Guest run report for 22nd June 2019

This week's write-up comes courtesy of visiting parkrunner Mark Galpin:

Today I am visiting one of the other harder parkruns for the Alphabeteer to get too (which is only slightly harder than the letter U of my home parkrun of Upton House in Poole, Dorset), at least I didn’t have to head to Glasgow, Edinburgh or Northern Ireland to get my letter V!

Well after a hard night at Wembley stadium rocking with Bon Jovi I wake early, bright eyed and bushy tailed before heading to Ilford's Valentines Park. I arrive for a change with oodles of time so I have a pleasant stroll around the park looking for the cafe and the start.

I was wondering at one stage where everyone was but suddenly the parkrun flag is raised and I know I am in the correct spot. There appears to be a fair amount of position claiming for the marshalling spots.

Watching the Run Director's (RD) children trying to play with another of the volunteer's dogs was funny as the little dog kept shying away from them, although was happy to say hello to me.

The first timers' briefing gave a good hint about the course in that if your shoes are either wet or covered in grass you are not on the route of the parkrun.

As we set off the RD gave a little advice to a runner with a small child to move over to the side to avoid getting ran over by the advancing horde. Just a pity another runner with a child using a scooter hadn’t used a little sense and started towards the rear to avoid a minor incident. I seem to being seeing things on my runs lately.

Not long into the run I tripped a young lady over as a couple of younger runners cut the 2nd corner in front of her making her stop, unfortunately just like a lot of car accidents I barely stopped in time and although she apologised it wasn’t anything to be sorry for, a few moments later the youngsters stepped aside so why was there the desperate need to rush by?

After the first car park I enjoyed my first view of the locals playing a game of cricket before we approached the pond where there were some Canadian Geese eyeing up some food or maybe to trip up an unsuspecting runner. As I head past the tennis courts for the first time a ball goes through the open gate, I try to kick it back but fail on the first attempt but succeed on the second which shocked me! If you saw my football skills you would understand.

I make my way past the marshal ensuring you do not finish one lap early and head towards the cricket game a second time. When going through the car park a second time I suffer from tired leg syndrome and nearly trip on a sleeping policeman as like usual I suffer that regularly in not picking up my feet.

For the rest of my run not a lot happened other than getting a high 5 from the marshal by the boat house as I head for home in 131st place which was quickly followed by a cup of coffee and a slice of cake in the café.

I have to say this park is delightful to visit and welcome to the parkrun newbies on joining this wonderful and friendly community.

Thanks, Mark!



Valentines parkrun sends out e-mail appeals for volunteers most weeks, but you need to opt in to receive them.

Everyone involved with putting on Valentines parkrun each week is a volunteer, so if you've never volunteered before, why not give it a go?  It's fun, you'll get to see a different side of parkrun, and you'll get a nice warm glow inside from helping a great community event!  We have lots of different roles to choose from, and there's no minimum commitment.

To opt in to receive our volunteer e-mail appeals, follow the link to your parkrun profile from your last parkrun results e-mail, and then:

  1. Click on "email options"
  2. Choose "Valentines" from the "Select event to add" dropdown box
  3. Click on the "opt in" button
  4. Click on the "save opt-in events list" button

You can also see our volunteer roster for the next few weeks here on our website.


Valentines parkrun # 434 – 11/05/2019



Hiya Everyone!!!!

As some of you may be aware I was unable to attend yesterday due to the horrid word “work”. Seems though at least I stayed dry!!! :) trainers are good but flippers and snorkel may have been better.

In saying that still 253 wonderful parkrun devotees turned up and had a good go in that 253 we had 10 wonderful new people having their first attempt at parkrun. 33 people tried Valentines parkrun for the very first time so that would make 23 first time ever tourists plus the 10 first time ever.

28 people it seems like the rain setting brand spanking new Personal bests

3 people setting their milestones

Last but far from least 15 wonderful HI vis hero’s doing all the volunteer duties that makes parkrun great for all.




As always massive thank you to all parkrun volunteers not just the names above (even though these are the best ones) to all volunteers for all the parkruns worldwide!!!

