parkrun 288

Warrington Parkrun 288 – 15 June 2019

What’s It All About, Alfie!

For several weeks, Alfie Crockett has been targeting a sub 17 minute parkrun but up to now conditions have not been right. Today was different, there was no rain, very little wind and it wasn’t too hot, excellent conditions for running, and with Dave Watson pushing him all the way, he achieved his goal in a time of 16mins 51secs, (a PB by 18 seconds). He celebrated up the final part of the finishing straight, crossed the line and then staggered totally exhausted to get his barcode and position no.1 token scanned. Everyone knows how disappointing it is when you miss a time target that you have set yourself but also how exhilarating it is when you beat it by a good margin. So, we can all send our congratulations to Alfie for his excellent performance today.
Last week, I was on holiday in Madeira, unfortunately no parkrun there yet but it is a bit hilly, so I have included two weeks of race results in this report. However, I believe I picked a good week to be away from Warrington Parkrun as I then didn’t have to endure the wind and heavy rain (it was sunny and warm in Madeira!!).
So far this year approx. 700 people have tried parkrun at Warrington for the first time and it would appear that just over 40% of them decide that it is not for them and they don’t come back. However, that does mean that nearly 60% do return and they vary anywhere between occasional runners and parkrun nuts (like a few I could name, probably including myself). Since we began in 2014, 12,400 people have taken part in our 288 parkruns at an average of 316.6 per parkrun and an average of 7.35 runs per runner. 324 have completed 50+ parkruns at Warrington, 81 have completed 100+ and three people, Andrew Pemberton, Mark Bell and Matthew Lawless, have achieved 200+.
Tony Carroll was run director today and as usual we thanked our wonderful volunteers and welcomed our first timers and tourists. I can only emphasise what Tony said about volunteering, if everyone volunteered once per year then we would never have any problems about controlling the runs.
Last week, our thanks go to Victoria Park Running Club who provided the pacers. Special mention to Laura Owen and Mark Grimes who both recorded times within 1 second of their allotted pacer times.
Jun 22 – Warrington RC pacer event
Jun 29 – East Warrington GP Practices takeover
Jul 6 – Lymm Runners pacer event.
Jul 20 – Warrington Road Runners pacer event.
Aug 31 – Spectrum Striders pacer event.

Results – Warrington Parkrun 288
1st Alfie Crockett​16.51 (17th first place finish) – (PB)
2nd David Watson​17.00 (Holmfirth Harriers AC) – (best age grade % - 85.39%)​ ​
3rd Tom Battarbee​18.09​
1st Louise Blizzard​20.22 (15th overall) – (108th first place finish) – (Warrington AC)
2nd Emily Entwistle ​20.27 (18th overall) – (PB)
3rd Tracy Entwistle ​21.02 (21st overall) – (Warrington RRC)
There were 473 runners of whom 268 were male, 195 female and 10 unknowns. There were 45 first timers of whom 23 were running their first ever parkrun. The best performance by a runner new to Warrington Parkrun and in his first ever parkrun was by Tom Cornes in 21.21 in 26th place. 71 of you achieved new personal bests, well done to everyone, worthy of mention Lyn Westwood 31.49 in her 71st parkrun. 14 youngsters (10 boys and 4 girls) ran in the JM/JW 10 age group, the youngest age groups and Roger Pidcock and Terry Coles in the 75-79 age group were our most senior athletes.
No 50 or 100 milestones this week but 3 juniors, Elliott Nolan and Joe Daniels (both JM15-17) and Cameron Aghanian (JM10) all reached 10 parkruns to qualify for their white t-shirts.
“Perfect” times were achieved by Kylem Cross and Rob Kelly both 22.22. Aesthetically pleasing times were achieved by Tom Cornes 21.21, Thomas Hadley 23.23, Andrew Butterworth 24.24, Ella Brabin 26.26, Caroline Boardman 30.30, Jane Birchall 31.31, Sarah Lawton and Graham Hesketh both35.35 and Pippa McEwan 39.39. On point times were recorded by Andrew Barker 25.00 and Sarah Fontana and Emma Norman 30.00 and palindromic times by Harriet Bell 24.42, Damien Kusek and Louise Bradbury both 30.03 and Helen Telford 40.04.
Our tourists today came from Newtown, Letchworth, Richmond (London), Tunbridge Wells, Blandford Forum and several from Penyffordd Run Club (somewhere in Wales!!).
Results – Warrington Parkrun 287
1st Unknown​​
2nd Alfie Crockett​18.05 ​
3rd Tom Battarbee​18.20​
1st Louise Blizzard​20.38 (10th overall) – (107th first place finish) – (Warrington AC)
2nd Sarah Davies ​20.56 (14th overall) – (Oxford City AC)
3rd Naomi Wilson ​22.16 (34th overall)
There were 389 runners of whom 217 were male, 158 female and 14 unknowns. There were 46 first timers of whom 16 were running their first ever parkrun. The best performance by a runner new to Warrington Parkrun was by Paul Shannon (Tattenhall Runners) in 20.09 in 6th place which was also the best age grade % - 79.57%. The best by a runner new to parkrun was by Oliver Hughes (JM10) in 25.09 in 101st place. 67 of you achieved new personal bests, well done to everyone, worthy of mention Fay Hurrell 27.14 in her 77th parkrun. 14 youngsters (8 boys and 6 girls) ran in the JM/JW 10 age groups, the youngest age group and 3 men in the 70-74 age group were our most senior athletes.
Julian Dickinson ran his 100th parkrun (95 at Warrington) to qualify for his black tee-shirt and Emma Dunn her 50th parkrun to qualify for her red tee-shirt. Congratulations also to Matthew Lawless on completing his 200th parkrun (all at Warrington).
Aesthetically pleasing times were achieved by Pete Owens 28.28, Siobhan McManus-Price 29.29 and Richard Berry 36.36. On point times were recorded by Rasti Geroc 25.00 and Andrew Boyle and David Bibby 30.00 and palindromic times by Andy Smith 23.32, David Hales 24.42, Ruth Gee 34.43 and Jonathan Morris 40.04.
Our tourists came from Oxford, Birkenhead, St Albans, Oldham, Macclesfield, Milton Keynes and Rickmansworth.
Today’s full results and a complete race history can be found on the Warrington Parkrun Results Page.