Yuck, Yuck, Yuck – Tring parkrun 272

Yuck , Yuck , Yuck ,

Parkrun was too wet for a duck!



The rain was flowing ,

We were almost rowing!!!

The wind was howling ,

The dogs were yowling .


We were all dressed up for Halloween,

But there were so few people for us to be seen !

The Rugby world cup was on in Japan,

There must have been more Parkrunners in Milan!


With only 109 people doing Tring Parkrun,

This did not make it very much fun.

I think we should all congratulate Helen Lane ,

Who arrived late for the run and took at least 4 trains !

She left at 6:16am heading for Clapham Common from Lichfeild ,


But with leaves on the track, she started at the back of the field.

Despite such bad luck and the rain in her face,

She still managed to finish her 427th Parkrun in 105th place!

This report was written by Holly Bunn ,

And the thing I’d like to say is: “come and do another run!!!!!!!!”



The parkrun bubble – Tring parkrun 271

1) We will all be cheering England on in the rugby. But Tring parkrun will still be on this Saturday. For those that want to come to parkrun, we promise no spoilers. If you set a PB you’ll be home well before half-time!
2) So you don’t have to choose between our fifth birthday celebrations and the rugby, we’ve moved this to next week – so come for fifth birthday awards and celebrations from 8.45 on Saturday 9 November.
3) We still need two marshals for this Saturday. Please volunteer – we can’t put on Tring parkrun without your help.
++++Housekeeping ends++++

I’ve found my new favourite thing about parkrun: touching the edge of the bubble.

What? I can hear everyone asking what on Earth I’m talking about. Let me explain.

I love the weekly excitement of walking into the park to a gathering crowd; people coming for different reasons but always to find friendship, a breath of fresh of air, exercise and a constantly changing, constantly beautiful park.

Run directing is an added thrill. First in the park, it is empty, peaceful, still. A low mist might hang in the valleys at this time of year; the smell of fresh, wild flowers on the dew in the summer. An hour later 200 people will be on the start line, a megaphone will be disturbing the cattle and volunteers in lurid high-vis vests will be dotted about the place. Another hour later and it will all be gone again. Empty. Peaceful. Still.

In those two hours that we’ve borrowed the park, a whirlwind creates something human and wonderful: emotions have been stirred and 200 weekends have been changed. Then it’s gone. All of us contained in our parkrun bubble.

But I said I’d found my new favourite thing on the edge of the bubble. It will take me a while to explain, so bear with me.

A few times in the last few weeks, I’ve marshalled at the turnaround point. I run from Berkhamsted over the top and down the old country lanes, skirting Champney’s and Wiggington. The ancient woodlands are always beautiful. At this time of year they challenge all the senses. In one last flurry, the trees prepare to sleep. The coppiced beeches take you on a full tour of Richard of Yorke’s half of the rainbow. The sensation underfoot is newly forgiving; the fresh fallen leaves and muddier ground a joyful respite from hard summer running. Without headphones, the sound of leaves crunching underfoot, hibernating animals digging for stores speeds you to your destination. All of this runs through my mind as much as the thought that I’m running through lanes that have been the ancient byways of Chiltern folk for centuries. Long before the A41 or even the Grand Union Canal forced their ways through the Tring Gap people were walking these paths to get from farm to farm, village to market place.

After 45 mins or so of thrilling running, I arrive at the gate into the park at the top of Hastoe Lane. It’s quiet up here. You can’t hear the A41. Most likely, all you’ll hear is the farm on the other side of the lane. A donkey honking or cock crowing. Sometimes both – it can be quite a loud form of quietness.

A wonderful and kind set-up person will have put the turnaround point in place and hidden my high-vis jacket somewhere. The point is too far from the RD for a walkie talkie to work, so instead I will text to let them know I’ve arrived. Then a quick change into a non-sweaty t-shirt and warm hoodie and it’s time to perch on the gate to listen to that quiet (or donkey).

That means I don’t see the crowd appear. I don’t turn up to the blue tarpaulin and search for a friendly face to chat to; don’t have the conversation interrupted by a megaphone-wielding run director; don’t gently jostle to find my preferred starting position. It’s just me. Sitting quietly on the gate.

Then, at about 9.14, one runner will come through the woods. I’ll see the bright running t-shirt through the words first; hear the footsteps disturbing the hardcore path next; finally the breathing, pulling air deep into their lungs. Chances are that they will be reaching for their steps with ease, pushing up the last of the hill, eyes ahead and focussed. Then another. Then there’ll be a pair of runners who’ve clearly been running together – racing? – most of the way along the ancient Ridgeway. Within the first ten runners will be the first junior, impressively eating up the trail. These are the kind of people who make me think, “when I grow up I want to run like you”.

