UCp #379 14th August 2021

We started near the main park gates this week due to an event being held at the Rugby Club. Despite the lack of toilets, refreshments and any indoor facility, 156 finishers enjoyed the occasion, a few even telling me it felt a bit like a festival atmosphere.

We welcomed 34 first time visitors, many getting their letter "U" towards their parkrun alphabet challenge, as well as 5 brand new to parkrun. We look forward to seeing them again soon.

THANK YOU to the 15 volunteers who made sure the event went smoothly. Some of the volunteers have not actually run a parkrun since the post-Lockown restart yet, but have given up their time to make sure others can run. It's now time for others to give up a run or two and help the volunteer team in future weeks. We have had a lot of good feedback from those who have used the parkrun Virtual Volunteer app so far. It is simple to use, and means it is really quick and easy for us to process the results each week.

This week's APTOTW (Aesthetically Pleasing Time Of The Week) I am awarding to Ben DAVIES for his nicely rising 23:45.

Next week we will be back to our usual start point near the Rugby Club.

See you soon.