parkrunners with most first place finishes at University of Stirling parkrun

parkrunnerFirst Place FinishesBest Time
Jennifer WETTON317:55F
Matthew SUTHERLAND216:21M
Cameron MILNE116:00M
John NEWSOM116:15M
Gregor YATES116:17M
Kieran COOPER116:27M
Marlon DUNKLEY116:53M
Chris SMITHARD116:55M
Andy BRYCE117:05M
Unknown ATHLETE117:07M
Tom HUG117:11M
Stephen MCDOUGALL117:46M
Chris BLACK118:15M
Lauren MCCULLOCH118:43F
Toni MCINTOSH119:04F
Lynne ALLEN119:19F
Lizzie BEATTIE119:30F
Kimberley TIMMINS119:40F
Kirsty HEPBURN119:41F
Sophia GREEN119:57F
Carrie BANKS120:14F
Julie BEVERIDGE120:54F
Carys GIBB121:23F
Amy CULLY121:37F
Olivia FREED122:24F