Our 13th non-parkrun event – Kathryn’s story

Kathryn's story

The start…

My first ever official run was the ‘Lealands Mini Marathon’ when I was at junior school. It was a cross country run… I loved it and I still have my medal!



The middle...

I’ve always run, but was never consistent.  It usually involved me going for a run after a long break, remembering how much I loved it, thinking this is great I’ll just go a little bit further…then not being able to walk properly for the rest of the week! 

More recently…

In 2015 I went for a run after being out of action for a while after having an operation.  From that day I have run a few times every week.  I quickly discovered parkrun and also got a running watch.  Being able to monitor my progress and aim for PBs saw me gradually increasing my distance.  In 2018 I ran a marathon which is something I never dreamt I would be able to do!  


Although I don’t make it to parkrun as often as I’d like, as I fit my runs around family life, I find that, no matter how long it is between visits, everyone is always so friendly and supportive.  There is always a great atmosphere and it’s definitely addictive! 

Parkrun is such a simple concept, but yet it offers so many opportunities; fitness, friendship, the chance to volunteer!  I was lucky enough to be offered the opportunity to help set up a junior event at Wardown.  It has been a real pleasure to be involved and meet so many wonderful people.  I love seeing the juniors enjoy running (or walking or skipping!) and am so impressed by the dedication and commitment of some of our regulars.  Our junior volunteers, who demonstrate so many skills in their roles, also never fail to amaze me!  

Having a junior event has been fantastic as my own children have been able to get involved too and it has provided us with a great way to spend time together and keep active.



We are certainly missing junior parkrun! To keep up our exercise we have been doing a lot of cycling as Emily has learnt to ride without stabilisers so there is no stopping her now!  We have also found a 2km route to run as Emily is determined to beat her PB once we start again.  She can’t wait to get back to it as she has set her sights on a marathon wristband! 


Looking forward to seeing you all when we are able to.