Event 462 – 21 May 2022

We have a guest run report writer this week:

Three of us travelled from Worcester to join in Walsall Arboretum parkrun, and for one of us – Wendy Pickess – it was a trip down memory lane having gone to school just opposite the park.  In those days running was seen more as a punishment than a pleasure, and as for many of us parkrun has helped to change that.  In fact, this particular parkrun landed on her birthday and was part of making the day special.  

Despite the fact that this parkrun has been going ten years now and Worcester is not so far away, I had never visited the arboretum before. I loved the setting, with so many established trees, the twists and turns along the paths, the green in the middle and especially the loop around the lake. On the other hand, I find courses with three laps can be a motivational challenge, as I ask myself whether I can summon the energy and the willpower for another lap.  I had let some friends in Walsall know that I was coming, and they came along to watch and encouraged me each time I passed the central green, which definitely helped.

In total 309 people assembled for parkrun, with 28 volunteers making it all possible.  When the Run Director asked if there was anyone doing their very first parkrun there was definitely a hand raised at the back, and looking at the results there were actually ten people new to parkrun.  So welcome to the parkrun family and, be warned, it’s addictive!

Walsall people seem to run fast.  Jonathan Walters was the first finisher, in an amazing time of 15:44, and the first female runner was Kelly Butler in 18:34.  And a special mention to Dot Fellows, who finished in 24:57, and an age grading of 100.8% - which I think means that she is amongst the fastest women on the planet for her age!  Altogether 39 people managed a PB, so well done to all of them.

Thanks again to the friendly volunteers and marshals for making it all possible, keeping us safe and encouraging us along the way. It was great to be part of this parkrun and I would recommend it to anyone.


(l-r) Wendy Pickess, Kevin Pickess & John Drew (report writer)

We also had a lovely email from Sue Cooper:

Just a brief message to say how much I enjoyed taking part in the Walsall Arboretum parkrun yesterday.  I had travelled from Southport to attend the Diamond League event in Birmingham, so stopping off in Walsall seemed a good idea.  Runners and local park users alike were so cheerful and friendly, it was a real joy to be there.  Thank you so much.

The coffee was pretty good too!


10-Run Club

Runner Runs @ Walsall Walsall PB
Harry GILLIVER 9 22:35
Jorja WRIGHT 4 21:42
Grace BULLOCK 9 23:32

25-Run Club

Runner Runs @ Walsall Walsall PB
Rick PAREKH 22 28:34
Jim STANISTREET 22 23:47

50-Run Club

Runner Runs @ Walsall Walsall PB
Gary WHITEHOUSE 40 16:24
Ryan SWANWICK 46 22:51
Liam BRADLEY 37 26:28

250-Run Club

Runner Runs @ Walsall Walsall PB
Jane MURRAY 213 30:44


Any photos used in this post have been taken by Julian RODERICK unless otherwise stated. If you would prefer not to have your photo taken, please speak to the run director on arrival. The link to this week's photos is here


First Timers and Record Breakers – 21 May 2022

Welcome to this week’s first time parkrunners

Runner Time Runner Time
Ben MAIDEN 24:45 Sarah LEACY 33:05
Neeraj SPOLIA 30:11 Rachel CURZON 33:09
Sarah WALKER 30:38 Jennie CUMMINGS 38:54
Roman G 32:34 Freddie SMITH 42:01
Haret ALFASI 32:43 Justine SMITH 50:04

Joining us for the first time from other parkruns:

Runner Time Runs Runner Time Runs
Dafydd NELSON 20:02 21 Kelvin BASTOW 24:20 5
James DAVEY 20:11 86 Shaun THOMAS 25:50 57
John R DREW 20:34 359 Kevin PICKESS 26:46 251
Claire WARD 20:59 4 Susan COOPER 27:11 125
Daniel STRANGE 22:08 168 Wendy PICKESS 28:40 229
Robbie CATTELL 22:37 9 Megan FROGGATT 32:55 5
Will TUCKER 23:17 16 Kat KNIGHT 35:56 83
Charles LARSSON 24:08 130

And congratulations to everyone who set a PB this weekend:

Runner Time Runner Time
Jonathan CARTER 15:44 Harry STANLEY 26:46
Tony DAVIES 17:30 Mark HUGHES 26:57
Richard NAYLOR 17:33 Raj PATEL 27:00
Stephen MORGAN 17:43 Andrew HILL 27:08
Jan MALECKI 17:56 Freddie HARRIS 27:24
Brad WATKINS 17:58 Sally GORDON 28:11
Tully KEARNEY 19:17 Lisa DUNCAN 28:32
Scott DAVIES 19:45 Rick PAREKH 28:34
Laura CRICK 20:20 Rebecca STONE 29:08
Angel CARIATA 21:16 Jack NICHOLLS 29:32
Arron DHESI 21:50 Emma GAUT 29:34
Harry GILLIVER 22:35 Gary SIMMONS 30:58
Simon PEACH 23:25 Karl WINPENNY 32:03
Grace BULLOCK 23:32 Angie KAUR 33:13
Laura KELLY 24:26 Sohail FAQIR 34:31
Nick STRONG 24:53 Bhakti SHAH 37:19
Joseph KINGSTON 25:01 Tamika BURKE 37:20
Lucie MILLS 25:51 Caitlin CLARKE 44:57
Mandeep RANA 26:25

