Warrington Parkrun 322 – 25 January 2020

Happy 6th Birthday To Us

How very bizarre!! On the very day that Warrington Parkrun celebrates its 6th birthday, we have 666 participants. Inevitable or just a coincidence!! I think everyone enjoyed the celebrations and certainly the weather played its part. No rain, thank goodness, although a bit cold because of the wind chill factor. The course was a bit muddy in places but that seems to be the norm currently.
During our first six years, we have held 321 parkruns, it should have been 325 but we lost 2 because of the Concert in the Park in 2018 and 2019 (this will occur again in May this year) and 2 because of bad weather which made the course too dangerous.
Obviously, we could not have organised any of the parkruns without our volunteers. Many of the volunteers are firstly runners, who from time to time act as marshals or carry out other volunteering responsibilities. However, there are a number of people who volunteer week in week out and without whom parkrun just would not happen. They deserve to be recognised for what they do. On Saturday, we celebrated Rick Butterfield’s 200th volunteer, which is a great effort considering he has also run 81 Warrington parkruns. However, he is outstripped by the three people who between them have been in charge of virtually every parkrun from the start. Huw Jones (335 volunteers) and Tony Carroll (325 volunteers) have been there from the very start and on a number of occasions will have carried out multiple volunteering duties. Cal Bardi (273 volunteers) joined them soon afterwards. The other person with over 200 volunteers is Helen Darbyshire (217 officially, but was unfortunately missed off a large number of events early on!) and she can be seen virtually every week at the sharp bend from Black Bear Path back into Victoria Park, commonly referred to as bench corner or Helen’s corner. With the recent change in the course, we now pass her marshal position three times, so when you see her next, give her a big shout. Other volunteers who have played a big part include Joanne Fitzpatrick, Richie Wells, Roy Pemberton, Stephen Cooper, Geoff Settle, Emma Wake, Rebecca Wells, Brenda Jones, Tracy Butterfield, Leah Thorpe and many others.
Over the years, we have had 208 first finishers, male and female, headed by Louise Blizzard with 120 successes, Chris Stanford 39 and Alfie Crockett 27. Joining Louise as the three most successful female athletes are Naomi Wilson and Faye Lawton whilst the top three males are Alfie, Chris and Tom Battarbee. We have seen 14,096 runners and walkers in 6 years and just over 400 of us have taken part in 50 or more Warrington parkruns. In excess of 100 of us have completed 100 runs whilst our most prolific runners are Ian Berry (200 this week), Paul Clayton 206, Bryan Forth 209, Matthew Lawless 234, Mark Bell 249 and Andrew Pemberton 270.
The 666 participants this week, made it our second highest attendance and improves the 2020 average to 627. It seems strange that our six largest turnouts have all happened in January (this year and last year).
The best performance of the day belongs to Ellie Barker (JW10) who finished in 58th place and was the sixth placed female runner. Her time of 22mins 01secs was a new record for her age group beating the previous record, which has stood since 2014, by 4 seconds. A tremendous performance by one so young, well done Ellie.
We also again welcomed Charlotte Nichols, the new MP for Warrington North. She ran her fourth run at Warrington having previously run in both London and San Francisco. It seems that she will be a regular supporter of our parkrun, parliamentary duties notwithstanding.
We also had a visitor from the Falkland Islands. Richard Bullivant, originally from Warrington, but now living and working in the Falklands, was involved in the start up of the Cape Pembroke Lighthouse parkrun in October last year, their first one. It certainly must be the most remote parkrun of all.
Saturday was also the fifth Dash4Diabetes charity run and 130 medals were awarded to supporters of the charity with many others making donations using Just Giving through the website Dash4Diabetes.co.uk. Tony Norton would like to thank all supporters as well as the members of Victoria Park RC and Warrington Triathlon Club who acted as pacers including the youngest, Jessica Treagust, aged just 5. Jessica was rewarded with a PB this week.
Warrington Parkrun continues to go from strength to strength, we can all play our part by participating regularly and volunteering occasionally. Here’s to year 7 being the best yet.

Results – Warrington Parkrun 322
1st Alfie Crockett​16.54 (27th first place finish) – (Victoria Park RC)
2nd Jonathan Smith​17.12 (Lymm Runners)
3rd Tom Battarbee​17.51​​
1st Sharon Johnstone​19.42 (15th overall) – (1st first place finish) – (Wilmslow RC) – (best age grade % - 81.39%)
2nd Louise Blizzard​20.22 (22nd overall) – (Warrington AC)
3rd Lucie Davies​​20.28 (25th overall) – (PB)
There were 666 runners of whom 336 were male, 297 female and 33 unknowns. There were 57 first timers of whom 34 were running their first ever parkrun. The best performance by a runner new to Warrington was by Mark Foster in 20.41 in 26th place. The best performance by a runner in his first ever parkrun was by Ashtin Doorgakant in 21.34 in 45th place.
A whopping 139 of you recorded new personal bests including David Hales 22.01, Gaynor Seymour 22.26, Joe Penlington 23.53 (first under 24 mins.), David Stokes 25.40, Alison Woods 25.58 (first under 26mins.), Pamela Moore 27.02 and Louise Waiting 28.17 (in her 100th run). 26 youngsters (5 boys and 21 girls) ran in the JM/JW10 age group, the youngest age groups and 5 men and 3 ladies in the 70-74 age group were our most senior athletes.
10 parkruns was reached by Oliver Darbyshire (JM11-14) to qualify for his white t-shirt. The 50 milestone was achieved by Mark Hubbard (all at Warrington), Colette Kelly (all at Warrington), Jason Hughes (49 at Warrington), Anthony Smith (49 at Warrington) and Jenny Martin (22 at Warrington) to qualify for their red t-shirts. Louise Waiting (98 at Warrington) and Emma Davies ran their 100th parkruns to qualify for their black t-shirts. Our most prolific parkrunner was Sandra Lewis completing her 357th run and volunteering as tail walker as well.
No perfect times but aesthetic times from Lewis Clubley 20.20 (and matching the year), Andrzej Sibik 21.21,Ally Sharp 23.23, Christopher Nightingale 24.24, Marcia Wagner 32.32 and Amy Smith 34.34. On-point times from Niall McDermott and John McDermott both 30.00 and Carrie-Anne Tuitt-Williams 35.00 and palindromic times from Naomi Wilson 21.12,Dennis Yarwood 23.32, Gary Durie and Phil Bates both 25.52, Martyn Scobbie 30.03 and Kirsty Holden 34.43.
Our visitors this week from Brighouse, Derby, Krakow (Poland) and the Falkland Islands.ster, Crewe, Huddersfield, Shrewsbury, Hull, Cambridge and Milton Keynes.

Today’s full results and a complete race history can be found on the Warrington Parkrun Results Page.