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Hi Everyone

As usual on a Friday, we will all be looking forward to our weekly parkrun dose tomorrow morning. Despite the recent bad weather, and after inspecting the park and course today, we are intending to go ahead with our parkrun tomorrow (Feb 2nd). That is unless we get a lot of snow and/or we get a massive drop in temperature overnight. However, neither of those are in the forecast. Please look out for any Facebook and Twitter posts re cancellations tomorrow morning.

If you do come to run tomorrow:

- Please take extreme care whilst running/walking

- Please use the grass to the sides of paths rather than the paths wherever possible. It is likely to be very muddy, and the paths may be slippery

- DO NOT RUN FAST!!! Anyone who gets a PB will have their result removed (Only joking, but please don't run fast!)

- Listen carefully to the pre-run briefing, and to the marshals

- Take your shoes off BEFORE entering the main clubhouse room

We know that so far Black Park and Bedfont Lakes parkruns are both cancelled. As we expect a lot of extra runners to come here instead, we ask that you please use the large FREE car park next to Long Close School (Sat Nav SL3 7LU) or you can park along most of Upton Court Road. Please do not use the Rugby Club car park, due to the high numbers of runners expected, the finish funnel having to be extended and having to use the tarmac rather than the grass. There will be very limited space at the Rugby Club, and we will not be letting cars park on the grass. You will be turned away.

Set off in good time, and drive and park carefully.


UCp over Christmas and New Year

We thought we'd let you know what is happening at UCp over the Christmas and New Year period. As you know, Christmas Day and New Year's Day are the only non-Saturdays when extra events can take place. And New Year's Day is the only day when you can run 2 parkruns on the same day and have both results count.

We will not have a run on Christmas Day.

On New Year's Day, we will start at 10:30am. Black Park will start at 9am. So the local double is possible, along with a run or 2 between the venues if you want.

Maidenhead is starting at 9am on Christmas Day, and at 8:30am on New Year's day. Other events can be found on the parkrun Christmas 2018 Compendium, which can be found at this web address: parkrun 2018 Christmas Compendium

We will be having our normal Saturday runs each Saturday as well.



We will be 6 on Saturday – yadrutaS no 6 eb lliw eW

This Saturday (24th November) will mark our 6th anniversary, and we will once again be running the course in the reverse direction. Remember to keep the cones to your right hand side, and that the second lap will be the longer one.

As the run will be starting in the Rugby Club car park, we ask that you use the large free car park on Upton Court Road (Sat Nav SL3 7LU), next to Long Close School. There will be very little parking at the Rugby Club, and once this is full you will be turned away.

Set your alarms for a little earlier than usual on a Saturday to give yourself time to walk/jog across the park and to be in the clubhouse for the thank yous and presentations. Try to be in the clubhouse by 8:50am. There will be cake after the run.

Hope to see loads of you there. Remember about the parking!!!


FA Cup Final Day – 27th May

As a tradition, we at UCp usually encourage our runners to run in their favourite team colours on FA Cup Final Day. So dust off your football (other sports are also welcomed!) shirts and wear them on Saturday. I'll be wearing a Slough Town FC top. What about you?



Saturday 11th of march a 5k run in the night around Black park.




Very interesting concept for a competition with limited entry.

25th June 2017 at 09.30               beat the boat


180 @ 180

This Saturday, it will be our 180th event, and we would like 180 (or more!) runners to attend.  180! (said in an elongated darts scorer fashion!)

Bring a friend, relative or colleague along.  Make sure they are registered for parkrun, and DFYB!  You've got one more day to grab someone.

Park at the large free car park on Upton Court Road - next to Long Close School.  It's only a short jog/walk across the park from the start line.  Sat nav is SL3 7LU.

180 @ 180


Dates for the diary

Saturday April 26th Run Your PB Day

We're challenging all parkrunners to come to Upton Court to smash their pb, whether it's 16 minutes or 60.

We think the course is in the kind of condition where people can get rewards for maximum effort. So let's bring them all down to Upton Court parkrun.

Show your support for Upton Court parkrun by helping us increase our attendance numbers on the day. Put the word out amongst your friends, family and colleagues. Let's try and get back up towards our inaugural attendance figure.

You can also offer to volunteer as a pacer. We're on the lookout for people to offer to pace a range of time between 20 and 30 minutes (or more!). So, if in your training you have shown yourself able to run a consistent pace one or two minutes per mile slower than your parkrun pace, we'd love for you to help out (and you'd get volunteer points).

Any parkrun pbs will get recognised in the run report as usual and we'll try to find some tangible way of immortalising your efforts (details will follow once we've thought of them) although this means you will need to hang around for a few minutes while we process the results!

Saturday May 11th

FA Cup Final Day means different things to different people. To us, it's an excuse for you to get out some old sports kit to run in. Whether you're a fan of London Irish, Harlequins, Slough Town, Reading, Arsenal or Man Utd, or a Slough Hockey Club player (or hopefully Slough Rugby Club), a member of a running club or a school team, come along and run in your kit.

Once and for all we will be able to settle the age old debates:

Which is the better team,  Arsenal or Man Utd? Slough Town or Slough RFC?

Which is the second best sport (after running)? Football, rugby or hockey?

Come and run and then argue over the referee's decisions in the clubhouse afterwards.

Sunday May 19th Slough RFC Family Fun Day

For reasons that escape me now, I have suggested that we put together a tag rugby team for Slough RFC's family fun day. It's tag rugby folks so it is technically a non-contact sport. As we can run a bit we should be able to do quite well (or at least head for the bar quickly after a humiliating defeat). Teams can be made up of men and women and no prior knowledge of rugby is required. We have two players so far but need at least another three.

More information can be found here: http://www.pitchero.com/clubs/slough/news/family-fun-day-918181.html

As usual, more information can be found on

Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/uptoncourtparkrun

Twitter @uptoncrtparkrun

See you soonAndrew


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