Walthamstow parkrun #371 – 4th September 2021


Is there such a thing as the perfect sized parkrun? Does size matter when it comes to parkrun? I’ve been musing on this over the week since doing Edinburgh parkrun last Saturday with 545 other parkrunners. In the 1990s the British anthropologist Robin Dunbar suggested that there is a cognitive limit to the number of people with whom one can maintain stable social relationships – and he put the number at 150, which has come to be known as the Dunbar number. This has been adopted by Elliott Line who lists the “Dunbar parkruns” in his weekly stats (parkrun STATS — elliottline.com). So in case you are wondering why I’m rabbiting on about Dunbar numbers, today we made Dunbar parkrun status as 147 people ran, jogged and walked Walthamstow parkrun making this the perfect sized parkrun in some people’s eyes!

First finishers and PBs

We had some great performances today with no fewer than 33 of you recording a new personal best!

Fastest male was a barefooted Patrick Brown in a time of 18:18

Fastest female was Ali Burrows to set a new PB of 22:29

Fastest under 18 male was Evan Willingham in a time of 23:40

Fastest under 18 female was Emma Hardy to set a new PB of 25:18

Highest Age Grade was Colin Read with an Age Grade of 73.09%

Shiny new PBs were achieved by:

Gareth Marshall • Jack Stonebridge • Ali Burrows • Russell Wellard • Kris Stafford • Lloyd Nicely • Wilkie Hollens • Emma Hardy • Niall Smith • David Jarrard • Chris Floyd • Kathy Morrissey • Emma Claridge • Andrew Howard • Stephen Cole • Ciaran O’Connor • Bryony Irvine • Max Bell • Laichan Chau • Martha Jeffery • Isabella Allan • Patrick Dennis • Sofia Read • Melanie Sebepos-Rogers • Thomas Rodgers • Darrell Woodhead • Edward Seymour • Paul Claridge • Dan Greaves • Flavia Duddridge • Christine Somerville • Jessica Fryer • Jean Norton

Well done to you all!

First timers

Thank you to Julian Ferreira for a great first timers' briefing:

20210904_085617 20210904_085607

We welcomed 19 “first timers” to Walthamstow, with tourists from Bath and Fowey in Cornwall (thank you for bringing the sun with you!) and 7 people who ran their first ever parkrun. So welcome to:

James Humphrey • Sarah Watson • Clair Grant-Salmon • Marli Silva • Lindsey Harris • Mark Hough • Remi Harris • Arun Chopra • Emily Motto • Albert Pierce • Leo Joyce • Paul Manington • Sreelekha Sarkar • Graham Wheeler • Andrew Kenward • Frances Powrie • Adam Shephard • Paul Gordon • Michael Ridge

One of those first timers was Mark Hough (pictured below). Mark started doing a Couch-to-5k course run by Sheffield University to raise money for Parkinsons in February, and he managed to run 5km last week finishing in Walthamstow Town Square. Today he ran his first parkrun in a very creditable time of 33:56 which beats my PB! We hope you enjoyed it and hope to see you and the other first timers back at Peter May in the future.

Mark Hough


Congratulations to Clare Laine, Paul Gordon and Jonathan Partington who ran their 100th parkrun today. We look forward to seeing you in your black 100 tees in the future. Do let us know if you have a milestone run coming up and we will give you a shout out – and thanks for the delicious cake Clare!

Clare finishing 100th parkrun      Clare and Mo       Clare cake


I love seeing children enjoying themselves at parkrun, and couldn’t resist taking a quick snap of young Aidan here who was doing a fantastic job of looking after mummy’s barcode! Hopefully you will be able to have your own barcode and run a parkrun in a few years’ time!



We had a wonderful team of pink hi-viz heroes this morning - thank you to:

Steve BYWATER • Patrick BROWN • Alex PICKERING • Dermot HUGHES • Angela LAMBERT • Arthur ANSELL • Ali SHEPPARD • Maureen BARRY • Simon GENT • Richard SELBY • Rachael WILLIAMS • Katy AMBROSE • Mo ALLEN • Derek JUDGE • Ellis SHARMAN • Julian FERREIRA

We have lots of spaces for volunteers in future weeks – take a look at the future roster to see if you can help out, and why not try a new role? future roster | Walthamstow parkrun

Our ‘sister’ junior parkrun, Leyton Jubilee juniors, also need volunteers. Taking place in Jubilee Park, Marsh Lane, Leyton, every Sunday at 9am, junior parkrun is a 2km run for children aged between 4-14. You don’t have to have children taking part to volunteer, or even have children at all, and there’s no better way to get your Sunday started as the joy on these kid’s faces as they sprint to the finish line is a sight to behold! It never fails to pick up my mood when I volunteer at junior parkrun. Their future roster is looking rather sparse over the next few weeks, so take a look and see if you can help out: future roster | Leyton Jubilee junior parkrun

20210904_091452 Scanning stations

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Walthamstow parkrun Results Page.

