run Report – Event 233 – 8th June

Summer is with us, bringing warmth, sunshine, blue skies and running gear - and one of those items was present today at the 233rd Wakefield Thornes parkrun well covered by waterproofs and umbrellas as we were treated to some of those gentle showers (aka downpours) that we Brits know and love.

However, warmth was there too, albeit not related to the temperature. Where else can you arrive to be greeted with such a warm welcome? Discussions ranging from how to cater for all the dietary needs at a 50th birthday party (happy birthday - you know who you are!), how to keep pizza dry in the rain and appropriate waterproofs to co-ordinate with strappy sandals, to whether skin is completely waterproof. And not a glum face to be seen!

Marshalls, thank you so much for standing under umbrellas and trees and cheering us on. That is truly ‘Going the extra mile’!

So, after the fastest ever intro from our run director (2 minutes as promised), we were off! 228 people walking, running, jogging and wading around the scenic route that wends its way through Thornes Park and beyond. ‘Lovely weather for ducks’ you might say - but the ducks appeared to think otherwise, even the ducklings appearing bedraggled as if to say:
‘What’s this about water off a duck’s back?’.

But the weather was not so much a discouragement to our valiant members as an encouragement to go faster and 51 people gained a personal best (PB) including Chloe doing her second ever parkrun and her first in Wakefield. Well done all of you.

Results were as follows:

Male placings:

First past the post in a time of 17mins 27 was Adam Peers of Wakefield District Harriers and AC, followed by Stewart Knowles from the same club in 17mins 48. An unknown runner was next in, followed by Owen Chapman in 4th place with a time of 18mins 12.

Female placings:

Rosie Boughton from Wakefield District Harriers and AC came in first woman in a time of 22mins 06 followed by Gabriella Price from the same club with a time of 22mins 39 and Jessica Watson in third place with a time of 22min 43.


Today there were 26 first timers - nice to meet you all.
Matthew Laffey completed his 50th parkrun today. Well done!

A big thank you to all our volunteers who made today’s run possible, they included:

Kov BAHADORI, Nikki BAKER, Viv CROSSLEY, Matilda FURZER, Max FURZER, Shaun FURZER, Phil GIBSON, Jennifer GILL, Paul GILLINGS, Charlotte HALL, Philip HALL, Lily HARDY, Robert HARDY, Wendy INGHAM, Sara L JONES, Stewart KNOWLES, Caroline MCGRATH, Andrew NICHOLLS, Deb NICHOLLS, Clare PECKETT, Thomas SELLERS, Lisa VERCELLI and Emma WICKS

A huge vote of thanks too, to all you special people who turned up, undeterred by the forecast, and made it such a special run with your smiles, banter and company. After you have checked out for webbed feet (did I mention the rain???) why not join us again at Wakefield Thornes parkrun? You could even drag a friend along - you know it will do them good! That’s what friends are for! All are welcome: complete beginners, walkers and runners alike,
however inexperienced, new to running or slow you think you are. We promise that you will never be the last person back in and that we will cheer you on!

Next week the Thornes parkrun will not be happening as Race for Life will be setting up around the course. To find other nearby runs, please visit the home page of our website. See you all the following week!