Walthamstow parkrun # 304 – 05/01/2019

A grey and chilly 304th Walthamstow parkrun was completed by 122 runners, joggers and walkers this morning. Well done to all the finishers. We had a strong band of volunteers this morning which included cheering marshals to keep everyone going.

We welcomed an amazing 24 first timers today. Some of those were parkrun tourists including some of Ercole Lugari's friends from South of the river - more on that later - but many did their first ever parkrun, a few New Year's resolutions being kept so far I suspect. Hope to see you again next week especially those who have fitness as their resolution.

Even though it was cold and a bit muddy, there were 12 PBs. Well done if you were one of them.
We also celebrated three achievements with cake as is the parkrun tradition! Firstly, many thanks to Lynne Durrant who just before Christmas completed her 100th volunteer stint. She has probably helped at more events than have even been noted down so it's likely to be a lot more then 100 really. She not only volunteers but is also a great help on the phone to new Run Directors when they have problems with processing results. Not that I have ever needed to call her, of course!!! Thanks Lynne.

Many of us did the New Year's Day doubles and Darren Lamb completed his 150th parkrun on 1st January 2019. Well done Darren.

The running machine that is Ercole Lugari celebrated his 250th parkrun today. Well done Ercole. Everyone celebrated with a great cake and as mentioned before, some of his friends from South London came to support him celebrate this amazing milestone. Ercole has been a Run Director for many years for parkrun, and is now also the Event Director for the new Leyton Junior parkrun, which starts on Sunday 20th January at 9am at Jubilee Park. All children aged 4-14 are welcome and adult - and young - volunteers will be needed so take a look at the event page to find out more.

That's about it for this week but we need some volunteers for the next three January parkruns so please let us know if you can help out. Also, if you have any milestones coming up, let us know as we like to celebrate them.
Have a good week.
Steve (RD)

49698551_2005273726257169_2163335650735030272_o 49587683_2005273002923908_4300887723733942272_o 20190105_095112 20190105_100349 20190105_095042 20190105_100039 20190105_100057 20190105_100226 20190105_100037


Walthamstow parkrun # 303 – 29/12/2018

Well done to the 94 finishers at this morning's 303rd Walthamstow parkrun. We had 7 runners at their first ever parkrun and 10 more parkrun tourists from other parkruns including Manchester, Saddleworth, Halifax and Reading. We hope you enjoyed the event and we hope to see you again. It was great to see Daphne Parr back with us.

Patrick Brown was first in 19:41 and Anna Morgan first lady in 24:26 on quite a muddy course. I have been looking at aged related achievements recently and thought they are worthy of a mention from time to time so well done to Margaret Deacon and Penny Wiles with with aged related percentages of about 65% today which to put their achievements in perspective is about the same at those finishing in the first half a dozen timed places. There were also 5 PBs this week for Andrew Sharp, Elaine Macgill, Anne-Marie Kennedy, Sue Cooper and Gillian Roffey. Great going.

Congratulations to Nicholas Voo and Sue Tan, both completing their 100th runs today. Please let the admin team know if you have milestones coming up as we like to celebrate them and present a certificate but we do need advance notice to make them.
Nicholas Voo after his 100th parkrun Sue Tan after her 100th parkrun
No Walthamstow parkrun New Year's Day but some of us are doing double parkruns at other venues. It would be great to have Stow runners out in force. Look at the parkrun Christmas Compendium site for runs that are taking place.

We are short of volunteers over the coming weeks and these events can only take place when people step forward to help so please let us know if you can help out. A big thanks to today's volunteers: Dermot Hughes, James Tharrat, Angela Lambert, Steve Peacock, Jon Gamble, Simon Baker, Lynne Durrant, Darren Lamb, Jamie Lamb, Holly Lamb and Greg Johnstone.

Thanks to everyone for remembering barcodes. The results processing is so much easier when it runs smoothly and having barcodes really helps with that.

That's it for this week so have a great new year everyone and see you at Walthamstow parkrun on 5th January when I will be your Run Director again (then not again until March 9th).


The day Santa Claus came to town!

"You better watch out, you better not cry, better not pout, I'm telling you why... Santa Claus is coming to town" So goes the song, but on 15th December 2018 not only did Santa Claus come to town (well, the Peter May Centre to be more precise) but also several of his relatives, Mrs Claus, some elves, a Christmas tree or two, a snowman and even a turkey! The Claus family and friends were all in town to run, jog, walk or marshal at the 301st Walthamstow parkrun, and there were some fabulous costumes on display for our annual Santa parkrun - well done to everyone who dressed up.

