UCp over Christmas and New Year

We thought we'd let you know what is happening at UCp over the Christmas and New Year period. As you know, Christmas Day and New Year's Day are the only non-Saturdays when extra events can take place. And New Year's Day is the only day when you can run 2 parkruns on the same day and have both results count.

We will not have a run on Christmas Day.

On New Year's Day, we will start at 10:30am. Black Park will start at 9am. So the local double is possible, along with a run or 2 between the venues if you want.

Maidenhead is starting at 9am on Christmas Day, and at 8:30am on New Year's day. Other events can be found on the parkrun Christmas 2018 Compendium, which can be found at this web address: parkrun 2018 Christmas Compendium

We will be having our normal Saturday runs each Saturday as well.