Warrington Parkrun 285 – 18 May 2019

A Report From Afar (well 250 miles!!!) ….

Saturday was my granddaughter’s 11th birthday so it was a family gathering in Maidstone in Kent. However, I was given a pass out to attend Maidstone Parkrun as a tourist and let everyone know that I was from Warrington. 417 of us set off from Kent Life (a children’s petting zoo) for an attractive run mostly along the towpath of the River Medway, an out and back course which crosses the river on a “bouncy” bridge just before and after the turnaround point at the children’s play area. The course is narrow in places causing some congestion particularly just after the start and then further along when the faster runners return along the towpath. There are lovely views of the river with very pretty houseboats moored and plenty of wildlife including the local rowing club out for early morning training. It was my fourth run at Maidstone and I managed a PB in 30.13. I would like to include more reports of other tourist runs so any details that you can provide will I am sure be of interest to many in the Warrington Parkrun community. You can either make a comment on future facebook posts or email in to warringtonoffice@parkrun.com and they will be forwarded on to me. This may be particularly relevant this week and next as this week’s run was the alternative route and next week’s is cancelled because of the Neighbourhood Weekend events in Victoria Park. Only 362 of you ran this week, did many of you go elsewhere as tourists, if so let me know. Next week, I think I shall go to Northwich Parkrun, does anyone feel like joining me there.
Obviously, being away this week, I did not get to experience the reverse route, but everyone seems to have disliked the double whammy on the playing field. Hopefully, in two weeks time, we will be back to normal. A scan of this week’s results suggest that visitors came to Warrington from Conwy, Selby, Milton Keynes, Newbury and Jersey. There were “only” 45 PBs this week because of fewer numbers and the reverse course but congratulations to parkrun regulars Pamela Moore (102 runs) in 27.05 and Katie Guess (137 runs) in 27.22 (second week running) for their PB performances.
Further reminders:-
May 25 – Event cancelled. Plan your away day and let me know about where you choose to run and why and what it is like.
Jun 1 – Back to normal
Jun 8 – Victoria Park RC pacer event.
Jun 22 - WRC pacer event
Jun 29 - East Warrington GP Practices
take over
Jul 6 – Lymm Runners pacer event.
Jul 20 – Warrington Road Runners pacer event.

Results – Warrington Parkrun 285
1st Chris Stanford​17.06 (36th first place finish) – (Warrington Triathlon Club) – (best age grade % - 79.24%)
2nd Alfie Crockett​18.05​ ​
3rd Paul Boileau​​19.34
1st Louise Blizzard​20.32 (10th overall) – (106th first place finish) – (Warrington AC)
2nd Naomi Wilson ​22.04 (27th overall)
3rd Sadie Besley ​23.22 (44th overall)
There were 362 runners of whom 195 were male, 151 female and 16 unknowns. There were 34 first timers of whom 19 were running their first ever parkrun. The best performance by a runner new to Warrington Parkrun (also his first ever parkrun) was by Tim Igoe in 20.08 in 8th place. 45 of you achieved new personal bests, well done to everyone. 13 youngsters (6 boys and 7 girls) ran in the 10 and under age group, the youngest age group and Brian Coyne and Ken Johnson in the 70-74 age group were our most senior athletes.
The 100 parkrun milestone was reached by Marilyn Maguire (all at Warrington) to qualify for her black t-shirt. The 50 parkrun milestone was achieved by Janette Austin (all at Warrington) and Katie Hampton (49 at Warrington) to qualify for their red t-shirts. Sophie Lowe (JW11-14) reached 10 parkruns to qualify for her white t-shirt.
Aesthetically pleasing times were achieved by Simon Oldfield 24.24, Nick Shaw 27.27, Ewan Taylor 28.28 and Chrissie Knight and Sally Callaghan both 34.34. An on point time was recorded by Nigel Jennison 30.00 and palindromic times were achieved by Nicola Lowe 25.52, Tim Marshall 31.13 and Anna Marshall and Joanne Marshall both 43.34.
Today’s full results and a complete race history can be found on the Warrington Parkrun Results Page.