Victoria junior parkrun, Glasgow is cancelled on 2021-05-09 – COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Meet the Team – Liz

Next in our Meet the Team feature is Event Director, Liz.


Name: Liz

parkrun Age category: VW55-59.

Tell us a bit about yourself?: I am a Glasgow Tour Guide, also I have been a runner for 35 years and have run 331 parkruns.

How many times volunteering at Victoria junior parkrun?: 169

How did you get involved in Victoria junior parkrun?: I was asked by Liz Corbett (Scottish Ambassador) in 2014 if I would like to go along to a meeting - I had offered to help in one being set up in the Southside earlier. I also have fond running memories of running in & around the park when I was a member of City of Glasgow AC club in the late eighties and early nineties and I used to train at Scotstoun. I now volunteer alongside some of my old club mates, Maggie, Beth and Pat. We are in the old photo - sorry ladies, just to give folks a laugh. Especially on my hairstyle back then.

Favourite volunteer role?: I will say Run Director, it can be stressful at times, but great when it all comes together. Also I love shouting out the names of the boys and girls who have earned their wristbands and seeing their smiles.

Best Moment: Our first Birthday and those lovely cakes.

Which is your favourite – swans or herons?: I like both, I love all animals and birds.

Favourite post -parkrun treat?: Either a Cappuccino or Hot Choc and occasionally a roll and tattie scone at St Louis Cafe Bar.

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Meet the Team – Kevin

Next in our "Meet the Team" feature is regular volunteer, Kevin


Name: Kevin

parkrun Age category: older than I’d like to be

Tell us a bit about yourself?: I work for a bank, I love chocolate and running, and I am a member of Garscube Harriers

How did you get involved in Victoria junior parkrun? Trying to get my kids into running, it worked for a bit but now one is a dancer and the other a footballer so can’t persuade them to run as much (they’re 13 & 8 )

How many Victoria juniors have you been at?: 12-15 I think

Favourite volunteer role?: warm-up leader, it’s great fun to see the kids (and parents) really get involved

Best moment at Victoria juniors?: The first time both my kids ran it

Which is your favourite – swans or herons?: Neither!

Favourite post-parkrun treat?: Roll and square sausage with lashings and lashings of brown sauce


Meet the Team – Raymond

So next in our "Meet the Team" series is the newest RD to join us.


Name? : Raymond

parkrun Age category? : VM50-54 (though not actually a runner)

Tell us a bit about yourself? : Well I have 2 day jobs. In the winter I am an Alpine ski instructor and the rest of the year I drive Cryogenic liquid tankers all over Scotland for BOC gases. I'm a keen cyclist and try to take part in a few sportives each year.

How did you get involved in Victoria junior parkrun? : I was a Clydesider in 2014 and am part of a group on FB who shared a post requesting volunteers. The shortage of volunteers was caused by the Great Scottish Run as many volunteers are runners as well. Whilst I am not a runner I am tempted to take it back up and do some adult runs.

How many Victoria juniors have you been at? : 56

Favourite volunteer role? : For me it's finish tokens as you get to congratulate each runner and see their various facial expressions.

Best moment at Victoria juniors? : Has to be during my recuperation from a ruptured achilles when I performed my roles from a chair. This meant I was at the same eye level as the runners and they showed great empathy for my injury.

Which is you favourite - swans or herons? : Whilst herons are very statuesque and refined the swans get a bad rep. The swans are very terratorial and can get quite animated but they are just protecting their patch.

Favourite post-parkrun treat? : Bacon roll with ketchup whilst sorting the tokens at St Louis cafe bar.


Meet the Team – Blythe

Next up in our “Meet the Team” series is another of the RDs, Blythe.


Name: Blythe

parkrun Age category?: VW45-49 (just!)

Tell us a bit about yourself?: My day job is as a scientist running clinical trials of new medical devices and medicines. I only started running 3 years ago but I’m now addicted to parkrun and love touring around to different runs.

How did you get involved in Victoria junior parkrun?: I first volunteered at Victoria juniors in 2018 as part of the 10 for 10 challenge celebrating 10 years of parkrun in Scotland and after that I was hooked.

How many Victoria juniors have you been at?: 57

Favourite volunteer role?: Has to be marshal. It’s my favourite role at both Saturday 5k and juniors. Love cheering everyone on.

Best moment at Victoria juniors?: Any of the birthday or Christmas celebrations. Love to see the kids and volunteers get dressed up - Pamela’s amazing Mary Poppins costume and Nicola’s dinosaur are particular highlights. Also the cake is great!

Which is your favourite – swans or herons?: The herons are good company during set-up but my favourites are the swans. Can’t beat the drama when they try to get involved in the run.

Favourite post-parkrun treat?: Hot chocolate and a fried egg roll in St Louis café bar.


Meet the Team – Byron

Hope everyone is enjoying the Easter Weekend. It's time for another "Meet the Team". This week it's regular volunteer, Byron


Name: Byron

parkrun Age category?: SM30 - 34

Tell us a bit about yourself?: I'm a South African living in Glasgow with my husband. Been here only 2 years. Teacher by profession. Hobbies include, gardening, cooking, reading, mosacing, running and playing tennis and quite a few more. We brought our 2 cocker spaniels with us from South Africa, Buddy and Holly. They are 10 and 9 years old.

How did you get involved in Victoria junior parkrun?: Got involved in volunteering first on a Saturday to try and make friends and see other people. Being an immigrant we have no family and a small friend base only now. And then found out that there was junior parkrun so volunteered for that too since I love working with kids.

How many Victoria juniors have you been at?: I have been at 30 junior parkruns as a volunteer and run it twice with a friends children.

Favourite volunteer role?: Favourite volunteer role is barcode scanning or timing so I can see and talk to everyone who finishes. Also love to be tail walker.

Best moment at Victoria juniors?: Best moment at Victoria juniors was the 1st time I came and everyone was so nice as I was nervous not knowing anyone. And had a coffee after while sorting finish tokens.

Which is your favourite – swans or herons?: Definitely love the herons as they not always around and glad when I spot them. And the swans always hiss at the dogs and I and can be quite intimidating with the lage size out the water.

Favourite post-parkrun treat?: Best Post parkrun treat would have to be getting home to the odd occasion when my husband is awake and has made me a hot breakfast.

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