More and more people now give me a nod or wave as I cheer them through. Despite the climb from the valley floor, some are even chatting to each other. I look at my watch. It’s 9.16. In ninety seconds it’s gone from silence to applause, encouragement and conversation. More and more families start looping round the turning point. I’ll even get the odd high five.

There might be someone with a milestone vest on: a red 50, or a black 100, or a handmade one for a special milestone. All representing the repeated effort of getting up on a Saturday morning for the joy of parkrun. This week Austin Soane ran his 300th. Graham Hollands ran his 200th. Kay Ison and Melanie Brookman both ran their 50th By finishing in position 121, Melanie Brookman also completed the 50,000 run at Tring parkrun – 50,000 of those small efforts, from 7911 people who’ve made it round Tring park in the last five years.

Melanie celebrating her 50th parkrun and becoming completing the 50,000 Tring parkrun!

Melanie celebrating her 50th parkrun and becoming completing the 50,000 Tring parkrun!

Throughout the field I’ll notice people who are putting in that bit of extra effort. They seem to be just a little bit more focussed this week. Maybe chatting less than normal. Check the results later in the day and I’ll realise it’s because today was their PB day; the day they ran faster than they’ve ever run before. And that’s something we can all be proud of: today I did the best I’ve ever done. This week, with a time of 21:49 Austin Soane (on his 300th parkrun) set a new record for the VM65-69 age category. Of those who have run at least five times at Tring, seven recorded PBs: Isaac Skelding (2:35), Thomas Patterson (0:55), Lucy Cuthbert (0:54), Nicola Hueting (0:14), Ryan Hueting (0:13), Wes Ball (0:11), Jacob Lea (0:09). And here I have author’s privilege to point out that I haven’t got a PB at Tring since April 2015, so if I can do it, I’m sure it’s within reach of many others!

I was *quite* happy with my first PB in 4.5 years.

I was *quite* happy with my first PB in 4.5 years.

Alongside the PBers are the friends out for a jog and a chat with kids and dogs. This Saturday our great friend, Amanda Russell, ran with a gang, all with tennis balls in their hands. They were remembering Amanda’s wonderful, friendly and truly lovely dog, Louis. Louis had run Tring parkrun with Amanda 200 times before he died unexpectedly last week. He would always do the full 5k with a tennis ball in his mouth before dropping it just as he crossed the line, ready to be set off on a chase for it. He was friendly to everyone who wanted to say hello to him and a friend to us all. Much love from all the Tring parkrun family to Amanda.

Amanda and friends remember the wonderful Louis

Amanda and friends remember the wonderful Louis

Just as quickly, it’s over. Quite suddenly. After 15 minutes or so I’ll see the high vis tops of the tailwalkers and know the last of the gang has reached me. After a quick chat, the tailwalkers stuff my high-vis into their bag, collect the cones and carry on at the back of the pack while I pack my rucksack and head home. All of that huffing and puffing and energy and, most of all, joy has passed. The bubble of fun and friendship that is Tring parkrun has bounced past me. You lot are all finding you way back down to the inspiring chalk grassland of the park or maybe even already on your way to the Akeman for a cup of tea. Two hundred weekends will have the boost that only a good run can bring. For me, it is a privilege to see that bubble float past and just touch the edge of it. A bubble of swirling, luminous, chatty, joyful colours.

Here's to Amanda and Louis and friendship and the parkrun bubble!

Wes Ball


#270 Cake, Glorious Cake!

A massive thanks to Shelley, Gareth and (particularly) Isobel Roberts. They brought two enormously delicious cakes decorated with Smarties and Strawberry Laces (other sweets are available!!!) to celebrate the fact that my bestie (Isobel) ran her 100th Parkrun. Isobel was so close to getting a very hallowed statistic of her own this week when she was handed the 101 token having completed her 100th run. Shame on you, whoever came in front of Isobel. Why didn’t you let her beat you??

Thanks to the Roberts family for the cake. {Ed:Note this was the only photo from last week - so you might spot a theme with the other pics this week!]

However, I feel the need to complain to Andy about, let’s think, the lack of cake, pretty much every other week. Or not so much lack of cake, but perhaps just not enough of it. I will strongly suggest a cake rosta be implemented akin to the volunteer rosta for each and EVERY Parkrun, whereby there are key cake bakers, and then back-up cake bakers, to keep us runners running faster and faster! I’m not averse to biscuits and cookies either!

This week my five year old sister did her 16th volunteering slot at Tring Parkrun, and I was just wondering how many of you adults out there can put your hand up and say that you have done this too? If you can’t, then I would suggest that you put your name on the rosta over the next few weeks to volunteer. Let’s see if you can keep up with Lucy!! But, for now, let’s thank all those who volunteered this week for their amazing efforts to keep our beloved Parkrun going. Did you know that there are also volunteering jobs that you can do and then still get your run point too?? You can help with set up, close down, token sorting, car-park marshalling and lots of others besides. You could even write a run report! Just saying! A huge thanks too goes to Ross and Anna (and their trainee Run Director Ross&Anna Jr) for being incredibly organised and brilliant RDs this week. Thanks for bringing the sunshine!