The weather had turned rather chilly and those wearing the full santa suit with hat and beard were the envy of those who weren't so covered up, at least until we got warmed up by running! Despite the cold weather, 105 people took part, including 17 first timers - welcome, and we hope you will join us again soon. First male finisher was Patrick Brown, wearing shoes this week after running barefoot last week, who finished in 17:57, and first female finisher was Sarah Proudfoot of Victoria Park Harriers and Tower Hamlets AC, who finished in 23:25. The cold weather didn't stop 6 people from recording new Personal Bests - maybe they were running extra fast to get in out of the cold! Well done to Thomas STOTTOR, George TIDMARSH, Al CHERRY, Julian FERREIRA, Ella HATLEY and Nimisha MISTRY on your shiny new PBs!

Many thanks to the 14 volunteers who braved the cold to help put on this event:

Sharron ROONEY • Stephen TARRANT • Leoni MITCHELL • Gabriel ELLENBERG • Angela LAMBERT • Graeme BELL • Steve PEACOCK • Gail SHEWELL-COOPER • Richard SELBY • Gwilym JOHNSTON • David TARRANT • Clare HIRST • Gail SEAL • Frieda JOHNSTON

We need a minimum of three more volunteers next week to ensure the run goes smoothly - two timekeepers and someone to hand out the finish tokens - so please do consider helping out. You have the advantage that you can wear lots of warm clothing as you don't have to worry about your extra layers getting in the way of your running!

And after next week (22nd December) our next parkrun will be on 29th December. Unlike some other parkruns we will not be open on Christmas Day or New Year's Day as the Peter May Centre will be closed.

No run report could demonstrate the festive fun of the Santa parkrun as well as photos, so do take a look at the photos on the website, a selection of which are reproduced below. See you all next week!

20181512-PeterMayParkrun-011 20181512-PeterMayParkrun-004 20181512-PeterMayParkrun-027 20181512-PeterMayParkrun-026 20181512-PeterMayParkrun-033 20181215_085956 20181215_085950 20181215_085920 20181215_085845 20181215_090036 20181215_090008 20181215_090116


Celebrating 300 parkruns – and some well-deserved milestones!

On Saturday 8th December Walthamstow parkrun celebrated its 300th event; and the parkrun gods made sure the sun was shining for the day so that despite being in December, we were able to celebrate after the run with cake outside in the sunshine - more on that later! We were honoured with the presence of the Mayor of Waltham Forest, Cllr Sally Littlejohn, who started the run before making her way to the finish funnel where she officiated by handing out finish tokens to the 111 runners, joggers and walkers who had made their way around the rather muddy Peter May field! Our first Walthamstow parkrun was on 26th January 2013, and there were three people present on 8th December who were at the very first parkrun, and who have watched it grow and grow to the success it is today.

IMG_4369 IMG_4441

We welcomed tourists from Norwich and the Lake District, the latter being Dawn Attwood who was well used to a bit of mud as her home parkrun is the infamously muddy Millom parkrun.
First finisher was Patrick Brown in 18:04, who despite the mud ran barefoot this week, and first lady was Anna Morgan, who ran her way to a new PB of 23:19.

IMG_4396 IMG_4419

The mud also didn't stop the following 9 people from getting PBs: Stephen MACKERSHAN, Sean CAREY, Anna MORGAN, Alisdair CHERRY, Thomas WARDEN, Julian FERREIRA, Nimisha MISTRY, Frieda JOHNSTON and Paula CORBETT - well done to all of you.

As well as celebrating our 300th run, five of our stalwart regulars were also celebrating milestone parkruns, and so we had 6 reasons to celebrate with cake! Huge congratulations go to the following on their very well-deserved milestones:

250th - Thomas Hardy
IMG_4455 IMG_4485

100th - Sharron Rooney
IMG_4391 IMG_4461

100th - Andrew Jacobs (Now - are you camera shy, Andrew? Could only find you skulking in the background!)

100th - Sue Louise
IMG_4399 IMG_4451

50th - Clare Hirst - again, sorry Clare - I can only find you in the background of other photos, but very well done on your 50th!

As it was a special day we decided to award some random spot prizes to four runners finishing in 4th, 25th, 50th and 100th places - many thanks to Penny for donating these prizes.
IMG_4468 IMG_4472 IMG_4474 IMG_4471

But it wouldn't be a parkrun celebration without cake - and what wonderful cakes and goodies we enjoyed - many thanks to those who made and brought them.
IMG_4478 IMG_4447 IMG_4446 IMG_4444

We are very grateful to the volunteers who made this event happen: Steve BYWATER, James CHESELDINE, Janine DURRANT, Lynne DURRANT, Dermot HUGHES, Jamie LAMB, Darren LAMB, Angela LAMBERT, Laura MACKIE, Leoni MITCHELL, Ellis SHARMAN, Ali SHEPPARD, Gail SHEWELL-COOPER, Sue TAN, Gerard TRILL, Nicholas VOO. The volunteer roster is looking a tad bare for the next few weeks, so please consider putting your name down to help out. As the weather gets colder, as a volunteer you have the advantage of being able to wear bobble hats, scarves and warm boots as you're not running! If you can help out please email walthamstowhelpers@parkrun.com to let us know which week you can help out and what role you would like to do.

