Wanstead Flats parkrun Event number 343

It was a beautiful morning as 193 people ran, jogged and walked around the Flats, of whom 25 were first timers and 24 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 16 different clubs took part.

Congratulations to Andrew HOWARD and Maud HODSON who both joined the Volunteer 25 Club today - and, of course, to Elizabeth WORRELL-JUDE, Don BENNETT , Tony LOBO, Tracy RICHARDSON,  Desiree CLARKE NOBLE, Mike BRISTOW,  Anne CREYKE & Deborah HAROUMA who also volunteered.

Congratulations also to the fastest Juniors: Abigail HOULT (JW10), Patrick CROKER (JM10),  Annie CONIAN (JW11-14), Deelan BUSHDARI (JM11-14), Charlotte WYATT (JW15-17), and  Videsh WEERAKKODY (JM15-17).  Fantastic running, well done.

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Wanstead Flats parkrun Results Page.


Wanstead Flats parkrun Event number 331

What a lovely morning for a parkrun!  178 runners, of whom 15 had never run a parkrun before and a further  34 parkrunners who were visiting us for the first time - almost as if there was some kind of event nearby that runners are interested in.

Your run director today outrageously didn't thank the volunteers during the run briefing so let me thank them here and now: a massive thank you to Kathy BROWN • Don BENNETT • Paul LEWIS • Tony LOBO • Ken AGNEW • Luka MELON • Mike BRISTOW • Sabine GAITZSCH NAIR & Deborah HAROUMA.  Thank you!

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Wanstead Flats parkrun Results Page.  I think the stand out performance was John HOLMES who took three minutes off the VM70-74 course record.  Well done!

Male placings:
Sebastian ANTHONY (SM20-24) of West Suffolk AC, was first over the line in 15:53 - first appearance.
Oliver WILLIAMS (SM30-34) of Les Croupiers RC, was second over the line in 15:54.
Jake CALLIS (SM18-19) of Orion Harriers, was third over the line in 16:09 - has been first to finish on 3 previous occasions.

Female placings:
Justine ANTHONY (SW20-24) of West Suffolk AC, was first (10th overall) over the line in 18:28 - first appearance.
Jane ROSE (VW35-39) (Unattached) was second (29th overall) over the line in 21:04.
Christine ANTHONY (VW50-54) of West Suffolk AC, was third (30th overall) over the line in 21:11.

The three highest age grades were recorded by:
Christine ANTHONY (VW50-54) – 83.24% for the time 21:11 (30th overall).
Jake CALLIS (SM18-19) – 82.56% for the time 16:09 (third overall).
Sebastian ANTHONY (SM20-24) – 82.06% for the time 15:53 (first overall).



VMLM Baggage Volunteering – 23rd April 2017

For those who are volunteering at the baggage at the London Marathon please either be at Wanstead Flats on Saturday or email wansteadflatsoffice@parkrun.com with a photo - this will be needed for the photo ID.  The coach will be able to pick up at Wanstead Flats (by the gate to the car park on Harrow Road) at 6:15 am or outside Stratford Town Hall on the Broadway at 6:30.

The list of volunteers we have is:

Paul Lewis,
Mike Bristow,
Tony Lobo,
Elizabeth Worrell-Jude,
Maya Goodwin,
Stuart Barton,
Ellie Page,
Ivaylo Enchev,
Fiona Day,
Kieran Brown,
Petter Axby,
Alan Branch,
Alexandra Rutishauser,
Alessio Cardone,
Maria Fernandez,
Liz O'Donnell,
Danute Grosz,
Andrew Howard,
Bernadett Kalmar,
Jaroslava Collyer,
Vicky Allen,
Angela May,
Chris Gray,
Sabjan Sama
Jean Munroe
Miriam Muzzell,
Susan McDowell,
George McDowell,
Anna Mutunaga,
Nick Dowsett


Event 310 – 11th March 2017

The glorious weather this morning brought out many new runners this morning. A very warm welcome to Lucy HARWOOD, Paul RANCE, Jj ALI, Lydia HARRIS, Mark CUMMINGS, Jessica HOLLAND, Elizabeth HARWOOD, Stephen RANDALL, Jill FREIMANIS, Katie CARMICHAEL, Donna AMATO, Chux AMA, Jordanna GREAVES, Niamh, NEVILLE, Alex BOLT, Katie MCBRIDE, Hariet KEMPSTER, and Nadia AMA.  Welcome to the parkrun family!

They were joined by around 20 tourists travelling from as far away as parkrun Poznan and Valentines parkrun and many points in-between.  Hope you liked our course!

Congratulations to  Alex JAMESON for reaching your 50 run milestone and also to Bernd SCHULTE for reaching 100 - thanks for sharing your milestone with us here, Bernd.

Finally a big cheer for Dorothy HAWKINS, who has finished first in her age category on all six visits to Wanstead, and has taken over thirteen minutes off her time.  Well done!

Happy parkrunning,



Event number 289 – 29th October

What a lovely day for a run in the park with some friends!  And an especially big welcome to the 18 first timers this week.

Next week, Paul is planning to "do the draw" for the volunteers who helped out at the London Marathon earlier this year, so be prepared to cross your fingers and toes for luck.

As far as the results go, the first three finishers were Nikki BAYNES (SW25-29) in 20:21; Louise GILBERT (JW15-17) in 21:29; and Kavita SOLDER (SW25-29) in 22:51 for the women and Tomaz PLIBERSEK (VM35-39) in 16:29; Duncan STEEN (SM30-34) in 18:21 and Daniel HILEY (SM25-29) in 18:22 for the men.

