Warrington parkrun is cancelled on 2020-11-28 – COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Event 323 – First of Five!

Warrington Parkrun 323 – 1 February 2020

First of Five!!

This week was the first of five parkruns to be held in February because of course 2020 is a leap year and February 29th falls on a Saturday. Statistical nerd that I am, I have worked out that this won’t happen again for 28 years in 2048 (when potentially I will be 100 and competing in the VM100-104 age category!!!!).
Another week when the weather was kind to us. No rain but the wind was again somewhat cold. It is going to be a bit of a shock when the weather turns really nasty on a Saturday morning as it inevitably will sooner or later.
No record numbers this week but a good turnout which maintains the excellent average so far for 2020. However, the number of first time runners and walkers was down to 15 this week, a significant drop compared to the four Saturdays in January. 186 newcomers joined us during January and 86 (46%) have already returned for further punishment!
Congratulations to Louise Blizzard, who this week was invited down to the media launch for the London Marathon 2020. In April, Louise will run her 26th London Marathon which will be a new record for the number completed by a female athlete. She has run it consecutively every year since 1994 except one when her son Alfie was born.
A shorter report than usual this week and no report next week as I am away visiting family in Kent. However, I will probably be doing a tourist run at Maidstone or Malling so maybe a short review of another parkrun.
Reminders for you, however, 15 February will be our Valentine’s Day run so perhaps everyone should turn up wearing red or pink. The leap year run on 29 February should be regarded as something special and perhaps everyone should celebrate the phenomenon that is parkrun by wearing their milestone t-shirts or their parkrun apricot t-shirts.
See you all in two weeks.

Results – Warrington Parkrun 323
1st Bertie Houghton​16.24 (10th first place finish) – (Doncaster AC)
2nd Alfie Crockett​17.16 (Victoria Park RC)
3rd Lewis Greaves​17.31 (Serpentine RC) – (PB)​​
1st Jenny Evans​​20.08 (12th overall) – (17th first place finish) – (Sale Harriers)
2nd Louise Blizzard​20.26 (17th overall) – (Warrington AC)
3rd Penny Guess​​21.10 (27th overall) – (Lymm Runners)
There were 570 runners of whom 294 were male, 240 female and 36 unknowns. There were 51 first timers of whom 15 were running their first ever parkrun. The best performance by a runner new to Warrington was by Patrick Osborne in 19.54 in 9th place. The best performance by a runner in his first ever parkrun was by Jon McNicholas in 20.59 in 26th place. The best age grade % 0f 79.17% was achieved by Debbie Huston (VW55-59) in 22.34 in 52nd place.
94 of you recorded new personal bests including Ben Potts 20.30, Dominique Crompton 24.19 (first under 25 mins) and Sarah Fontana 26.30 (first under 27 mins). 18 youngsters (5 boys and 13 girls) ran in the JM/JW10 age group, the youngest age groups and Ian Hilditch (VM75-79) was our most senior athlete.
The 50 milestone was achieved by Alex Leigh (all at Warrington), Christian Daniels (47 at Warrington) and Ian Gribben (44 at Warrington) to qualify for their red t-shirts. Stuart Liversedge (97 at Warrington), Laura Owen (91 at Warrington) and Megan Rudge on her birthday and with a PB (41 at Warrington) all ran their 100th parkruns to qualify for their black t-shirts. Nigel Hinchcliffe completed his 150th parkrun and Mark Bell ran his 250th parkrun at Warrington (271 in total). Our most prolific parkrunner was again Sandra Lewis completing her 358th run (50 at Warrington) and again volunteering as tail walker.
One perfect time from Hannah Beesley 33.33 and aesthetic times from Kristian Coulthert 21.21, Graham Roberts 25.25, Mark Mullock 26.26, Helen Aghanian 27.27, Mary Conway 29.29, Mike Palmer 31.31, Paula Lee 34.34 and Evie Boyle 36.36. An on-point time from Carla Bonner 25.00 and palindromic times from Hugh McLay 24.42, Ian Williamson 25.52, Lisa Jones and Jay Thomson both 30.03 and Doreen Newey 32.23.
Our visitors this week from Birkenhead, Blackburn, Preston, Lytham St Annes, Workington, Sutton Coldfield, Osterley and Kilburn (both London), Aylesbury, Woking and Guernsey.

Today’s full results and a complete race history can be found on the Warrington Parkrun Results Page.



