Victoria Dock parkrun 21st September 2019

We would like to thank everyone for their patience during our two weeks closure due to the DSEI event at ExCeL. 

The event has now concluded and we are expecting the dock paths around the ExCeL estate to be fully open for this weekends run.

We would like to thank our friends at both Beckton and Mile End parkruns for hosting great events during our closure and welcoming our runners and volunteers to their courses. 

We look forward to welcoming everyone back to our course on the 21st September where (all being well) we will be able to run a full course!


Event Cancelled – 14th September 2019

Due to the DSEI 2019 event at ExCeL this week, we have had to cancel our run on the 14th September as the dock paths are closed around the ExCeL estate and we are unable to create an alternative route.

As an alternative run to ours for this week, please do visit Mile End (Course map found here). We will have a number of our volunteers running and volunteering for this run.

We do hope that you will be able to join us!

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank our friends at Beckton parkrun for hosting a great event and for welcoming us so warmly on the 7th September. If you are unable to join us at Mile End parkrun this week, do visit Beckton instead. If you would rather volunteer for them instead of running, do email them at

We return back to normal (hopefully without any interruptions to our course) on the 21st September.


Event Cancelled – 7th September 2019

Due to the DSEI 2019 event at ExCeL over the coming weeks, we have had to cancel our run on the 7th September as the dock paths are closed around the ExCeL estate and we are unable to create an alternative route.

As an alternative run to ours for this week, please do visit Beckton (Course map found here). We will have a number of our volunteers running and volunteering for this run.

We do hope that you will be able to join us!

Please note that we are also cancelled on the 14th September for the same event at ExCeL. We return back to normal (hopefully without any interruptions to our course) on the 21st September.


Victoria Dock Run Report. Event 68. 24 August 2019


Wow… Victoria Dock parkrun was certainly packed full of things going on this week! When we arrived we and the core team and this week’s volunteers discovered that a pop-up pop concert had popped up overnight right on the Crystal gardens. Some quick thinking on the part of RD Jamie Wrigglesworth and his team meant that just a bit of course adjustment was needed and a couple of additional marshals so Kevan and Lizzie Wilkinson kindly stepped in. The weather was glorious and after a combined first timers/new runners/everybody briefing about the ‘new’ route and other essential information we were all good to go.

John and I chatted to some regular Victoria Dock parkrunners as well as lots of fellow tourists while we were looking round before the briefing. I know there were tourists from Nonsuch, Old Deer Park, Bromley, Sheffield, Leeds, Chipping Sodbury, Mile End and Lincoln (us!) and probably lots of other locations too. Dan Nott from Chipping Sodbury was celebrating his birthday wearing a very jazzy birthday sash. There were representatives of 42 different clubs taking part this week.

12 volunteers gave their time to make Victoria Dock parkrun a huge success this week: Kevan Wilkinson • Lizzie Wilkinson • Helen Segebarth • Diarmuid Bowe • Trixie Oon • Sadie Beckwith • Elda Beyene • Jonathon Harding • Jamie Wrigglesworth • Dorothy Wrigglesworth • Leon Kong • Sergii Chebotar
Thank you very much for encouraging us, cheering us on and keeping us safe. Please do volunteer for a future event as it is great fun and a way to see parkrun from a different perspective. Kevan and Lizzie managed to both marshal and then run round the course to catch up with tail runner Sadie Beckwith before she crossed the finish - very well done for volunteering and running!

This week 184 people ran, jogged and walked the course. Very well done to everyone! Congratulations to the 11 runners who recorded new personal bests this week - a real achievement in the heat. Stephen McCarroll was the first male finisher and Dee O'Brien first female finisher.

There were 74 people running at Victoria Dock for the first time of whom 6 were running their very first parkrun – brilliant! Congratulations to Sam Howard and Roxanna Lizarondo who were both running their milestone 50 parkrun. Fabulous achievements and look out for the email to claim your red t-shirt!


The volunteer team were a bit concerned that the route was just slightly longer than 5k but happily most people reported it was spot on. As a ‘go slowly, stop often’ type of runner I usually have no actual idea about distance and/or time as I like to look round, chat, stop and take photos etc! Victoria Dock parkrun certainly had plenty of opportunity to stop and look round. There were things above – the Emirates Air Line cable cars, aeroplanes coming in to land at London City Airport  and towering new buildings glittering in the sunshine. There was the dock infrastructure - the cranes along the dock side, railway lines beneath our feet and the old port buildings across the water. On the water was the huge Sunborn London hotel ship, people out in canoes and some very brave and hardy people actually swimming in the dock (John tells me some of the parkunners went after their run to do this too – impressive!). There was lots going on – bars, restaurants and cafés (some floating on the water and some on land), the ship of tolerance art installation and a temporary beach and open air lido.