Also massive thanks to Sameena and Vicki as I stole your pics from FB as I am not on normal PC so had nothing  for picture content!! Please don’t sue me :)


Karen LEVISON 20:56 VW50-54 82.09 % F 1 East London Runners PB stays at 00:19:39 60
Paul GAIMSTER 18:13 VM45-49 77.86 % M 3 Victoria Park Harriers & Tower Hamlets AC PB stays at 00:16:41 203
Isabel FORREST 23:23 JW10 77.48 % F 4 Thurrock Harriers AC First Timer! 16
Olivia FORREST 22:02 JW10 77.46 % F 3 Thurrock Harriers AC First Timer! 18
Sam UPTON 17:12 SM25-29 75.00 % M 1 Witney Road Runners First Timer! 89
Ryder ISLAM 21:14 JM10 74.33 % M 18 Dagenham 88 Runners PB stays at 00:21:13 198
Joseph ASPINALL 29:36 VM80-84 72.80 % M 98 Vets AC First Timer! 67
Antony LECKERMAN 21:07 VM55-59 72.77 % M 15 Barking Road Runners PB stays at 00:21:02 283
Hayley MORLEY 21:09 VW40-44 72.73 % F 2 Not applicable New PB! 17
Djamal RAMOUL 25:30 VM70-74 71.96 % M 54 Not applicable PB stays at 00:25:11 150


This week we have a 4 to 6 split of female to male top 10 so always pretty close few younger runners than normal which is great.

Just a small extra note for one visitor today who came in 7th in the top 10 age grade Joseph Aspinall who at 81 (yes 81 years young) set the tarmac alight with a stunning run of 29.36. Now I understand that Joseph is currently touring all the London based parkruns trying to set new age records that is a fair sized feat.. great stuff Joseph please come back soon to Valentines and added to that GOOD LUCK!!!



Karen LEVISON 20:56 VW50-54 82.09 % East London Runners PB stays at 00:19:39
Hayley MORLEY 21:09 VW40-44 72.73 % Not applicable New PB!
Olivia FORREST 22:02 JW10 77.46 % Thurrock Harriers AC First Timer!



Karen first lady home this week seems like she was pulling Hayley along as Hayley sets a new PB at valentines with Olivia a first timer and very fast junior coming in third.

Congratulations to all 3 super efforts all round.



Sam UPTON 17:12 SM25-29 75.00 % Witney Road Runners
Paul GAIMSTER 18:13 VM45-49 77.86 % Victoria Park Harriers & Tower Hamlets AC
Joe GUNN 19:02 SM30-34 67.95 % East London Runners



Sam came for the first time to Valentines just over 17 minutes later he had token number one in his mitt!!. Paul hits a great 18 minute time most weeks this would have got the number 1 token. Joe romps home third just outside 19 minutes. Super running all three.



Amy LECKERMAN 29:35 SW20-24 50.03 % F 37 50
Frieda KEANE 27:58 VW55-59 63.89 % F 19 100
Baldev Singh BAINS 38:37 VM70-74 47.52 % M 129 250

Now all we needed was a junior to do their 10th run and we would have had a full set.


Amy congrats on 50 new T SHIRT time!!


Frieda well done for 100 Saturday mornings awesome


Baldey just wow 250 is quite some effort same again for the 500 ok :)



Jane SPENCER 46:25 VW55-59 38.49 % F
Gayathri E 46:18 VW35-39 32.40 % F
Mayuri PAREKH 39:03 SW30-34 37.90 % F
Upasana MAHAJAN 36:39 SW30-34 40.65 % F
Izem ARICAN 30:16 SW20-24 48.90 % F
Max BALESARIA 30:15 VM50-54 50.36 % M
Ursula ALWANG 29:05 SW20-24 50.89 % F
Irem ARICAN 27:16 SW20-24 54.28 % F
Joshua BEKHOR 21:52 SM20-24 58.99 % M
James HALTON 19:44 SM30-34 65.54 % M





10 first time ever . 7 ladies 3 guys!

Do hope you enjoyed looking at the times it looks like some very speedy newbies wow. Hope to see you all next week. Great effort.







Ed HOOKE 23:08 VM55-59 67.00 % M
Matthew POWELL 25:29 VM40-44 53.96 % M
Ray Sparra EVERINGHAM 25:53 VM55-59 61.43 % M
Sachin KALIA 28:21 VM45-49 50.38 % M
Kay SHORT 35:19 VW50-54 49.32 % F
Thomas MEREDITH 21:11 SM25-29 60.98 % M
Jason SALES 23:31 VM50-54 63.71 % M
Vansh THOMAS 22:59 JM11-14 64.68 % M
Simon FARTHING 26:52 VM35-39 49.07 % M
Karan GADHIA 22:12 SM20-24 58.11 % M
Mehar SINGH 26:45 JM11-14 53.02 % M
Ella BRYNES 28:05 JW11-14 57.98 % F
Hayley MORLEY 21:09 VW40-44 72.73 % F
Greg JONES 21:48 SM30-34 59.86 % M
Rachel GILBEY 34:11 SW30-34 43.34 % F
Rita FULLMAN 29:49 VW50-54 58.41 % F
Kanika BARUA 30:20 VW45-49 53.41 % F
Shankar SUBRAMANIAM 28:50 VM40-44 47.34 % M
Nick HERROD 23:05 VM35-39 58.27 % M
Rebecca LISS 25:30 SW20-24 58.04 % F
Sam CASTELL-WARD 35:23 SM30-34 36.65 % M
Lalita JENA 44:12 VW35-39 34.05 % F
Benjamin WALLIS 31:47 VM60-64 51.81 % M
Jai SHAH 20:42 SM30-34 63.04 % M
Rahul DWIVEDI 29:08 VM35-39 45.82 % M
Gweneth NNEJI 44:13 VW55-59 41.50 % F
Antony PARKER 26:37 VM45-49 53.29 % M
Chris SERGEANT 21:58 VM50-54 68.82 % M


