UCp #380 21st August

Well, five weeks back into our Saturday morning 5K and our numbers are edging back up again with 161 finishers.

We welcomed 35 first time visitors with 3 of those completing their first even parkrun, an so welcome to parkrun and we hope you enjoyed yourselves. 27 runners did a PB and so well done there as well.

Thank you to the 14 volunteers who helped make the event happen. This is really appreciated especially as people start to get back to some kind of normality. Now that we have the paper volunteer rosters on the table in clubhouse, we can now start to ramp up the volunteers a little. The course now requires 6 marshal’s and so if you are available then please write your name on the roster sheet and include your parkrun "A" number (or alternatively email us).

However, I would like to pay special thanks to Gurdip and Ja Hansra and Dennis Bonnie who have all volunteered every week since we returned last month. It is this kind of loyalty to the cause that makes parkrun such a phenomenal success.

On flip side, it would be good to see some new volunteers come forward. The new Virtual Volunteer app is very easy to use and with 7 Run Director’s the event is now a well-oiled engine.

We also had another visit from David Dyer, our parkrun Ambassador. Thank you for coming along and we hoped you enjoyed the amended course. I understand that it snowed the last time!

Please also remember that the clubhouse is open for teas and coffees as before and so no need to rush off afterwards, so to speak.

See you soon.