It’s hot. Please bring some water with you.

At Upton Court, we are really lucky to be able to enjoy the facilities provided by the Rugby Club, and in the park: a nice dry (warm in winter) room to meet up and leave our kit while we parkrun, toilets, free parking, parkrun kit storage etc.  But one of the best things is that Joanne comes every week to unlock the club for us, and to provide us with bacon rolls and drinks, as well as other items of food.

Joanne loves doing this and meeting all us parkrunners and families.  But whilst she can usually make a little bit of money doing this, she is finding it hard at the moment to even cover her costs.  When it is warmer, people may not feel like a hot drink or a hot roll.  And when people bring in cake, Joanne usually sells fewer rolls.

What Joanne is finding recently is that people are asking for a cup of cold water, and not buying anything.  These cups cost Joanne money, and because she isn't selling other drinks and food, she is finding that she is actually losing money at the moment.  She feels bad refusing to give out water, but each time she does, it costs her.

We don't want to lose Joanne and our weekly post-run (or even pre-run) rolls and drinks.  Please try to spend a little money each week, even if it is only one coffee, or a chocolate bar.  We even have the barcode scanners sitting inside, near the serving hatch so that you don't have to walk far!  I usually spend £3 each week on a coffee and a bacon roll.  You won't find that value in most places.  A single coffee in one of those High Street coffee shops costs nearly that on its own.

And most importantly, please make sure you bring your own water bottle and water.  I always re-use old single-use bottles many times before recycling them.  Or maybe buy one of those new smart personalised parkrun bottles.  Then we will all be happy.