UCp #383 11th September 2021

First of all, apologies if you had trouble parking when you arrived this week. I had no prior knowledge that the 11-plus exams were taking place on Saturday, and only realised when I myself was on my way to parkrun with all the Run Director kit. By then it was a bit late to post anything on Facebook and Twitter to warn anyone else. I understand though that the traffic chaos quietened down at about 8:45, and I noticed that we actually only had one person crossing the Start line after the Tailwalker had started.

This week we welcomed our largest field of parkrunners since the restart in July. 179 crossed the finish line. This is almost back to our usual numbers we were getting pre-Covid.

9 of these were brand new to parkrun. We've seen a few newcomers since the restart. Let's hope they keep returning for run number 2, 3, 4 etc....  45 of our runners this week were first time visitors. We are still getting quite a few visitors each week, I assume all trying to get their letter "U" for their parkrun alphabet challenge.

One such alphabeteer was Adam 'Tango' HOLLAND, who was first finisher today. Not only was he getting his letter "U", he also joined the Half Cowell Club (or Cow Club) meaning he has run at 50 different parkrun locations. It turns out that Adam is well known in running circles, having run hundreds of marathons and winning more than any other runner in Great Britain. He told me that his time of 16:53 today was below his normal marathon pace. Rob FOSTER, who came in 2nd place today, told me to look up his stats. Adam has run a marathon in 2:24:24!

This week's APTOTW (Aesthetically Pleasing Time Of The Week) non-award is shared between Simon ELLIOTT and Avneet KAUR for their palindromic 24:42 and 43:34 respectively.

As always, a massive THANK YOU to our amazing volunteers, without whom you wouldn't be able to participate in parkrun. This week's superstars were:

Alison BRECH  •  Avtar MOOKAR  •  Dawn ESTABROOK  •  Gurdip HANSRA  •  Ja HANSRA  •  Jasbir HAYER  •  Kim REES  •  Matt SMITH  •  Michael Terence BALLARD  •  Murray REES  •  Rajdeep HAYER  •  Robert Steven NUTTER  •  Sue ALLEN  •  Tav BANSAL  •  Tony CHANA  •  Victoria GIBSON

We always need volunteers. None of the tasks are difficult, and everyone who does it enjoys the experience. Both of our Timekeepers this week were using the parkrun Virtual Volunteer for their first time, and realised that it is really simple to use, especially as they were using their own phones.

See you next time