Watermeadows parkrun Event Number – 2 23rd February, 2019

Mist was rising as 20 volunteers gathered together at the gate entrance of Watermeadows, Towcester. With Hannah St Leger Harris taking the helm this week all knew that the event had been well prepared and planned during the week. Clear with her instructions and task delegation we were sent off to set up the route and be at our positions ready, waiting, expecting.

Being at the farthest marshal point, I had no assurance if the starting team was on time and I should be expecting the first participants soon. Peering through the mist I could see a runner, followed by another, another, groups, packs and singles, all 100% effort, all with smiles and thank you to me for volunteering.

But I felt I needed to be thanking them. The joy I get from marshaling is heart felt. It is about the joint celebration of each individual’s efforts. Seeing the hard work, persistence, determination makes you feel a sense of passion for being part of that person’s achievements in getting up and out in the morning.

So a big thank you to our 151 participants for making my Saturday morning full of joy. 116 were first timers and 20 recorded personal bests. Brilliant stuff.

Our great team of volunteers for this week was made up of - John OLEY • Steve DICKS • Christopher ST LEGER-HARRIS • Brian KEERS • David MORLEY • Christopher MIDDLETON • Hannah ST LEGER-HARRIS • Trevor BARNES • Stephen NOBLE • Ian TOWNSEND • Sally STEPHENS • Anna HARRINGTON • Grace ALLITT • Isaac ST LEGER-HARRIS • Becky CARLESS • Izzy HARRINGTON • Emma SPALDING • Samuel BOWLER • Felicity ST LEGER-HARRIS • Denise JAMES

Come and be part of the team in the future weeks by e mailing the office at watermeadows@parkrun.com

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