This week there were a lot of numbers.
1 = 1st appearance of Mohammed, Ismael and Yaton .
1 = first appearance of the Ely Runners.

Welcome to the 1st appearance for the names Mohammed, Ismael and Yato as well as the Ely Runners running club

2 = Edward Harrison ran his 2nd PB in 2 weeks.
3 = 3 PBs in 3 weeks for Bob Spinks and Frances Roberts.
4 = Lewie Gunter-Jones with his 4 PBs in 4 weeks.
4 = thanks to Claire Hallissey , it is now 4 times that a woman has won Tring Park run out of 270 times.
5 = for the five biggest PB improvements (Victoria Moore, Edward Harrison, Sammy Haddok, William Crane, Amelie Bunn!).
10 = Edward Harrison running his junior 10th.

Well done Edward on your 10th parkruns and 2 PBs in a row!

20 = Claire Hallissey’s 20:15! (I have to say that this is not only utterly incredible as within the last year Claire had a baby, but also really VERY frustrating for those of us desperately trying to get near that time without the excuse of just having had a baby!!). Claire – you are AMAZEBALLS!
27 = 27 is the minute that 13.9% of the runners were crowded into across the finish line.
32 = NOTHING (it is just my favourite number).
35 = is for Claire Hallissey setting a new record for the VW35-39 age category. Like I said…..WOW!
41 = for the 41% of the Parkrun population this week that were women.
50 = (as ‘Luc’ would have it) the 50th time to see the name Luca and Luciana at Tring.
83 = Sarah Wade becoming the 83rd person to run 83 times at Tring Parkrun.

Well done Sarah - 83rd to run 83 at Tring!

100 = Isobel Roberts and Jasmine Margarett running their 100th PR.

100th Birthday candles
Well done Isobe; and Jasmine on your 100ths!

121 = 121 runs to go until we see our 50,000th run at Tring. Look out for the person with the 121 token next week!
200 = Amanda Russell’s 200th run.
2017 = This week there were no runners called Richard!! This hasn’t happened since 2017! Come back Richard, all is forgiven!

That’s it for this week, and well done and congratulations to everyone who ran, volunteered, got a PB, didn’t get a PB, ate cake or didn’t! Enjoy your half term holidays, whatever you are doing, and I will see you all again on 2nd November for Tring Parkrun’s 5th Birthday celebrations and prize giving. Who knows? You might be in the running for a certificate or a trophy……(see what I did there?)

Bye for now
Holly Bunn


Car parkrun arrangements Oct 2019 – Jan 2020

avoid parking here

We've had a request from the Natural History Museum to please not use their car park on Akeman Street for the next few weeks while building work is occupying much of the space there.

The museum has been very helpful and supportive to Tring parkrun over the years and we ask that everyone respects their request.

Please use car parks in the town or their overflow carpark on Hastoe Lane.

Thank you

The Tring parkrun core team


Week #269 – An amazing weekend



Eliud Kiphoge was the first runner to complete a sub 2 hour marathon and 148 runners completed Tring parkrun despite the dreary weather.

To start this run report off we have an amazing fact for you... There are currently 1704 parkruns in the world. Eliud Kiphoge's slowest 5km split was 14.14. This would have set a course record at 1693 of these parkruns.

But back to Tring! Huge thank you to our wonderful volunteers, especially for braving the rain, Tring parkrun could not happen without you. It was our first parkrun as RDs since having our daughter and it was great to have such a brilliant team around us to ensure everything ran smoothly.

Jessica became our youngest ever deputy-RD!

And some more Tring specific stats for you:

John Griggs ran his 200th and Dennis Raffety ran his 150th. Dennis becomes the 1st person to run 150 parkruns 100% at Tring.

With the rain, cross country later and the Ridgeway Run the next day, 148 runners was actually the lowest attendance we have seen since early March 2018.

183-6 near gate one
The last time we had fewer runners was when we were hit by the "Beast from the East" - 3rd March 2018.

There were 4 PBs in last 4 appearances for Stewart Harrison.

The 1st time for the following names – Astri, Sianne, Lizzy and Gonzalo.

Tring Park is definitely starting to look autumnal. If you zoom in you can see the finish line from here (the Rond Point on King Charles Ride).

Of those who have run at least 5 times at Tring, only 5 recorded PBs, so well done to Daniel Rush (2:17), Marcus Rush (1:54), Claire Boulter (0:29), Edward Harrison (0:20) and Stewart Harrison (0:21).

1st time we have seen Harlow RC.

294 runs to go until we see the 50,000th run at Tring – so probably in 2 weeks’ time
If you were after a low finish token number ie a good position then this was the week to choose – an amazing 49% of the field saw their lowest finish token number, the 4th highest % we have ever seen and you would have to go back all the way to February 2016 to see a higher %.

