UCp 13th October

Thanks to Cinthia Parkes a visitor from Bracknell who wrote this week's report.

It was a great turnout actually for a quite miserable morning! The weather was drizzly, a bit chilly, definitely a temptation to stay in bed under the covers for another hour, but no, 175 people ran, jogged and walked the course. We had 32 first timers, some from as far as Newcastle and Congleton, some coming for the 'U' in the parkrun alphabet (we are one of 2 'U's) but there were also a few for whom this was their very first  - local - parkrun! In this weather! They definitely deserved their round of applause this morning!

And weren't we lucky? The heavy rain held off and it appeared to get warmer, which must've favoured the 19 runners who achieved new Personal Bests. Well done all you lot!

As always, let's recognise all those wonderful people who got up early and gave their time today to make parkrun happen - thank you thank you thank you to our amazing volunteers, all 17 of you - Bob HARDMAN • Christopher HUNT • Yvonne OLNEY • Ja HANSRA • Dennis BONNIE • Matt SMITH • Jo GODSMARK • Jim HAYES • Caren HUNT • James FLISHER • Emily EUDEN • Lisa EUDEN • Sneha SREERAM • Lisa DOIDGE • Gurdip HANSRA • Bhavana PARMAR • Rishita RALLABANDI  (Personally I love it when the marshalls shout out and cheer you on and say well done and keep going and you're looking good and only 600m to go and great running, and here at Upton there were lots of those - my true appreciation to you!)

So, onto results. The first lady through the funnel today was Sian WALKINGTON, who ran a nifty 22:38, it was her first time at Upton Court (although her 54th parkrun) and she represents Horsforth Harriers (one of 23 different clubs here today) Congratulations Sian!

The fastest male was Simon LONG from Datchet Dashers in a time of 18.25. Well done Simon!

The fastest Junior 10 was Shane ATHUKORALA in a time of 25:41, with Junior 10s Ryan CHEEYAPANA and Arjun MARKANDEY making their parkrun debut today! Wow! In this weather, what brilliant determination and dedication! Hope you 2 boys enjoyed your run, may it be the beginning of a long and rewarding engagement in running. Also a great shout out to Avneet KAUR, the ONLY Junior 10 young lady - fantastic to see you carrying the flag for junior women's running, well done.
For those of you interested, today's full results and a complete event history can be found here Upton Court parkrun Results Page.

We welcome for his first time here our oldest male runner today representing the 75-79 age category, Douglas BLYTH, who ran a truly wonderful 29:49. I hope to still be able to run THAT fast at THAT age!! And the oldest lady today - it was her very first parkrun ever! Huge roar of applause for Mary TUCK, (age cat 70-74), proof that it's never too late to start parkrun. Hope you enjoyed it Mary, and we look forward to welcoming you back soon.

Three cheers for Jake BRECH, who celebrated his 18th birthday with us- what a way to start your day! Hope you have a wonderful rest of the day Jake, Happy Birthday :-)

Big celebrations for Rob GILMOUR, who ran his 50th parkrun today, and to Lisa PLUMMER and Rob FOSTER who ran their 150th today. Watch out for Lisa FOREMAN doing her 50th next time, and David RAYNOR doing his 100th.

Do you know that there were 52 runners today who have run 100 or more parkruns? Impressive. Hats off to your dedication to your self, your physical and mental health.

More stats -The female record is held by Jill COLLETT who recorded a time of 18:09 on 18th August 2018 (event number 294). The male record is held by Glenn HUGHES who recorded a time of 15:28 on 30th August 2014 (event number 89). The Age Grade course record is held by Maxine MAXINE who recorded 88.18% (25:15) on 22nd June 2019 (event number 337). The summer appears to be the season to set records. Take solace in that if you were aiming for one today.

Upton Court parkrun started on 24th November 2012. Since then 7,082 participants have completed 37,520 parkruns covering a total distance of 187,600 km, including 5,703 new Personal Bests. A total of 475 individuals have volunteered 3,869 times. Did you see the survey results from parkrun HQ recently, that people got more satisfaction and feelings of wellbeing from volunteering than from running?! Luckily you can do both. There are lots of volunteer roles you can do before or after your run, just click on the volunteer tab at the top of the Upton Court homepage for more info, for future week rosters where there are spaces. But get in quick, this is a very popular parkrun and the volunteer club cameraderie must be great, I'm delighted to see so many volunteers! Good team work, well done, and thank you again for your time and dedication.

Well, I made a lovely breakfast of pear and cinnamon pancakes when I got home, just before writing this run report, now off for a long hot soak in the bath on this truly autumnally grey day. Hope your breakfast was just as enjoyable, and see you at a parkrun soon!

Cinthia Parkes