Hmmm how comes these people can go so fast ever when it’s wet….. What an amazing set of times from everyone.

Few extra shout outs as always


ED HOOK 23.08 Always great to see a regular better a previous personal best as it shows it can be done no matter how many runs you have done.

RAY SPARRA EVERINGHAM 25.53 oh my!!! Amazing effort Ray well done (yes I am writing this through gritted teeth) just kidding well done that man!!!

Rachel Gilby 34.11 Just over a year ago was first run at Valentines now over 2 minutes faster than the first attempt.. superb!!!!



Andy LANE 21:16 VM50-54 70.45 % M UKnetrunner 406
Helen LANE 28:07 VW55-59 63.54 % F UKnetrunner 404
Surendran SUKUMARAVARMA 29:22 VM45-49 49.43 % M Jog Belfast 208
Sarah Katherine JONES 25:24 VW50-54 66.01 % F Not applicable 202
Robert BILTON 39:37 VM55-59 39.12 % M Baffins Fitclub 196
Alan SMITH 21:43 VM35-39 62.39 % M SLGR 135
Phil AMOS 22:01 VM35-39 61.09 % M SLGR 103
Mark SMITH 22:42 VM35-39 59.69 % M Central Park Athletics 98
Stuart COLEMAN 21:00 VM40-44 65.00 % M Not applicable 91
Sam UPTON 17:12 SM25-29 75.00 % M Witney Road Runners 89
David RANK 20:58 SM25-29 61.53 % M Not applicable 86
Joseph ASPINALL 29:36 VM80-84 72.80 % M Vets AC 67
Jen UPTON 28:53 SW25-29 51.24 % F Witney Road Runners 65
Helen NEALE 1:00:46 VW65-69 36.04 % F Lalor Running Club 55
Sharan VARMA 26:21 JM11-14 56.42 % M Jog Belfast 20
Paul FORREST 23:23 VM50-54 64.08 % M East Essex Triathlon Club 20
Andrew MILNE 21:03 VM35-39 62.63 % M Not applicable 20
Olivia FORREST 22:02 JW10 77.46 % F Thurrock Harriers AC 18
Samantha NORMAN 25:31 SW25-29 58.00 % F Not applicable 17
Isabel FORREST 23:23 JW10 77.48 % F Thurrock Harriers AC 16
Jonathan WADIE 24:04 VM45-49 60.80 % M Brentwood Running Club 15
Marijke VAN EETVELDE 23:54 VW40-44 64.85 % F Brentwood Running Club 14
Elaine FORREST 28:44 VW35-39 52.67 % F Not applicable 13


Wow we had some great tourists this weekend with some serious miles or should I say kilometeres under the legs… Andy and Helen lane with 406 and 404 parkruns done that’s just rather impressive.

Of course we had Sam Upton male first finisher but also Jen Upton ( I really do hope related/married maybe?) otherwise that’s just freaky.

Helen Neale I think I may of read about a couple of weeks back on Walthamstow run report came and saw us at Valentines her local parkrun is LALOR yes I had no idea where it was either turns out Helen is really on tour as Lalor parkrun is on the outskirts of Melbourne Australia !!!

Not to be left out we had Sharan Varma who normally runs at Ormeau parkrun which is based on the outskirts of South Belfast!


Do not forget to turn up next week to see a man or lady standing on a park bench talking to 300 or so people about running walking or jogging 5 km :)




See you all soon






Valentines parkrun # 433 – 04/05/2019

Hiya everyone!!!!!!


It is now Sunday evening ,May the 4th parkrun weekend is over but guess what there’s another one next Saturday wohoooo.

So how was it for you? Did you run, walk, jog, stagger? This week around Valentines park or was you one of the 30 people who hit a brand new personal best? Or was you one of the 12 wonderful people trying parkrun for the first time ever? Or maybe you was one of the Tourist visitors which there were 15 people who have had a go at parkrun else ware before coming to visit Valentines for the first time.