Warrington Parkrun 322 – 25 January 2020

Happy 6th Birthday To Us

How very bizarre!! On the very day that Warrington Parkrun celebrates its 6th birthday, we have 666 participants. Inevitable or just a coincidence!! I think everyone enjoyed the celebrations and certainly the weather played its part. No rain, thank goodness, although a bit cold because of the wind chill factor. The course was a bit muddy in places but that seems to be the norm currently.
During our first six years, we have held 321 parkruns, it should have been 325 but we lost 2 because of the Concert in the Park in 2018 and 2019 (this will occur again in May this year) and 2 because of bad weather which made the course too dangerous.
Obviously, we could not have organised any of the parkruns without our volunteers. Many of the volunteers are firstly runners, who from time to time act as marshals or carry out other volunteering responsibilities. However, there are a number of people who volunteer week in week out and without whom parkrun just would not happen. They deserve to be recognised for what they do. On Saturday, we celebrated Rick Butterfield’s 200th volunteer, which is a great effort considering he has also run 81 Warrington parkruns. However, he is outstripped by the three people who between them have been in charge of virtually every parkrun from the start. Huw Jones (335 volunteers) and Tony Carroll (325 volunteers) have been there from the very start and on a number of occasions will have carried out multiple volunteering duties. Cal Bardi (273 volunteers) joined them soon afterwards. The other person with over 200 volunteers is Helen Darbyshire (217 officially, but was unfortunately missed off a large number of events early on!) and she can be seen virtually every week at the sharp bend from Black Bear Path back into Victoria Park, commonly referred to as bench corner or Helen’s corner. With the recent change in the course, we now pass her marshal position three times, so when you see her next, give her a big shout. Other volunteers who have played a big part include Joanne Fitzpatrick, Richie Wells, Roy Pemberton, Stephen Cooper, Geoff Settle, Emma Wake, Rebecca Wells, Brenda Jones, Tracy Butterfield, Leah Thorpe and many others.
Over the years, we have had 208 first finishers, male and female, headed by Louise Blizzard with 120 successes, Chris Stanford 39 and Alfie Crockett 27. Joining Louise as the three most successful female athletes are Naomi Wilson and Faye Lawton whilst the top three males are Alfie, Chris and Tom Battarbee. We have seen 14,096 runners and walkers in 6 years and just over 400 of us have taken part in 50 or more Warrington parkruns. In excess of 100 of us have completed 100 runs whilst our most prolific runners are Ian Berry (200 this week), Paul Clayton 206, Bryan Forth 209, Matthew Lawless 234, Mark Bell 249 and Andrew Pemberton 270.
The 666 participants this week, made it our second highest attendance and improves the 2020 average to 627. It seems strange that our six largest turnouts have all happened in January (this year and last year).
The best performance of the day belongs to Ellie Barker (JW10) who finished in 58th place and was the sixth placed female runner. Her time of 22mins 01secs was a new record for her age group beating the previous record, which has stood since 2014, by 4 seconds. A tremendous performance by one so young, well done Ellie.
We also again welcomed Charlotte Nichols, the new MP for Warrington North. She ran her fourth run at Warrington having previously run in both London and San Francisco. It seems that she will be a regular supporter of our parkrun, parliamentary duties notwithstanding.
We also had a visitor from the Falkland Islands. Richard Bullivant, originally from Warrington, but now living and working in the Falklands, was involved in the start up of the Cape Pembroke Lighthouse parkrun in October last year, their first one. It certainly must be the most remote parkrun of all.
Saturday was also the fifth Dash4Diabetes charity run and 130 medals were awarded to supporters of the charity with many others making donations using Just Giving through the website Dash4Diabetes.co.uk. Tony Norton would like to thank all supporters as well as the members of Victoria Park RC and Warrington Triathlon Club who acted as pacers including the youngest, Jessica Treagust, aged just 5. Jessica was rewarded with a PB this week.
Warrington Parkrun continues to go from strength to strength, we can all play our part by participating regularly and volunteering occasionally. Here’s to year 7 being the best yet.

