321! Our second highest attendance

Warrington Parkrun 321 – 18 January 2020

Oh What A Beautiful Morning…..

…. Or so it seemed when I looked out of the bedroom window at 7.30am on Saturday morning. Getting ready, I was already looking forward to a good run this week, so kit on, (shorts no leggings). However, I opened the front door and the reality hit me. It was going to be cold. It took a few minutes to defrost the car and my legs were already feeling rather chilly, no time to go back and put leggings on. I drove to Victoria Park and the car park was already filling up, with car park marshals Dave Matthews, Rick Butterfield and Jim Kirkin and Phil Hayden (and anyone else who I was not aware of) working overtime to get everyone in, keep the queue down and reduce the congestion out on Knutsford Road. Good job guys.
Then the bad news, Huw Jones, run director for the day, announced that there were a fair few icy patches out on the course, particularly on Black Bear Path so any thought of one of my “faster” times went out the window and safety mode kicked in.
The car park did virtually fill up and ultimately 625 participants completed the course and were recorded by the timekeepers and barcode scanners. If it hadn’t been for last week, this would also have been a record attendance. Indeed, for the first 4 runs of 2020 we are averaging 617.5 per parkrun.
It was another big week for first timers as 43 virgins braved parkrun for their first outing. Two weeks ago, we had 51 first timers and 22 have already returned (7 of them on both subsequent runs). Last week we had 58 first timers and 23 of them have returned this week.
It was also an amazing week for our young lady runners as the first three female finishers, Orla Gregory, Alice Nicholson and Lucie Davies are all running in the JW11-14 age category and, in fact, 6 out of the first 10 ladies were all junior runners.
Huw got the run going fairly promptly after the usual formalities and safety warnings, in fact one or two were still making their way from the car park as we started. Victoria Park was fairly muddy although the footpath, submerged under “Lake Victoria” in recent weeks, was reasonably clear, thanks mainly to the efforts of the volunteers who brushed the excess water away from the footpath. Well done everyone. There were a few slight detours on Black Bear Path and on the playing field to avoid the icy patches and we had to cut the corner off turning back into Victoria Park as the path was quite icy by the sharp bend (bench corner). This may have slightly reduced the length of the course but safety must come first.
Next week is Warrington Parkrun’s 6th birthday so it is to be expected that there will be another big turnout. There will be lots of cake and biscuits and other goodies and no doubt some fancy dress outfits as well. We would suggest that you arrive earlier than normal as the car park can be expected to fill right up.
It is also the event for Tony Norton’s Dash 4 Diabetes charity appeal. Over 100 runners have signed up to donate and receive the goody bag and medal but I am sure any donations made on the day will be welcomed.
See you all next week. Subject to the weather being ok and the forecast is reasonable, I am predicting another record attendance of around 740.

Results – Warrington Parkrun 321
1st Alfie Crockett​16.53 (26th first place finish) – (Victoria Park RC)
2nd Tom Battarbee​17.40
3rd Neil Marsh​​18.31​​
1st Orla Gregory​​18.54 (7th overall) – (3rd first place finish) – (Warrington AC) – (best age grade % - 83.16%)
2nd Alice Nicholson​20.35 (19th overall) – (PB)
3rd Lucie Davies​​20.44 (22nd overall) – (PB)
There were 625 runners of whom 314 were male, 278 female and 33 unknowns. There were 72 first timers of whom 43 were running their first ever parkrun. The best performance by a runner new to Warrington was by Andrew Houghton in 20.16 in 13th place. The best performance by a runner in his first ever parkrun was by Conor Reardon in 20.23 in 17th place.
105 of you recorded new personal bests including Paul Deeran 18.42 and Dominique Crompton 25.48. 19 youngsters (4 boys and 15 girls) ran in the JM/JW10 age group, the youngest age groups and Terry Coles (VM75-79) and Dorothy Marsh (VW75-79) were our most senior athletes.
10 parkruns was reached by David Cowin (JM15-17) to qualify for his white t-shirt. The 50 milestone was achieved by Jeremy Carr (47 at Warrington), Gillian Stokes (48 at Warrington), Hannah Beesley (49 at Warrington) and Christian Laing (11 at Warrington) to qualify for their red t-shirts. John Franks (99 at Warrington) ran his 100th parkrun to qualify for his black t-shirt. Mike Hall completed 200 runs. Our most prolific parkrunner was Vincent Alcock (Spectrum Striders) completing his 408th run.
Two perfect times, Louise Blizzard 22.22 and Roz Healey 33.33. Aesthetic times from Andy Howarth 27.27, Alex Geoghegan and Tom Haworth both 30.30, Jannine Wood 31.31 and Janet Redpath 32.32. An on-point time from Jane Hunter 45.00 and palindromic times from Phil Hayden 21.12, John Dooley 25.52, Esther Williams 31.13, Helen Speed 40.04 and Charlene Roberts 42.24.
Our visitors this week from Chester, Crewe, Huddersfield, Shrewsbury, Hull, Cambridge and Milton Keynes.

Today’s full results and a complete race history can be found on the Warrington Parkrun Results Page.