Event 116 – Go go go goslings!

Wardown junior parkrun - event 116

Such a beautiful sunny morning for our 116th event. We were joined by 16 wonderful volunteers, 27 amazing children and a gaggle of goslings.



Event 116 brought the following:

  • 27 fabulous finishers
  • 18 brilliant boys
  • 8 great girls
  • 4 perfect PBs - huge congratulations to Isobel, Khaliulah, Maja and Sofia.
  • 16 vital volunteers
  • 8 fantastic first timers; welcome to George H, George L, Luke, Matthew, Muhammed, Isabel, Ibrahim and Noah.
  • 1 unknown - DFYB
  • A gaggle of goslings


A special thank you to our junior volunteers - Thomas, Chloe & Alex.



Congratulations to Amelie who collected her blue half marathon wristband, 11 junior parkruns - a brilliant achievement!


If you are interested in volunteering then please opt in to the emailing list, if you have not already (there is a link on your results email). That way you will receive notifications from junior parkrun regarding information about the event as well as requests for volunteers. If you want to know more, please contact us at wardown-juniorsoffice@parkrun.com

We look forward to seeing you on Sunday 3rd of July

Karen ♥


Event 114 – Litter picking and Laughter

After arriving at the boat house to meet the set up team my first job, with the aid of a couple of willing(ish) helpers and a pair of rubber gloves, was picking up the litter that was scattered all around the starting point and on the course.  Not very pleasant but absolutely necessary to ensure our juniors didn't injure themselves whilst participating.thumbnail 114 1

Of the 29 juniors who took part on Sunday, 11 of them were first timers! This was a fantastic boost to our numbers.  Welcome to Noah, Jamie, Rhys, Imelda, Joseph, Hannah, Lauren, Natalie, Amelia, Catherine and Henry.  We hope you enjoyed Parkrun and that it will now become your new Sunday obsession.

A huge congratulations to Amelie who absolutely flew around the course and came in first with a very impressive time of 7:37, which also happened to be a PB!

thumbnail 114 2


The first boy home was Edward in a brilliant time of 8:26.

Our PB triangle was working overtime on Sunday with 9 juniors achieving PB's.  Well done to Amelie, Oliver, Alf, Finley, Joshua, Jonathan, Joseph, Billy and Isabella.

thumbnail 114 3


There were 2 unknowns - Don't forget your barcodes!  Well done to each participant who ran, walked, hopped, skipped and high-five turbo boosted themselves around the course. You are all superstars!thumbnail 114 4

I'd like to extend my sincere thanks to the 19 hi-vis heroes who did an amazing job keeping our juniors safe.  We welcomed June and John who volunteered this week.  They normally attend as spectators when their grandson visits from Bristol and he participates as a tourist.  June told me they decided they'd like to give something back and we're delighted they chose us.  June did a fantastic warm up, helped by newcomer Amelia, and then she and John took on the important role of marshals.  I could hear June's tambourine from the finish line!thumbnail 114 5

If you would like to 'give something back', like June and John are, please consider volunteering for us occasionally.  The roles aren't difficult, it takes no more than an hour of your time, you'll have fun, it'll make you feel great and all the juniors and their responsible adults will think you're awesome!  If my sales pitch has convinced you to help please comment below or e-mail us if you would like to be a hi-vis hero too.

Enjoy the rest of your week and I hope to see you on Sunday.

Debbie (Run Director)


Event 113 – Red, white and blue ‘Thank You Day’

Wardown Junior parkrun - event 113

There was a lot to celebrate this morning as we met to run, and volunteer, wearing red, white and blue on the final day of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee bank holiday weekend. Daniel and Thomas did a great job supporting the runners with their flags while Poppy managed to help with the warm up and keep her balloons attached all the way around the course!

red white and blue 2

We joined other junior parkruns, across the UK, and the ‘Together coalition’ to take part in Thank You Day. This was a chance to celebrate the togetherness and community feel that we are lucky enough to experience each Sunday morning as well as provide an opportunity to express our sincere gratitude to our volunteers who come along every week, rain or shine, to encourage our juniors and make sure our events run smoothly. We hope you enjoyed the treats. :-)


The juniors did some fantastic running, particularly as they had to dodge giant puddles, weeping willow branches and the mess the geese had left behind!


Event 113 brought the following:

  • 13 fabulous finishers
  • 8 brilliant boys
  •  5 great girls
  •  4  perfect PBs - congratulations to Jonathan, Joseph, Jude and Caitlin
  • 19 vital volunteers - a special thank you to our amazing junior volunteers; Daniel, Thomas, Chloe, Jess and Joshua.




Well done to Caitlin who collected her marathon wrist band after completing 21 junior parkruns and then ran a fantastic PB. Brilliant achievement!


Ultra marathon

We don’t often see an ultra band so Billy should be very proud of his achievement. He collected his ultra marathon band after completing 50 junior parkruns. Fantastic achievement!


If you know of any families who might like to join in the fun on a Sunday, please do encourage them to come along.