Results – Warrington Parkrun 322
1st Alfie Crockett​16.54 (27th first place finish) – (Victoria Park RC)
2nd Jonathan Smith​17.12 (Lymm Runners)
3rd Tom Battarbee​17.51​​
1st Sharon Johnstone​19.42 (15th overall) – (1st first place finish) – (Wilmslow RC) – (best age grade % - 81.39%)
2nd Louise Blizzard​20.22 (22nd overall) – (Warrington AC)
3rd Lucie Davies​​20.28 (25th overall) – (PB)
There were 666 runners of whom 336 were male, 297 female and 33 unknowns. There were 57 first timers of whom 34 were running their first ever parkrun. The best performance by a runner new to Warrington was by Mark Foster in 20.41 in 26th place. The best performance by a runner in his first ever parkrun was by Ashtin Doorgakant in 21.34 in 45th place.
A whopping 139 of you recorded new personal bests including David Hales 22.01, Gaynor Seymour 22.26, Joe Penlington 23.53 (first under 24 mins.), David Stokes 25.40, Alison Woods 25.58 (first under 26mins.), Pamela Moore 27.02 and Louise Waiting 28.17 (in her 100th run). 26 youngsters (5 boys and 21 girls) ran in the JM/JW10 age group, the youngest age groups and 5 men and 3 ladies in the 70-74 age group were our most senior athletes.
10 parkruns was reached by Oliver Darbyshire (JM11-14) to qualify for his white t-shirt. The 50 milestone was achieved by Mark Hubbard (all at Warrington), Colette Kelly (all at Warrington), Jason Hughes (49 at Warrington), Anthony Smith (49 at Warrington) and Jenny Martin (22 at Warrington) to qualify for their red t-shirts. Louise Waiting (98 at Warrington) and Emma Davies ran their 100th parkruns to qualify for their black t-shirts. Our most prolific parkrunner was Sandra Lewis completing her 357th run and volunteering as tail walker as well.
No perfect times but aesthetic times from Lewis Clubley 20.20 (and matching the year), Andrzej Sibik 21.21,Ally Sharp 23.23, Christopher Nightingale 24.24, Marcia Wagner 32.32 and Amy Smith 34.34. On-point times from Niall McDermott and John McDermott both 30.00 and Carrie-Anne Tuitt-Williams 35.00 and palindromic times from Naomi Wilson 21.12,Dennis Yarwood 23.32, Gary Durie and Phil Bates both 25.52, Martyn Scobbie 30.03 and Kirsty Holden 34.43.
Our visitors this week from Brighouse, Derby, Krakow (Poland) and the Falkland Islands.ster, Crewe, Huddersfield, Shrewsbury, Hull, Cambridge and Milton Keynes.

Today’s full results and a complete race history can be found on the Warrington Parkrun Results Page.


321! Our second highest attendance

Warrington Parkrun 321 – 18 January 2020

Oh What A Beautiful Morning…..

…. Or so it seemed when I looked out of the bedroom window at 7.30am on Saturday morning. Getting ready, I was already looking forward to a good run this week, so kit on, (shorts no leggings). However, I opened the front door and the reality hit me. It was going to be cold. It took a few minutes to defrost the car and my legs were already feeling rather chilly, no time to go back and put leggings on. I drove to Victoria Park and the car park was already filling up, with car park marshals Dave Matthews, Rick Butterfield and Jim Kirkin and Phil Hayden (and anyone else who I was not aware of) working overtime to get everyone in, keep the queue down and reduce the congestion out on Knutsford Road. Good job guys.
Then the bad news, Huw Jones, run director for the day, announced that there were a fair few icy patches out on the course, particularly on Black Bear Path so any thought of one of my “faster” times went out the window and safety mode kicked in.
The car park did virtually fill up and ultimately 625 participants completed the course and were recorded by the timekeepers and barcode scanners. If it hadn’t been for last week, this would also have been a record attendance. Indeed, for the first 4 runs of 2020 we are averaging 617.5 per parkrun.
It was another big week for first timers as 43 virgins braved parkrun for their first outing. Two weeks ago, we had 51 first timers and 22 have already returned (7 of them on both subsequent runs). Last week we had 58 first timers and 23 of them have returned this week.
It was also an amazing week for our young lady runners as the first three female finishers, Orla Gregory, Alice Nicholson and Lucie Davies are all running in the JW11-14 age category and, in fact, 6 out of the first 10 ladies were all junior runners.
Huw got the run going fairly promptly after the usual formalities and safety warnings, in fact one or two were still making their way from the car park as we started. Victoria Park was fairly muddy although the footpath, submerged under “Lake Victoria” in recent weeks, was reasonably clear, thanks mainly to the efforts of the volunteers who brushed the excess water away from the footpath. Well done everyone. There were a few slight detours on Black Bear Path and on the playing field to avoid the icy patches and we had to cut the corner off turning back into Victoria Park as the path was quite icy by the sharp bend (bench corner). This may have slightly reduced the length of the course but safety must come first.
Next week is Warrington Parkrun’s 6th birthday so it is to be expected that there will be another big turnout. There will be lots of cake and biscuits and other goodies and no doubt some fancy dress outfits as well. We would suggest that you arrive earlier than normal as the car park can be expected to fill right up.
It is also the event for Tony Norton’s Dash 4 Diabetes charity appeal. Over 100 runners have signed up to donate and receive the goody bag and medal but I am sure any donations made on the day will be welcomed.
See you all next week. Subject to the weather being ok and the forecast is reasonable, I am predicting another record attendance of around 740.