First Timers and Record Breakers – 7 May 2022

Welcome to this week’s first time parkrunners

Runner Time Runner Time
Boris WORRALL 25:05 Daniel TUCK 30:56
Billy PRITCHARD 28:29 Archie RICHMOND 39:30
Aleigha STRAWFORD 30:56

Joining us for the first time from other parkruns:

Runner Time Runs Runner Time Runs
Oliver MORGAN 20:52 79 Chris J MOORE 26:23 454
Stephen NGUYEN 20:58 30 Ben MORGAN 27:06 3
John BAXTER 21:51 71 Margaret HARVEY 27:26 223
Christopher TINGLE 22:10 103 Nick TINGLE 30:01 7
Elspeth ADAMSON-WOODS 22:19 76 Peter WHITWORTH 32:21 19
Georgia DELANEY 23:30 43 Tamika BURKE 39:23 2
Helen LIPSCOMB 25:46 244 Cathryn JONES 1:01:04 3
Michael SMITH 26:22 75

And congratulations to everyone who set a PB this weekend:

Runner Time Runner Time
Ben DEAN 18:16 Arleta HUGHES 27:44
Stephen HOGAN 18:34 Gemma GOODE 28:19
Warren KENT 19:43 Sally GORDON 28:31
Joe WAIT 19:58 Katie LAW 29:15
Mark SIMPSON 19:59 Rebecca STONE 29:34
Joe SHORE 20:04 Daniel WAITE 32:10
Robert BOWEN 20:14 Rudra BHATT 32:26
Laura CRICK 20:48 Talvin KALIRAI 32:30
Angel CARIATA 22:00 Melonie FARRELL 33:13
Phil BALL 23:09 Kelly REID 33:15
Mitchell TOMLINSON 23:15 Nicola SCRIVENS 34:49
Paul EATON 24:25 Gillian PINNEGAR 35:00
Simon PEACH 24:41 Adam GOULD 35:19
Andrew D HERRING 24:45 Amy CASSIDY 36:47
Jake DILWORTH 25:33 Bhakti SHAH 38:34
Rachel PRITCHARD 25:35 Eliza WILLIAMS 41:28
Lydia KING 25:48 Agnes JOHAL 42:29
Kevin ADAMS 27:26 Caitlin CLARKE 45:42
Joseph KINGSTON 27:41


Saturday's event turned out to be a celebration of Mick Elwell's magnificent achievement of reaching 500 parkruns and the first at Walsall to achieve this. Mick was well supported by family and friends and great to see so many milestone t shirts in support.

The occasion was made even special with Ursula, daughter Carol and 2 Granddaughters running with him with Elizabeth achieving her 10 milestone and Eve celebrating her 9th birthday.

In addition to this Mick and Ursula are both members of our Core team and are at the Arboretum early every week regardless of weather to ensure the course is checked and set up then help put away afterwards. Both have completed well over 300 volunteer credits although would be close to 500 as this wasn't recorded the same way in the early days.

Well done and thank you Mick we are very proud of you from all the Core team, volunteers and all the Walsall parkrun family

Although not official milestones worthy mentions to Helen Phillips, 300 & Linda Cundliffe 350.

I'm pleased to report our friend Peter who had to go to hospital as a precautionary measure returned home yesterday afternoon and was settled and comfortable, thank you to the marshals and runners who stopped to assist and make sure Peter was okay

305 Runners
35 Clubs Represented
7 First Timers 27 Set a new PB
30 First Time Tourists 12 Unknown (#DFYB)



Harshad PATEL Steve LAW Michele LAWRENCE
Michelle YOUNG Terence William ALLSOPP Linda CUNDLIFFE


50-Run Club

Runner Runs @ Walsall Walsall PB
Amy KHAN 50 28:43

500-Run Club

Runner Runs @ Walsall Walsall PB
Michael ELWELL 424 21:57


Most Events - Men

Runner Club parkruns completed
Michael ELWELL Midland Masters AC 500
Harshad PATEL Aldridge RC 423
Jason VIGRASS Aldridge RC 372


Most Events - Ladies

Runner Club parkruns completed
Ursula ELWELL Midland Masters AC 491
Linda CUNDLIFFE Walsall Arboretum Running Club 350
Lisa DIMBLEBY Aldridge RC 335


10-Run Club

Runner Runs @ Walsall Walsall PB
Liam HILL 1 18:17
Lucie MILLS 8 26:32
Elizabeth OWEN 10 36:17