Finally, we are missing finish token 68. Please, please, please check your pockets if you think this might be you, and bring it back next week - no questions asked!

Here's to the next 300 events!

Ali Sheppard


Parkrun #290 Run Report – 29/09/2018: Perfect Pacer Saturday!

What a lovely day we had for my debut as Run Director – it was perfect Indian Summer weather for running (or for volunteering!); not too hot, not too cold, not too wet – just perfect! And whether it was the weather, or the encouragement of our perfect pacers, or a combination of both, it was clearly perfect for the 34 of you who got a new PB!

The last Saturday of each month we introduce pacers into the run, so that those of you trying to beat your previous times can run alongside/behind/in front of a pacer running at a time you would like to achieve. A huge thank you to our octet of Perfect Pacers who sported our new blue pacer bibs and paced so excellently: James Hutchison (20 mins), Alex Pickering (22 mins), Stuart Harknett (25 mins), Ellis Sharman (26 mins), Dermot Hughes (27 mins), Janine Durrant (28 mins), Steve Bywater (29 mins) and Steve Peacock (35 mins).

20180929_092107 20180929_092450 20180929_091733 20180929_092702 20180929_092202
A total of 137 people ran on Saturday, including tourists from West London (Gunnersbury), Nottingham (Forest Rec) and Leeds (Woodhouse Moor). First male across the finish line was Liam Dickson, who bagged himself a new PB in a very impressive 17:11, and first female was Alex Gounelas from Eton Manor, who finished in 19:42. Congratulations to Liam Dickson, Stephen Thompson, Paul Cheston, Jack Stonebridge, Andrew Samuel, Ciaran McNamee, Amy Scorah, Neil Pereira, Carlo Formicola, Robin Roberts, Anas Amraoui, Jim Fone, Arthur Rippengale, David Furness, Ford Cadiogan, David Floyd, Robert Fresco, Martin Hone, Mo Allen, Caitlin Worrall, Jia Liu, Helen Wilson, John Duffell, Hannah Blanchford, Susanna Janner, Kate Lucas, Chris Stephens, Rose Holden, Julie Tolliday, Bilal Amraoui, Frieda Johnston, Jessica Cooper, Sue Cooper and Mary Weeden on your shiny new PBs!

Congratulations also to Elizabeth Davey who ran her 50th parkrun on Saturday, and to Karen Varney who ran her 100th parkrun. We look forward to seeing you in your red and black milestone t-shirts at future parkruns.
A special mention must go to two young first-timers at Walthamstow and parkrun tourists Rafi and Leo (pictured below) who are attempting to run all 53 parkruns within the Greater London area in order to raise money for a homeless charity in Barnet. Good luck with your Lon-done challenge! 20180929_094928

I couldn’t have managed my RD debut without the team of fabulous volunteers who made the event run so smoothly. A huge THANK YOU to volunteers Roger ALBUREY, Steve BYWATER, Janine DURRANT, Gabriel ELLENBERG, Sarah FLANAGAN, Stuart HARKNETT, Gail HENNESSY, Dermot HUGHES, James HUTCHISON, Andrew JACOBS, Angela LAMBERT, Sue LOUISE, Steve PEACOCK, Alex PICKERING, Sharron ROONEY, Gail SEAL, Ellis SHARMAN, Antony SMITH and Gerard TRILL. A number of these volunteers – as well as 10 runners – were from my running club, Eton Manor, who came along to support me – thank you, Manorites!

On the subject of volunteers, we do have some gaps in the roster over the next few weeks, so please have a look at the future roster on the website to see if you can help out. For next week we need a couple of Time Lords (or Ladies!), a second Super Scanner and some Marvellous Marshals. Don’t worry if you’ve never done these roles before; there will always be someone on hand to explain and to help if you’re not sure about anything. If you can help out next week, please email walthamstowhelpers@parkrun.com, or if you can help at a future week either email the same address or look out for the volunteer sign-up board at parkrun and put your name down next to the role you’d like to do. Mind you, we’re thinking we might have to create an extra volunteer role of parkrun-banner-wrangler! If anyone sticks around to the very end when we’re packing up, you will notice someone doing something that looks like a cross between a rugby tackle and some complex origami, that is harder than herding cats as they attempt to fold and twist our parkrun banner down to fit it back into its bag! This is obviously something that many parkruns struggle with, as there are even YouTube videos of people struggling to work out how to put it down. This week Ellis Sharman was determined not to be defeated though, and did manage it eventually with some assistance!
20180929_102413 20180929_102416 20180929_102402