All I do know is there were 23 people named below who we should all thank and clap and cheer as 23 volunteers turned up, and it was chilly. So a huge thank you to each and every one of them.

Saturday was one of those days, it looked nice and bright blue skies, but wow when the sun wasn’t shining on you it was brrrrrrrrr cold, added to that was a tad windy. I know for a fact, I arrived nearby to Valentines at around 8.35am there was no way I was getting out of my car until 8.50.!! We were lucky though as by around 10.50am the rain even hail where I live was crashing down.

I read a comment that a regular posted recently on our Facebook page which I thought was a great idea I wonder if it could work. Basically he mentioned you get to see a lot of the same faces week in week out which is great, some people will know each other from running clubs and the like. But that still leaves a fair number of people who you may see each week or bi weekly but you may not know there name? Now of course you could just ask which isn’t an issue for me as I am quite a forward person (some say too much) :)

The regulars’ suggestion was why don’t you if you are happy to chat make friends help a tourist or a new parkrun attendee or just have a hello with a name. Let’s be honest it’s always nice to be greeted with hello Tony or Hello Ray more than hello mate :)

Also added to that you look like you’re In need of some support whilst tacking the course nothing better than a volunteer cheering you on personally by your own name?

With this in mind next week or week after or week after that maybe grab a pen or marker and a small self-adhesive sticker write your name on it and stick it on your top where you place is is up to you of course, I personally would put it on my chest left or right shoulder area maybe at very start of the run I would then shift it to my back so as people overtake me they could hopefully wish my encouragement :)

Please feel free to comment of the Facebook page if you think is a good/bad idea.

Enough rambling onto the run report.



Margaret BYERS, James BYERS, Cristina CAYCEDO, Dinesh DARBARI, Beverley EAGLES, Ray Sparra EVERINGHAM, Ed HOOKE, Rahana ISLAM, Frieda KEANE, Morgan KEANE, Christopher KEMP, Joseph KUCHIPUDI, Shiloh KUCHIPUDI, Samuel KUCHIPUDI, Roseanne PARTRIDGE, Cheryl Ann SCHULTE, Bernd SCHULTE, Hannah SHEIKH, Satwinder SINGH, Sam VEERASAMY, Kresh VEERASAMY, Sonya VEERASAMY, Timi Selon VEERASAMY


Huge thanks to all the Hi-vis LEGENDS as always, please feel free to say hi and thanks to them as without these superstars there is no parkrun.




Mark JONES 18:29 SM30-34 M 112
Craig LIVERMORE 18:37 SM25-29 M 113
Harry REYNOLDS 18:44 SM20-24 M 58
Stephen PHILCOX 18:53 VM50-54 M 190
Marshall TUTU 18:58 SM25-29 M 6



Pretty close today as only 30 seconds or just less separating the top 5 guys. Mark jones on his first attempt takes the crown this week .Craig gets a new PB while stomping to 2nd Harry another first timer comes home third. Stephen brings it home in 4th maybe helping Marshall to a new PB in 5th..



Sameena AHMED 21:31 VW40-44 71.11 % 52
Eden MOSSON 22:05 JW10 77.28 % 3
Nicola HOPKINSON 23:55 VW55-59 75.68 % 7
Natalie CRISP 25:10 SW25-29 58.81 % 20
Lynn NEWMAN 25:38 VW55-59 70.61 % 377


The ever present and consistent Sameena takes the top slot for the ladies this week Eden takes 2nd with a very impressive 77.28 age related percentage. Nicola taking third followed closely by Natalie with first timer at Valentines Lynn romping home in 5th.