That’s all for this week folks, have a good weekend and a good week until next parkrunday!

Ali Sheppard, RD


Week 54 (not)parkrun: 21st-27th June 2021

The last week in June saw 11 Walthamstow parkrunners logging 16 (not)parkruns in an average time of 32:27 minutes.

The fastest (not)parkrun this week was run by Stephen Thompson of local running club Orion Harriers in a time of 18:32 minutes, to earn him a new (not)parkrun PB. For the second time, the fastest female this week was Emma Hardy in a time of 25:27 minutes. And a new (not)parkrun PB was also gained by Gillian Roffey in a time of 43:23 minutes. Well done all.

So where has everyone been doing their (not)parkruns? I know that there are a group of you who run in Lloyd Park on a Saturday morning, and also Mo Allen, who is currently on an amazing 125 (not)parkruns, likes the challenge of Pole Hill in Epping Forest. Have you discovered any new local routes over the last year?

I’ve only recently discovered a lovely one-lap 5k route called the Chestnut Trail which is situated within Wanstead park. If you start and end at the Northumberland Park entrance you will finish by the Wanstead Tea Hut where you can reward yourself with coffee and cake or an ice-cream! Or you could start at the Warrant Road entrance and have a break at the tea hut half way round, but you’ll have to remember to stop and start your Garmin/Fitbit! If you go clockwise the route is marked by yellow arrows; it is mostly flat and very scenic; it’s also all on trail so wear trail shoes if you have a choice of shoes!

chestnut trail arrows Chestnut Trail route chestnut trail view ice cream

Do share your 5k (not)parkrun routes on our facebook page, and any tips about them as it’s always good to find new places to run.

See the full (not)parkrun results for the week here: results | Walthamstow parkrun

Stay safe everyone – we’ll get through this together.

Ali Sheppard

Walthamstow (not)parkrun history

The female (not)parkrun record is held by Corinna O’Sullivan who recorded a time of 20:09 in week #15.

The male (not)parkrun record is held by Patrick Brown who recorded a time of 16:42 in week #49.

The age grade (not)parkrun record is held by Gail Hennessy who recorded an amazing 87.67% in week #48.

(not)parkrun is a temporary replacement for parkrun which will start again when it is safe to do so.

For more information about (not)parkrun go to http://parkrun.me/ywtjv


Walthamstow parkrun rainbow wave

rainbow tees

It's been 19 weeks since the last parkrun was run/walked/jogged on 14th March 2020 - it seems such a long time ago. Although a lot of people have managed to continue to get out and run or walk throughout lockdown, one of the big things that I miss about parkrun not being on is the social element, the chance to see old and new friends and catch up with their week, perhaps over a coffee after parkrun. And so for the last 7 weeks we came up with an initiative that, whilst it doesn't enable us to chat over a cup of coffee, enabled us to see the faces of our fellow parkrunners and perhaps hear a few words about where they went out to walk or run.

The idea was simple. Each week one of the colours of the rainbow was selected with the instruction to go out - or stay in - and do some exercise wearing something in that colour. Then to take a photo of it, and post it on the Walthamstow parkrun facebook page. And so we could wave at each other through pictures, stay in touch with the parkrun family and perhaps be motivated to do some exercise. But why a rainbow? In its most literal terms, a rainbow is a meteorological phenomenon that is caused by reflection, refraction and dispersion of light in water droplets resulting in a spectrum of light appearing in the sky. But it is also a symbol of hope, and one that was adopted at the start of the Coronavirus crisis, with children drawing pictures of rainbows that were proudly displayed in windows, and rainbows being drawn on pavements, fences and walls not just to symbolise hope but also to thank the NHS workers and other keyworkers who kept things going whilst people were 'locked down' in their own homes. And the rainbow flag is also used as the symbol of gay pride or LGBTQ+ so it also seemed fitting in June as our Pride parkrun was also cancelled. There are many myths surrounding rainbows, including the Irish myth that leprechauns hid pots of gold at the end of the rainbow! And so it seemed appropriate to choose a rainbow as a symbol of hope - perhaps the pot of gold at the end of our rainbow would be the confirmation of a date as to when parkrun will resume! 

