Event 73 – Glad The Rain Stopped

Wardown junior parkrun - event 73

27 incredible finishers and 27 super volunteers joined us on a bright morning for event 73. We had a downpour as Joshua was getting everything ready in the boathouse for our volunteers and he mentioned to the rest of us that the clouds were clearing. Lo and behold, the rain stopped and the sunshine started to peek through. Thank you Joshua for being a superb Junior Run Director.


Event 73 brought the following:

  • 27 fabulous finishers
  • 19 brilliant boys
  • 8 great girls
  • 0 unknowns (fabulous!)
  • 3 perfect PBs - huge congratulations to Evie McHugh, Jack Cottrell & Thea Rose Caddy
  • 27 vital volunteers
  • 5 fantastic first timers; Henry Thomas, Darcy McGrattan, Antony & Kelsey Pauling and Billy Harding



Jack was awarded his green wristband for completing 21 events which is equivalent to a marathon! Amazing! 




A special thank you to our junior volunteers; Chloe, Joshua, Scott, Jasper, Florence, Eliot, Daniel, Thomas and Ben. 


A very special thank you to Mark Smith who is a member of Stopsley Striders - as Mark was training on Sunday morning at Wardown park, he very kindly assisted Dave with setting up and sorted out the signs, posts and cones that had either been blown over or were facing the wrong way due to the gusts of wind. Thanks Mark.


If you are interested in volunteering then please opt in to the emailing list, if you have not already (there is a link on your results email). That way you will receive notifications from junior parkrun regarding information about the event as well as requests for volunteers. If you want to know more, please contact us at wardown-juniorsoffice@parkrun.com

We look forward to seeing you on Sunday 19th of January.

Karen ♥