See you next week

Anna and Ross Lambert



You can find out more about Tring parkrun and see all of our photographs and videos on our Facebook page here.

You can see our current volunteer roster here.

We encourage all parkrunners to volunteer a few times a year. If you can help on any future date, or would like to find out more about our volunteer and helper roles, please email us at tringhelpers@parkrun.com.

if you need a mid-week parkrun fix there are two excellent podcasts available each week. "With Me Now" with Danny Norman and Nicola Forwood is a great independent parkrun-based podcast. "Free Weekly Timed" is the official parkrun podcast with Vassos Alexander and Louise Ayling.



A bonus, random pic - just because we like it!

Still smiling at the half way point



Tring parkrun – Week 268 – Tempting Fate

Those of you who read last week’s Run Report may remember some fairly smug comments from me about how ‘uneventful’ the parkrun was and how a run without hearing the walkie-talkies going off was pretty much bliss. The phrase “you had it coming” springs to mind when I think about this week’s event where we had no less than three fallers, lost keys and more besides!

Off to the start

I should have just kept my mouth shut I think! I’m hugely grateful to all those of you who stopped to check if our fallers were ok or let me know that they were out on the course. Special mention to one of our regular runners who conveniently has a day job as a physiotherapist and was able to offer support and even a hop on his bike to get one of our runners back to the start.

Thanks to Alex who was in the right place to help with an injured runner

Now is probably a good time to remind everyone to fill in their ‘ICE’ (In Case of Emergency) contact details on their parkrun profile. We hope never to have to use them but by making sure your details are up to date it means they are there ‘just in case’. You can access your parkrun profile via the link in your results e-mail or the newsletter. Alternatively, just use this link: https://www.parkrun.com/signin/

We were a little light on volunteers this week so thank you once again to everyone who stepped in to help out. Those donning the fetching hi-vis jackets this week were:

Amanda RUSSELL • Amelie BUNN • Andrew BOOTH • Andy EVANS • Ann-Marie EVANS • Benjamin BUNN • Chris LEA • Chris NICHOLLS • Chris SIMMONDS • Dennis RAFFETY • Elaine BUNN • Graham HOLLANDS • Greg MITCHELL • Helen PAGE • Holly BUNN • Isaac PIGGOTT • James FOSKETT • James MAPLE • Joanne KYTE • John GARRETT • Juliet MITCHELL • Keith STONESTREET • Ken DOUGLAS • Louise BROOKES • Lucy BUNN • Patrick MCLOUGHLIN • Paul MCCORMACK • Peter LEA • Philippa STORR • Richard MURPHY • Sarah FOSKETT • Shelley DEVERALL-ROBERTS • Wes BALL • William BROOKMAN
Quite a choice of pacers this week

Thank you everyone, and don’t forget that we’re always on the look out for volunteers so please do drop us an e-mail if you’re able to help out.

Whilst parkrun itself celebrated fifteen years of free, weekly, timed 5k runs, there were 184 of you this week who headed out to Tring park for your own dose of parkrun magic. Tom Hill led the field home with a new PB of 19:53, followed by John Mayock (20:20) and Tom Moreton (20:25). For the ladies it was Jenny Maginley of St Albans Striders who led the way with a time of 22:08, narrowly missing out on a new PB. Emma Smith was second in 23:17 and Harriet Knight third, also with a new PB of 23:35. Well done all!

This week we welcomed just two totally new first-timers, including Jonah Gribbin who was completing his very first parkrun at the age of just four years old. Jonah is the son of former Run Director Jenny and today was run round by dad Toby. I distinctly remember trying to catch Jonah and Toby as they ran round with the buggy, being told by my son to “catch Jonah” - “not going to happen George”, I said! Also joining the parkrun family was Rachel Herron – we hope you enjoyed your very first parkrun!

Jonah  - 1st Tring parkrun
Great to have Jonah join the parkrun family - At just 4, one of the youngest to have completed the Tring course - and still full of smiles

There were thirteen visitors to Tring this week, including uber-tourists Rachel and Sally Savage, Richard Gurd and Alan Lawrenson. We hope you enjoyed the hill and will be back again soon!

Congratulations go to Luciana Walker who celebrated the only official milestone we had this week, running her fiftieth parkrun. I’m also not above celebrating a bit of arbitrary milestone goodness, so congratulations to Holly Bunn who ran her 140th parkrun, Keith Stonestreet who ran his 163rd and Matthew Wright who completed his 425th this weekend. More aesthetically pleasing arbitrary ‘multiple of 50’ congratulations go to Angela Hollands and Catherine Bishop who each ran their 200th parkrun. Well done everyone!