The first week was 30 May - 6 June, and designated RED week as red is the first colour in the spectrum. I anxiously wondered whether anyone would take part, but very relieved to find that 28 of you did, posting your photos on the facebook page. Fortunately, the parkrun milestone t-shirt earned for doing 50 parkruns is red, so many of you didn't have far to go to find a red t-shirt, but it is also the colour of the MIND "Run Every Day" challenge, and the club colour of East London Runners running club so it didn't prove too much of a challenge. Although it was great seeing everyone's photos, I think my favourite was Mo Allen's handstand against the obelisk at Pole Hill, which led me to do a bit of research and I fell down a wikipedia wormhole reading all about Laurence of Arabia!

Mo Allen Pole Hill

I was taught the mnemonic "Richard Of York Gave Battle In Vain" to remember the order of the colours of the rainbow. At the time, I was trying to grow beetroot in a little patch of garden, so for some reason best known to a six-year old I changed it to "Richard Of York Grew Beetroot In Vain" which is how I have remembered it ever since! However you remember the order, the second colour in the rainbow is orange, which I thought might be a bit more of a challenge until I realised that in a certain light the parkrun apricot top might easily be classed as orange! This week we had pictures taken in back gardens, in parks, in the Olympic park, by lakes or even on roof terraces like this one of Suzi Brent who ran her 5km orange run at 5am on her roof terrace in Walthamstow, in memory of Justin Edinburgh, the Leyton Orient manager who tragically died a year ago at the untimely age of 49.

Suzi Brent

Week 3 (13-20 June) was all about mellow yellow! I loved this week; there was something about seeing all the sunshiney yellow tops that just made me feel happy! It did prove a challenge for some though, as yellow doesn't seem to be a common colour for a running top. Not to be deterred though, we had some creative entries this week, including this fabulous yellow lego bag modelled by Richard Selby!

Richard Selby

There was no such problem for GREEN week (20-27 June) for the hard-core parkrunners who have previously run over 250 parkruns, as they could wear their milestone green t-shirt, as modelled by Steve Bywater who wore it for a freedom run at Wanstead Flats parkrun course. And a number of other parkrunners wore t-shirts from races they have previously run in, bringing back happy memories sometimes of races completed alongside other members of the parkrun family.

Steve Bywater

Blue week (27 June - 4 July) also didn't prove too much of a problem for finding coloured tees. Walthamstow parkrun hasn't been going long enough for our most loyal parkrunners to have earned their blue 500 milestone tee, but blue is the club colour of Eton Manor running club, and also a lot of events seem to chose blue for their finishers' tees, including the London Marathon, worn here by Antony Smith at Connaught Water:

Antony Smith

However, Indigo posed a bit more of a problem, as there was a lot of confusion about what colour indigo actually is! I think my favourite pic of this week was a socially distanced group shot of Penny, Clare, Rachel Sharron and Steve at the Peter May centre reminding us all that we can still run on our parkrun's grounds, even though it seems to have worn Steve out!

Group photo

And all too soon it was the last week - Violet - 11th-18th July. When we started this challenge, I said that if parkrun was back before we got to the end of the rainbow we would take it that our symbol of hope had worked - sadly this was not to be. But it was small consolation to see everyone's violet photos and the effort that everyone went to - even Gail Seal managed to get out and get a violet selfie in front of some violet flowers despite having fallen over on her long run the week before and fractured her elbow!

Gail Seal

One of the reasons we wanted to do this challenge was so that we could see all the familiar faces of our parkrun friends, despite not being able to see them in person at Peter May on a Saturday morning. And a huge thank you goes to everyone who has taken the time and trouble to post photos - some every week. It's been lovely seeing the familiar faces, and also some newish ones too. But an added bonus has been seeing the faces of some virtual parkrun tourists, who have posted pics each week from Luton, Scarborough and South and North Wales proving that the parkrun family stretches far and wide! So a big thank you also goes to Kathy Sandler, Helen and Andy Rutter, Anthony Howe and Elizabeth Czaban. I hope that when parkrun resumes and we are able to do some parkrun tourism again, that you will come and see us in person - and I also hope to get round to see you on your home turf at some point in the future.

Kathy and Alan Helen and Andy Rutter Anthony Howe Elizabeth Czaban

And so we come to the final rainbow collage featuring everyone's photos in glorious rainbow technicolour! I hope you enjoy seeing the final rainbow wave and looking for yourself amongst the photos! And keep an eye on our facebook page for the next challenge...

photovisi-download (7)

We Will Get Through This Together #loveparkrun #parkrunfamily

Ali Sheppard


29th February 2020 – Back up and Running/Leaping over puddles.

