Uckfield parkrun, 13 June 2020, by Graham and Lorraine West


I walked along the path at the bottom of the Rugby Pitch this morning at about 8.20am: seemed strange that there was no one about: used to it being a hive of activity with the marshals just on their way out, parkrunners starting to arrive, the first timers briefer and run director getting ready to do their bit and Elisabeth patiently sorting everybody out.

The game this week is much simpler than my last effort with the cross number puzzle, a nice little Uckfield parkrun themed dice game to amuse you.

Just print the game from the attached PDF file at the bottom of this report (it prints on three sheets of A4), optional to stick the sheets together, and then you need a dice and some counters or anything else suitable as a token.

Future corona reports

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Uckfield parkrun dice game