Event 325

Warrington Parkrun 325 – 15 February 2020

From Sunny and Warm Bahrain to Wet and Windy Warrington

The good fortune we have experienced during the recent period of inclement weather, whereby it remained dry on Saturday mornings, came to an abrupt end this week. It hardly stopped raining from the time I woke up and looked out of the window at 7.30am through to parkrun conclusion at about 10.15am and throughout the rest of the day.
So, it was with some unease that I got out of my car in the car park and proceeded to make my way across the field to where Huw Jones was conducting the pre-run briefing for the marshals and volunteers. Halfway across, I was greeted by two prospective runners with the question “Are we in the right place, this will be our first ever parkrun”. I assured them that they were and gave them details of the parkrun, the course and the procedures as regards their barcodes and ultimately their position tokens. It transpired that they were Brit and Stephen Webster, originally from Warrington, but now living and working in Bahrain in the middle east. They had been following the NHS couch to 5K programme in the sunshine and their first ever parkrun would coincide with their return to Warrington visiting family. I offered sincere condolences that their first experience of parkrun would be in such awful weather conditions, however, they said they were looking forward to it. I spoke to them again afterwards and the weather had not put them off, they had enjoyed it and that they would be coming back next week before they return home to Bahrain.
The poor weather had a significant effect on the turnout and with only 432 participants, it was the smallest field for 2020 thus far. After one of the shortest pre-run briefings ever, Huw set us off and to the surprise of most of us, Lake Victoria was virtually non-existent, thanks to some sterling work earlier from the organisers and volunteers. In fact, we should all thank all the volunteers for braving the elements this week to deliver us our parkrun. However, judging by the photographs taken by Richard Wake and posted on Facebook both runners and walkers and marshals were enjoying themselves despite the weather. The weather also had an effect on the performances with only 47 PBs this week, well down on our usual number, and also only 16 first timers this week.
Congratulations to Louise Blizzard on completing her 200th run at Warrington (221 in total). She becomes the seventh person to achieve this.
Don’t forget the leap year run on 29 February which should be regarded as something special and perhaps everyone should celebrate the phenomenon that is parkrun by wearing their milestone t-shirts or their parkrun apricot t-shirts.

Results – Warrington Parkrun 325
1st Bertie Houghton​16.58 (12th first place finish) – (Doncaster AC)
2nd Tom Battarbee​17.42
3rd Stephen Watmough​17.48 (Warrington AC) – (best age grade % - 87.83%)
1st Jenny Evans​​19.45 (11th overall) – (18th first place finish) – (Sale Harriers)
2nd Louise Blizzard​20.37 (18th overall) – (Warrington AC)
3rd Eva Jha​​21.52 (33rd overall) – (Warrington RC)
There were 432 runners of whom 231 were male, 169 female and 32 unknowns. There were 33 first timers of whom 16 were running their first ever parkrun. The best performance by a runner new to Warrington was by Ben Greene (Serpentine RC) in 17.56 in 4th place. The best performance by a runner in his first ever parkrun was by Will Oram in 20.28 in 17th place.
47 of you recorded new personal bests including Joe Penlington 23.51 and David Stokes 25.27. 10 youngsters (2 boys and 8 girls) ran in the JM/JW10 age group, the youngest age groups and Terry Coles (VM75-79) was our most senior athlete.
The 50 milestone was achieved by Sue Hughes (5 at Warrington) and Louise Blizzard completed her 200th run at Warrington. Our most prolific parkrunner was Vincent Alcock (Spectrum Striders RC) completing his 412th run.
Perfect times from Adam Tilston 22.22 and Stephen Rutter 33.33 and aesthetic times from Danny Crompton 23.23, Martin Tierney 25.25, Dean Carey 27.27, Jane Scott 31.31, Katie Crompton 34.34 and Gary Skentelbery 36.36. An on-point time from David Mayes 20.00 and palindromic times from Judah Anthony 23.32,Matthew Sprostron 24.42, George Bennett and Craig Allen both 25.52 and Victoria Hinchcliffe 31.13.
Our visitors this week came from Connahs Quay, Conwy, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Harrogate, Grantham, Walsall, Workington, Thurrock, Henley-on-Thames and Bahrain.

Today’s full results and a complete race history can be found on the Warrington Parkrun Results Page.