Wallace parkrun, Lisburn is cancelled on 2021-05-15 – COVID-19 (Coronavirus)


parkrun HQ have announced that all parkrun events in the UK have been suspended with immediate effect.

All events will be cancelled until at least the end of March, but closures are expected to continue through April.

However, don't fret.

We will meet at the bandstand again.

We will visit the duck pond three times again.

You will get your barcode scanned again.

We will run, jog, walk or volunteer again.

The parkrun community is great, and let's not forget that.


Saturday 14th March.

In line with parkrun UK guidelines we will still be having our event tomorrow morning, 14th March.

HQ are actively encouraging us not to cancel, as outlined in the attached link.



If this changes before tomorrow morning then it shall be posted on our social media pages.

If you’re not feeling well then we’d obviously encourage you to stay at home and put your feet up.

As we mentioned earlier in the week, we shall also not be serving our usual refreshments.

See you all tomorrow. </p>
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Run Report, 7th March 2020. Event 337.

Run Report. Event 337.

The Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan is fairly unique in many ways. Instead of GDP to measure the productivity of the nation they use the rather charming ‘GNH’; Gross National Happiness. It values collective happiness as a goal of the government.

Now, we’re pretty certain that there isn’t a parkrun in the capital, Thimphu, but there’s no doubt that it would be a significant boost to the GNH were there one. Think how much happiness it has brought all of us over the years, even as we go up to the ducks for the third time…

Yesterday we celebrated 7 years (exactly) of Wallace parkrun. 7706 different people have completed 56,488 parkruns in that time. We think that is fairly spectacular really. That has all been made by countless hours of volunteering from our wonderful hi-vis heroes. What will these numbers look like in another 7 years? Goodness only knows. We’re just getting started.

257 of you crossed our finish line yesterday morning. There was once a time when we thought anything over 150 was a busy morning. Now we rarely get less than 200 finishers. Just great.

19 of you joined us for the first time ever, while 13 finishers were doing their first parkrun ever. We hope you left the park significantly happier. That’s what it’s all about really at the end of the day.

37 of you were made marginally happier when your result arrived with news of your new PB. Well done to you all! Paul McGann was one of you, and he had extra reason to celebrate as he completed his 50th parkrun. Our only milestone of the day.

All the results are in the usual place: https://www.parkrun.org.uk/wallace/results/latestresults/

Volunteering has been a tremendous source of happiness to many people too. You should really give it a go if you haven’t already btw.

We have 25 folk to thank for making our event happen yesterday. Thank you Fiona, Tim, Jonathan, Paul, Jim, Michael, Brenda, Gary, Laura, Nuala, Stephen, Stan, Rebekah, Pat, Fiona, Alastair, Catherine, Heather, Ciara, Gareth, Geralyn, Fiona, Sarah, Eimear and Phyllis!

Our event continues to go from strength to strength. Thanks to everybody who makes that possible. We hope the next seven years are as happy as the last.

You’ll be glad to hear that we get to do it all over again next week. Making our weekends that bit happier, one trip to the duck pond at a time.

See you all then. We hope you have a happy week.


Wallace parkrun 2019

Wallace parkrun 2019.

In the Netherlands they have a saying, “Niet gelijk, maar wel gelijkwaardig”. We’re reliably informed that it translates as, “We’re not the same, but we’re worth the same”.

Regardless of age, gender, ability, religion, income, everybody is afforded the same respect. We’d like to think every Saturday morning at parkrun is very much like that.

Yes, we all run around Wallace Park every Saturday morning. In reality it has become something much greater than that. A community masquerading as a free, weekly, timed run, jog or walk. 

There are some things in life you can’t put a value on. The conversations you had with those people in the queue to get scanned, the friendly word of encouragement to/from that total stranger, the sense of achievement when you reach a milestone or get a new PB. 

A parkrun survey this year found that 90% of parkrunners felt a sense of achievement at parkrun, while 84% of volunteers said parkrun improved their happiness. All for free. 

For those of you who like the numbers, this year 2561 of us completed 11,260 parkruns in Wallace Park. That’s almost a collective distance of 34,900 miles. The Equator is a mere 24,900 miles. 

In 2019 we also had our highest ever attendance of 462 finishers, and we also saw the 50,000th parkrun completed at Wallace.

256 different volunteers carried out 1290 different roles to ensure the parkrun magic happened this year. 

Our 46 events this year did not just happen by pure luck. A big thank you if you marshalled out in the cold and wet, if you scanned barcodes, if you poured the tea and coffee, if you handed out the finish tokens, if you paced, if you timed, if you carted the kit to or from the pavilion. 

It takes a lot of effort, by a lot of people to make it all happen every single week. Your help is greatly appreciated. 

There were innumerable milestones (collective and individual) this year, oodles of new PBs and other achievements. Let’s not forget all the great cakes that have graced the bandstand too. 

This year we’ll leave you with the words of the parkrun founder, Paul Sinton-Hewitt who recently wrote,

“parkrun is a force for good that unites us. It reminds us that, given the chance, people want to help each other, and themselves, to be better.” 

We look forward to doing just that in 2020. Sure, the ducks would miss us. 

A very happy New Year to you all.

• The Wallace parkrun team.


Christmas Day parkrun, 2019.

We're pleased to say that we shall again be running on Christmas Day this year.

Usual 9:30am start. We hope you'll be joining us.

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