Thanks to our great pacer team, who with some very accurate pacing helped a number of runners to PBs

There were some fantastic PB performances this week, including Jack Ambros who improved by 22s, Tom Hill by 39s and Jack Brittain by 50s. Eleanor Beswick knocked 1:26s off her personal best whilst Gus Evans smashed his PB by 6:15s. Well done all! Congratulations also go to Jason Arbiter and Lewie Gunter-Jones who have now managed three PBs in a row whilst Jack Ambrose and Tom Hill have done the double.

Well done Gus on smashing your PB

For those of you chasing down something other than a PB, such as your ‘stopwatch bingo’ (collecting a finishing time of every second from 0 to 59), you can take inspiration from Louise Bladen who became the first female to earn the right to shout “bingo!” through times she has collected at Tring alone. The only other person to achieve this using solely Tring times is her husband Steve who did so back in August, a fact somehow went totally unnoticed by the army of statisticians we employ to help write the run report each week. So, belated congratulations to you Steve and timely congratulations to you Louise!

On the subject of ‘Stats you only get at Tring’, here’s your weekly update of name news:
• This week was the first time we have seen the names Justine and Hyuna, but the fiftieth time we’ve seen the surname McGinnity. Who knew eh?

As I’ve already mentioned, this weekend saw parkrun celebrate its 15th birthday and so as a special treat, here are a few ‘15’ themed stats to finish off our report this week...
• 672 runners have run at least 15 parkruns at Tring
• To be in the top 15 of most runs at Tring you would have had to run here 161 times
• Dom Veal has seen barcode 15 the most often, collecting that number 10 times
• In the 5 years that we have existed, 28 runners have run at least 15 Tring parkruns in each of the 5 years
• The names Vinny, Paige, Janice, Kirsten, Javid, Gill, Frances, Alyssa, Carl and Aimee have all been seen at Tring 15 times
• Only Peter Leigh, Amanda Russell and Jonathan Sartin have managed to finish 7 Tring parkruns with times ending in :15 seconds
• Kevin Lawley finished 15th at 15th event
• No one has run Tring in 15:15... yet!
• Fabian Downs holds the 15th fastest ever time of 18:01
• Sam and Andrew Wells are awarded this week’s prize for the most aesthetically pleasing time of the week, both clocking in at 32:15. Technically this is not a stat.

So that ladies and gentlemen, is that. I hope you’ve all had a lovely week and will be back running with us at the weekend. As for me, after 26 stints as Run Director I’m taking a bit of a break from it for a little while, but I hope to be back in the black and white vest soon.

Thanks all,


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Tring parkrun – Week 267 – All quiet…

Hanging around the neck of the Run Director every week is a lanyard on which you’ll find a small key. If ever an emergency were to happen, this key could open all the gates in the park to allow whatever emergency services we required in to help, ambulance, fire, police, mountain rescue, you name it. Also found attached to the Run Director each week is a walkie talkie so that our marshals and tail walkers can communicate with one another in case of any incidents.

As a Run Director the perfect run for me is where absolutely nothing happens; nothing on the walkie talkies, no “oh dear we’ve dropped the tokens” and no unexpected trample of hooves and associated moo-ing sounds. It is my absolutely pleasure to report that there was nothing of the sort to report from this previous weekend and therefore it was one of the most enjoyable weekends I’ve had at Tring in quite a while!

Without any drama to worry about it allowed me to take in the scene both before, during and after the run. There really is something quite special about setting up a few posts in the park and a bit of tarpaulin and then watching nearly two hundred people of all ages and backgrounds descend on Tring park for their weekly fix of 5k. I had the opportunity to see runners smash their PBs and collapse to the ground in the finish funnel, or simply to jog through chatting to one another. There were high-fives, cheers of encouragement and of course the last minute speed surge to gain another few seconds. Perhaps some of our regular runners know each other outside of parkrun, perhaps they don’t, but it was really heartwarming to see people just chatting to one another, cheering people in and just generally enjoying what the morning had to offer. I’m also eternally grateful to those who help carry the equipment back under the bridge when we’re all done and done, leaving Tring park ready to do it all again the same time next week.

It always makes things easier when we have a few people to carry the kit back after the run

Speaking of next week (or tomorrow as I write this), parkrun will be celebrating its 15th birthday – you only have to take a look at the numbers participating each week and compare them to the 13 runners who lined up at Bushy park back in 2004 to see just how far it’s all come.

Happy 15th birthday parkrun!

Whilst it may have been all quiet for me as Run Director, it certainly wasn’t out there on the course as we had a few celebrations happening with Jon Salmon, Matthew Skelding and Noah Wild all reaching 50 parkruns this weekend. Gavin Wild also achieved a very respectable arbitrary milestone of 150 parkruns on Saturday so well done everyone!


