just 8 PBs was the lowest number of PBs at any of those 20 Tring February parkruns
  • Despite the lack of PBs, Freddie Truman-Williams recorded his 4th PB in 4 appearances and Mike Holdroyd his 3rd in his last 3 appearances
  • Trevor Lark and Helen Page became the 44th and 45th runners to run 100 times at Tring and Jamie Lea the 142nd to run 50 times at Tring
  • It's the 200th time we have seen the surname Myatt, 100th time for Lark and 50th for Middleton
  • And the names that like the snow… 1st time we have seen 2 Giles’s, 5 Neils beat their previous record of 3 and the first time we have seen the name Eilis
  • The snow helped Minute 33 to a new attendance record of 26 beating its record of 20
  • Helen Page continues to have our longest sequence – now has run 30 Tring parkruns in a row, the 5th longest ever sequence at Tring
  • Cardiff Triathletes ran with us for the 1st time

See you next Saturday.



You can find out more about Tring parkrun and see all of our photographs and videos on our Facebook page here.

You can see our current volunteer roster here.

We encourage all parkrunners to volunteer a few times a year. If you can help on any future date, or would like to find out more about our volunteer and helper roles, please email us at tringhelpers@parkrun.com.

We now have two excellent parkrun podcasts available each week. "Free Weekly Timed" is the official parkrun podcast with Vassos Alexander and Louise Ayling. We also have "With Me Now" with Danny Norman and Nicola Forwood which is an independent parkrun-based podcast.


Tring parkrun – Week 231 – Simples

On the surface it all seems so simple; turn up about 8:50, listen to the run brief, head out for a run around the park, get scanned, perhaps have a coffee afterwards, get results text and tick off another one for the shirt. Whilst I know most of you are fully aware it’s not quite that simple, I just wanted to start today’s report off with a huge thank you to the volunteers who make it appear that way:

Allison Williment * Andy Evans * Chris Lea * Emma Smith * George Fletcher * Graham Campbell * Isobel Monks * Jamie Lea * Jos Bartlett * Ken Douglas * Kirstie Campbell * Martin John Arnold * Oliver West * Philip Pugh * Samuel Fryer * Sarah Wade* Stuart Page * Thomas Page * Tom Foley * Trevor Lark * Vicky Lea

Thanks to our volunteers!

A special thanks must go to our Event Director Andy Evans who, when I was faced with some results processing errors I’d never even seen before, positively leapt into action to help work through the finish times in order to help me publish a set of results which hopefully bore some resemblance to the time you thought you’d run.

We had another high turnout of runners this week as 272 of you descended on Tring Park to tackle our winter course. Not quite in the top ten of highest attendances, but still a fairly sizable crowd who gathered around the Run Director’s pulpit (otherwise known as a pile of concrete rubble) on the morning.

Well done to Trevor Desouza and Tamsin Leybourne who both completed their fiftieth parkrun this weekend, along with Juniors Beau Wild and Freddie Hart who have now earned the right to wear the coveted ‘10 t-shirt'. We also welcomed 17 first timers who completed their very first parkrun! Thank you for choosing to fly with Tring parkrun and we hope you join us again next week!

Well done Tamsin on your 50th parkrun!

Well done Trevor on your 50th parkrun!

Someone we were particularly pleased to see again was Tricia Shackock who last ran with us back on the 6th December 2014, some 225 parkruns ago! Given our parkrun itself is only 231 events old, you won’t be surprised to hear that this was a new record for ‘longest time between two Tring parkruns’. Don’t be a stranger Tricia!

With the high turnout and perhaps a result of the altered course, we had a huge number of runners finish in minute twenty-six, with thirty-two of you crossing the line in just sixty seconds.

Finishing strongly this week were Jennifer Scott who ran a huge PB of 3:51s and Rob Haddock who improved by 1:53s. Ben Patterson, Jack Brown, Leyton Bowen and Emma Young all knocked roughly 40s off their previous best. Not content with one PB, Gary Stroud and Jennifer Scott completed their hatrick of PBs this week, whilst Claire Ashwell made it five PBs in the last five weeks! Also earning permission to engage smug mode were John Aitchison and Fiona Trinder who made it four PBs in their last four appearances at Tring, with Richard Caseley capping it all off with six PBs in the last six times he’s ran here at Tring Park. Nice work everyone!

Lesley was visiting from South Africa and was keen to join us but had no car. Katrina stepped in and offered her a lift. GREAT parkrun spirit.

A few stats and name news to finish off our report this week:
• Greg Mitchell becomes the 76th person to run 76 times at Tring. Clearly they like this stat in the family as wife Juliet was the 54th to run 54, the 58th to run 58 and the 62nd to run 62
• James & Paul were the most seen names with 9 each whilst Lucy and Sarah were the most seen females with 4 each
• We saw the most ever Dominics (4) and Jacks (3)
• We saw the names Katerina, Marika, Bruno, Evangeline, Ellis and Rickey for the 1st time
• We saw the name Mary for the 50th time and Helen for the 400th
• We saw the following surnames for the 50th time – Desouza, Fisher, Hollier, Stevens and Clutton
• Waddesdon Running and the Elvet Striders both ran with us for the first time.

As ever I’ve had a look through the results to find an aesthetically pleasing time of the week and, unusually, I’m truly spoilt for choice! Having already been given plenty of praise at the start of this report I won’t be awarding it to Andy Evans in spite of his very pleasing 54:32. Likewise Andrew Booth and Chris Blackwell were possible contenders and receive special commendation for their joint time of 32:10. However, this week’s prize goes to Phillipa Storr who not only ran a nice looking time of 31:31, but did so in parkrun 231, ie: 2 31s. Very pleasing indeed.

As I mentioned earlier, our parkrun relies on the support of the community around it in order to go ahead. If you’d like to volunteer (feel good factor and fun almost certainly guaranteed), just drop us an e-mail at tringoffice@parkrun.com and we will happily induct you into the hi-vis club (secret handshake optional).


For news and photos don’t forget to visit our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/tringparkrun and you can also follow us on Instagram as “Tring parkrun” and Twitter at www.twitter.com/tringparkrun

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