Run report – 2/9/17

We are delighted to have a run report written by a tourist to Victoria, Barry Shackleton. Barry's home run is Bolton. Thanks Barry!


August has been a dreadful month for warmth and sunshine in England so I made a good decision to head north to Scotland to welcome the meteorological Autumn, and enjoy the lovely clement weather of Glasgow. There are quite a few parkruns to choose from in this area but after some research I decided that it had to be Victoria, where we weren’t the only First Timers today with Event Director Joseph also making his debut with the megaphone. It was a very amusing delivery, lots of laughs and applause for those visiting and celebrating milestones (but more of those later). Well done Joseph.

Once the running and walking got under way, the first runner home was labelled as UNKNOWN, leaving David MacKintosh of Bellahouston Harriers to be the first named runner. This was his first run at Victoria in 5 months and his 23rd here out of the 137 he has completed. Fellow Bellahouston runner Darren McQuade crossed the line in the same official time of 16:52 with Daniel Bradford of Shetleston Harriers just one second further back in what must have been a thrilling run to the finish for those spectating and marshalling today.

The first female home was Katie Bain of Edinburgh AC who finished in 12th position overall in a new Personal Best time of 18:08, which took 50 seconds from the time she set on her last visit to Victoria just over two years ago. This new PB makes her the 12th fastest female runner ever to be seen at Victoria. Ana Richardson finished 2nd in 19:41, and Natalie Haran of Maryhill Harriers was 3rd in 19:52, completing a trio of Lady runners who managed to run the course quicker than 20 minutes.

There were 5 runners who achieved Age Gradings of 80% or better with Morna Fleming of Pitreavie AAC running as a First Timer registering the highest with 85.45%. This is the 38th highest Age Grading ever registered at Victoria. The other high achievers were Ana Richardson (85.18%), John Oates (85.15%), Nicholas Gemmell (82.26%) and Katie Bain (81.82%).

The weather was mild and bordering on warm so it was the perfect day for good running. 72 runners managed to achieve a Personal Best time. All aboard the PB Express. At Victoria we average 47 Personal Bests each week so we were way above average today.

CATEGORY RECORDS: For the first time in 6 weeks a new Category Record was set when Katie Bain beat the previous record in the SW20 category. This was the 6th new category record to be set in 2017. The longest outstanding category record dates back to May 2014 when Bobby Young set the record in the VM70 category at 20:44.

There were 44 First Timers with many tourists (like me) enjoying the end of the summer. At Victoria we average 39 First Timers each week so this was a just above average occasion.

Of the First Timers, an incredible 19 of them were ‘genuine’ First Timers who have never run a parkrun anywhere before, so welcome to the parkrunning family. These 19 were among the 12,000+ runners who ran their first ever parkrun in the UK this weekend and we hope to see you back at Victoria soon. As Joseph said in his opening address, why not come back to Victoria next week and beat that opening time?

There were 44 runners who were shown as ‘unknown’. It’s terrible to have a really good run, maybe even finish in first place as happened at Victoria today, and not have your time recognised because you didn’t have a barcode. Remember, you must register with parkrun to get yourself a barcode, and you must produce it after the run to get your result.

Need a new barcode? Or would you like your result as a text? Follow the link to your profile from your latest results email.

And also a polite reminder that a photograph of your barcode on your mobile phone is not acceptable. If it can’t be scanned, it can’t be accepted.

And remember please don’t take home your finish tokens. DON’T BE A TOKEN MAGPIE. Each venue has to pay for replacements themselves so be kind and return them.

There were 126 ladies and 201 men running today.

Since Victoria parkrun started Garscube Harriers have sent 153 of their runners which makes them the best represented running club. Bellahouston Road Runners have seen 109 of their runners appear with Fusion Triathlon Club bringing exactly 100.

Garscube also lead the number of parkrunners crossing the finish line with their runners finishing 1,498 times, followed by Sweatshop Running Community with 1,324.


Those celebrating milestones with us this week included:

ROBERT DALY (Victoria Park) - 100 runs. Robert has run at Victoria on 85 occasions making his debut at the 11th event in January 2014. He ran his Personal Best in June of that year when he ran 23:39, and on that day he registered his highest ever age grading of 76.46%. He has finished in the top 100 places on 11 occasions, all of them in 2014. He gets a Jet Black 100-run commemorative T-Shirt.

PAUL LENNIE (Victoria Park) - 50 runs. Paul has run 47 of his 50 runs at Victoria with his first one being in January 2015. His PB is 18:28 which was run in March that year which got him an Age Grading of 79.87% but although he has never bettered that time, he has achieved a higher Age Grading on 9 other occasions, including 6 times when he has eclipsed 80%. He is the 408th (out of 7,685) fastest runner ever seen at Victoria.

FERGUS GOURLAY - 50 runs. Fergus has appeared at Victoria 39 times with his first appearance being in December 2014. He set his PB of 23:42 in February the following year. Fergus gets himself a Cardinal Red 50-run commemorative T-shirt.

HOLLY MacIVER – 50 runs. Holly completed her 40th parkrun at Victoria today which was her 50th run altogether. She ran her first event in March 2014 and her PB came as recently as May this year which she ran 20:16 which took her above 73% Age Grading for the first time ever.

MATTHEW McNEIL – 10 runs. Matthew ran his 10th parkrun as a junior and is so far a Victoria Passionista having run all his runs at here. He started his parkrun journey in April this year and gets himself a 10-run Junior White commemorative T-shirt.

JENNY LITTLE – 50 times as a volunteer today. We love you for showing up every week Jenny and thank you from us all.

And those knocking on the celebration door include:

Anne Hart - 49 runs

Lyndsay Ovenstone – 49 runs

Colin Adams – 49 runs

These runners are just 5km from their own personal milestones.

Number of Commemorative T-shirts on show:

Junior White (10 runs) – 11 runners.

Cardinal Red (50) – 46 runners.

Jet Black (100) – 30 runners

Green (250) – 5 runners.

Blue (500) – 0 runners

The top 5 attendees this week were:

Tim Bloss - 333 runs

Barry Shackleton (Darwen Dashers) - 323 runs

Derek Murison – 316 runs

Karen Shackleton (Darwen Dashers) 269 runs

Alan Beattie – 260 runs

These five runners have completed 1,501 runs between them.

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VOLUNTEERS – REMEMBER that parkrun can only take place weekly because of the volunteers and marshalls who give up their time on a Saturday morning. If you want to get involved, email This week there were 22 Volunteers so thank you. Your time and brilliantly vocal support is gratefully appreciated by all of us.

Victoria parkrun started on the 12th October 2013 with 200 runners and 13 volunteers. The highest attendance currently stands at 393 from January this year. The average weekly attendance is 245, and the average run time for the course is 26:02. There have been 7,685 different runners appearing from over 500 running clubs, and the average number of runs per runner is 6.2. There have been 47,379 finishers, and 9,094 Personal Best times achieved. Runners at Victoria have covered more than 236,000 Km and have been running for the equivalent of 2 years and 126 days.

And that’s it for the report of Week #193. If you fancy writing your own run report, please get in touch. See you again soon.

Barry Shackleton