I stopped for a selfie with each of the four marshals – Kevan who was at Royal Victoria square with views back over the dock to the Millennium dome (yes, I’m that old!), Lizzie who was by the sculpture of the dock workers, Trixie who was at the first turn around point at the end of the ExCeL London and Dot – with her own cone – at the second turn round point near the SS Robin and Lightship 93. After the run we headed to The Crystal Café which was lovely and cool and had coffee and smoothies and the cakes looked delicious too.


Unusually for us, this week we had not travelled specifically to run a particular parkrun. We actually came to London to see the exhibition ‘Into the Blue - the origin and revival of pools, swimming baths and lidos’ at the V&A museum (fabulous!) and attend a performance of ‘Witness for the Prosecution’ at County Hall (we’d love to tell you what happens but we’re #sworntosecrecy!). Of course, as avid parkrun tourists we knew we could also get to enjoy another new parkrun location. Many thanks for making us so welcome at Victoria Dock.


This coming Saturday 31st August Victoria dock parkrun is happening as usual. Please remember that on the 7th & 14th September there is no Victoria Dock parkrun event. An opportunity for some parkrun tourism/voluntourism!

Thanks for reading. Lovely to meet you all this weekend. Enjoy parkrun.

Helen Segebarth & John Kilcoyne


parkrun Perfection at Victoria Dock! 10th August 2019

A wonderful write up about a parkrun debut for a brand new runner starting her parkrun career here at Victoria Dock.

As its a long report and includes some fantastic pictures of the route and volunteers, you can read it here

We hope you enjoy reading!


Run Report: 3rd August 2019 Run #65

3 August saw a bright warm morning for Victoria Dock’s 65th parkrun.  As I made my way from the DLR, I immediately spotted the aptly named Crystal Building glistening at the dockside, already buzzing with the sound of friendly chatter as park-runners from near and afar assembled ahead of the start.

The site itself opened as a commercial Dock in 1855 being the first London Dock designed specifically to accommodate large steam ships, and the first to be connected to the national rail network.  It closed as a commercial Dock in 1980 and since then has seen significant redevelopment with many of the old dockyards converted to cafes and restaurants, entertainment and residential housing.

For a parkrun it’s a perfect site. Flat and wide pathed, it makes for a fast course for those who want it. The added interest of jets flying into London City Airport, cable cars gently gliding overhead and the waterside architecture makes for an interesting vista and plenty of visual diversions from the hard effort of running or walking for those that want that too!

It’s also served by great transport links.  Which other parkrun could you get to by foot, bus, car, rail, water, cable car or plane!! And, if Saturday was anything to go by, you’re guaranteed a very warm welcome.

It was also the day when Victoria Dock parkrun celebrated its second highest attendance with 270 people completing the course.  Over half the participants, 147 to be precise, were first time visitors to this event, 18 of which completed their first ever parkrun. We hope you’ll be back for more!

If the listed running clubs are anything to go by we had representatives from.....wait for it.....Aberystwyth, Abingdon, Aldershot/Farnham, Bradford, Bishops Stortford, Blackburn, Bridgend, Cambridge, Chippenham, Cleveland, Cornwall, Coventry, Dacorum and Tring, Doncaster, Dunstable, Farsley, Gloucester, Gravesend, Harrow, Hatch Warren, Hedge End, Hearne Hill, Histon/Impington,  Huntingdon, Ilford, Kent, Kingston, Leatherhead, Loughton, Manchester, Martock, Newcastle, Northampton, Northwich/Winsford, Ogmore Valley, Pencoed, Pershore, Portsmouth, Shrewsbury, Sittingbourne, South Woodham, Spalding, Stilton, Stoke, Tiverton, Truro, Warrington, Winchester, Witney and Yorkshire.  Not to mention visitors from other areas of London including Bexley, Clapham, Ealing and West London. Phew!  For those of you who were fitting in a cheeky parkrun before the Prudential 100 on Sunday - I hope your cycling event went brilliantly!

Run Director Jamie Wrigglesworth and his team of 11 volunteers did a fantastic job catering for the huge increase in numbers.  Thank you to you all for making this event run so smoothly.

First male home was Benjamin Parkes speeding in at 15.24.  First female, Dee O’Brien, wasn’t hanging around either, with an impressive finishing time of 19:27. Not forgetting the highest age graded runner, Austin Soane, who had an astonishing age graded run of 86.28%. Congratulations to you all.