Happy running,



Wanstead Flats parkrun #277

Many thanks to Dominic DRAGONETTI, Bernadett KALMAR, Tony LOBO, Abdushshakoor SULEMAN, Anna SZABADI, and Oliver SZABADI who suffered the slings and arrows of outrageous sunshine, while 123 runners ran, jogged, and walked round.  I suspect the cool and shady woods were a welcome relief each lap for those going round!  Beautiful weather, but perhaps not the best for running.

Well done to those who were first across the line - David Jones in 16:48 and Alexandra Wilkinson in 22:53 for the men and women respectively.

Well done for all those who managed to record a new PB - there were 24 who managed it this week.

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Wanstead Flats parkrun Results Page.

Happy running,



Event number 273

There were at least five new parkrunners this week - a warm welcome to  Dominic OKUS, Johnny WORTHINGTON, Chloe VANSOETERSTEDE, Helen MCTAGGART, Henry AFFLECK and anyone else who forgot their barcode. It was a little warm and muggy - sorry about that.  We can't do much about the weather, I'm afraid: that's down to the weather fairy.

Congratulations go to Kevin JONES and George JAMES who completed their 50th run yesterday.  Well done - hope to see you in your new, red, tees soon! Congratulations also go to Alun EVANS (77.97%), Joseph GELLER (76.32%) and Dan SLIPPER (74.26) who managed the best 3 age graded runs - I won't embarrass you by mentioning what those ages were!

Finally, you may have noticed in this weeks newsletter that "guide running" - where a sighted runner helps a visually impaired runner by acting as human guide dog - was being promoted. There are a number of Wanstead regulars who are England Athletics guide runners, so if you want a guide here at Wanstead, let us know beforehand and we can make sure that at someone who can keep up with you is about.

If you're interested in finding out more about guide running, the Royal London Society for Blind People is putting on a free taster workshop in guide running at the Olympic Park after work on Tuesday 26th July.  Drop me a note at wansteadflatsoffice@parkrun.com and I'll put you  touch with them. They're also running a "Blindfold Run" as a fundraiser in November.

Good running,





Wanstead Flats parkrun Event number 260

Despite Mother Nature's best efforts, 128 of you managed to (mostly) avoid any rain - or gently falling fog, as I prefer to call it - on yesterday's run.

An especially big welcome to our most Touringist Tourist this week Andrey Polnarev from Москва́ - wikipedia tells me we call it Moscow.  Good luck in setting up the new parkrun Вернадского, Andrey - and my apologies for failing to pronounce your new parkrun correctly.  If I'm ever in Москва́ on a Saturday morning...

A shout out to Stuart BARTON, Kieran BROWN, Helen FINCH, Lucy HOUSE, Paul LEWIS, Tony LOBO, Adnaan MUDHIR, Sean REED, and Elizabeth WORRELL-JUDE who were this weeks lovely volunteers. Many thanks to you all.  If you want to help in the future, you can see how we're doing for volunteers on the park run website but do feel free to chat to any of the Run Directors about the roles if you're unsure about them but the short version is they're all easy and straightforward.

Last, but not least: well done to the runners. This weeks results can be found in the usual place, but some highlights follow.

Age Graded Results

Alun EVANS (VM55-59) was graded 78.23% for the time 19:59 (7th overall).
George DAY (JM15-17) was graded 76.42% for the time 17:40 (first overall).
Alistair HOLFORD (VM55-59) was graded 73.61% for the time 21:36 (12th overall).

And in the points competition - hotting up as we get closer to our birthday:


Maud HODSON (East London Runners) 3559 pts.
Susan MCDOWELL (viewtube runners) 3340 pts.
Fiona DAY (East London Runners) 3206 pts.

(I should note that my Squirrel Spies tell me that Susan may have "accidentally" tripped Maud up in the woods.  Obviously, I want a fellow viewtube runner to win, but that's taking it a bit far... I'll keep my eye on you now, Susan.)


Scott MCMILLAN (East London Runners) 4092 pts.
Delase GAZO (Unattached) 3232 pts.
Alun EVANS (Woodford Green AC with Essex Ladies) 2891 pts.

Happy Running everyone,

Mike the Emergency Holographic Run Director


Event Report 243 – 19th December 2015

What a balmy day yesterday.  OK, I might be stretching it a bit to call 15 degrees 'balmy' - but the August Bank Holiday only managed 14 C, and it's December!

Still, perfect running weathers, with PBs set by Angela KHAN (6th PB in a row!), Simon BOTTOMLEY (by 2:45!), Dionne SIMPSON, Nathan BOASE, William RANGER and Simon BOASE, and some super results from the front runners:

Female placings:
Rebecca YOUNG (SW25-29) of East London Runners, was first lady in 22:51;
Sharon SPRINGFIELD (VW40-44) of East London Runners, was second lady in 23:44
Emma KOLASINSKA (VW35-39) (Unattached) was third ladt in 24:16.

Male placings:
Angus HOLFORD (SM25-29) was first gent over the line in 16:48;
Samuel BROWNE (SM25-29) was second gent in 18:13
Russell Zachariah PRICE (SM30-34) was third over the line in 18:15

The full results can be found on the Wanstead Flats parkrun Results Page.

Happy running,


PS:  Well done to all the Wanstead Flatters at todays SitC event!  Lovely to see you (even if you beat me!)


Paul’s Movember Challenge update.

Just an update on Paul's Movember Challenge where he is running the day's.

Paul reached 722 miles on Sunday evening and with Monday's 30 miles should reach 752 miles for the month.
Paul is raising funds for Help The Heroes and if anyone would like to donate you can donate at https://www.justgiving.com/jerseyrunners4/

Well done Paul, a great achievement.