Butterfield Double

Warrington Parkrun 284 – 11 May 2019

A Butterfield Double

This week was a double celebration for the Butterfields. Rick completed his 100th parkrun whilst Tracy completed her 200th parkrun. They both joined the parkrun family back in 2013 in the pre-Warrington days. They completed 21 parkruns at Pennington Flash before taking part in the inaugural Warrington Parkrun in January 2014. Since then they have been virtually ever present at Warrington as both runners and volunteers. Rick has run 65 times at Warrington (the number restricted by a severe achilles tendon injury) and has volunteered 169 times. Tracy has run 159 times at Warrington and volunteered on 80 occasions. They have been tourists on several occasions in the UK and also once in Singapore and in 2018 were the first Warrington runners to take part in a parkrun in Poland. They have gone above and beyond to help make Warrington Parkrun the success it is today and are to be congratulated and thanked for everything they have done. Well done guys.
A lovely sunny morning meant a big turnout for this week’s run. 602 runners and walkers completed the course making it the sixth occasion when we have achieved 600+ and the fourth highest overall. Conditions must have been ideal as 136 of you achieved personal bests making a grand total of 17,875 in 284 parkruns (average 63 per run). A special mention for four of our regular runners, Andrew Pemberton 26.44 (241 parkruns), Jason Sage 19.27 (174 parkruns, Katie Guess 28.20 (136 parkruns and Naomi Wilson 21.32 (129 parkruns. Congratulations also to Elise Barker and Karen Moran who both broke through the 30 minute barrier for the first time.
There were another 55 first timers of whom 22 were new to parkrun altogether. Since mid-January, 552 people have completed their first ever parkrun and it would appear that approx. 60% of those will return within 3 months.
This week was a pacer run by Run Sandymoor. Thanks to everyone who acted as pacer or supported them, 34 members of Run Sandymoor were taking part this week. As far as I can ascertain, the best pacer performance was by Alexandra Russell who completed the course in exactly 29 minutes.
People appear to be very shy in owning up to being a tourist as only one person, from North Wales, identified themselves. The results suggest other visitors from Brighton, Leeds, Lancaster, Stoke-on-Trent and Oldham.
Further reminders:-
May 18 (next week) – Alternative route due to the Neighbourhood Weekend setting up in Victoria Park. The start will be at the Morrisons (Stockton Heath) end of Black Bear Path.
May 25 – Event cancelled due to the Neighbourhood Weekend event in Victoria Park. Plan your away day and let me know about where you choose to run and why and what it is like.
Jun 1 – Back to normal (probably).
Jun 8 – Victoria Park RC pacer event.
Jul 6 – Lymm Runners pacer event.
Jul 20 – Warrington Road Runners pacer event.

Results – Warrington Parkrun 284
1st Bertie Houghton​16.18 (4th first place finish) – (PB) – (Doncaster AC)
2nd Unknown​ ​
3rd Jonathan Smith​17.26 (Lymm Runners)
1st Jenny Evans​​19.07 (9th overall) – (7th first place finish) – (Warrington RC)
2nd Naomi Wilson ​21.32 (42nd overall) – (PB)
3rd Bobbie Lomax ​21.39 (45th overall)
There were 602 runners of whom 319 were male, 261 female and 22 unknowns. There were 55 first timers of whom 22 were running their first ever parkrun. The best age grade performance was by Paul Boileau (VM55-59) in 19.05 in 8th place. The best performance by a runner new to Warrington Parkrun (also his first ever parkrun) was by Ben Wallis in 19.41 in 15th place. 136 of you achieved new personal bests, well done to everyone. 14 youngsters (8 boys and 6 girls) ran in the 10 and under age group, the youngest age group and Roger Pidcock and Terry Coles in the 75-79 age group were again our most senior athletes.
The 100 parkrun milestone was reached by Julie Thompson (96 at Warrington), Martin Wright (also 96 at Warrington) and Rick Butterfield (65 at Warrington) to qualify for their black t-shirts. The 50 parkrun milestone was achieved by Kathryn Ruane (48 at Warrington) to qualify for her red t-shirt. Although not a milestone, Tracy Butterfield and Lee Hulme both completed 200 parkruns.
Aesthetically pleasing times were achieved by Richard Murray 20.20, Richard Wake 24.24, Ceri Mitchell and Benjamin Clarke 26.26, Tania Wild 27.27, Geoff Player 28.28, Kirsty Morley 29.29 and Lindsey Tonge 35.35. An on point time was recorded by Nichola Chandler 30.00. Palindromic times were achieved by Lee Morris 23.32, Olivia Copper 30.03, Heather Varley 35.53, David Cooper 41.14 and Les Hewitt 43.34.
Today’s full results and a complete race history can be found on the Warrington Parkrun Results Page.