Of those who have run at least five times at Tring only eight recorded PBs this week (it must have been the wind!). Louise Cooper improved by 45s and Nick Booth by 32s; Chris Simmonds knocked 24s off his PB and Amelie Bunn managed to reduce her time by 17s. I’m now running out of synonyms for ‘improved’ so I’ll just add that Ewan Maxwell enhanced his time by 12s and Lewie Gunter-Jones shortened his best ever parkrun finish time by 7s - this marks two PBs in two weeks for Ewan and Lewie. If Ewan is fishing for mentions this week he’s doing well as with a time of 19:27 he set the second fastest ever time for a JM11-14 at Tring parkrun. Finally, Jack Ambrose and Tom Hill were able to get round the course 1s faster than they’d ever done so before. Well done everyone!

Sarah and James had a big crowd for the 1st Timers brief

Our Tring supercomputer has been busy churning out its usual stats for you so I can now reveal the latest name news:
• This week saw the 50th appearance of the surname ‘Doran’
• It was the 300th time we’ve seen the names Lucy and Martin.
• The name ‘Lulu’ and the running club ‘Thanet Road Runners’ both made their very first appearance.

Finally, Harriet Knight should be applauded for running a most aesthetically pleasing time of 23:45 this week. Good work!

Thank you to all of our volunteers, many of whom stepped in at the last minute. Without the names below our parkrun simply wouldn’t have been able to go ahead:

Neil ADCOCK, James ARNOLD, Alex ARNOLD, Emma BISGROVE, Andrew BOOTH, Nick BOOTH, William BROOKMAN, Pauline BROWN, Clare BRYANT, George BRYANT, Neil COBURN, Shelley DEVERALL-ROBERTS, Ann-Marie EVANS, George FLETCHER, Sarah FOSKETT, James FOSKETT, Trevor LARK, James MAPLE, Judy MOLLOY, Joanna PENN, Marcia QUINN, Ben SHAW, Keith STONESTREET, Richard WHITE, Allison WILLIMENT, Rachel WRAY

Thanks to our volunteers

I know there are all sorts of reasons people aren’t able to volunteer, but if you’d like to give it a go (feel good factor and fun almost certainly guaranteed), just drop us an e-mail at tringoffice@parkrun.com and we will happily induct you into the hi-vis club.


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If you would like to keep up to date with all the happenings in parkrunworld, look no further than the two parkrun podcasts available to download each week. “With Me Now”, hosted by Danny Norman and Nicola Forward is an independent parkrun podcast from the hosts of the old parkrun show, whilst “Free Weekly Timed” is an official parkrun podcast hosted by Vassos Alexander and Louise Ayling. Free Weekly Timed has gone a bit quiet recently, but With Me Now is certainly still going strong.


#266 Another beautiful morning


Tring parkrun #266

It was a lovely Saturday morning with great weather and a very enthusiastic 203 runners. Tring park was looking even more spectacular with Autumn starting to kick in and the trees starting to turn different colours and shades. I’m not sure how long this weather will last as the forecast for next week is not great!

Of the 203 runner just 2 were running their first ever parkrun, congratulations to Nicola Petty and Amy Robinson we hope you enjoyed your first parkrun and look forward to seeing you again for a PB! As well as Nicola and Amy running their first parkrun we had a further 17 visitors, we hope you enjoyed the hills!

Celebrating milestones this week were Samuel Bojarski running his 100th and Aidan Roberts completing his 50th. Congratulations to both of and we look forward to seeing you in your new T-Shirts soon. Also, a big Tring parkrun thank you to Amanda Russell who volunteered for the 25th time achieving the coveted Purple volunteer T-Shirt, well done Amanda.

It may still have felt like summer - but there's a hint of autumn in those trees!

The fine weather and great conditions helped 30 of you to achieve a new PB and ring the PB bell. Congratulations to Seb BRUMMELL, Ewan MAXWELL, Roger CLARKE, Claire SHELLEY, James DOYLE-TANNER, Robert EWART, Eddie SARTIN, Andrew PENNELL, Rich PARSONS, Andrew PLAYLE, Joseph FRYER, Emma BISGROVE, Chris ARMOND, Jamie EDWARDS, Victoria PARSLEW, Sammy HADDOCK, Lewie GUNTER-JONES, Jack APPLEBEE, Jason ARBITER, Natasha ARMSTRONG, Ollie CAMPBELL, Edward HARRISON, Stewart HARRISON, Jim POULTON, Emily POULTON, Sue MERRETT, Richard LEA, Anja JOSEFSBERG, Zee BAILEY and Jane BARTINGTON.

Well done to Aidan - here with his support team - on his milestone run

A huge thank you to this weeks’ volunteers, especially those who stepped in at the last minute Violet ATKINS, Emma BISGROVE, Andrew BOOTH, Nick BOOTH, William BROOKMAN, Clare BRYANT, George BRYANT, Harry T BRYANT, Andy COLLINGS, Charles CRAVEN, Shelley DEVERALL-ROBERTS, Chelsea FRECKLETON, Graham HOLLANDS, Peter LEA, Chris LEA, Frances LEFF, Tom MORETON, Richard MURPHY, Chris NICHOLLS, Phillip RANCE, Justin READ, Amy READ, Amanda RUSSELL, Ben SHAW, Sophie TURNER, Julie WAKE, Peter YOUNG

If you would like to help out one week and volunteer, please go the volunteer roster , select your preferred role and email in to tringhelpers@parkrun.com. Full support and training will be given.