An enormous well done to the 36 people who achieved a personal best.  Noting that not everyone was chasing a time, whether your goal was to finish the course, walk with a friend, or another ambition entirely - for all those who achieved their target,  congratulations to you too!

As for me - I loved my Saturday at Victoria Dock and hope to be back soon!

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Victoria Dock parkrun Results Page.

Eleanor Newman
A877150, visiting from Portsmouth Lakeside

Run Report: 29th June 2019 Run #62


Checking out the Under before the Over – Run #62

Next parkrunday, Harriet and I will be running and volunteering in a tearing hurry before spending 24 hours with a bunch of Brownies. Our adventures will include riding just about every form of transport in London, from buses, tubes, river boat, the DLR and the cable car very close to Victoria Dock parkrun. Simply, we were the advance party checking out the route from DLR to cable car.

Anyway, that was our excuse for visiting an awesome parkrun: what’s yours?

A weekend of a lot of things. Let’s start with the celebrations. As we were sitting waiting… RD Helen arrived with cake for Afeworki BEYENE, Victoria Dock’s first home grown 50. Well done Afeworki and awesome job to your volunteer team Elliot and Elda who helped in the funnel and providing cake.

Congratulations too to Gabrielle PELTER and Layla ATKINSON who joined the 100 club. May your t-shirt links go live with speed.

Today’s parkrun was a first for 9 first timers with barcodes and possibly a few of the 18 unknowns. Please remember to scan in – then there’s a chance for cake and celebration for you too.

The parkrun. Well, it’s flat – and somewhat susceptible to the wind. It’s a horseshoe shaped course starting near the hub (currently shut, find loos further afield) with a run up one side of the horseshoe and the Excel, back, up the opposite side of the dock and in, more or less. There is almost NO shade and the sneaky headwind didn’t really help that much. We burned and sweated and it took a phenomenal amount of effort to get in under 30 mins – and some help from marshal Trixie OON.

The run complete in a tidy 45 mins, we repaired to the café that opens at 10 and park-faffed for the next hour and a half until we really had to go and even then we could have stayed. The core team is splendidly cheerful, encouraging and welcoming. Indeed, we met regular Philippa LEVEY at our home parkrun (Queen Elizabeth) where she was collecting a Q and it was lovely to be greeted by name as we returned the favour in collecting a V. Completing another challenge, we met Dorothy WOODGER who is running all the Victorias… she’s from Victoria Park in Glasgow and is picking off the runs on her own list.

Next week we will return a little later and take the cable car above the route and dream of happy running, wonderful volunteering and the best breakfast in ages.

Thank you to all the volunteers for putting on such a splendid morning – see you soon.

Pippa WHITE (Queen Elizabeth)



Run report 23rd February 2019

That's a lot of fog!!!!

The weather reports had told us to expect a sunny day with fairly warm temperatures, however we were met with a very slight chill in the air and a log fog as we turned up for our weekly dose of parkrun.

Having toured all over the country to different events, it was a relatively late rise this morning to travel from Kings Langley in Hertfordshire to this wonderful London gem. With the lovely views of the water and cable cars (once the fog had cleared), this was set to be another great adventure. We had been informed that the course was a fast one, so like some of you, my hopes were high for a possible PB but alas it was not meant to be (I needed to be just 4 seconds faster!).

Many locals came today, as well as plenty of tourists trying to get a step closer to completing the parkrun Alphabet challenge by collecting their 'V'. For those of you who don't know, the strange yellow bobble hats and neck tubes that have a picture of a cow on them, signify that the person is a parkrun tourist. We're a friendly bunch so please do come over to us and say hi, you're likely to get a very friendly response.

I'd like to say a big thank you to all of the volunteers for running such a great event and ensuring it went smoothly and safely:

Trixie OON (Run Director today), Rebecca BURNS, Lina DANNFORS, Amy DODGE, Chloe LEE, Philippa LEVEY, Mark PINNEY, Danny WINGATE, Jamie WRIGGLESWORTH, Dorothy WRIGGLESWORTH

Some of you may have noticed me with a GoPro on my head as I like to video all of my parkruns and put them on YouTube for other parkrunners, so please have a look and see if you can spot yourself. Some photos of the volunteers and runners can be seen at the end of the fast version of the video.

The FAST version can be found here:

The FULL version can be found here:

On to the stats....