Results – Warrington Parkrun 321
1st Alfie Crockett​16.53 (26th first place finish) – (Victoria Park RC)
2nd Tom Battarbee​17.40
3rd Neil Marsh​​18.31​​
1st Orla Gregory​​18.54 (7th overall) – (3rd first place finish) – (Warrington AC) – (best age grade % - 83.16%)
2nd Alice Nicholson​20.35 (19th overall) – (PB)
3rd Lucie Davies​​20.44 (22nd overall) – (PB)
There were 625 runners of whom 314 were male, 278 female and 33 unknowns. There were 72 first timers of whom 43 were running their first ever parkrun. The best performance by a runner new to Warrington was by Andrew Houghton in 20.16 in 13th place. The best performance by a runner in his first ever parkrun was by Conor Reardon in 20.23 in 17th place.
105 of you recorded new personal bests including Paul Deeran 18.42 and Dominique Crompton 25.48. 19 youngsters (4 boys and 15 girls) ran in the JM/JW10 age group, the youngest age groups and Terry Coles (VM75-79) and Dorothy Marsh (VW75-79) were our most senior athletes.
10 parkruns was reached by David Cowin (JM15-17) to qualify for his white t-shirt. The 50 milestone was achieved by Jeremy Carr (47 at Warrington), Gillian Stokes (48 at Warrington), Hannah Beesley (49 at Warrington) and Christian Laing (11 at Warrington) to qualify for their red t-shirts. John Franks (99 at Warrington) ran his 100th parkrun to qualify for his black t-shirt. Mike Hall completed 200 runs. Our most prolific parkrunner was Vincent Alcock (Spectrum Striders) completing his 408th run.
Two perfect times, Louise Blizzard 22.22 and Roz Healey 33.33. Aesthetic times from Andy Howarth 27.27, Alex Geoghegan and Tom Haworth both 30.30, Jannine Wood 31.31 and Janet Redpath 32.32. An on-point time from Jane Hunter 45.00 and palindromic times from Phil Hayden 21.12, John Dooley 25.52, Esther Williams 31.13, Helen Speed 40.04 and Charlene Roberts 42.24.
Our visitors this week from Chester, Crewe, Huddersfield, Shrewsbury, Hull, Cambridge and Milton Keynes.

Today’s full results and a complete race history can be found on the Warrington Parkrun Results Page.


Newbies, and some Oldbies, information!

With so many new people joining us on a Saturday morning, we thought we'd put together some information about our event - why we ask you to do what we do, give you a bit of terminology and let you see how everything works.

Firstly, everyone is a volunteer; we try to be as professional as we can be, but do bear this in mind if the results are late, or there are no photos on the Facebook page yet. Having said that, we volunteer because we love it - it's fun, engaging and you can learn new skills in a warm and welcoming environment. It's not a closed club and anyone is welcome to join in, whenever they want to.

So, let's look at a few parkrun day rules and explain why they are there!

So that run brief? I heard it last week so don't need to hear it again..right? - nope and that couldn't be further from the truth! Yes, there will be some recap on the rules we have to have in place, but there may be amends to the course, things to be aware of, as well as some announcements of running milestones. Also, just because it isn't your first time, it doesn't mean that there aren't new people there so they won't have heard it before. All we ask is for 2-3 minutes of silence before you parkrun. Please keep quiet during the run brief.

Don't forget your barcode (or #DFYB) - this is the parkrun golden rule. Without a barcode you can't get an official time. You can still take part of course, but please take a finish token and simply give it us back. See also "Ok, so you won't take it off my photo, but you can write it down, yeah?"

What is a funnel ducker? - this is someone who enters the finish funnel then jumps out without taking a token. This causes issues for the team when processing results as the below explains.

Why should I take a finish token? - when you cross the line into the finish funnel, our timekeepers will click the stopwatch. Every time someone crosses the line, they click. These "clicks" are recorded and we upload them to a results processing system called webFMS. The data is very simple - it tells us that the 99th runner over the line crossed in 25:00, the 100th runner crossed in 25:10 and so on.

