We are 7 on Saturday, and we will run the course in the reverse direction

We have our 7th anniversary event this Saturday the 23rd November. As in the past few years, we will be running the course in the reverse direction. The permanent km markers in the park will be counting down from 5km, instead of up. Remember to keep all the cones to your right!

Since we will be starting in the Rugby Club car park, it is imperative that you park in the large car park on Upton Court Road, next to Long Close School. Satnav SL3 7LX. [This is actually the car park we would like you to use each week anyway, as the Rugby Club car park is very limited,]

Please arrive early: 1) so that you have time to walk/jog across the park from the car park and 2) because we will be presenting a few awards before the run.

Hope to see you there.