Quick note for cyclists

Hi everyone,

Just a quick note for those of you who cycle to the event: firstly, thanks for avoiding driving! Secondly, please be careful where you lock your bike! The fence around the compound is fine, but there are a few (easy to miss!) gates in it that give the grounds staff access to various bits of kit - please do not lock your bike in a way that blocks the gates! We've been able to get away with it up until now because the footballers (and hence the grounds staff) have been elsewhere, but no more!




28th August 2021 – Event cancellation

I'm sorry to have to announce that Wanstead Flats parkrun will be cancelled on the 28th of August; this is due to filming in the park.

However, don't let this stop you getting your parkrun fix! I'm sure that our neighbours will welcome you and the nearest events (Hackney and Valentines) are only a couple of miles away.  Or you could be weird and travel further away and explore strange new places, like Southend.

Happy parkrunning wherever you end up (even if it's a lie-in)!




pr return july 2021



If you are the timekeeper or doing barcode scanning, please bring a (fully charged!) mobile with you, and download the 'Virtual volunteer' app.  You can find details here:


It is useful to bring a phone with you if you are a marshal or tail walker as you are our eyes and ears out on the course and it may be useful in the unlikely event that an incident occurs.

Thank you for your contribution. If you find you enjoy helping, please encourage others to get involved. We know it can seem a bit intimidating, but all our tasks are straight forward, and we give full training. Please spread the word it's fun!

We look forward to seeing you on Saturday!


welcome back

Following on from Monday’s announcement by the Prime Minister, that England will be moving into Step 4 on Monday 19 July, everything is now in place regarding the return of the large majority of 5k parkrun events on Saturday 24 July.

We are happy to let you know that we have been given permission by the City of London to restart our event at Wanstead Flats.

More details to follow ...

paul lewis
event director


We’re Back!

July 24th, Harrow Road Pavillion, 9am. Tell your mates.

Big thanks to the City of London, parkrun HQ, and of course the core team for helping it all happen. I can't wait.

But we will need volunteers to make it all happen - please take a peek at our volunteer roster and if you help can drop us a mail at wansteadflats@parkrun.com. Thanks!


freedom runs




This morning would have been [is] our 9th anniversary. I hope everyone is keeping safe and trying to do a least some exercise ;-)



Anniversary 16th May 2020

Well who would have thought we would go from a never cancelled event to no event in weeks [along with everyone else of course!]

This weekend would have been our 9th anniversary.

It would be fantastic if people wished to do their own [SAFE distanced etc] freedom parkrun some time between now and Saturday morning and post their results and a photo onto the Wanstead Flats Facebook page.


Tony and myself recently completed the annual course assessment and the veg around the pond will get a trim this week.

Stay safe

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