Happy 7th Anniversary

Event #358

23rd November 2019

Anniversaries mean statistics, certificates for the volunteers, a celebratory cake or two and running the course in the opposite direction. You can see various stats at the bottom of our UCp website pages. However, here are some more.

Average numbers of runners each year of UCp (ignoring New Years Day):

2013 42
2014 66
2015 80
2016 88
2017 125
2018 145
2019 188


We are not a large parkrun in terms of attendance, but it is nice to see numbers grow each year. Maybe we will average over 200 a week during our 8th year. Until last week, we had welcomed 7,227 participants who had run 38,240 runs over our 357 events. We had also had 480 different volunteers make sure that the weekly parkrun happened.

And once again it was volunteers we thanked this week. The following comprised our top 10 of volunteers who have completed the most volunteering stints during the last year, and were rewarded with a certificate to celebrate being an outstanding volunteer:

Caren HUNT


Members of the core volunteer team are not included in the list. But we did thank those who manage the parkruns each week as Run Director. Most had volunteered on more than 10 occasions during the year, and their names can be seen in the top line of the volunteer roster for each week. A special mention must go to Matt SMITH, who is out in the park by 7:30am each week setting up the course and making sure it is clear and fit for our parkrun. He has also been known to be out in the park during the year with amongst other tools, a leaf blower, a chainsaw or a snow shovel and salt to ensure that parkrun can take place without any obstacles or dangers.

We thanked Caren HUNT who made us our 7th Anniversary cake. I can’t say it was delicious, as unfortunately I didn’t manage to have any of it! But I am sure it was lovely, as I have tasted other cakes that Caren has made in the past.

And last, but certainly not least, we thanked Joanne, who comes each week to open up the Rugby Club for us, who provides our lovely bacon rolls and hot and cold drinks, and then clears up after us when we leave. If you have ever been to other parkruns, you will realise just what a bonus it is to have the facilities and refreshments that we are able to enjoy here.


201 runners completed the course this week, including just 1 (that we know of) who was running their first ever parkrun. The course was run in reverse, meaning runners had to keep the cones to their right hand side, and the second lap was the longer lap. Usually when the course is run in this direction, you can get a great view of Windsor Castle as you come down the ‘hill’ at the end of each lap. However, the view of the castle was dimmed a bit in the grey, damp mistiness/drizzle that was increasing during the whole morning.

There were a couple of milestones run this week. Both Iby HUSSAIN and Frederike GRASSELLI  ran their 50th parkruns, earning their red T-shirts. Congratulations to you both.

I’m awarding this week’s Aesthetically Pleasing Time Of The Week (APTOTW) to Hamish GALLOWAY who ran a nice consecutive 23:45.


Unfortunately 3 of our finish tokens went missing this week. It is very important that these are returned as we need them every week. If you notice anyone at the end of parkrun who is maybe looking a bit lost or might not know what to do, please don’t hesitate to point them in the direction of the barcode scanners. We usually try to hold a first-timers’ briefing before the run, but we often find that not everyone who is new attends this.


This week’s marvellous volunteers were:

Michael Terence BALLARD, Lisa DOIDGE, Alyce EUDEN, Emily EUDEN, Lisa EUDEN, James FLISHER, Louise FLISHER, Christine FOX, Gurdip HANSRA, Bob HARDMAN, Caren HUNT, Avtar MOOKAR, Erin OLIVER, Rishita RALLABANDI, Matt SMITH

If you fancy being on the roster for future events, email us at uptoncourthelpers@parkrun.com or sign up on the paper rosters in the Rugby clubhouse as you get your barcodes scanned.  None of the roles are difficult, and full training will be given on the day.

Here is a link to the online volunteer roster so you can see what is available.



Finally, could we encourage you to check that your printed barcode, whether on paper, wristband or card, contains your ICE (In Case of Emergency) contact details. If not, please log on to your parkrun profile and add them, and then print out new barcodes. It is very important that these are easily found if an emergency occurs.


See you next time.