On Sundays, 4-14 year olds can take part in junior parkrun, which is run over a 2km distance. The nearest junior parkruns to Walsall Arboretum are :

On This Week In History


Date First Male First Female # Runners # Volunteers
2021 No parkrun at Walsall No UK parkruns (COVID-19)
14/03/20 Liam HARROLD Cristina O'BRIEN 359 46
16/03/19 Abraham AHFOROM Carli BALDWIN 437 38
17/03/18 Jonathan CARTER Ellie CLARKE 333 35
18/03/17 Chris BAXTER Elizabeth WATTERS 400 32
12/03/16 Elliot HIND Louisa DAVIDSON 362 25
14/03/15 Daniel ROBINSON Joanne KENT 285 28
15/03/14 James Edward BOOKER Amy Louise SHEPPARD-TWEEDIE 224 13
16/03/13 Jonathan CARTER Aimee HOPCROFT 100 7
17/03/12 James PERRIN Suzy STREET-HALL 49 15


14,330 different runners 22,752 PBs recorded
134,003 runs completed 670,015 km of distance covered
1,290 individual volunteers 1,145 volunteer roles completed



Fastest Lady: Hayley CARRUTHERS 15:58 on 13 July 2019
Fastest Man: Omer AHMED 14:12 on 17 August 2019
Age Grade: Dot FELLOWS 102.90% (23:34) on 14 March 2020
Attendance: 739 on 25 December 2019


Any photos used in this post have been taken by Julian RODERICK unless otherwise stated. If you would prefer not to have your photo taken, please speak to the run director on arrival. The link to this week's photos is here

Run Report:

Report written by Chris Tucker. If you have anything you'd like to be included, please feel free to contact us via e-mail facebook or twitter.

e-mail Facebook
walsall@parkrun.com @walsallarboretumparkrun
Twitter Instagram
@Walsallparkrun @Walsall_arbo_parkrun


If you can't wait until Saturday for your next parkrun fix, there are a couple of podcasts that might interest you

  • With Me Now

Hosted by Danny Norman and Nicola Forewood (who formerly fronted the parkrun show) - https://withmenow.libsyn.com/

  • Free Weekly Timed

Hosted by Vassos Alexander (from the Chris Evans Breakfast Show) and Helen Williams - http://www.freeweeklytimed.com/


First Timers and Record Breakers – 16 April 2022

Welcome to this week’s first time parkrunners

Runner Time Runner Time
Matt CHIDLOW 24:45 B RICHARDS 47:36
Chris HACKETT 28:50 Jessica PILMER 48:05
Rye DELA FUENTE 39:54 Eddison RYDER-CADDY 50:07
Melissa WILLIAMS 42:52

Joining us for the first time from other parkruns:

Runner Time Runs Runner Time Runs
Liam HILL 18:17 10 Sukhbir SINGH 28:01 30
Christopher STOCKING 18:28 41 Coralie HILL 28:17 12
Robert MARSH 20:50 7 Emma THOMAS 28:36 85
Tom GLIBBERY 21:12 58 Helen BILLINGHAM 28:47 124
Neil BRAMWELL 21:39 207 Alice SMITH 28:49 69
Megan HARROLD 22:28 19 Ann BENNETT 30:03 3
P.s. GILL 22:58 30 Keeley MUNDY 30:06 80
Matthew COX 24:06 22 Paul HARLOW 31:06 67
Tristan BEER 24:22 8 Clare MARSH 32:18 5
Adam THOMAS 24:51 129 Lisa DUNCAN 32:32 2
Ken HUGHES 24:55 210 Leanne HARRISON 32:42 2
Peter HARRIS 25:30 23 Andrew J CONNELLY 33:12 20
Steve AMOS 26:15 49 Freya HUGHES 33:54 93
Vanessa BEADSWORTH 27:43 222 Mike COX 34:52 24
Nathan KAPP 27:45 66 Jayne COX 38:00 8

And congratulations to everyone who set a PB this weekend:

Runner Time Runner Time
Tully KEARNEY 19:34 Lisa HICKMAN 28:55
Paul WILKES 22:04 Denise BAGSHAW 29:17
Ian ROBINSON 22:10 Lauren PEACH 29:37
Connor STANLEY 23:47 Dora CHEESBROUGH 32:02
Seamus FAHY 25:24 Maximus RYDER-CADDY 32:47
David PRITCHARD 25:42 Karl WINPENNY 33:44
Lydia KING 26:02 Juan Paulo RAMOS 34:26
Josef KOREN 26:21 Roxann UNITT 38:53
Harjinder SINGH 26:33 Stacey Marie WELCH 38:54
Rishi SPOLIA 26:41 John CONNELLY 40:19
Eddie HUGHES 26:43 Olivia LLEWELLYN 41:38
Harry STANLEY 26:55 Helen DAVIES 41:46
Andrew HILL 28:28 Eve OWEN 43:29
Stephen GALLAGHER 28:44
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