parkrun rewind #1 – 19 April 2014

With no sign as to when we may be able to get together for a parkrun at the arboretum any time soon, I thought I'd delve into the archives to try and cheer people up. So, here are some memories from the third Saturday in April 2014.

The course being used at that time started at the park gates by the bowling pavilion and the play park. The first half of the lap was broadly the same, but it hugged the path around the lake rather than going up to the clock tower. Due to works being carried out on centre green, after going between the lakes, runners turned right so for a brief period, there was a two way section. Then a quick right-left-right to head up Beacon Way path (so the tennis courts were on your right) before coming down the hill behind the bowling pavilion..

On 19 April 2014:

    • 191 people run, jogged and walked.
    • of which 12 were new parkrunners to the arboretum.
    • and 48 set a new PB.
    • 31 clubs were represented





    • Your Run Director was: Ayaaz TARAJIA.
    • Your Timekeeper(s) were: Allan HODSON, Kate WILLIAMS.
    • Your Barcode Scanners were: Ania GRUSZCZYNSKA, Matt PHILLIPS.
    • Your Marshals were: Tracey BARTLAM, Bunny KYD, Chris THOMPSON, Steve THOMPSON, Ewan THORNTON.
    • Your Funnel Manager(s) were: Steve LAW.
    • Your Token Issuer(s) were: Margaret ALLEN.
    • Your Tail Walker(s) were: John QUINN.

The photographs were taken by Ronald REYNOLDS and can be found here.

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Even though parkrun is paused - the podcasts are still continuing:

      • With Me Now

Hosted by Danny Norman and Nicola Forewood (who formerly fronted the parkrun show) -
Walsall parkrun was profiled by Danny in episode 74 -here

      • Free Weekly Timed

Hosted by Vassos Alexander (from the Chris Evans Breakfast Show) and Helen Williams -

The parkrunners running, jogging and walking at Walsall for the first time this week were:

Runner Time Runner Time
Keith BATE 20:50 John HAYWARD 30:14
Mark JESSON 21:14 Julie WEBSTER 33:09
Matthew COOK 21:31 Mark WEBSTER 33:10
George COOK 21:41 Colin MEARS 34:35
Libby DUNNE 21:58 Julia SAWYER 36:18
Matthew CHIDLOW 24:55 Rubylin MCINTOSH-SAULT 44:19

The parkrunners who set a new Personal Best time around the arboretum course were:

Runner Time Runner Time
Aimee HOPCROFT 17:43 Sue BAKER 26:17
Christopher COLLIS 18:31 Kate FACEY 26:24
Luke WIEDEMAN 19:31 Evan YOUNG 26:24
Michael SMITH 19:33 Emma THOMPSON 26:27
Stewart UNDERHILL 19:33 Jack COLGRAVE 26:43
Conall GREEN 19:43 Alan PEARCE 26:44
Geoff FARMER 19:52 Robert WINNALL 26:45
Nathan BAILEY 20:34 Jennifer BURNS 26:48
Clive LAMB 20:35 Hayley COLGRAVE 26:50
Nat LEWIS 20:51 Trevel JAMES 26:51
James POOLE 21:47 Isaac THORNTON 27:17
Mike POLAND 22:23 Joanna POULTON 27:30
Phil SAWYER 22:39 Andrew CORNS 27:43
Robert ALLEN 22:41 Neil COOKSEY 27:45
Jason HOLT 22:41 Terence Anthony HASTINGS 28:35
David PAGE 23:10 Martyn COLLIER 29:32
Simon GRUMETT 23:15 Emma WINNALL 30:03
Richard HAINES 23:53 Helen OWEN 30:08
Natalie BOSWELL 24:29 Sophie GOUGH 30:33
Phillip TURRELL 24:53 Sarah-Anne FITZSIMMONS 30:49
Sam JOHNSON 25:04 Wendy HERRIOTT 31:18
Richard GIBBS 25:58 Razia BIBI 33:09
Kate DELL 26:02 Alice SAULT 33:23
Rajinder NARANG 26:07 Dipika DOOKHY 35:18