4 Stephen PHILCOX 18:53 VM50-54 80.05 % M 4 PB stays at 00:17:01
22 Eden MOSSON 22:05 JW10 77.28 % F 2 PB stays at 00:21:59
46 Nicola HOPKINSON 23:55 VW55-59 75.68 % F 3 PB stays at 00:23:01
20 Toby LASHMAR 21:43 JM10 75.29 % M 19 First Timer!
78 Paul MATTHEWS 25:54 VM75-79 74.45 % M 69 PB stays at 00:23:43
16 Terry KNIGHTLEY 21:18 VM55-59 74.02 % M 16 PB stays at 00:19:59
11 Med DAHBI 20:34 VM50-54 72.29 % M 11 PB stays at 00:20:08
19 Sameena AHMED 21:31 VW40-44 71.11 % F 1 PB stays at 00:21:17
71 Lynn NEWMAN 25:38 VW55-59 70.61 % F 5 First Timer!
1 Mark JONES 18:29 SM30-34 70.60 % M 1 First Timer!
27 Ryder ISLAM 22:24 JM10 70.46 % M 25 PB stays at 00:21:13
17 Peter FRENCH 21:29 VM50-54 70.36 % M 17 PB stays at 00:20:53
3 Harry REYNOLDS 18:44 SM20-24 69.57 % M 3 First Timer!
2 Craig LIVERMORE 18:37 SM25-29 69.29 % M 2 New PB!
96 Judy KEITH 27:00 VW55-59 68.89 % F 15 PB stays at 00:26:22
5 Marshall TUTU 18:58 SM25-29 68.01 % M 5 New PB!
26 Chris SERGEANT 22:23 VM50-54 67.54 % M 24 First Timer!
100 Djamal RAMOUL 27:14 VM70-74 67.38 % M 84 PB stays at 00:25:11
76 Alison SALE 25:52 VW50-54 67.33 % F 8 PB stays at 00:25:38
15 Ian BRETT 21:17 VM45-49 67.11 % M 15 PB stays at 00:21:03


6 ladies this week in the age related top 20 and 14 gents Stephen taking top honour with a 80.05%



Danveer LOYAL 36:16 VM40-44 38.51 % M PB stays at 00:24:46 50
Joseph KUCHIPUDI 31:31 JM11-14 47.17 % M PB stays at 00:30:47 100


Only the 2 milestones this week but take nothing away Danveer and Josseph have done great new T shirts soon.




Chelsea SOLOMON 42:35 SW25-29 F First Timer!
Gweneth NNEJI 50:27 VW55-59 F First Timer!
Usman IQBAL 34:36 SM25-29 M First Timer!
Amjad ALI 40:54 VM55-59 M First Timer!
Seth DSILVA 30:35 SM30-34 M First Timer!
Beata SZABO 34:12 SW30-34 F First Timer!
Pradeep PANDURANGAN 30:43 VM35-39 M First Timer!
Shrenik CHHAJED 27:58 SM30-34 M First Timer!
Bhagyashree MUTHA 29:22 SW25-29 F First Timer!
Zoltan KOVACS 25:28 SM30-34 M First Timer!
Antony PARKER 26:43 VM45-49 M First Timer!
Chris SERGEANT 22:23 VM50-54 M First Timer!


12 first timers this week which is always great to see, really hope you enjoyed your parkrun experience hope you tried the Valentines café too if not you can try next week and don’t forget great chance of a new personal best now you know the route of the course.




Craig LIVERMORE 18:37 SM25-29 69.29 % M New PB! 113
Marshall TUTU 18:58 SM25-29 68.01 % M New PB! 6
Eain BEGG 21:30 SM25-29 60.00 % M New PB! 19
Alan ARUL 22:09 VM35-39 59.52 % M New PB! 18
Jason SALES 23:54 VM50-54 62.69 % M New PB! 32
Rebecca LISS 25:44 SW20-24 57.51 % F New PB! 7
Fiona PALUMBO 25:52 VW40-44 60.82 % F New PB! 6
Jean-Marie RAMEN 26:09 VM55-59 60.29 % M New PB! 94
Sumaya RIAZ 26:58 JW11-14 61.68 % F New PB! 13
Peter KAY 27:01 VM50-54 55.95 % M New PB! 24
Aminah BEGUM 27:10 JW11-14 59.94 % F New PB! 5
Joanna WOOD 27:24 VW40-44 57.42 % F New PB! 20
Mandy REID 27:54 VW45-49 56.93 % F New PB! 6
Jennifer SALMON 29:07 VW45-49 56.90 % F New PB! 8
Shankar SUBRAMANIAM 29:10 VM40-44 46.80 % M New PB! 9
Eshwar DEERHE 29:15 JM11-14 50.83 % M New PB! 2
Jasmin BASSI 30:03 VW35-39 49.75 % F New PB! 18
Kim BAXTER 30:11 VW60-64 65.21 % F New PB! 137
Rita FULLMAN 30:31 VW50-54 57.07 % F New PB! 13
Louise SHARMAN 31:21 SW30-34 47.53 % F New PB! 12
Mohammed AHMED 31:27 VM35-39 42.45 % M New PB! 2
Amy MARTIN 31:38 SW25-29 46.79 % F New PB! 4
Amandeep BATTU 32:40 VW40-44 47.09 % F New PB! 8
Janine EDWARDS 35:11 VW35-39 42.78 % F New PB! 18
Sam CASTELL-WARD 36:07 SM30-34 35.90 % M New PB! 6
Asif KHAN 37:18 VM40-44 37.13 % M New PB! 2
Richa SHARMA 38:53 VW35-39 38.92 % F New PB! 2
Ananya THAKUR 43:23 JW10 41.76 % F New PB! 5
Lalita JENA 44:25 VW35-39 33.88 % F New PB! 5
Shella KHAN 44:58 VW40-44 34.47 % F New PB! 2

Wow 30 people certainly had the right breakfast this week before parkrun as it fuelled them to brand new Personal bests.

