Sorry Folks we are CANCELLED for Tomorrow (9 November 2019)

Sorry Folks we are CANCELLED for Tomorrow.

After a full course check this afternoon there are key paths that are flooded and not passable safely.

We don’t take this decision lightly but the safety of all our participants is the priority. We are making the call tonight to amenable those that wish to the opportunity to travel.

Hopefully the weather gods will be kind and we will see you all as usual next week.


run Report – Event #252 – 26th October 2019 – by Sally Fozzard

Wet, wet, wet and more wet greeted us at wakefield thornes this morning where 127 of you hardy souls braved the monsoon like conditions to run, jog and walk (or was it paddle and swim) the rivers, ponds and waterfalls course. Showing the parkrun love is all around!!!

A sweet little mystery is that 10 of you chose today to be your first time and 17 of you recorded new personal bests!!!

Mark Holden finished first with a glistening new PB in 17:20 and Olivia Barlow was the first female in 23:41.

With a little help from my friends , the volunteers, we couldn’t resist the temptation to try and hold back the river so everyone could enjoy the morning and not shed a tear! Massive thanks go to:

John GRAY • Sally Jane FOZZARD • Clare PECKETT • Ian MEADE • Shaun TUNSTALL • Kov BAHADORI • Wesley Andrew WEAVER • Beth GRIPTON • Rebecca ZSERDICKY • Lisa VERCELLI • Ann COLLIER • Alan COLLIER • Deanne WHITEHEAD • Matthew KELLETT • Jacqueline WALKER • Phil GIBSON • John WALKER • Thomas JAQUES • Paul JAQUES • Paul GILLINGS • Charlotte HALL • Philip HALL • Anna FURZER • Jasper WILLIAMS • Tracey GRAY

We hope to see you all again next week for more of the same (minus the rain). If you would like to try out a high vis vest for size please get in touch on Facebook or by email during the week or meet us in the stadium at 8:30 on Saturday (wishing I was lucky enough to have a full roster by mid week!!!)


Run Report Event #251 19th October 2019

It was another fantastic autumn morning at Wakefield Thornes parkrun.

There were tourists from Leeds and Bradford, Sean Piper was celebrating his 50th birthday week and Tony Audsley completed his 200th parkrun!

Adam Peers was first finisher in 17:33 and Elly Roberts was first female finisher in 21:29 with a new course PB.

Next Saturday, 26th October is the weekend before Halloween and there will be optional fancy dress - ghosts, ghouls, or anything Halloween related.

This week 311 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 22 were first timers and 40 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 30 different clubs took part.

We had an awesome team of volunteers today! Please consider volunteering - you can get in touch on Facebook, via email or just rock up at 08:30 at the stadium.

The event was made possible by 36  volunteers:

Sally Jane FOZZARD • Clare PECKETT • Sarah BURTON • Kov BAHADORI • Andrew NICHOLLS • Lisa VERCELLI • Karen BATTYE • Phoebe VERCELLI • Deb NICHOLLS • Graham CROSSLEY • Viv CROSSLEY • Paul HIGHAM • Hayley HARTLEY • Phil GIBSON • Chris BRACCHI • Jane-Marie BRACCHI • John WALKER • Sara L JONES • John OSBORNE • Andrew H JONES • Alison BENNETT • Steve REAPE • Sarah SCOTT • Paul ROBINSON • Harry BENNETT • Elsie BENNETT • Myles DANSON • Imogen HARTLEY • Elivia HARTLEY • Holly MCCREADY • Gethin HARDY • Jon VAILE • Lily HARDY • Robert HARDY • Kian MAHON • Roseanne MARKS

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Wakefield Thornes parkrun Results Page.

The female record is held by Jenny BUCK who recorded a time of 18:09 on 21st April 2018 (event number 176).
The male record is held by Mark BOSTOCK who recorded a time of 15:36 on 29th June 2019 (event number 235).
The Age Grade course record is held by Treena JOHNSON who recorded 93.86% (19:33) on 20th October 2018 (event number 201).

Wakefield Thornes parkrun started on 20th September 2014. Since then 8,261 participants have completed 58,720 parkruns covering a total distance of 293,600 km, including 11,165 new Personal Bests. A total of 664 individuals have volunteered 6,224 times.


5th Oct Henrun report


A little chilly but thankfully dry (a vast improvement on last weeks wash out) made for another fabulous morning at Wakefield Thornes parkrun, where 323 of you ran, jogged and walked the course.

Many thanks to you all for your friendly, and enthusiastic welcome of our hen Rebecca Zserdicky and her party, many of who were parkrun first timers. For those of you thinking that this seemed a cruel and unusual form of celebration it was at Rebecca’s request - although I’m certain she envisaged a more straightforward run than she got (after all she is frequently in our top 3 women finishers)!!!

After high-fiving you lovely lot and kissing the sleeping policemen she stopped at each piece of trim trail equipment for some Mr and Mrs questions (whilst undertaking the required exercise) to gain extra costume at each station completed. Then to many shouts of “I’m the Bride”, required whenever the whistle was blown, we made our way around the remainder of the course. Thank you so much for embracing her challenges, joining in high fives and wishing her well, it really summed up how parkrun is a community of friends and so much more than just a run in the park every week. You’ll be pleased to know that the rest of the day was more traditional relaxing at the spa followed by some cocktail making!!!

image1 (1)

A massive shout out to those of you who sacrificed your run on the start line to swell marshal numbers on the course. And thank you to all our high viz heroes this week: Sally Jane FOZZARD • Clare PECKETT • Andrew NICHOLLS • Donna ELLIS • Beth GRIPTON • Lisa VERCELLI • Holly BROOK • Phoebe VERCELLI • Deb NICHOLLS • Daz HEWITT • Deanne WHITEHEAD • Marco VERCELLI • Phil GIBSON • John OSBORNE • Vonetta LYE • Susan BAINES • Charlotte HALL • Philip HALL • Lyndsay BELL • Jacob SHILLAM • Myles DANSON • Robyn ELLIS • Holly MCCREADY • Kian MAHON • Jasper WILLIAMS. Without volunteers we can’t put on parkrun so please consider having a go. No experience necessary, full training given!

We welcomed tourists from Barnsley,

Derby, Cheltenham and Sheffield as well as 31 first timers. We hope you’ll all be back again soon.

Congratulations to Brendan Wain and Stephen Smales on their 100th parkruns and to the 65 of you who recorded PBs.

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Wakefield Thornes parkrun Results Page.