Quick note for cyclists

Hi everyone,

Just a quick note for those of you who cycle to the event: firstly, thanks for avoiding driving! Secondly, please be careful where you lock your bike! The fence around the compound is fine, but there are a few (easy to miss!) gates in it that give the grounds staff access to various bits of kit - please do not lock your bike in a way that blocks the gates! We've been able to get away with it up until now because the footballers (and hence the grounds staff) have been elsewhere, but no more!




pr return july 2021


We’re Back!

July 24th, Harrow Road Pavillion, 9am. Tell your mates.

Big thanks to the City of London, parkrun HQ, and of course the core team for helping it all happen. I can't wait.

But we will need volunteers to make it all happen - please take a peek at our volunteer roster and if you help can drop us a mail at wansteadflats@parkrun.com. Thanks!


Wanstead Flats event #443

What a lovely morning for a parkrun! Congratulations to Helen Finch who qualified for a purple t-shirt - wear it with pride - and double congratulations to Deborah Harouma who completed her 50th volunteer today. A total of 395 different people have volunteered at Wanstead a total of 3330 times - who will be #400?

There were 292 participants today and 64 PBs amongst them - well done to Aileen Liz CAMPBELL, Dorah KABATESI, Orla LINNANE, Rebekah LINNANE, Amina KAYANI, Ayub KAYANI, Rosie HILL, Brid JOHAL, Harriet ARKELL, Imogen LINNANE, Jennifer OGUNDANA, Michael LINNANE, Maisie LINNANE, Majdul ISLAM IBN-FAKHRUL, Shehryar GILANI, Jessica HINTON-SMITH, Alice MONAGHAN, Kate GOOLD, Zeb ACHONU, Adekunle O OGUNDANA, Balraj LOTAY, Gina DOWDEN, Aidan O'DONOVAN, Iram SARWAR, Dean MWEKWATSE, Matthew TAGNEY, Joanne PAUL, Alp Eren POSLUOGLU, Emily YOUNG, Anna JACKSON, George GHERMAN, Simone WHEATLEY, Lyall ELWIN, Nicole CARBERRY, Richard BARON, Matthew MADDOX, Denis MWEKWATSE, Martin HARVEY, Vicky TAM, Emily SMITH, Gurpreet SANGER, Georgia POWELL, Thomas HOLDROYD, Simon MONTGOMERY, Amy NICHOLSON, Albert NG, Charlotte WABE, James EDWARDS, Colin MCCRUM, Mat BEAL, Charanjeet SANGER, Fiona ELWIN, Patrick HENEGHAN, Matt BENSON, Rhyan DOWDEN, Nathan DOMINIQUE, Alex GILL, Deelan BUSHDARI, Max AYRES, Andrew ROBERTSON, Donald BENNET, Simran DHINGRA-SMITH, Oliver BUSHDARI, and Angus HOLFORD!


20th July 2019 – Event Cancelled

I'm sorry to have to announce that Wanstead Flats parkrun will be cancelled on the 20th of July; this is due to another event in the park.

However, don't let this stop you getting your parkrun fix! There are plenty of alternatives. Here are just 4 of the around 60 in London you could choose:

Hackney Marshes - our nearest neighbour. A flat, fast, tarmac course; you can either walk/run/bike there - it's around 2 miles away - or get the W15 from Leytonstone Station.

Victoria Dock - another flat, fast course - but this time with cobbles and cable-cars. Take the jubilee line to Greenwich and then fly over the Thames for gorgeous views of the course, or just get off at Canning town and walk.

Finsbury Park - more tarmac, but not exactly flat. Has a teeny-tiny hill. Take the overground from Leytonstone High Road to Crouch Hill - it'll be around a 15 minute walk from the station.

Bushy Park. Do I need to explain why you might want to visit the birth place of parkrun? It's a unique experience, and well worth the visit. The nearest stations are Hampton Court and Hampton Wick, both around 2km from the start. Avoid driving; the car parks fill up by 8:30 or so.

Happy parkrunning wherever you end up!


Event 400 & VMLM place

A massive thank you to everyone who made our 400th event such a joyful occasion - the runners and the volunteers and the cake bringers and the cake eaters and, of course, the parkrun weather fairy who made sure the sun shone.

Next week we will be drawing names out of the hat for our London Marathon place - for those who don't know, earlier this year a group of Wanstead Flats parkrunners help out at the start of the London Marathon, and in return we get a place for next years race. The names in the hat will be those who volunteered last year. If you don't want your name in the draw then please let us know via
email to wansteadflatsoffice@parkrun.com.