Hi all. Walthamstow parkrun will resume tomorrow but we will be operating a modified course tomorrow due to parts of the course still being waterlogged. Please listen carefully to the run briefing. Full details of the modifications will be given by Andrew your RD for tomorrow. If you have spikes or claws please wear them. Wrap up for the rain. More rain forecasted for tonight and tomorrow morning. Hope to see you all in the morning.


1ee129f0-9497-4aab-9a02-0ad94aef9e1b 6fc4b23a-5015-475e-801a-06a22ed7dbe9 81c590fa-7aa7-46f1-ae15-a8aa39df7b5c c93957a3-ed67-446b-ad6c-c143992025b9


International Women’s Day parkrun – 7th March

We will be celebrating International Women's Day parkrun on Saturday 7th March.

In England, #IWDparkrun will be supported by This Girl Can, a campaign created by our partner Sport England.

We encourage all female and male runners to join us on this special day.  We look forward to welcoming you on the day.

Walthamstow parkrun team


Run Report Walthamstow Parkrun 359

Walthamstow parkrun
Event number 359
1st February 2020

The sun was shining this morning and was a pleasant temperature, but it was windy and muddy 106 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 15 were first timers and 9 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 9 different clubs took part.

A big thank you to our 12 volunteers,  without volunteers each week we are unable to hold the run.  Please get in touch if you wish to volunteer.  All jobs are easy to do.

Steve BYWATER • Andrew BAXTER • Janet BYWATER • Maureen BARRY • Ruth LOVELL • Lynne DURRANT • Darren LAMB • Jamie LAMB • Steve LOVELL • Frederick DOODY • Claire LOVELL • Akasma GUNKORDU all olunteered this morning

Well done to First male Rupert Rowling in a time of 20:37, and First female Suzan Sakarya in a time of 25:37.

Five Highest Age Grade

  • Rupert Rowling 63.06%
  • Janet Bywater 62.47%
  • Antony Smith 61.76%
  • Russell Wellard 61.66%
  • Penny Wiles      60.62%



Well done to our 15 first timer, hope to see you all again soon.

Congratulations to Phoebe Bowman on her 50th Parkrun today.

IMG_7171 (2)


Happy running everyone.  Have a good week.

Lynne - Run Director.

A few more photos from today.







Walthamstow parkrun #357 – 18 January 2020 – the GoodGym takeover!

18th January saw a GoodGym volunteer takeover - thank you GoodGym - and so this week's run report is written by Ant Withstandley from GoodGym.

GoodGym 18 Jan 20

This morning nine intrepid GoodGym volunteers helped out at Walthamstow parkrun. After meeting and debriefing outside Greenleaf Road Baptist Church at sunrise, we headed off to our destination.

Along with a clutch of regular runners were delighted to be joined by Dr Helen for the first time. Helen has wanted to join us on a Wednesday run for some time but has been too busy saving lives in a local hospital! It was also good to see Lawrence, yet another hardworking local who has joined us once previously, but the demands of work have made it difficult for him to schedule a return engagement.

Of course, all of our volunteers today deserve enormous thanks for getting up early on a cold Saturday morning to help 135 people participate in a 5km run.

Anyhoo, back to the day's events. After a 1-mile run to parkrun, we arrived warm and ready to go. We met with Ellis the day's Run Director and, after setting up, we were allocated various roles for the event. With plenty of mud on the course, marshals played a key role in helping to make sure people didn't arrive at the finish line looking like a Tough Mudder competitor. In addition to our marshals, we had run timers and token scanners. Our parkrun crew of volunteers were bolstered by a pair of splendidly kitted out tail-walkers, replete with a couple of tremendous tails too.

No sooner than we were all in place than all the runners arrived at the start line and Ellis got things going. With a challenging course choice of footwear was essential for the runners and sure enough, spike wearing East London Runner, Patrick Brown crossed the line in 19:56, the fastest time of the day. The day's fastest women was Ellie Hallsworth who bagged a PB with 24:56.

After these swift runners crossed the line runners came in thick and fast and our timers and scanners beavered away to ensure that all participants had their times clocked and barcodes scanned.

After one hour and twenty-three minutes of action, the final participant crossed the line and our smiling, but numb-toed, volunteers packed away and headed for a well-deserved breakfast at the nearby Wadham café.

Great work, everyone. If you want to join for the next session, we will be painting a nice warm, dry room in Walthamstow Village, sign-up here


Walthamstow parkrun #343 – Halloween – Run Report

It was our Halloween parkrun and some of our regulars showed up in costumes to die for. Or die in, perhaps.