At the end of the funnel you are passed a finish token. These are in numerical order and what we aim to do is ensure that runner 99, gets token 99. When we scan you and your position token, and upload that to webFMS, the system looks at all of the information and basically says, runner 99 is John Smith and the 99th runner clicked was 25:00 so therefore John Smith's time is 25:00. Simples, eh?

BUT - things can go astray! If runner 99 were to be a funnel ducker, then there is a chance that runner 100 actually gets token 99 - meaning the computer gives Joan Smith 25:00 when she actually got 25:10. Now this doesn't sound much but if a few people do this, then as more and more people enter the funnel (and if a few duck out) then the results get more and more mixed up - still with us?

The same would happen if you refused a token - the person behind would get your time and so on. So we're not being funny when we say that you must take a token - it's simply how the results are processed.

What if I don't have a barcode and I'm not fussed about a time? - Ideally you would still enter the funnel, collect a token and then pop it in one of the boxes by the barcode scanners. We don't think this is much to ask. But, if you are using the parkrun as part of a long run and want to keep going, or if this above sounds too much like hard work, then please simply don't enter the finish funnel. We would prefer it if you did so we can get an accurate number of participants, but if you aren't prepared to wait a few moments in the funnel for a token, please don't enter it.

I'm in the funnel but why do I need to stay in order? I've crossed the line so it's ok, yes? - well no actually! On the same basis as what we said about the stopwatch clicks, you will get a more accurate time if you stay in the finish position you entered. Taking a token in order means you'll get your actual time rather than your funnel neighbour's time.

A Double Crosser is a runner who crosses and gets a time then goes back and crosses the line again! This can affect the results in many different ways, if it is not spotted by the timekeeper!

When does the stopwatch start? - timing starts when the Run Director says "go". Some of you start your watch as you cross the start line and though this could be a few seconds after the Run Director has started the run, your official time is from the first click on the stopwatch.

Why can't my time be from when I cross the start line? - resources, simply. We are a free timed run and don't have chip timing as most races do.

These tokens are nice and would look good on a keyring; can I keep them? - Sadly not. The finish tokens are always required back at the end of the run. If you have your barcode with you, the scanner will retain your position token so we can use it again next week. If you've forgotten your barcode, please simply pass the position token to a barcode scanner - please don't take them home. If you were to do this, and you find it in your pocket, please let us know! We're always relieved to get them back - just email us with the number!

Oh no - I ran a great run today and didn't get scanned until 15 mins after I finished - does that mean my time will be 15 mins more? - no, this isn't the case. Whilst it is always a good idea to get scanned straight after the run, a delay in scanning doesn't add minutes to your finishing time. Remember the tokens we discussed above? The system knows that if you crossed the line in position 200 and collected the appropriate finish token, that your time would match the 200th click on the watch.

I've taken a photo of my barcode on my phone - you can scan that, right? - actually we can't, sorry. Our scanners cannot read off screens and a photo of a barcode will be locked away with a PIN number so if something were to happen to you, we couldn't access your "In Case of Emergency" (ICE) number. We only accept paper, tag or wrist bracelet barcodes.

Ok, so you won't take it off my photo, but you can write it down, yeah? - again sadly no. The rules for this are firm and clear and when you access your barcode from your profile screen, that photographs are not permitted. If the volunteers were to do this, there is huge potential for them to be manually adding lots of results from people who didn't apply the rules. The same applies if you have forgotten your barcode. We may not add you to the results for the same reasons.

Sounds a bit mean! - It's not really. Let's put this into context - our volunteers between them have to remember to bring a laptop, stopwatches, scanners, hi-viz, lanyards, folders, signs and many other pieces of kit to ensure the parkrun happens safely each week. Then it is packed away, results are processed, tokens are sorted, run reports done and social media updated - all we ask is that you bring your barcode - sound OK?

Ok, you've got me. But what happens if my barcode gets smudged or the scanners can't read it? - now, that's a different story. As you have brought a barcode and for some reason it can't be scanned, then we will write it down for you and add you manually. We don't like to write down for people who've forgotten or have it on their phones. We utterly LOVE parkrun and volunteering, but we do like to do other things on a Saturday after the run has finished!

That covers quite a lot and hopefully some things are a bit clearer now. Perhaps you already knew this, but it's quite likely that there is something in there that was news to you. And of course, if there is anything that you are unsure about, please ASK! We're a friendly bunch and want you to come back again and again. Plus your barcode is your passport to 2,500 parkruns across the globe. No need to re-register! Whether you're travelling to Brighton or Brisbane, your own parkrun barcode is accepted there! (Borrowed and adapted from Hove parkrun)


Record Saturday!