As always a few names at random for the extra glory.

Sumaya RIAZ 26.58 breaks into the 26 minute bracket what a superb effort.

Louise SHARMAN 31.21 massive PB knocking almost 2 minutes from previous PB

Craig LIVERMORE 18.37 Yay getting into the 18 minute bracket at VALENTINES.




Eleanor DESLOW 56:43 SW30-34 26.12 % F 114 2
Alina BURCA 27:56 SW30-34 53.04 % F 22 6
Satinder MANN 29:07 VW45-49 55.64 % F 27 10
Trish BRENNAN 28:50 VW35-39 51.85 % F 25 24
James BRETT 19:57 SM18-19 66.08 % M 7 48
Helen HALL 28:37 VW40-44 54.98 % F 24 South Woodham Runners 49
Harry REYNOLDS 18:44 SM20-24 69.57 % M 3 58
Toby LASHMAR 21:43 JM10 75.29 % M 19 72
Rebecca MURPHY 42:36 VW45-49 37.28 % F 97 Kettering Town Harriers 79
Simon LASHMAR 21:44 VM45-49 65.26 % M 20 Billericay Striders RC 79
Eddie MURPHY 23:19 VM55-59 66.48 % M 36 Kettering Town Harriers 93
Phil MAWBY 27:48 VM55-59 56.71 % M 94 99
Oliver NOTTIDGE 19:57 SM20-24 65.33 % M 8 107
Mark JONES 18:29 SM30-34 70.60 % M 1 Eastleigh RC 112
Paul COOK 27:04 VM60-64 60.28 % M 83 357
Lynn NEWMAN 25:38 VW55-59 70.61 % F 5 377


Thank you to the 16 great tourist who came and had a good go at Valentines today Hope you enjoyed please come back and see us soon.




Nothing much to add please feel free to add any comments about the park our core team the run reports anything you want to our Facebook page.


See you all next week (OH actually you won’t as it’s a working weekend for me booo hisss boooo)






Valentines parkrun # 432 – 27/04/2019



Hi and welcome to the run report for Valentines parkrun number #432 held at the amazingly beautiful Valentines Park.

So sorry for the lack of updates on the run report scene but real life at times just gets in the way so annoying!!!. Some may say lack of reports is a blessing :)

Wow must first say what a wonderful and amazing group of people we seem to get at Valentines this goes for everyone from our band of trusty and very loyal volunteers right through to the lovely visitors we are lucky to get come and join the regulars, but have to say and this is a personal thank you from me but I know also comes from everyone included in the Valentines parkrun team for the epic donations recently that enabled the core team to buy the equipment to make their work on uploading results and many other important tasks much easier. You are all so epic.

Would also like to add in this section I have seen on our Facebook page the amazing videos and pictures that have been uploaded recently are always a good and super view sadly as I have not been able to attend my own personal beauty has been omitted but for now that’s perfectly fine I am really over it I am I really am …. Really I am……….


So onto run number #432 personally I was unable to attend so this report has been remotely mailed to me by 4 squirrels 2 swans and 14 worms and a grumpy fox.

As I do not live that far from the superb Valentines Park and I was around at 9am it was certainly chilly brrrrr nice addition added to the Facebook page around 8.15am telling volunteers to wrap up warm. As while setting up it was easy to see your breath vapour in the chilly air.!!! ( shh don’t tell but pleased I wasn’t able to attend).



Jennifer AKROYD, Tom BARTON, Jakub CZECZÓTKA, Stephen GILSON, Frieda KEANE, Colin KOSKY, Gabriella PEARL, Tracy PETERS, Djamal RAMOUL, Bill SAUNDERS, Sheila SINCLAIR, Frances WELLING

Massive round of applause for these 12 legends of the hi Vis variety come sun rain snow and wind. These hardy bunches of individuals turn up each week, sure the names change here and there but they are all AWESOME!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU.