First across the line this week for the ladies was Claire Shelley with a new PB time of 21:10 followed by Emma Smith in 23:06, with Liz O’Keefe next in 23:36. For the men Seb Brummell was fastest with a time of 19:26 followed by Ewan Maxwell in a PB time of 19.39 and Roger Clark 19.51, all of the top 3 achieved PB’s. Well done chaps!

IMG_0949 IMG_0942 IMG_0946
Just a few of this week's brilliant volunteers - many thanks you every single one

And now for your regular round up of Tring parkrun stats!

  • Amanda Russell volunteered for the 25th time
  • Sam Bojarski ran his 100th this week and hi-5’d most of the other runners, Aidan Roberts ran his 50th. Last week Peter Leigh ran his 200th and daughter Scarlett Wager-Leigh ran her 50th, as did Simon Stevenson and visitor Adam Gibson
  • Last week Isobel Bladen became the 4th person to have run 200 times at Tring (3 of the 4 have the surname Bladen)
  • 4 PBs in 4 weeks for Andrew Playle, 2 in 2 for Seb Brummell, Jane Bartington, and Sue Merrett.
  • In addition, Edward Harrison has seen 5 PBs in his last 5 appearances, Robert Ewart 4 in 4, Chris Armond, Ewan Maxwell and Stewart Harrison 3 in 3
  • With a time of 21:10 Claire Sheeley set the 3rd fastest ever VW40-44 time and with a time of 19:39 Ewan Maxwell set the 2nd fastest ever for the JM11-14 age category
  • Bunn, Evans and Ireson were the most seen surnames with 4 each
  • 1st week with no one running called Ben since June 2018
  • Of those who have run at least 5 times at Tring, the biggest improvements were Jamie Edwards (1:54), Anja Josefsberg (1:50), Lewie Gunter-Jones (1:50), Emma Bisgrove (1:22) and Jane Bartington (1:21)


Like we've said many time - 'parkrun is about more than a run in the park!"

Well done to all those that ran this week, for a full list of all this week's results please go to www.parkrun.org.uk/tring/results/latestresults/

For news , photos, videos and updates don’t forget to visit our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/tringparkrun. You can also follow us on Twitter at

Thank you and see you on Saturday.
Richard Murphy
Run Director


TRING parkrun #264

We hope you all agree that parkrun is the perfect start to the weekend. Many do, and Tring is one of about 650 parkrun events in the UK. This Saturday it was a little chilly but dry, the ground was hard, the combination of which seems to form perfect running conditions. At our event this week were 258 runners, of whom an incredible 48 achieved a PB.

First-time park runners this week were David MILNES, Matt WAKE, David GRIFFITHS, Stuart POWELL, Prestyn AGATE, Daniel PLAYLE, Patrick PENALIGGON, Colin BAKER, Alistair CURTIS, Thomas BARBOUR and Tom ENRIGHT. Welcome to parkrun, and we hope you enjoyed your first event.

This week a Tring record was broken: Olly Milnes completed the course in 20:33 thus setting a new record for the JM10 category. Well done Olly!

Olly Milnes

Also ringing the PB bell was Tring regular Rosie Highton

The first male was John Mayock achieving a time of 19:07. John is a 3 x Olympian, and frequent visitor to our event; first lady was Emma Smith, representing Tring running club.

At our parkrun this week we welcomed visitors from Plymouth, Glasgow, and from further afield, Baku, Azerbaijan.

Emma Smith with visitor from Azerbaijan (centre) and Shane Cheung

Celebrating a “parkrun milestone” this week was Harry Bryant, one of our team of run directors, who has now completed an incredible 300 events. Thank you for the cake, it proved irresistible to some of our younger park runners!

Harry Bryant completing his 300th park run, with family

You may have noticed a dashing bride or two. Holly Bunn and her mother Elaine are promoting the Wedding Dress Ball in support of The Hospice St. Francis.
Wedding Dress Ball

Too young to be getting married?