If you would like to join our friendly team of volunteers, please opt-in to the emailing list, if you haven't already (there is a link in your result e-mail). If you want to know more, please contact us as wardown-juniorsoffice@parkrun.com. You will be made very welcome.....particularly if your name is Dave.........!


See you next Sunday for Event 114 where, hopefully, the geese will be on their best behaviour!



Event 112 – Let’s talk about Dave F.

Wardown junior parkrun - event 112

A beautiful sunny morning greeted myself and my husband Dave as we arrived at Wardown Park to set up the course.

Thank you Dave for setting up week in week out, taking on a volunteer role (marshalling this week) and then making sure the trolley is neat and tidy at the end of each event ready for the following Sunday.

Our regular father and son duo, Mick and Josh soon joined us and went to help Dave finish setting up.

Thank you Mick and Josh for assisting Dave and thanks Josh for pulling the trolley around the course. Many hands make light work. Extra thanks to Mick for marshalling and Josh for barcode scanning.

The marvellous marshals arrived; Martin, Anne, Thom & Dan (another regular father and son duo) and Claire (who also happens to be a much valued part of our team).

Thank you for ensuring our juniors are safe as they complete their event and thank you for your cheers of encouragement for each and every child that pass your marshal spot.

Mother and daughter Michelle (also one of our fabulous RD's) and Chloe thank you for timekeeping this week.

Thank you to our terrific tailwalkers Diane and Adrian. We all know that you absolutely love your 2k workout on a Sunday morning. So far you have made sure that all children are accounted for 27 times. Thank you.

Dawn thank you for taking such wonderful photos.

A huge thank you to Dave F for offering to do finish tokens this week.

Thank you to the children that helped me lead the warm-up, the adults that brought their child/children to Wardown junior parkrun and of course the children themselves. You are all superstars.

15 wonderful volunteers and 24 amazing children joined us for our 112th event.


Event 112 brought the following:

  • 24 fabulous finishers
  • 15 brilliant boys
  • 4 great girls
  • 6 perfect PBs - huge congratulations to Dawid, Piotr, Rafatulah, Abdul-Kareem, Molly and Alexander.
  • 15 vital volunteers
  • 7 fantastic first timers; welcome to Alex, Umar, Nikodem, Johnathan, Adam, Jude and Stevie.
  • 5 unknowns - DFYB


Congratulations to Caitlin who completed her 21st junior parkrun - an outstanding achievement. Your green wristband is waiting to be given to you next week. Very well done!


A special thank you to our junior volunteers - Dan, Chloe & Joshua.


Now let's talk about Dave F...

Dave is a regular volunteer at our junior parkrun - he has marshalled for us eleven times and has also taken on the role of timekeeping, barcode scanning, been a tailwalker and has sorted the tokens at the end of the event. When Dave told us that he was having an operation on his knee we wished him well and wasn't quite sure when we would see him next. To my utmost delight, Dave answered my plea for volunteers and very kindly offered to do finish tokens this week.

Those of you that have been lucky to have met Dave will agree with me in saying that he is one of the friendliest people to talk to. He is always up for a laugh, likes to have a chat and has a kind and cheerful disposition. We are very grateful to have you Dave.

Thank you once again Dave for giving up your time this week and volunteering at our junior parkrun. On behalf of the team we wish you a very speedy recovery.



On Sunday 5th of June we are taking part in an extra special Thank You Day as part of the nationwide Together coalition. This is a chance to celebrate togetherness and gratitude at parkrun events.

#ThankYouDay #parkrunTogether

We are going to have a red, white and blue theme so please feel free to wear these colours if you wish to do so. To express our sincere gratitude to every single volunteer that has ensured we have a safe and enjoyable event each and every week, we will be providing cake - please come and join us.

If you are interested in volunteering then please opt in to the emailing list, if you have not already (there is a link on your results email). That way you will receive notifications from junior parkrun regarding information about the event as well as requests for volunteers. If you want to know more, please contact us at wardown-juniorsoffice@parkrun.com


We look forward to seeing you on Sunday 5th of June


Karen ♥



Event 111 – Sunny Sunday Superstars

On a glorious Sunday morning we welcomed 19 amazing young people (and some equally awesome adults!) to Wardown Junior parkrun.

Well done to our first finisher Edward who equalled his PB.

We also said hello to four first timers, Abdul-Kareem, Beatrice, Rosalie and Yumi and hope they enjoyed their run, and will come back again soon.

Six runners achieved PB's, congratulations to Anna, Ewan, Khaliulah, Seren, Mykhailo and Rafatulah.

Last but not least, thank you to the 21 fantastic volunteers, without whom Wardown Junior parkrun would not be able to take place. If you are interested in volunteering then please opt into the emailing list, if you have not already (there is a link on your results e-mail), that way you will receive notifications from Junior Parkrun regarding information about the event as well as requests for volunteers. If your want to know more, please contact us at wardown-juniorsoffice@parkrun.com

We look forward to seeing on Sunday 29th May for event number 112.


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