Uckfield parkrun, 23 May 2020, by Graham West


Think crossword meets Sudoku, think xbox/playstation beating awesome and all with an Uckfield parkrun twist, this isn’t just a quiz, this isn’t just a logic puzzle, this has points, status levels, spectacular finish if you do well (if in Excel) and if you do well go for that gorilla dance. Things don’t come better.

The crossnumber puzzle can either be played on Excel or print off/view pdfs. If you have access to Excel it is more interactive on Excel.

In summary the puzzle consists of 52 questions on parkrun with numeric answers which you then post to a crossword type grid. You start with 100 points, and you can buy help: options cost from 1 point to 30 points. At the end you will be deducted one point for each incorrect answer (you can end up with negative points).

If you are really good at Sudoku type logic puzzle you should be able to complete the puzzle without spending any points but I would expect most people will choose to spend some points.

If playing this in Excel the points will automatically be deducted if using the pdfs just manually record your points: be honest no sneaky looks and not adjusting the points cost.

Details on how to play are fully set out in the guidance notes including the cost of each help option you can buy.

If playing the game on Excel you only need to download the Excel file: you do not need any of the pdfs. You can download the guidance if you wish but the same guidance is set out on the guidance tab of the Excel file (the pdf is just a print of this tab).  When opening the Excel file macros need to be enabled (depending on your settings if may ask enable macros).

If playing on pdf initially just print/view:
1) A1 Guidance UckPRun Guidance
2) A2 Questions UckPRun Questions
3) A3 Grid UckPRun Grid

There are a number of additional pdfs which need to be bought with points as set out in the guidance (these are at the bottom of this report, but only open if you need to!)

If you are doing in Excel the Finish button will score your results for you. If doing on pdfs I will post the final grid result on Wednesday to our Facebook page.

If anyone has any queries please post to our Facebook page. If you finish please post your final score and status to our parkrun Facebook page (you can screen print the top part of the Excel tab if doing in Excel but please to not post up the answers). If you achieve the upper echelons please feel free to post pictures or short video of your interpretation of the gorilla dance, and if you did not reach the upper echelons do a gorilla dance anyway and still post pictures or videos!

Unfortunately we cant post the interactive Excel file on this run report, but it can be found on the Facebook page, with the post of this report.

Future corona reports

We hope to continue to produce a report each week. We have reports lined up from Rowan Dawson and Kathy Martyn plus there will be another game from myself and Lorraine but if anyone else would like to do a report please feel free to contact us at Uckfield@parkrun.com or post them to Facebook.

Stay Safe


200523 UckPRun B1 Cost 3 points Hints1

200523 UckPRun B2 Cost 3 points Hints2 only open after Hints1

200523 UckPRun B3 Cost 10 points Answers

200523 UckPRun B4 Cost 5 points Clue for Grid

200523 UckPRun B5-1 Cost 2 points Refs 1 Q1 to 2

200523 UckPRun B5-2 Cost +5 points cumulative 37 points Refs 8 Q1 to 37

200523 UckPRun B5-3 Cost +5 points cumulative 12 points Refs 3 Q1 to 12

200523 UckPRun B5-4 Cost +5 points cumulative 17 points Refs 4 Q1 to 17

200523 UckPRun B5-5 Cost +5 points cumulative 22 points Refs 5 Q1 to 22

200523 UckPRun B5-6 Cost +5 points cumulative 27 points Refs 6 Q1 to 27

200523 UckPRun B5-7 Cost +5 points cumulative 32 points Refs 7 Q1 to 32

200523 UckPRun B5-8 Cost +5 points cumulative 37 points Refs 7 Q1 to 37

200523 UckPRun B5-9 Cost +5 points cumulative 42 points Refs 9 Q1 to 42

200523 UckPRun B5-10 Cost +5 points cumulative 47 points Refs 10 Q1 to 47

200523 UckPRun B5-11 Cost +5 points cumulative 52 points Refs 11 Q1 to 52 ie all Qs