Wanstead Flats Fire

I'm sure you'll all have seen the news about the grassland fire on Wanstead Flats. Our thanks, of course, to the London Fire Brigade who have been working tirelessly since Sunday to put out the fire and make the site safe.

We've seen reports that the number of firefighters on the scene is now 5 - down from 225 on Sunday. The fire did not affect our course directly. It was east of Lake House Road, and our course is to the west. I ran round an hour ago, and all is well.

We are therefore confident that the run will go ahead on Saturday,
but do keep an eye on our Facebook, or here, just in case.


Results – 21st April 2018

Just a quick note: due to the unusually large numbers today, we had a teeny bit of chaos and kerfuffle at the finish - sorry if you were caught up up in it. We think we have sorted out the results and your times are right, but if they aren't please let us know at wansteadflatsoffice@parkrun.com.


Event 363 – Snowmageddon what snowmageddon?

By Tim Gray

Some time ago my friend Alison and I decide to go ‘on tour’ on March 3rd – we even settled on a few possible venues, with Wanstead Flats at the top of the list. Then came Snowmageddon – could we still travel ? We knew our home run (Roundshaw Downs in Sutton/Croydon) would likely be on, bit of a gamble then. After much debate – we went for it, and made it to your lovely run, proper pleased with ourselves we were – hardcore tourists obviously.

Then we found out our friend Nicola Tarrant had made it from London to the outskirts of Manchester – pride cometh before a fall!

Before the run we were asked if there were any brand new first timers, and gamely there were a couple, so well done to Jimmy Dale and Katharine Voss. Then they asked for visitors – it felt like nearly everyone put their hand up (I think 70 or so), and indeed I had recognized a few – I’ll scatter some across the report. Some local like Ercole Lugari from Walthamstow these days (although also a Roundshaw runner at heart), or Neil Turney from Mile End parkrun and his friends (though I know Neil from our work – small world isn’t it?).

The cry then went up is anyone here from Wanstead Flats – about 20 hands went up, though the results suggest it was more like 150. Mike Bristow was on Marshal duty – the last time I saw him he was sailing past me at the Westminster Mile – the day after he had run a marathon. Thanks for the breakfast tip Mike, we liked the fry up at the Paradise café. Also I know Ken Agnew in his tail walking role was much appreciated – many thanks Ken.

Other volunteers to thank are;

Alan BRANCH  •  Catriona HOULT  •  Chris SCHOFIELD  •  Fiona DAY  •  Graham WHITE  •  Ken AGNEW  •  Mike BRISTOW  •  Morag CAMPBELL  •  Paul LEWIS  •  Richard LANGRON  •  Ron TROTMAN  •  Simon NICHOLSON  •  Tony LOBO

All the volunteers were on top form – very encouraging and helpful – I particularly liked the advice to try a sliding finish – no hang on a minute, the advice not to try a sliding finish on H&S grounds.

I was spotted by Chris Schofield (now Southwark parkrun) who I had first met at Tilgate (his then home run), then at Roundshaw. I spotted Chris Orange a dedicated tourist, who I first met in Poland, then later at Peckham Rye – there were a lot of dedicated tourists keep the cow cowl flying – including the Tarrant brothers Steve and Dave from my own club Chiltern Church Runners, who I had not known where coming. Andrew Chilcraft from Milton Keynes was another familiar face.

I also briefly chatted with a group from Chelmsford who had ventured out on tour, and who enjoyed a more intimate experience away from their rather busy home run. I’d love to list all the tourists, but there were simply to many of us – so apologies to those left out.

There were 19 250+ runners, 15 more than the week before, 21 more had over 200 runs, again 15 more than the week before – suggestive many of us have a bit of a parkrun addiction problem.

The tea/coffee & biscuits with the honesty box was a very nice touch – toilets were good as well, we only have bushes at Roundshaw!

The run itself was fab – the snow made the whole run seem very pretty, is it usually, if not please don’t tell me – and also nice to visit a parkrun that had once had it’s own air defences (which I believe happened to coincide with the Olympics). The snow was just nice to run on, and my trail shoes dug in well.

No milestone runs that I could see, but a 150 - Diane Archer from Finsbury park also a flake run – Oliver Homes of Wanstead Flats, and a Dalmatian run Mark Moir – Sunderland/Mile End.

PB’s in such conditions do deserve a mention so;

Stuart NORRIS East London Runners
Nathan BOASE Orion Harriers
Viorel MIH
Aneirin GLYN St Helen's Runners
Harry GLYN Victoria Park Harriers & Tower Hamlets AC
Oliver BROWN
Andrew MASON


Thanks again folks – it was fab – and by the afternoon, like the parkrun as well, all signs of the snow were gone. Till next time.

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