The Race for Life Easter sale is now live

The Race for Life Easter sale is now live. Use the code ‘SPRING19’ before Monday 15th April 2019 and get 30% off your #RaceforLife entry fee.

Join now with your friends and family and together we will beat cancer:

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There’s no additional Event New Years Day 2017

Business as usual Saturday 31 December. There's no additional Event New Years Day 2017 (on Tour again, may get 2 runs in!)


Christmas Day 2016

It's business as usual Saturday 24 December. There's no additional Event Christmas Day 2016 (some of us get to go on Tour!)


For this week only we will be running the course in reverse!

Remember that for this week only we will be running the course in reverse so the start line will be down by the duck pond and the route will be something like this: Along the duck pond, round the aviary, up the hill to the red brick road, bear right along red brick road, turn left up the hill and down towards the changing rooms, across the park towards the top of chestnut walk, down the hill on chestnut walk, bear left and come round in a loop, down the park path towards the train, left parallel to the playground, left and up towards the changing rooms on the grass and then round the trees and back down on the road, left onto the path alongside the skate park, left onto the paths leading past secret gardens/football pitch, right down towards the aviary then left all the way along the duckpond to rhubarb triangle, right by the hut and loop anti-clockwise back onto the main stretch, turning right to run past the car park and all the way up the hill swooping round to the left reach the finish line (which is normally the start line). Everyone got that memorised? Fabulous! And don't forget your barcode...or cape!


Reminder- No parkruns Christmas, Boxing and New Year’s Days :-(

Just a reminder - Unfortunately the Stadium will be closed Christmas, Boxing and New Year's Days.  So you have an ideal opportunity to either  'go on Tour' and/or spend time with your Families!


It’s not supposed to be snowing this far North!

Apologies for the short Notice but we have concerns over staging parkrun tomorrow. We will take a view at 7:00am and post our decision as to whether the Event will go ahead.


Events around the Christmas New year period

There will be no additional events during the ChristmasNew year period. We will operate as normal on Sat 27 and Sat 3 Jan.

Happy parkrunning

Andrew NICHOLLS - Event Director

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