Warrington Parkrun 320 – 11 January 2020

Wow! A Tremendous Record Attendance

Last week, I suggested that 2020 had started with a bang, but I don’t think anyone expected that records would be broken so quickly or by such a big margin. The new record (717) was so much larger than expected that we only had 675 position tokens and had to manually record the remaining 42 finishers. However, the volunteers did a fantastic job both out on the course and especially in manning the finishing funnel. There were no hold ups at all in issuing position tokens in the funnel or in scanning both personal barcodes and position tokens.
It is well known that January is the time when many people turn to parkrun (or indeed return to it after an absence) to begin a fitness and weight loss regime after the excesses of Christmas and New Year. A review of the national parkrun website demonstrates that as many as 74 different parkruns achieved record attendances this week. If previous years are anything to go by then next week and 25th January (our 6th birthday) could be close to or exceed our shiny new record, after which numbers will begin to fall off again. For the first two Saturdays this year, we have seen 108 parkrunners join us for the first time. Previous experience of parkrun newcomers suggests that a maximum of 60% will return for at least a second time and obviously a much smaller percentage will become regular runners. Last week, we had 50 newcomers and 18 of them have returned for a second dose this week.
A good turnout was, I suppose, to be expected as weather conditions were good for this time of year, although the wind made it feel colder. After the usual formalities, Cal set us off and the charge down to Lake Victoria was underway. However, there was a lot less water than in previous weeks although the forecast for the coming week might suggest that it will be back for next Saturday. I once again finished in the middle of the field having thanked the volunteers on my way round.
Once again, another reminder that in 2 weeks (25 January), it will be Warrington Parkrun’s 6th birthday, so we hope to see as many of you there as possible to join in the celebrations.

Results – Warrington Parkrun 320
1st Jonathan Smith​17.09 (8th first place finish) – (Lymm Runners)
2nd Tom Battarbee​17.30
3rd Darren Sankey​17.33 (PB) – (Helsby RC)​​
1st Jenny Evans​​20.10 (16th overall) – (16th first place finish) – (Sale Harriers)
2nd Louise Blizzard​20.33 (23rd overall) – (Warrington AC)
3rd Naomi Wilson​21.27 (41st overall) –
There were 717 runners of whom 367 were male, 316 female and 34 unknowns. There were 94 first timers of whom 58 were running their first ever parkrun. The best performance by a runner new to Warrington was by Tony Taylor (Sandbach Striders) in 19.24 in 10th place. The best performance by a runner in his first ever parkrun was by Clayton Elliott in 21.25 in 39th place. The best age grade % of 79.69% was achieved by Colin Kennedy in age category VM50-54 in 19.07 in 7th place.
88 of you achieved new personal bests including Claire Jones 26.23, Adam Budd 20.19 and James Hurrell 21.40 (first time under 22 mins). 17 youngsters (3 boys and 14 girls) ran in the JM/JW10 age group, the youngest age groups and Terry Coles (VM75-79) was our most senior athlete.
The 50 milestone was achieved by Ben Potts (49 at Warrington), Stephen Bradshaw (all at Warrington), Phil Taylor (all at Warrington), Phil Daniels (39 at Warrington) and Sophie Leaning (4 at Warrington) to qualify for their red t-shirts. Louise Bradbury (81 at Warrington), Emily O’Hara (all at Warrington) and Clair Baldock (51 at Warrington) ran their 100th parkruns to qualify for their black t-shirts. Our most prolific parkrunner was Graham Baker completing his 328th run.
Two perfect times, Anthony O’Donnell and Helen Cairns both 33.33. Aesthetic times from Martin Wright 23.23, Julian Stow 24.24, Alexandra Brown 25.25, Khalid Mahmood 26.26, Phil Birchall 28.28, Kristian Stock 29.29, John McDermott 30.30, Adam Eeles 31.31 and Chris Linaker 37.37. No on-point times but palindromic times from James Williams 20.02, Mark Jarvis 23.32, Ian Coote and Geraldine Shortland both 30.03, Tom Stephens 32.23, Lesley Johnson 34.43, Claire Casey 35.53 and Bryony James 40.04.
Our visitors this week from Hanley, Lancaster, Conwy, Hertford, Crystal Palace (London), Woking, Crawley, Hastings and Mullingar (Ireland).

Today’s full results and a complete race history can be found on the Warrington Parkrun Results Page.