Uckfield parkrun Event number 18, 31st August 2019, by Deborah Dixon

There was a good turnout this morning - people back from their holidays taking advantage of the good weather and probably putting off going shopping for school uniform and new shoes. It is true that you know it's parkrun day when you set your alarm for an earlier time than in the week, especially the case for the volunteers whose task it is to put up the signs in Buxted Park, which runners will have noticed is some way from the Rugby Club start.
There were lots of first timers this week to Uckfield as well as some completely new parkrun runners - welcome to you all; it's a great course despite that hill and we hope you will return. Uckfield parkrun  is settling in - this week was number 18 and the useless fact of the week from this morning's briefing is that we have altogether over 17 weeks been running and walking for 80 days. It can certainly feel like that as you reach the funnel!
And it's great that people are getting to know each other, chatting before, during and after the run and encouraging one another. One of our younger participants is becoming well known - Isabel Guirdham who is 14 year old joined us for the first time at the beginning of the summer, completely smashed the female course PB and continues each week to show us her wonderful abilities. Parkrun is for everyone and we should recognise those with such special talent. Isabel excels at triathlons and has won national championships in South Africa for her age group. She is joined each week by her parents, and the whole family either runs or marshals - as Isobel is guaranteed to finish early she has also been able to volunteer doing token scanning after completing the course. But what is important, having chatted with Isabel, is that she really enjoys what she is doing.
And a shout out to the cannicross dog, Mouse, who certainly also had a good time this morning - joining in with the briefing and making sure her friend Tara got round the course safely. Also as always many thanks to the volunteers who make this whole event possible, including once again Tim the farmer for keeping the cows from joining in. Remember it's possible to volunteer and take part so please have a look at the volunteer rota and put your name down. Setting up is a really good way to warm up, and helping at the end lets you cool down in good company.