Finally, a date for your diary if you’re looking to do something on a weeknight to keep up your 5k momentum between parkruns: on Halloween night, there is a Trick or Treat 5k and Family Trail in Leyton Jubilee Park, organised by Walthamstow parkrun RD Richard Parr. Entry is free, and can be done online via www.theraceorganiser.com

Next week I hand over the RD baton to Ellis Sharman, who is also making his RD debut. Good luck, Ellis; I’m sorry I’m going to miss it as I’m away for the weekend but I’m sure you’ll be great!

Ali Sheppard


Walthamstow parkrun Summer Picnic – Saturday 14th July

Please bring goodies.

<a href="https://www.flickr.com/photos/92679040@N08/14601037384" title="summer picnic by Walthamstow parkrun, on Flickr"><img src="https://farm4.staticflickr.com/3836/14601037384_166750664a_s.jpg" width="75" height="75" alt="summer picnic"></a>


Red Run 10k – 1 December – Update

Hi guys.  The run is this Sunday 1 December.  We have a Walthamstow team participating.  Me (Sharron). Siobhan Ferrandes, Dermott, Thomas Hardy, Richard Guest, Louise Ward.  Have I missed anybody?  Does anybody else want to join the team?  You will need to register www.5kredrun.co.uk
Guys who are running - we need to arrange a meet point on Sunday.  I'm RD on Saturday so we can organise something then.  But for those who are not running on Saturday please let me know. walthamstowoffice@parkrun.com
Many thanks Sharron

The Final Hill

A tough day for runners at Walthamstow this weekend.

Heavy winds made the going tough on the final lap and the eagle eyed amongst you will have noticed some slight changes to the course.

The total number of runners this week was 38, just below the magic 40, so if you can persuade anyone extra to come we will make them especially welcome - let’s keep growing this great event.

Someone who certainly made a huge effort was run director Sharron Rooney, who flew in from Cyprus late on friday night, grabbed 3 hours sleep but still managed to turn up and keep the whole show on the road. Well done Sharron.

At the front from early on was David Wilson who was running his fifth Walthamstow event, having also run frequently at Enfield and Hackney Marshes. He extended his lead with every lap and finished in 19:43 - a solid performance but having turned in a 19.08 at Hackney David may well fancy a sub 19 minutes one of these days.

In a very creditable second place came Paul Thompson, crossing the finish line in 20:09. This was Paul's first ever parkrun so a great result for him. And he wasn’t alone Shailesh Patel, Ian Shorthouse, David Wyatt, Simon Montgomery, Daniel Thompson and Jade Mainprize all graced our three hill course for the first time - welcome all. Jade even managed a detour to the Arsenal FC training ground next door but still made it to the start on time.

One of the most interesting struggles of the morning was between the two leading ladies, Phoebe Bowman and Leoni Mitchell. Phoebe went out hard but on the last lap Leoni put in a huge effort on the final hill and came home in 23.17. Her sprint finish was Mo Farahesque with many observers distinctly hearing a death rattle in the final 20 metres. But Leoni has been one of our most striking improvers since Walthamstow started. Her first time back in February was 27.18, she has improved every week since then and definitely has more in the tank.

Phoebe has also improved considerably, coming down from 24.21 and her PB is an impressive 22.53, achieved just last week so we expect to see both girls getting quicker over the summer months.

Despite a slightly altered course we did see seven PBs set on the day, so a massive well done to Rebecca Tully, Maggie Tomlin, Sunil Kumar, Allison Tokeley, Patrick Gibbons, Catherine Burrard-Lucas and Kim Burton. You excelled yourselves and made us all proud.

Finally, a big thank you to all the volunteers who made the run possible:

Gerard Trill, Christine Tomlin, Steve Taylor, Ben Shore, Sharron Rooney, Anna McEwen, David Joyce, Andrew Dodd, Alain Laviolette, Cathy Jones and Mateo Sanchez-Jones

We look forward to seeing you all next week, hopefully accompanied by any friends or relatives you can persuade to join us. It is a big dream of mine to see if we can get to 100 runners. It may seem a long way off, but here’s hoping.


A big thank you to Ben for yet another excellent report which certainly does capture the spirit of what parkrun is all about.

I’m in agreement with Ben and cannot wait for the day when Walthamstow boasts over 100 runners, so yes please encourage friends, relatives and neighbours to come along and enjoy our run;-)

Let’s also try to increase our following on facebook and twitter, please spread the word



See you all next SaturdayJ  Have a good week everybody.

Keep on parkrunning



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