This week we had 155 runners, joggers and walkers. 10 UNKNOWNSs (don't forget your barcode next week), 73 Females and 72 Males.

First 3 Males to finish were James HUTCHISON in a stonking 17:21, John BOOTH in 17:27 and Ciaran GARRICK in a new PB of 17:35. First 3 Female finishers were Hugo BULL in 19:55, Jennifer WATT in 20:31 and Kirsty DINSMORE in a new PB of 20:40.

There were an astonishing 86 parkrunners who were new to Victoria Dock of whom 9 were doing their first ever parkrun, and an amazing 26 PB's. So well done to everyone and we hope to see you back next week.

The "most runniest runner" was Lizzie WILKINSON on 417 parkruns, but there were 6 other members of the 250 Club, 30 members of the 100 Club, 21 members of the 50 Club and 3 members of the 10 Club present. No official milestones were achieved today!

The people who have run at Victoria Dock more often than anyone else are Afeworki BEYENE and Stuart GOODFELLOW who have both run an amazing 34 times here out of a possible 44. Well done Afeworki and Stuart, that's commitment!!

I met Michelle STEER on the way to parkrun this morning. Michelle is attempting to join a very small group of people in something known as the "Hoffman Club". To do this you must run your first 50 parkruns at 50 different events. Today, Victoria Dock was Michelle's 37th parkrun at 37 different events so only 13 to go now. Well done Michelle, happy touring!

Other news....

We now have two excellent parkrun podcasts available each week. "Free Weekly Timed" is the offical parkrun podcast with Vassos Alexander and Louise Ayling. We also have "With Me Now" with Danny Norman and Nicola Forwood which is an independent parkrun-based podcast (some of you may remember Danny and Nicola from the much loved "The parkrun Show"). I thoroughly recommend them both.

Mark Pinney (A2522444)


Run Report 2nd February 2019

Three of us from Massey Ferguson RC (known as The Golden Girls) were in search of a ‘V’ for our Alphabeteer. It was a very early start for us, up at the crack of dawn (well before dawn actually), to catch the 6.11am train to Euston. We arrived at Victoria Dock at 8.10am. Soon other tourists started to arrive too. We identified the ‘Community Hut’, and had a walk around, then headed back to the hut at 8.30am.

The Run Director gave a ‘new runners’ briefing at 8.55am, and then the runners walked to the start and the runners were off. The route was an out and back along one side of the dock, past the Good Hotel, the Yacht Hotel, and along the full length of the ExCel, around a cone, and then back along the dock to the Crystal. The runners ran past the Community Hut again, and along the other side of the dock, to the cone, and back again. The path was mainly slabbed, with a few cobbles, and one small section that was icy today, but it was easy to avoid. There was a lot to see, including planes taking off from London City Airport, and the Emirates Cable Car passing overhead.

The course is flat, and great for getting a PB. In fact, Athletics Weekly listed it as No 1 on their list of park runs for getting a PB, and today 13 runners were successful in this quest. There were 50 first-timers out of a field of 102 runners, most of whom I suspect were tourists, like ourselves. I think the prize for travelling the furthest went to a lady who was from Finland. 4 runners were unregistered (or maybe they had forgotten their barcodes? #DFYB).

Thanks go to the volunteers: Helen Fernandes, Matthew Jones, Luke Craig (who ran the run in 18:01 minutes, coming 2nd overall, and then did the barcode scanning), Richard Smith, Dorothy Wrigglesworth, Anna Tarawally, Trixie Oon, Jamie Wrigglesworth, Nicola Stott and Ian Stott, without whom Parkrun wouldn’t happen.

We Golden Girls rounded off our day by going on the Emirates Cable Car, and doing the Aviation Experience. We are looking forward to using our new found knowledge about planes and jet engines at our next Quiz outing!

Helen Rowe


Run report 26th January 2019

Ever on the hunt for an interesting parkrun, this week we settled on Victoria Dock – it was the arrival by cable car that swung it for us. Departing from the Emirates Greenwich Peninsula – 2 minute walk from Greenwich North underground (Jubilee line), the gondola crosses the Thames and delivers you to the doorstep of Victoria Dock parkrun in just 10 minutes.

This week saw 134 parkrunners finish their 5km somewhere between 17 minutes 25 seconds and 46 minutes 51 seconds. Of those parkrunners there were 9 first timers and 35 tourists. 30 people achieved a new personal best. There were no significant milestones celebrated.

A special mention to Kurt – he had to finish first to catch his breath back in time to do the barcode scanning! Talking of which, there were 11 finishers who failed to present a barcode for scanning this week.


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