Paul HOLLOWAY 18:24 VM50-54 80.80 % M 2
Eden MOSSON 21:59 JW10 77.63 % F 2
Mary Frances O'BRIEN 27:03 VW60-64 74.92 % F 13
Paul MATTHEWS 26:06 VM75-79 73.88 % M 55
Philip NIND 17:29 SM25-29 73.88 % M 1
Alison MILNE 24:11 VW50-54 72.92 % F 3
Robert MOORE 20:58 VM50-54 72.10 % M 10
Diarmuid MAC DONNELL 20:00 VM45-49 72.00 % M 4
Gill PRINGLE 29:02 VW65-69 71.99 % F 20
David GODFREY 23:40 VM60-64 68.94 % M 29
Chiara BORG 21:28 SW30-34 68.94 % F 1
Neil TANNER 23:18 VM55-59 67.67 % M 24
Noel MOORE 21:27 JM11-14 67.60 % M 15
Carol BROOME 25:16 VW50-54 67.15 % F 6
Alison SALE 26:05 VW50-54 66.77 % F 9
James TAVERNER 20:15 VM35-39 66.42 % M 6
Marshall TUTU 19:28 SM25-29 66.27 % M 3
Shyama PECK 29:08 VW60-64 65.68 % F 21
Julian MOORE 20:11 VM35-39 65.32 % M 5
William MILNE 24:10 VM55-59 64.69 % M 38


This is my favourite section I have to be honest, now this week I have increased to the top 20 why I hear you ask? I wish there was some perfect answer that would look superb and please everyone.. But truth just fancied doing 20 instead of the normal 10 J

This week the guys place 12 people in the 20 with the ladies bring home 8 so pretty close, always really nice mixture of ages with juniors right up to the more can we say mature runners? All giving a fine good go. Super effort everyone.



Philip NIND 17:29 SM25-29 73.88 % M First Timer! 276
Paul HOLLOWAY 18:24 VM50-54 80.80 % M PB stays at 00:18:16 14
Marshall TUTU 19:28 SM25-29 66.27 % M PB stays at 00:19:09 5


It was cold it was chilly but seems Phillip doesn’t seem to mind at all his first run at Valentines and number 1 token thank you very much and a very impressive sub 17:30 time. Paul romps home sub 18:30 to take second with Marshall powering to third. Great effort all three.



Chiara BORG 21:28 SW30-34 68.94 % F New PB!
Eden MOSSON 21:59 JW10 77.63 % F New PB!
Alison MILNE 24:11 VW50-54 72.92 % F First Timer!


Chiara on her third attempt at Valentines takes the first ladies token with a massive PB, Eden 2nd attempt oh my what a super PB and then Alison on her first visit so cannot be a PB but wow what super running from all three.



James TAVERNER 20:15 VM35-39 66.42 % M 6 New PB!
Jai SHAH 21:14 SM30-34 61.46 % M 13 New PB!
Chiara BORG 21:28 SW30-34 68.94 % F 1 New PB!
Eden MOSSON 21:59 JW10 77.63 % F 2 New PB!
Leigh DE SOUZA 22:33 VM40-44 62.38 % M 18 New PB!
Tej RADIA 23:22 SM25-29 55.21 % M 26 New PB!
Jason SALES 24:18 VM50-54 61.66 % M 40 New PB!
Maruf AHMAD 26:13 SM25-29 49.27 % M 56 New PB!
Anwar ALI 28:31 VM40-44 48.98 % M 72 New PB!
Aminah BEGUM 28:48 JW11-14 56.54 % F 17 New PB!
Shankar SUBRAMANIAM 29:15 VM40-44 46.67 % M 79 New PB!
Rita FULLMAN 30:43 VW50-54 56.70 % F 27 New PB!
Kanika BARUA 31:10 VW45-49 51.98 % F 29 New PB!
Tayyeb JAVED 31:15 JM11-14 48.96 % M 96 New PB!
Crystal CAVACHI 31:41 SW20-24 46.71 % F 32 New PB!
Barbara WALKER 31:46 VW45-49 50.00 % F 33 New PB!
Aleeza NOMAN 32:31 JW11-14 50.08 % F 38 New PB!
Benjamin WALLIS 32:55 VM60-64 50.03 % M 106 New PB!
Edward DENTON 35:14 VM40-44 38.74 % M 119 New PB!
Rachel GILBEY 35:17 SW30-34 41.99 % F 56 New PB!
Emily BARNETT 35:39 JW11-14 45.68 % F 60 New PB!
Richard BARNETT 35:40 VM50-54 41.36 % M 121 New PB!
Amanda BARNETT 36:25 VW45-49 44.49 % F 63 New PB!
Sam CASTELL-WARD 38:16 SM30-34 33.89 % M 125 New PB!


24 people listed above I think seem to like the cold!! And the wind!!! How the heck can you run a personal best in those conditions?? Amazing efforts all round I take my hat to you all (if I was wearing one).

Some mentions as always to people who went faster than ever before at Valentines parkrun.

