Week 30, written by Sophie Ream – thanks

After a week off from Junior Parkrun, 106 children came to Upton House today. The weather was extremely hot and sunny for our run.


Junior Parkrunners don’t mind this and are happy to run in any weather. The trees gave us some shade from the sun for part of the course but it didn’t help once the children ran back out onto the gravel path. It was so hot that some children took their shirts off and there were some very sweaty adults too!


Everyone did really well to finish in this hot weather and we hope everyone enjoyed their run. Maybe we should ask the marshals to come with big water pistols to cool us off on hot days!

Big thanks to all our high-viz heroes who make our Parkrun possible.
IMG_20190714_091010952 (1) IMG_20190714_093111564

Sophie Ream Age 9.