Ellis has had some difficulty shaving this moring, and Gail might have gone too far on her crash diet.

Ellis Sharman and Gail Seal

Ellis Sharman and Gail Seal

Father and daughter team Mo and Christina Allen did the stray cat strut.

Cat people - Mo and Christina Allen

Cat people - Christina and Mo Allen

Alyssa Franklin's gorgeous bat dress stood out from the autumn leaves

The Franklin sisters - Alyssa and Elliana

The Franklin sisters - Alyssa and Elliana

It was Halloween headwear for Jannine and Holly at the finish funnel.

Janine and Holly Durrant

Janine and Holly Durrant

Just another day in the office for Steve Peacock.

Don't mess with Steve Peacock

Don't mess wi' da Peacock

Not everyone looked as fresh as a daisy at the finish line.




Gail again in her x-ray suit.

Gail Seal at the finish line

Gail Seal at the finish line

Regular mother and son duo, Fabian and Zoe, creak through the finish funnel. But this week, Fabian is the mummy.

Zoe and Fabian Gallagher

Zoe and Fabian Gallagher

All 103 runners completed the 5k under the watchful eyes of run director Andrew Jacobs

Wherever you are on the course, Run Director Andrew Jacobs can see you

Wherever you are on the course, Run Director Andrew Jacobs can see you

This week we welcomed some well travelled tourists. This is Ian Grant Richardson and Karen Richardson, visiting from Wimpole Estate parkrun in Cambridgeshire

Ian Grant Richardson and Karen Richardson - visitors from Wimpole Estate parkrun in Cambridgeshire

Ian Grant Richardson and Karen Richardson

And yes, those are official 250 t-shirts

Ian and Karen show off their 250 t-shirts

Ian and Karen show off their 250 t-shirts

Wishing you all a Happy Halloween

- Richard Selby and all at Walthamstow parkrun



Walthamstow parkrun # 304 – 05/01/2019

A grey and chilly 304th Walthamstow parkrun was completed by 122 runners, joggers and walkers this morning. Well done to all the finishers. We had a strong band of volunteers this morning which included cheering marshals to keep everyone going.

We welcomed an amazing 24 first timers today. Some of those were parkrun tourists including some of Ercole Lugari's friends from South of the river - more on that later - but many did their first ever parkrun, a few New Year's resolutions being kept so far I suspect. Hope to see you again next week especially those who have fitness as their resolution.

Even though it was cold and a bit muddy, there were 12 PBs. Well done if you were one of them.
We also celebrated three achievements with cake as is the parkrun tradition! Firstly, many thanks to Lynne Durrant who just before Christmas completed her 100th volunteer stint. She has probably helped at more events than have even been noted down so it's likely to be a lot more then 100 really. She not only volunteers but is also a great help on the phone to new Run Directors when they have problems with processing results. Not that I have ever needed to call her, of course!!! Thanks Lynne.

Many of us did the New Year's Day doubles and Darren Lamb completed his 150th parkrun on 1st January 2019. Well done Darren.

The running machine that is Ercole Lugari celebrated his 250th parkrun today. Well done Ercole. Everyone celebrated with a great cake and as mentioned before, some of his friends from South London came to support him celebrate this amazing milestone. Ercole has been a Run Director for many years for parkrun, and is now also the Event Director for the new Leyton Junior parkrun, which starts on Sunday 20th January at 9am at Jubilee Park. All children aged 4-14 are welcome and adult - and young - volunteers will be needed so take a look at the event page to find out more.

That's about it for this week but we need some volunteers for the next three January parkruns so please let us know if you can help out. Also, if you have any milestones coming up, let us know as we like to celebrate them.
Have a good week.
Steve (RD)

49698551_2005273726257169_2163335650735030272_o 49587683_2005273002923908_4300887723733942272_o 20190105_095112 20190105_100349 20190105_095042 20190105_100039 20190105_100057 20190105_100226 20190105_100037


Christmas Day and New Years Day runs

Hi all

It is with regret we will be unable to host any Christmas Day or New Year's Day runs due to Peter May Sports Centre being closed over the festive period.

However, they have been kind enough to open the centre in order that we can operate our run on 29th December:-).

Therefore, there will be runs 22nd Decembr, 29th December and the first run of 2019 will be Saturday 5th Janaury.

Wishing everybody a very Happy Christmas and we are looking forward to another successful Walthamstow parkrun in the New Year.

Have fun.

The Walthamstow Core Team

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