Richard,Amanda and Emily Barnett now I hope a family unless it’s a weird coincidence but all 3 breaking their previous PB well done all three of you.

Jason Sales 30 parkruns done but with a really impressive 15 personal bests in that 30 wow now moves into the low 24 minute bracket.

Racheal Gilby 12 runs done all at Valentines last personal best was back in May 2018 now another April 2019 I think Racheal runs well when its chilly… super effort well done

Rita Fullman Another runner who seems to be in super form 12 runs and 8 personal bests now that’s impressive… amazing effort.



Athavan KUGATHAS 28:32 SM30-34 45.97 % M First Timer!
Viva CORLISS 29:43 VW40-44 52.16 % F First Timer!
Myles SCOTLAND 30:22 SM20-24 42.48 % M First Timer!
Arthur JONES 30:50 JM10 53.03 % M First Timer!
Chloe NORWOOD 35:54 JW11-14 43.78 % F First Timer!
Asif KHAN 38:21 VM40-44 36.11 % M First Timer!
Alison WOOD 39:08 VW45-49 40.59 % F First Timer!
Charlotte JOSEPH 40:10 SW20-24 36.85 % F First Timer!
Kamrun HOSSAIN 45:39 VW50-54 37.64 % F First Timer!
Shella KHAN 45:40 VW40-44 33.94 % F First Timer!
Jenny NORWOOD 46:25 VW40-44 33.90 % F First Timer!
Richa SHARMA 51:17 VW35-39 29.51 % F First Timer!



The draw and attraction of parkrun as a phenomenon does amaze me at times, today was a rather chilly nasty cold spring morning but still the 12 people listed above decided today was the day for their first parkrun. That to me shows how great parkrun is but shows even more how well the 12 listed did!!! Well done on your first venture hope it wasn’t that bad or maybe it was good but most of all you came and you had a go that’s the most important thing. Well done take a bow.



Ragavan BALENDRAN 21:25 SM20-24 60.23 % M First Timer! 4
Sanj AMBALAVANAR 28:22 SM30-34 46.24 % M First Timer! 10
Jeremy YEATES 23:19 SM30-34 56.25 % M First Timer! 15
Nigel STARR 30:26 VM60-64 54.11 % M First Timer! 35
Alison MILNE 24:11 VW50-54 72.92 % F First Timer! 41
Kay SHORT 35:20 VW50-54 49.29 % F First Timer! 43
William MILNE 24:10 VM55-59 64.69 % M First Timer! 45
Matthew BARNETT 31:34 JM11-14 44.93 % M First Timer! 107
Anne Marie MATTHEWS 40:30 VW35-39 37.37 % F First Timer! 129
Andrew CANNON 36:20 VM45-49 39.95 % M First Timer! 148
Carole MILLS 27:01 VW40-44 58.24 % F First Timer! 254
Philip NIND 17:29 SM25-29 73.88 % M First Timer! 276
David PIPER 46:32 VM60-64 35.39 % M First Timer! 412


Today we was lucky enough to welcome 12 new visitors who has never ran/walked/jogged at Valentines before.

As for distance although not a fine art I can only guess to a degree from the athletes stats page that the parkrun they have ran the most is there home run.

Alison Milne and William Milne their normal parkrun is Aberdeen so a fair trip south for them thank you for coming. Then we have David Piper who ran his 412 parkrun at Valentines this weekend, of course David isn’t a junior runner maybe the time it takes to get to 412 runs he may have been when he started. Great stuff David thank you for coming.

People seems to have come from all over this week Nigel Starr from Long Eaton Nottingham I think Phillip Nind Newark Linconshire , Carole Mills Tillgate Crawley Sussex, Anne marie Matthews Kingsbury West Midlands then of course we have people like Kay Short who looks like she normally runs at Hackney so only a short distance from Valentines, hmmm maybe she ran to and from her home run :). Thank you all for coming hope you tried the café :)



Gail CARR 24:41 VW40-44 62.80 % F 50
Kulwant CHANA 46:17 VW60-64 43.14 % F 100
Ojetunde SANGOBIYI 25:28 VM45-49 55.69 % M 100



So its free T-SHIRT time Gail is due a nice new red one with a  shiny 50 on the back well done Gail do the same amount again and you can grab a Black shirt just like Kulwant and Oietunde have done hope to see all 3 shirts being worn very proudly in the next few weeks.



28 Clubs this week as follows




Yet another wonderful parkrun had by all thank you again to all the parkrun volunteers thank you to all the tourists thank you to all the regulars. I have just had a quick check and next Saturday’s weather will be approx. 5 degrees Celsius so maybe hats and gloves for the volunteers and maybe not quite vest weather for the participants.


tree lined

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