Warrington 324

Warrington Parkrun 324 – 8 February 2020

Or Maidstone Parkrun 363!

Having travelled down to Kent for the weekend to celebrate my daughter’s 45th birthday, I duly turned up at Kent Life, an open-air museum, for the Maidstone parkrun. It is one that I have completed a few times before and is a picturesque run mainly along the towpath of the river Medway. It had rained overnight (not forecast) so it was somewhat wet underfoot. At the pre-run briefing, we were informed that there were some puddles along the route and that if we were not prepared to run straight through them that we should start at the back to avoid hold-ups. However, I only encountered one puddle of an area about 2 metres square so no worse than the succession of puddles along our towpath by the ship canal. I decided not to mention our Lake Victoria which as we know can be up to 30 yards long. (Soft southerners!!). Nevertheless, I started near the front to avoid the inevitable congestion as the towpath is rather narrow in places. I was rewarded with a PB and my first Maidstone parkrun under 30 minutes. Still, it is an enjoyable run with pleasant views of houseboats, ducks and other river based wildlife and local rowing club members in training together with a “wobbly” bridge over the river to run across twice.
Judging by the photos and video on facebook, it would appear that Warrington parkrun had dry weather although no doubt the usual dampness underfoot. However, weather did get much worse on Sunday which, sadly, resulted in the cancellation of Warrington Junior parkrun.
Congratulations to Bertie Houghton on his 4th first place finish this year already just beating Chris Stanford making his first visit to Warrington in 2020 and with the best age graded performance. Also, congratulations to Bobbie Lomax for her first 1st place finish for over 12 months.
Don’t forget, next week, 15 February, will be our Valentine’s Day run so perhaps everyone should turn up wearing red or pink. The leap year run on 29 February should be regarded as something special and perhaps everyone should celebrate the phenomenon that is parkrun by wearing their milestone t-shirts or their parkrun apricot t-shirts. Let’s see plenty of colour for both those runs.

Results – Warrington Parkrun 324
1st Bertie Houghton​16.26 (11th first place finish) – (Doncaster AC)
2nd Chris Stanford​16.37 (Warrington Triathlon Club) – (best age grade % - 82.15%)
3rd Unknown
1st Bobbie Lomax​21.10 (27th overall) – (13th first place finish) – (Warrington RRC)
2nd Therese Ryan​21.30 (34th overall) – (PB)
3rd Louisa Mogg​​21.37 (37th overall) – (Run Sandymoor) – (first timer)
There were 536 runners of whom 279 were male, 229 female and 28 unknowns. There were 39 first timers of whom 28 were running their first ever parkrun. The best performance by a runner new to Warrington was by Tim Johnstone (Chorley Athletic & Triathlon Club) in 18.19 in 7th place. The best performance by a runner in his first ever parkrun was by Christopher Holbrook in 22.29 in 50th place.
115 of you recorded new personal bests including Ryan Leigh 19.07, Tom Houghton 19.36 (50th run), Matthew Lawless 19.39, David Mayes 19.50 (first run under 20 mins), William Bainbridge 20.51 (first run under 21 mins), Claire Jones 26.08 and Victoria Hinchcliffe 30.32. 17 youngsters (7 boys and 10 girls) ran in the JM/JW10 age group, the youngest age groups and Roger Pidcock (VM75-79) and Brenda Evans (VW75-79), on her debut, were our most senior athletes.
The 50 milestone was achieved by Tom Houghton (all at Warrington), Ally Sharp (49 at Warrington), Navneet Jha (49 at Warrington), Mark Hunter (45 at Warrington), Rick Turpin (44 at Warrington), Sadie Besley (43 at Warrington),Charles Commins (36 at Warrington) and William Staniard (5 at Warrington) to qualify for their red t-shirts. Our most prolific parkrunner was again Sandra Lewis completing her 359th run and again volunteering as tail walker.
Perfect times from Mark Bell 22.22 and Rachel Kinney and Rachel McKeown both 33.33 and aesthetic times from Joe Penlington 24.24, Frances Kennedy 25.25, Jon Roberts 28.28, Saadat Melia and Jacqui Townson both 31.31, Owen Jones 32.32 and Clare Richardson 36.36. On-point times from Vickie Molphy and Linda Owen both 30.00 and Lesley McKay 45.00 and palindromic times from Andrew Rylance 24.42,Keane Newey and Paul Deeran both 25.52, Jane Newsholme 30.03 and Clare Seaborn 31.13.
Our visitors this week from Chorley, Chester and Basingstoke.

Today’s full results and a complete race history can be found on the Warrington Parkrun Results Page.