Many thanks to the volunteers who enabled this week’s event to take place:
Martin John ARNOLD, Wes BALL, Isobel BLADEN, Louise BLADEN, Steve BLADEN, Harriet COLLINGE, Matthew FOSKETT, James FOSKETT, Dick HIGHTON, Graham HOLLANDS, Chris LEA, Joules LOWE, James MAPLE, Juliet MITCHELL, Judy MOLLOY, Tom MORETON, Chris NICHOLLS, Stuart PAGE, Carole PAGE, Ros PEPPER, Amanda RUSSELL, Emma SMITH, Helen TULLIE

As you can see from this following photo, we were missing Matty Seinfield, cow marshal par-excellence, who is currently running the “parkrun alphabet” and raising money for Multiple Sclerosis.
Support Matty's campaign


Disruption to the course setup routine

And finally, this week's stats:

Harry Bryant ran his 300th , Katrina Bond ran her 150th, Natey Irvine ran her 10th

3 PBs in 3 weeks for Nigel Russell and Paul Crudge, 2 in 2 for Jim Samuel, Paul Houghton, Andrew Playle and Amy Read

In addition, 4 PBs in last 4 appearances for Luke Parker, 3 in 3 for Martin Bishop

Wes Ball and Andrew Booth ran their 100th Tring parkruns, the 55th and 56th runners to achieve this feat

Tim Moreton, Iain Middleton and Christian Hanson ran their 50th Tring parkruns, the 176th, 177th and 178th runners to do so

The same as last week for the most seen male and female names of Paul and Emma

Lea was the most seen surname

200th time we have seen the Jog On (Berkhamsted) club

West Herts Scouts has been set up as a club and so with a number of our regulars joining this, we saw our first 5 appearances by this club Also 1st time we have seen West End Road Runners, Shrewton running club and Aldershot, Farnham and District AC

Of those who have run at least 5 times at Tring, the biggest improvements were Alice Farish (3:06), Richard Lea (1:13), Luke Parker (1:03), Elodee Walker (0:58), and Bruce Ferguson (0:55)

Also a mention for James Foskett and Naomi Wager-Leigh who with both 130+runs at Tring managed to achieve PBs

If you would like to volunteer please email tringhelpers@parkrun.com with a preferred role or any offer of assistance and we will add you to future rosters.

Well done to all those who ran this week. For a full list of all this weeks’ results please go to
Latest results

For news, photos, videos and updates don’t forget to visit our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/tringparkrun

And you can now follow us on Twitter at

See you next Saturday.

Stuart Page
Run Director


#parkrun 261 – Sun put his hat on Saturday morning

This week’s run report is sponsored by Sesame Street and we are going to discuss the letter V, C& H.

What a difference a day makes, I’m sure we all woke up on Saturday morning tip toed across the curtains and tentatively looked out hoping it would be dry. And what a surprise we all got when it was lovely sunshine.



Holly and Izzy showing their excitement for the sunshine

We welcomed 195 runners on this sunny Saturday. We had 36 first timers and we welcomed 15 members of the Oakley/Jones family from various parkruns across the Home Counties and the Cotswolds. We also had a smashing 22 PB’s to celebrate.


The Oakley/ Jones family

Talking of celebrations, we congratulated Greg Mitchell into the 100 club and Lucy Brittan into the 50 club.


Greg completing his 100th run

Now to the letter V which is for Volunteers

We would like to thank everybody who has kindly answered our appeals for help over the month of August, as without these kind soles we would not have been able to put on Tring parkrun each week.

Our special volunteer award of the week goes to our further travelled volunteer Anne Evans. Anne travelled all the way from South Africa to visit family and helped out with barcode scanning this week.

Every week we need volunteers to put on our wonderful parkrun and without your help it would not be possible. We are in need of volunteers over the next four weeks and beyond, so if you have an event, family staying over or just fancy a week off running then please volunteer and email in to tringhelpers@parkrun.com.


Some of our lovely volumteers this week

Moving on the letter C which is for Charity (and Awareness)

Some of our regular runners will have seen and met Matty Sinfield as our wonderful Cow Marshall over the winter months. Well Matty is taking on the challenge of running a different parkrun to spell out the letters of "Multiple Sclerosis".

Multiple Sclerosis is a condition that can affect the brain and spinal cord, causing a wide range of potential symptoms, including problems with vision, arm or leg movement, sensation or balance.

This week Matty ran Tring for the letter T and next up is Ipswich followed by Panshanger on his way to completing the word Multiple. As part of the challenge Matty has been writing a blog after each parkrun and we would like to share the link so you can join him on his challenge and perhaps spare a few quid. You can find his blog here https://parkrunningforms.blogspot.com/?m=1. You can read his great report about his run at Tring here. Matty also has a great guide to our course "Extra Tring Bling".


Matty completing Tring for his letter T

And finally moving on the letter H which is for Hawaiian

This week’s parkrun will be will be Hawaiian shirt theme to celebrate the Bank Holiday heatwave. So dig out those Hawaiian shirts that have been hiding the back of wardrode or the grass skirt you had for that fancy dress party and come down to the park.

Well that’s it from Sesame Street this week, we are hoping that the Cookie Monster will be in the park this week with some cake and Big Bird will have his Hawaiian shirt on.

Enjoy the Bank Holiday weekend from all the Tring RD Team


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